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POLL: radical 43rumors change


Dear readers,

since 1 year we are writing rumors. We are now creating a complete redesign of our website and we want to ask you a very important question.

We are getting rumors from Panasonic and Olympus but also from other brands. So our question to you is: should we make a radical improvement. Should we become a website that talks about rumors of all mirrorless camera systems? We won’t cover classic DSLR rumors (there are already very good rumors websites). Our idea is to specialize in mirrorless camera system rumors and news.

Will you buy the new GF2?

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P.S.: Many people have asked us to take that poll. So let’s see what you think :)

  • oui et encore oui, ya de la place pour plusieurs acteurs sur ce marché.

  • jeff

    this website is called 43

    I come here to read about the future of my brand of camera (olympus) and the format it uses.

    I wouldnt like to sort through all the other crap im not interested in so i can find whats important to me , before i found this site i had to use engadget to find my olympus news , i dont want to go back to sorting through irrelevent stuff to find what i need.

    just my 2 cents

    • admin

      I personally agree with you Jeff :)

  • jeff

    keep in mind a story about what nikon is doing in regards to mirrorless every blue moon wont hurt the site , im just worried that if mirrorless cameras REALLY take off then this website will be saturated with too much stuff and you will get carpel tunnel from updating it every 20 minutes.

    This place is a sanctuary for the olympus/panasonic user. We dont have many websites dedicated to news for us and main tech websites usually filter out stuff about olympus and instead focus on nikanon. Keep going in the direction you have been going and you will only grow with new users.

    If it does take off like i said maybe you could make a partner site “evil” or somthing to satisfy the hardcore guys who dont care much for oly and panasonic.

  • Agent00soul

    In a year, all brands are probably going to have mirrorless models. So covering them all would mean to cover all brands. I don’t think that’s a very good idea.

    • admin

      Probably a separated evil website would make more sense!

  • I voted “yes”, but reading jeffs coment I would change: “NO!”

    “Probably a separated evil website would make more sense!” YES!

  • Mike

    Hello 43rumors team, I have been visiting this site since you started writing rumors, and I can tell your work is great. As I previously wrote that the mFT has huge potential, but classic E-System are here for those who want proved system. So, please, stay with 43rumors as they are. Cheers :D.

    P.S. I miss Photo of the week.

    • admin

      Hi Mike! Yes I will stay 43rumors :)

      Photo of the week? You can’t imagine now ho different 43rumors will become in less than 6 weeks :)

  • I think that people will cross-shop Micro Four Thirds vs. other compact mirrorless interchangeable-lens systems (currently just Samsung, but who knows what else might appear) so it would be helpful to have all the rumors in one place.

    I suspect that if you do a good job of organizing categories, you can do this and still address the needs of people who are interested only in Olympus rumors, Panasonic rumors, etc.

    • admin

      Hi Ranger! That could be an idea. Create separated blogs and separated content on the same website….hmmm

  • alfons

    I have to suggest a name change: EVIL rumors ;)

  • Elliot

    In addition to m4/3 mirrorless cameras we’ve got the Samsung, the Ricoh GXR, the Sony and strong rumors about Nikon coming out with something by September and Photokina. It seems to me that standard 4/3 cameras, now only supported by Olympus, as losing ground and their future is somewhat in doubt after 2011. On the other hand, mirrorless compact cameras are seeing a renaissance and there is no single website devoted to looking at them. I think you’d be much more future-proofed if your site focused on mirrorless designs — which to be honest is mostly what you’ve been doing anyway!

  • Borbarad

    Well, ok so 43rumors wants to abandon 4/3 and go EVIL only. Well to a degree this is already a m4/3, mirror-less site anyway.

    Therefore I think its time for the 4/3 and E-System, Users to go ahead look somewhere else.


    • admin

      HI Borbarad! The problem is that since one year we have no new 4/3 camera. So do not blame on us. If there are no rumors and no news I can’t do anything :(

  • Borbarad


    The issue is not about rumors. It’s that this polls says: Should we abandon 4/3?

    And well its your choice……..


    • admin

      Hi again!
      It is very unlikely that we will change 43rumors. But many people asked us to post more about competition rumors. Honestly I didn’t believe that most of the people would vote for the radical change. I believe a seprate mirrorless camer blog would make a lot more sense…

  • omox

    EVIL gives us a new way of taking photos. It is the style of seeing the world through the lens and seeing photography before you release the shutter, not after!
    I’m aware of all the the ideology and fanaticism that is related with the particular brand or system, (nicon vs canon war etc) but it is stupid, always was and always will be stupid.
    It is the features, advantages, possibilities not the brand and label on the camera body that really matters.
    It is not about the gear it is about photos! EVIL gives possibilities and cretiveness that was not possible before, but the final product is always a photography that you can see. I always read news about EVIL competition, most of them appears here on this site. I don’t want to be closed-minded person seeing only ones own playground. It’s good to be aware of what is going on in the EVIL world and not miss any technological changes that can limit our possibilities.
    So in my opinion it is not a matter of “if” but rather “how” to do it right. How to include rumors from expanding world of EVIL and to present them in a smart way.
    If you won’t do it… someone else certainly will.
    For me it is not important what is the label on my camera body as long as it is meeting my expectations. I had used olympus, nikon, sony, pentax, now panasonic gear. It doesn’t matter what is the label. In next three years it can be anything that is the best for me. The most important thing is the way the equipment works and if it works for me best.
    I voted “YES”. It was not easy answering this question, but in fact this site is an all-EVIL rumors since I remember… And it is good! Noone can predict future so why not to be a part of it no matter what will happen.
    I stick to philosophy not the system mount nor particular brand.

  • Borbarad

    “..EVIL gives us a new way of taking photos. It is the style of seeing the world through the lens and seeing photography before you release the shutter, not after!…”

    Well there is no difference between EVIL and a DSLR. They are the Same. Its just EVf vs OVF and removing the mirrobox. And as for size: There is not such a difference between a Pen and a E620…

    What you are actually talking about is a Leica M – and that’s what I’m lusting after!


  • fta

    Please still focus on FT and mFT. But I like to hear other mirrorless rumors as well. Competitors and new comers to the EVIL field. I already visit Sony/Nikon/Canon/etc.. rumor sites for mirrorless info.

    Just don’t become like where they just copy you on EVERYTHING! Nothing original… Sheesh!! :)

  • jeff

    i tried the panasonic g1 and i hated it , i need an optical viewfinder. unless they can get the framerate to 120fps i dont see a point in having a electronic viewfinder if you can just use a bigger higher resolution live view

  • AT

    Definitely are talking about rumors regarding 4/3 systems. There are many unique sources and rumors only from You can setup a new site like or something like that if you like it.

  • achiinto

    I can’t believe that this poll even come up. There are more people interested in mirrorless these days for sure, but that does not mean there is no one interested in the DSLR rumors. Do you want Olympus to abandon 43? And just go for M43? If Olympus go just M43 and gave up on 43 (mount), I will feel totally betrayed by the brand. Same with this website. This is supposed to be a 43 rumors site, not a M43 rumor site. If 43 became mirrorless then that is fine for this site to devote to mirrorless, otherwise, I think a 43 rumor site should still talk mainly about 43 rumors.

  • Neonart

    If this becomes a general site for multiple brands we could just go to a site like 1001noisycameras. They’re great at that. This site is of value to those who use the four-thirds system. If it no longer is a four-thirds specific site, then it loses it’s niche.

    Making a separate site for all mirrorless systems would be great for those who want to stay up to date with all the other brands. Plus it could be a great business decision if later other brands become dominant players.

  • upnorthjeeper

    Keep this place and make another page… EVIL rumors!

  • Mark

    This site is already known as micro four thirds amazon links. Who cares what you do with it..

  • I voted yes, but after reading the comments, I’d change that to STAY 43.

  • Well, as long as Olympus produces FourThirds cameras and different makers including Olympus produce lenses for this system, it would make sense to keep this site.

    Maybe you could provide split RSS feeds – “All news”, “Mirrorless” and “FourThirds”? As a FourThirds user not willing to go micro right now, the m43 posts are not so interesting for me, and I’d love a FourThirds only feed. :)

  • I vote NO since I often visit this site for news about Four-Third, as the site’s name suggested :). m43’s rumors are fine, but mirrorless camera news from every brands are kinda too much.

    Anyway, thanks for your effort in keeping the news going ;)

  • Evilcat

    Maybe a single yes/no vote cannot cover this issue,
    I’m a 43 user and I also interested in EVIL news.
    Even if i switch to m43 in the future, I’ll still want to read rumors about E-system.
    43rumors goes pure mirrorless? Absolutely NO!

  • Jonasbrother

    Changes are usually for the worse.
    This is a great site so don´t fix it, because it ain´t broken.

  • MIroslav

    Mirorrless large sensor cameras are the future, and will catch up with DSLR performance sooner or later (it’s just a question of putting a fast enough processor and powerfull enough battery to enable fast autofocus and fast EVF framerate) at which point cameras with mirror and pentaprism will become niche as film cameras are today.

    I voted YES, but I think that at the moment, the best would be to dedicate a separate part of the site to those rumors, but also keep four thirds DSLR rumors (if there are any). I will certainly buy a LIVE / EVIL :) camera this year and I’m interested in all offerings out there, but cannot see an alternative to Olympus/Panasonic offerings. As someone said, you cannot make pictures with rumored cameras :).

  • david

    Please stick to m4/3 and do not encourage other brands to launch new mirrorless cameras without using m4/3.

    I use pany lenses on my EP-1 and am very glad to do so. I am only interested by the m4/3 system which I chose. The occasional piece of news about others will not kill us, but please, no reviews, videos and so on about samsung or other camera makers that decided to go on their own instead of becoming user-friendly with universal specifications like m4/3 is trying to do (I know panasonic made something bad in developing their m4/3 cameras in such a way that oly lenses does not work completely with them, that’s exactly the things that could kill this very interesting m4/3 trend).

  • omox

    Leica M is a rangefinder camera, you can’t see what the image will look like before you take it, you have got the same thing with DSLRs, Live View on most of them is useless due to VERY SLOW AF. That’s the difference. Using M-series you can’t even see through the lens…

    For me it is number 1 priority to see the scene as it is on the final image. But of course that’s just me.

    So I’m not talking of M-series, but of EVIL’s advantages over other systems.

  • I think it’s a rather good idea becouse of two reasons.
    First, 43rumors is already widely known in the internet world as the place to check latest 4/3 news.
    Second, there’s really no better option avalible in the internet nowdays.

    You can always make a panasonicrumors/olympusrumors etc to stick with one brand.


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