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Poll: The mysterious new “camera type” from Panasonic…


On April 9th Panasonic will announce the new GF and G camera. And by end of the month there will be a second camera announcement for what I have been told is a “new kind of camera“. This is quite a top secret project and for now I can only speculate what it could be:

1) New GX with integrated EVF: Plenty of Panasonic patents described such a camera having built-in and tilting viewfinder. The current GX camera is super discounted ($499 with X lens) and is certainly due for a replacement. And having a built-in EVF would further differentiate it from the GF series.d

2) New high end compact camera with fixed lens: Panasonic showed some interest in fixed lens compact cameras with larger sensor like the 1inch Sony RX100.

3) New High End GH: A new GH camera with superb video quality for professionals and with the new Panasonic sensor tech with high dynamic range and over 1 stop noise improvement.

4) New Full Frame Mirrorless line: The Canon 6D and the Nikon D600. proved to us that FF sensor cameras are getting closer to the $1,500 price tag. And it will be hard for any MFT or APS-C high end cameras to compete against them. I got no rumor about Panasonic launching a FF Mirrorless but it may would make sense for them to do it. Also because Canon recently stated that they will further push the low end FF camera development.

5) New Sports camera line: Like the current GoPro Hero series. An unknown source told me that this is one of the areas Panasonic want to play a role in the future.

I repeat, we don’t know yet what it is coming by End of April. And as usual expectations should be kept low. That said Panasonic stated many times now that they want to get into the “high end” market. So let’s see if they are going to surprise us!


What is the camera you hope to see announced by end of April?

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  • brod1er

    Super GH is interesting, but given the recent GH and it’s price, I can’t see a market for it. I am not sure there is scope for a one stop improvment on the already excellent Sony sensor performance.

    Something which addresses the tracking focus issue for mirrorless would be most revolutionary.

  • Pete

    So panasonic ff mirrorless that’s means 4/3 is dead soon ?

    • bonzo

      Yeah because all PS upgraders will be buying a FF mirrorless cam. Sure thing dude… Did you think about the pricetag & number of potential buyers?

      • Anonymous

        Point and shoot upgraders upgrade to premium point and shoot (maybe fixed lens) and 4/3 cameras are already over $1000. So yeah, 4/3 is dead soon. Pity.

        Btw, why would anyone want mirrorless FF camera? What’s the point? Make big camera system a little smaller but a lot worse by removing the mirror?

    • meng

      Are you intellectually challenged?

    • think twice

      …that’s means 4/3 is dead soon ?
      No, if at all, that means APS ist dead soon!

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        ;) Tell it to Fuji..

        • think twice

          I think they know it already ;)
          Compare the X-1 and the M9 there is no big advantage in size. Only a disadvantage in sensor size!

  • I wonder if “new kind of camera” is only marketing blablabla or really a new kind of camera…

    • Wt21

      Yup, just mkt speak. Or a false rumor.

      Admin – can you add a “like” button?

    • J Shin

      I guess the question is whether it is “new” to the industry; “new” to Panasonic; or “new” to Panasonic’s current marketing department staff.

      Given how Panasonic runs all their consumer business, I bet it is a line of 5 similar-but-different bodies that are super cheap, high-functioning, but short-lived, with a couple of key features missing. A new kind of planned obsolescence.

      Or, they finally see the light and bring IBIS.

  • I want 1), but it’s going to be 2) because all the manufacturers copy from one another and seeing how successful RX100 is Panasonic will want a piece of the pie. But, if they put a 4/3 sensor behind a lens with similar specs to LX7, they will blow all the competition away.

    • Rick


      I would like a 4/3rds version of a Fuji X100S with a fixed manual 10-25mm ZOOM lens (20-50mm equiv), and built in EVF. A single focal length camera would just be a me-too camera. Weather sealed.

    • dko3tgk

      I also agree. How many years have people been asking for a LC1/L1 followup? Wishing for a m4/3 sensor in an LX with a viewfinder. Or a GF1/GX1 with a viewfinder? Years, even over a decade now in the case if the LC1.
      I think its pretty clear Panasonic does NOT want to produce a retro/brick styled camera with an integrated viewfinder. How many years has it been since the LC1? Since the LX1? Since the GF-1?

      At best this new camera is a larger sensor LX without a viewfinder, since the RX-100 (that I bought), outsold the LX7 by a large margin.

      Although with Panasonic’s track record of completely underwhelming expectations, we could be looking at something like a new G series with a slightly newer generation sensor.

      I got tired of wishing for Panasonic to make the LX with viewfinder and big sensor or the follow up to the LC1. Instead I have a Sony RX-100 for travel. And a Leica Digilux 2 for portraits and planned shooting.

  • Bob B.

    It could be a pink “Hello-Kitty” branded camera with integrated VF? Panasonis would want to keep that secret……

    • rryry

      a hello kitty camera with evf would sell many,many more copies than an Olympus e-7 lol

      • Bob B.

        Yes, X-Kitty. No she doesn’t come in black. :-)

        • Why not, it’d be a “black kitty” ;)
          “I got no rumor about Panasonic launching a FF Mirrorless but it may would make sense for them to do it. ”

          What sense would that make? They have to make massive investments in lens R&D, and production as well, and I doubt that they have it that loose. Unless they get a l icense and build the whole OM-Line with AF ;)

          • J Shin

            Panasonic launching FF would be like Hasselblad abandoning the square format and Canon abandoning the breech mount after years of propaganda. Maybe it’ll be a horrible embarrassment to the 43 coalition. Maybe that’s the right thing to do. Who knows.

            • Bob B.

              …but what does this have to do with the Hello-X-Kitty ???????

              • J Shin

                Sorry about the tangent. How’s this to bring the two topics together: Panasonic putting out the Lumix DMC-GHKitty would be like… like… ummm… I know, it would be like Hasselblad finally coming to their senses and putting out a HKittyD-40. In stainless steel. Or in pink gold. That is, just a great idea no matter how we slice it, no matter who does it. :-)

                I think the Lunar would not have been as derided had it come in Hello Kitty first.

                Man, I wish the Leica M6Kitty were real.

                But, then, Sanrio is just as notorious for mark-ups as Leica.

    • J Shin

      Oh, I’m in, EVF or not, IBIS or not. :-)

  • observer

    Panasonic’s strength is in video. So an area they may want to compete is in the GoPro or Nikon1 arena where the small sensor is an advantage with regards to binning of sensor data? Anyway any new camera type is welcome news as our choices will be expanded.

  • Rhys

    I hear rumours that Panasonic are experimenting with a revolutionary sensor, that stores the images in a continuous strip negating the need for a memory card (in a sense the memory card IS the sensor here.) Apparently this sensor type is replaceable, though not reusable and the great feature (if true) is that there are to be sensors available for many different light situations – even true black and white for those of you who love the leica BW sensor.

    • PeterJ

      Yes, but will it be able to achieve that filmic look that everyone looks for from a sensor?

    • Paul Latouche

      Too bad Kodak isn’t here anymore to be part of that “revolution”

  • adaptor-or-die

    any 4:3 sized sensor fixed lens compact would be quite interesting and give it evf while they are at it to outclass the FF & APS-C attempts that has already graced this path.

    • rryry

      Outclassing , cameras with larger better sensors will be difficult to say the least , it selling points would be size and maybe cost

      • @rryry
        As well as new useful technology, ease of use and aspirational design….

  • Yun

    Yes , that is the new kind of camera I waiting for .
    It should be the L style camera that miss out in G series line up . Hopefully Pana will throw everything they got inside it to make it truely outstanding .

    • Anonymous

      If panasonic would release the L1 style with integrated EVF , they should do it two years ago before Sony/ Fuji released their product,.. Its kind of too late,. But i gues is better late than nothing

      • Wt21

        This comment makes no sense. Is this some law of the universe? Because they didnt before, they wont now?

  • john

    Maybe a premium compact camera with GH level video performance? (because camcorders get different taxation).

  • pizza4D
    I guess this could be relevant? It does say “system cameras” there.

    • Gerry

      It´s also possible that Yoshida talks about the G7/GF7. These system cameras will include some innovative features as well (at least in Panasonic´s view).

  • Narretz

    Can we please stop this “Pana / Oly might be doing FF” nonsense? admin, you should really know that in the current situation, neither of them has the capacity nor the money to invest there. So add least add a disclaimer that this is just some wishful thinking. We can talk about this once Pana or Oly dominate the market with huge profits (aka as never).

    • ….might not be their sensors???

    • ryuu

      You are 100% right a FF system is a ridiclous notion , the cost time and effort required to launch an entirely new system from scratch would be beyond the imaging budgets of these companies.I think that in all the hyped up nonsense about the huge success of mFT , people forget to look at the financials of the companies , Olympus and Panasonic imaging divisions are deep in the the res with huge losses going back beyond the launch of mFT.
      There are spectacularly good FF cameras like the D800 , and Canon and Nikon hugely dominate this market with Sony bringing up the rear. Most of us who have been attracted to mFT are strongly influenced by the excellent size to performance ratio.I am more than happy to sacrifice a couple of stops of performance for true portability.No matter how small you make a FF mirrorless the lenses will always be far larger and heavier than what we have in mFT.

    • Wt21

      Again, a comment that needs a “like” button

      • spam


    • Anonymous


  • GH3

    I just bought a GH3 for video use so I will be kind of pissed if it’s a super GH..

    • OKY, but not if this will cost over 2000$ for a Super GH camera. :-P

  • OM-4

    LC-2 maybe, with bigger sensor?

    recently sold of my LC-1. EVF was aging, AF too slow but gorgeous lens and handling.

    • spam

      No LC2, but the L in the name might imply that it’s “related” to the LC1.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Last week end I tried a Panasonic L1. A girl was using it at an art exibition. Well, I’m surprised Panasonic didn’t upgrade it yet. (Though I would like it to be a little bit smaller)

  • Pete

    So new ff system 4/3 will be basically dead ? ….

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm… is Pete a troll or dumbarse… vote now!

      • steff


        and also a tool

    • Anonytrackball

      Do you mean 4/3 or m43? Do you know the difference?

  • Ranger 9

    “And it will be hard for any MFT or APS-C high end cameras to compete against [‘full-frame’ cameras]. ”

    Piffle. I ditched DSLRs because I was tired of lugging around a huge, heavy camera bag full of big, clunky gear. I’m not going back to ‘fool frame’ cameras no matter how cheap they get.

  • Dave_in_MI

    Consumer level (under $1000) Interchangable Lens Camcorder?

    • John P

      I know some event shooters that would love this.

  • Panasonic is coming with a new actioncamera, the HX-A100.

    • Roberto

      That has already been announced in January…

  • Uberzone

    While I would like to think it will be something awesome, my gut tells me it will be some lame compact.

  • dg

    If the fixed lens is something like a 17.5 mm f1.8 combined with a m43 sensor and great video capabilities (mic input, headphone jack, etc) that’s the camera I’d like to see. Oh, and it also has image stabilization. The new low end Samsung NX1100 has a headphone jack so hopefully that is going to start being seen more often. And bring it in at a price far lower than the x100s.

  • Horst


    Yesterday you were not sure if both, the G and the GF are announced on the 9th.
    Today you seem to be sure and ask what the mysterious camera could be.

    To me there´s an unexplained gap between the two posts.


    • tortuga337

      This is another comment that needs a big Like.

  • Maybe a 4k camera, GH4? They are getting left behind in the 4k market.

  • Wt21

    I love my 6d, but there is a place/need for smaller cameras. I hope its a gx2 w/evf and xe1 like controls (i.e. a smaller L1). If the EP5 doesnt have a built in EVF, then I’ll have my first panny body!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it would be nice to see some fuji like controls, but a viewfinder eye piece like the X100, that slides easily in and out of pockets is the most important to me. I fear Panasonic will stick something big and stupid on there, like the GH series, that protrudes back about an inch and snags on everything. If only they could just do it right the first time.

  • Roberto

    As much as I am missing in-body stabilization with the GH3, even if they would include it in the new (secret) model, I would not go for it. It took Olympus several trial&error products to get it finally really right with the E-M5/OM-D, I doubt Pana would get it on their first try…

    Regarding wishes, yeah, an EVF-equipped GX2 with the latest Sony-sensor and electronic shutter and OOC-JPG-engine of the GH3 would be great… but you know what? As long as one can dream, please let me dream of a Panasonic Pro GX2 with FOVEON sensor like in the Sigma Merrills… :D
    Pretty please?! With a cherry on topppppppppp ?!?!

  • QuickHitRecord

    April 9th is right in the middle of the NAB show, so I would think that there is a strong possibility that this will be a video-oriented camera. Their MFT-mount AF-100 pro camcorder is due for a replacement. Perhaps this is what we will see.

  • QuickHitRecord

    April 9th is right in the middle of the NAB show, so I would think that there is a strong possibility that this will be a video-oriented camera. Their MFT-mount AF-100 pro camcorder is due for a replacement. Perhaps this is what we will see.

  • Milt

    I like and use Panasonic cameras and lenses, but have less trust in their marketing department to promote products that I want. Panasonic has produced a range of m 4/3rd camera bodies and lenses, but still needs to tweak their efforts with a good stills camera and more lenses for their smaller m4/3rd bodies. I for one would prefer not to have them put a new fixed lens camera, m4/3rds or FF, on the market. I don’t need a sports cam. The GH3 is great for what it is, and I am sure it will be improved in due course. But for me a GX camera with GH3 sensor and internal EV is what I am waiting for. fear that this is a camera that Panasonic is determined not to produce, or rather that its marketing department is determined not to sell.

    • gerhard

      You trust or distrust Marketing departments? I dont understand that. What does that have to do with products you want?

      • Milt

        gerhard: It is marketing departments that decide what products are produced and sold. Marketing is an art, not a science, and marketing departments might ignore certain consumer groups in favour of others. I suggest that the Panasonic marketing department has ignored enthusiast camera users who want a GX style camera with an internal EV. Nor am I optimistic about that happening, although I hope with Safaridon that it will.

        • gerhard

          Ah, yes! They decide which products are sold…guess you are right! Formerly demand of costumers decided which products are sold. Yes, that’s art :-)

          • Esa Tuunanen

            Consumer masses decide nothing. It’s those who brainwash them who decide what consumers want.

            • JimD

              Then you buy the ‘camera of the day’ It has nothing to do with what’s best for you or what you want. Sorry! Read that as ‘what you think you need’, until that is corrected by the sales people.

          • Ant

            And they decide which part of the “consumer demand” is actually significant enough to listen to. If they think the market that demand smaller camera is actually contributing more money, they will decide that one is more important to listen.

            Sadly there’s no place to make halo product for them, nor the willingness of making promotion that would counter the brainwashing of their competitors

  • safaridon

    My guess is the new mysterious system camera will be the L1 shaped one with EVF shown in the patents to replace the GX series. Just look at the recent statements coming from Pany. One unexplained delays in coming with an overdue GX2 with GH3 sensor? Then rumors that would be delayed till fall and Pany saying they were rethinking what to do with the GX2? Sounds like the new revolutionary model may be relatively expensive with both high photo and video capabilities so would leave too much of a gap to the GF models and also if the price is right the GX1 model is a very good seller. Calling it a system camera seems to imply interchangeable lenses and not like RX100 and calling it revolutionary implies something really new? I would say both a GX2 with optional EVF and new L1 model make sense but Pany is caught up in both a financial crisis as well as manufacturing capacity to produce more camera models. Pany is keeping quiet since a GX2 with new sensor would compete well with any EP5 or NEX 3 or 5 while Oly would have no answer for the rangefinder with EVF. I assume that Sony having the NEX7 and NEX6 would have something to do with that?

  • SteB

    Panasonic have already announced an action cam. Although it hasn’t gone on sale yet and is due soon.

  • ADMIN –
    I’ve mistakenly voted for the small fixed lens camera, because i tought the theme is “which camera is going to be announced” and not “which one would you like”

    So please add my vote to GX2+EVF, instead of the crappy fixed lens camera (which is going to be announced)

    • Anonytrackball

      frosti7. Can we send you some settle down pills. It must be a bit like the end of the world. Or are you OK with that bottle of single malt?

  • beefcake!!

    where is the vote option for – not really a “new camera type at all, just inflated hype based on no details” ?

    Cause, i would click that.

  • Garypen

    A new GH would be great, as it would drive the price of the GH3 down. But, looking at it logically, it is one of, if not the least likely of the choices.

    -The GH3 is too new to introduce another.
    -The GH3 price is still high, which means it hasn’t even moved to the initial price break stage like most Lumix models after a few months.
    -The GH3 is a very high end model, which can be made even better with FW updates.It would take a lot to top it. They are better served to introduce those improvements in the next iteration, instead of competing with the current.

  • Frank123

    What if Panasonic made a FF LC1 look alike that could take Leica M-Lenses?

  • Ant

    The most wanted product wouldn’t be announced. That’s just how the world is created :P

    Still pessimistic about intergrated EVF, so lowering the standard, I’m wanting a GX2 with articulated (not tiltable) screen

  • Frye

    I think it will be a Panasonic version of Leica M9 rangefinder – pretty much the same cam but for only like 800 bucks. I’m hoping it will also shoot raw video. :)

  • DIY


    Here’s hoping it is that hybrid stills camcorder that they though might be the GH3 body last year with 4k ultra hd video at least 4 times the data rate of the gh3 with live pre compressed 12 bit hdmi 4:2:2 clean hdmi output.

    In reality they would probably avoid the gh4k title because it sounds like a gh3 replacement. GH-UltraHD?

    Here’s hoping it actually does ultrahd p50 with a 10bit plus cineform codec, and live precompressed thunderbolt displayport output that could do uhd p50 deep color. Then we would have a fun camera.

    • Luke

      oh hell yes

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      DIY, you do seem interested in video so I ask you: why a lot (if not all) of video lovers in this forum don’t use video cameras but prefer and long for photo cameras? I’m not into video making (one day maybe) and I’m pretty ignorant. Everyone can answer, of course.

      • JimD

        Marco, I often wonder that same thing.

      • DIY

        Lucky I caught this.

        Two fold, a complete package to do both quality stills and video, video camcorders just are not good cir stills. The other is we get ripped off by the camera companies desperately. Because most high end camera companies do high end cameras the low end models were particularly hobbled. If you look at as ambarella chip set based cameras they were a fraction of the price for similar performance. I have a $69 fullhdp25 test camera here that does over 24mb/s h264. Ambarella h264 compression trended to be better than the competition per bit. You could make your own professional camera from expensive parts with superior cinema quality for the price of a pro sumer camera. This is one reason fullhdp60 cost so much, the codecs were so low bit rate and 4k so delayed, there is use for it, but less profit compared to fullhd for the last 7 years.

        Now with m43rds we get a good dof compromise over s35, good low light and latitude over 1/3rd rubbish, good stills lens, and video lens, a much more professional image. The hacked gh2 was capable of far outdoing a lot of prosumer cameras for the little it could do. So, for the hobbyist, video journalist etc, crowd it is good and you get a casual stills camera too. Unfortunately the cameras themselves or sensors, are often made by top end pro video companies, and you get locked out hdmi, feature lack, compromised video modes without the latest like fullhdp60 before, and 4k now, with reduced datarates compared to good video cameras etc to making it an either or option rather than one choice. But we hope..

        The sad thing about these companies is their strategies are predictably destroying them. Companies like black magic design and Red should get better, I even found a cheaper s35 4k, destroying the profitability of their top end prosumer cameras, while mobile phones and compacts destroy the subsidiaries from the bottom end. The good cheap fullhd competition is only a sign of the times of true competition. One of the ways out is to offer true value done in such a way to outdo phones and cheap competition, which these companies have the decades of know how to do.

        I wait for a competent m43rds 4kp50 camera. Until then p30/25 would have to do.

        Enough of an answer Macro?

      • Zeus

        The short answer: small-ish form factor, interchangeable lenses, large-ish sensor, small-ish price.

        • Zeus

          There certainly will not be any GH3 replacement yet (the current model is barely available yet in the US on any consistent basis), but real higher-end hybrid would Kill.

          Imagine a C300/C500 sort of thing, but w/a superior EVF, hi-bitrate WiFi feed monitoring during video takes, next-gen sensor w/ in/out selectable OLPF for stills, and all the GH3 tricks for AF incl touchscreen focus, etc, but refined and all the pro control parameters of high end videocams.

          Only problem would be the price…

          • Zeus

            But, as it would still have the native m43 mount, it would -probably- necessarily be priced far lower than the S35 vidcams it could be up against, and would offer a lot of features and potential, at the $4900-6900 level. I’d buy it.

            • DIY

              Check this out, $3 grand cinema camera, Kinefinity Mini:


              Offlines to cineform.

              Now, how much is a 43rds camera worth for video?

              The problem is the lens size in s35 can get way big, and to get cinema quality glass can be expensive (though Red had good deals). M43 is a good compromise format size. People say you can do the s35 depth of field on s16, but the faster the lens is set at, the more extreme angle of light on the small pixels, which can produce trouble. M43rds is only a little bigger though. But where do you get good cinema m43 lens, back to square one.

              • DIY

                Well, it looks like that 4k sensor camera only does up to 2k recording, not higher framerates. :(

  • ssrdd

    new camera for VIDEO. if possible a full frame GH series.

    • true homer

      What lens would you put on that ff?

  • true homer

    The second most voted option is a ff mirrorless…despite the fact that about 90% of the people that voted would whine about the lens size and price and ultimately end up not getting it.
    And just drop it btw, panasonic has been very clear they’re not gonna make one any time soon and are not even looking into it.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Agree with you. (Even Fuji declared that they have the capability to build a FF camera, but they’re not interested at the moment: I consider Fuji one of the most “focused” camera companies, actually listening to users’ feedback and not wasting so many money in s&d as other brands) So I don’t see any “full frame” camera from Panasonic nor Olympus.

  • BdV

    I desperately need a 8×10 inch large format sensor mirrorless, with a constant 2.0 aperture standard zoom lens, EVF, tiltable screen and a vintage style leather wrist strap.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Now that would be real Full Format.
      Unlike this fools format of 135/35mm which is only cheap compromise adopted to still photography century ago.

    • true homer

      And for less than 1500$! O please panasonic, make it!

  • BLT

    Wow – FF Mirrorless voted in Second place!!

    I don’t understand what the hell all these people are doing in a M43 forum!?

  • BLT

    . . . I’m off to vote for bulkier lenses in a sony NEX forum . .

  • michael

    Hoping for a m4/3 X-10 clone. Would buy in a heartbeat.

  • John P

    How about a micro 4/3rd’s hero cam like contraption, waterproof down to 50ft with an 8mm pancake lens as standard?



  • amalric

    If I think of Fuji, but even Sony the problem with m4/3 cameras is the lack of consistency. You never know what kind of camera you’ll get in the next 6 months: too many models.

    That is why the system attracts so many trolls, including Admin, who has unveiled a troll aspect himself by launching such a poll. :)

    Can’t we stick to some recognizable, no nonsense form like Fuji, an then improve? Instead m4/3 resembles Disneyland.

  • kmhb

    eine “LXX1″ (D-Lux-X1) leica objektiv f 2,0 von 24 bis 120mm mit 1”-sensor.

  • c.d.embrey

    M4/3 is the future and Full Frame is the PAST. It would be beyond STUPID for Panasonic to build a Full Frame camera.

  • “The new FF mirrorless (20%, 391 Votes)”

    What’s wrong with those 20% of people? Or they just want another me-too RX1??

  • c.d.embrey

    Panasonic was making small action cameras before GoPro. I used a Panasonic LipStick cam (so-call because it was the size of a tube of LipStick) waaay back in 1988. The quality was good enough the the footage could inter-cut with scenes shot with a Sony Broadcast camera.

    The GoPro Hero3 (Black) has raised the bar for this type of camera, but I see no reason that Panasonic couldn’t do something that was equal to or better than the “3.” I’d buy one to test against my GoPro.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is almost everyone wants a different camera, trouble with that is no one is going to manufacture a camera with a 100 unit maximum run, come on folks lets at least agree on the main facilities that we want and no crazy lens requirements like 0.95 400mm or the oft requested 2.8 12-300mm range lens.

  • Meira

    Even better would be GX2 with OVF like DMC-L1! :)

    • How do you imagine adding an OVF to a GX2 camera that accomplishes the following 2 things despite not being able to use a ‘through the lens’ OVF:

      – No parallax error
      – Adjust field of view to whatever lens is mounted

  • tomas

    Sony..will definetly make the FF mirrorless soon(lens changeable) …only time/market will tell if it will be succesfull.
    If it will be succesfull the Oly/Pana have troubles as biger = better.
    I read on many photo forums when comes to mirrorless….buy nex over omd cause it is APSC etc. I almost dont see advise to buy pana…as omd has ibis, weathersealing
    …I dont say Oly/Pana should launch now the FF ..but their engineers should do R&D for bigger senzor …otherwise Sony would be winner.
    so even i would not buy…I vote for pana ff…cause it will sign the company is capable of it.

    • Define better.

      Technically better? sure. But larger formats are even better then 135 ‘full frame’.

      For most people however better means ‘more suitable’, and that totally depends on what you want to use a camera for.

      I’m pretty sure the latest ‘tough series’ cameras is a lot better for certain purposes then the technically best large format camera money can buy, especially when the application has a high risk of the camera getting wet or being dropped.

      Hence, bigger isn’t better unless you are thinking of a specific application where size is no objection.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Exactly: I don’t think it would be a good idea to jump from cliffs and rocks with a Leica M in my hands.. Nor I would do it with a DinoSLauR.. ;)

        • tomas

          highest I jumped to watter was around 10 meters, maybe less and camera will not help me to go higher.

          wouldnt you like/want the OM body with OM lens/es but with digital FF senzor ? …this is how I expect to look FF mirrorless

          • Anonymous

            An om-d with 135 format sensor needs bigger lenses. What you are suggesting is phydically impossible. I rather concern myself with things that are possible.

          • MarcoSartoriPhoto

            :) I don’t jump in waters, simply jump from rock to rock through difficult terrain, when I walk through my mountains. What I long for is a less expensive RX1 version, Oly or Sony branded, with a fixed M.Zuiko lens, be it 35 or 50mm. Size of RX1 is perfect to move faster through woods or through tourists in cities. I suspect I won’t see anything like that from Oly, but maybe Sony RX1 was just a first attempt to check the market reaction, and I think that there’s a good niche of customers who would try this kind of camera.

    • true homer

      Tomas, if have to go on forums to form an opinion at least use the photos to do so and not what the poeple say. The bigger is better slogan is just people repeating what the hear over and over

      • tomas

        sorry better i meant less noise, better high iso usabilty, more details, sharper…so IQ,as I said i dont need that ff ,certainly not buying cause for my purpose is/wouldbe too expensive thats just what I see on photo forum ..and thats my opinion about future

    • ISO 1638400

      A sensor is only as good as the image data and image processing engineering that implements the sensor design into the camera. That’s why Olympus with a 4/3″ sensor can create very good output in both OOC JPEG and RAW. They have excellent imaging engineers who understand good colour science and who know how to get the most out of a sensor. Sony and Samsung’s ILCs with APS-C sensors do not have significantly better output over contemporary m4/3 that the larger sensor is supposed to provide. In fact, if people were more honest, and when viewing real image output side by side, they would say that the 4/3″ sensor is doing very well compared to APS-C, even bettering it in many situations, while lagging it in very few.

      If you depend on charts and graphs over real image output to determine camera choice, then larger, modern sensors will alway be “better”, as far as the numbers go. But looking at real images taken with cameras (with the lens combinations you are considering) helps you make decisions much better than looking at numerical data and analyses. It will free you from the bondage of photo-physicists and lab technicians who are the guardians of the “laws of physics”. Good images can be taken with cameras of all sensor sizes. This idea that once you “step up to FF”, your images will suddenly “go up another level” and you will become a “better photographer” is false. The camera is not automatically going to give you great images of its own accord. On its Auto/Scene modes, it will do on occassion, but you will get tired of this if you haven’t already. Modern FF/FX cameras are quite complex and demanding (especially now with such high pixel counts becoming the norm), requiring advanced technique and skill, plus a lot of investment in expensive optics to make the most of them.

      • V. well said. A memorable statement.

        Sony however is showing the way to the Paradise of Fools with the RX1: perhaps it’s not by accident that it looks like a bloated Point & Shoot. Affluent amateurs like dentists must be enticed :)

        Are they the same who subscribed item #2 here?

        Others will follow suit, notably to the Canon 52 Mpx. Will m4/3 disappear or become the Camera of the Poor? :)

        • noname

          not of the poor, of the smart ;)

      • JimD

        Very clear, very concise, very true. very well put. I am voting for you.

  • fenton

    Rugged/waterproof cam with 4/3 sensor & 24-80mm (equiv) zoom. The size of these cams is not as critical as for a regular P&S (it can hang from a belt clip in a neoprene case), so there would be plenty of room for battery etc. WIFI should enable remote monitoring from a phone or tablet screen. Panasonic does well with the TS series P&S cams. A 4/3 sensor would allow vast improvements in image and video quality. I believe this product would sell well and generate a halo effect to drive P&S sales

  • FF

    I would love to see Panasonic enter the FF category with a SUPER L1, weather sealed, EVF, weather proof primes and excellent video. It would strike an end to the Olympus Fanboys and their constant Ibis and the like Rants.
    Being that I don’t think Panasonic looks at Olympus as a rival, it’s looking at Sony, Fuji and Canikon instead. So I don’t see it as a problem if Panasonic also puts a foot into the full frame market.
    Even if its apsc, it would be great. Panasonic makes great lenses and even though money is tight, you don’t see that stopping Sony from developing new cameras and Sony is even more in the red than Panasonic.
    I would buy a Beefed-Up Lumix L2 in a heartbeat if it was APS-C or better.

    • Anonymous

      Ya because putting an end to the oly fanboys is the important goal in life for panasonic..

      You haters are amazingly stupid

  • JimD

    It is entirely new. It is a camera the same size as a mobile phone, even looks like a mobile phone and has some phone functions. The lcd (6 x 7 cm)is also a sensor. Just face the screen at what is to be captured. Look into the hole that was once the back camera hole, its now an EVF. Line it all up, press the button.
    No lenses, it’s just one big, big, big newly designed sensor with selectable density from 30MP per CM square to 2MP per CM square. Selectable sensor size from whole of screen to 1 CM square.
    Records in RAW or jpeg and has its own docking station that transfers images to a mass storage device. The docking station is also a A4 8 colour printer and social media center. All editing can be done on the camera lcd when docked.
    Buy its companion mobile phone (twin pack available) for remote control and operation.
    Even use as a security system at home when you’re out.

    • Anonytrackball

      Must be for Europe and Asia only. Some others don’t understand centimeters. It will cause an ‘equivalence’ argument.

    • DIY

      Ohh .. Just like one of mine.

  • Admin, you forgot the most important option that would have won the poll: “A new panasonic m43 camera with a sony sensor” ;)

  • ArtP

    Why should they stop at FF? The real answer came to me last night- Panasonic will come out w a mirrorless MF camera. An adapter will allow use of all the Pentax 645 mount lenses, giving them time to produce their own full line of compact (for MF)and very expensive native lenses.

  • NFT

    now !! i saw on eoshd they think will see a new professional GH series

    is it new kind(or new kid) ^_^

  • true homer

    Why do some people think that given the choice everyone would choose a ff camera?

  • Well.. high-end professional videocamera based on M43 sensor is missing, ND-filters, XLR etc just to make the workprocess fast and smoth. The AF 100/101 is not bad to work with. Just that the video image is far from GH2 (hacked) and GH3. The advantages with M43 are fantastic. With a light, advanced workhorse Panny could once more open up that field.

    So my guess is that that wi in 10 days are discussing their smart move to upgrade the M43 to include more professional layes of the market. And after that I am going to shoot/produce a feature film with that camera using the light cameras fantastic potential for storytelling :-)

  • Buda Nevey

    Not sure about the kind of camera it will be, but I have a sneaky feeling it might sport a new twin-sensor technology separating chrominance and luminance for debayering much richer detailed images :)

  • Dave Haynie

    Definitely not either an FF or Foveon sensor camera. Pannys are all about camera + video. Foveon doesn’t do video, and has weird color issues that make video unlikely. Not to mention the light sensitivity of a small P&S. And FF with who’s lenses, exactly? Also doesn’t do much for video, and really, who’d drop Canon or Nikon for a system with 3-5 launch lenses?

    The really interesting interpretation would be “new to the industry”, but how new do you have to be? I guess FF was a popular guess because mirrorless FF is one true “new”, though otherwise insignificant. A revolutionary sensor tech? Does not really make a whole new kind of camera.

    How about a true still/video M43 camera at consumer prices that doesn’t compromise either video or still operation. No one has made such a camera yet…

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