POLL: GX7 vs E-P5 who wins?


Image courtesy: Camerasize.com.

New Panasonic GX7 sales:
Before to make you the deadly question here is the full GX7 preorder list. The camera is still the most ordered camera at Amazon ranking (can be seen here). Click on store to preorder and see price and delivery info:
Silver GX7 body at Amazon US, BHphoto, Adorama, Samys and Wex UK and Amazon Japan.
Silver GX7 with 14-42mm lens at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Samys and WexUK and Amazon Japan.
Black GX7 body at Wex UK and Amazon Japan.
Black GX7 with 14-42mm lens at Wex UK.
Black GX7 with 20mm lens at Wex UK and Amazon Japan.
Silver GX7 with 20mm lens at Wex UK and Amazon Japan.

E-P5 or GX7. That’s the question!
I now this will look bad for Olympus. But I want to know how bad the situation is :)  Both cameras do cost $999. So tell me….

If you would have to chose between the two. Which one would you buy?

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  • lone.samurai

    All systems are a compromise Cheetos as you may well know. Bigger sensor means bigger and heavier lens with added Sensor perfomance , smaller sensor means less weight and size with more convenience but with a some performance loss in sensor tech. The rest is a matter of feature set and what you camera you prefer.

    I shoot with 4/3, m43 and fuji x.
    My advise to you is ask your self what type of photography you do because fuji lends itself to a slower more deliberate style of photography because of it’s much slower af and slightly laggy evf but the image quality is absolutely stellar.
    Fuji standard zooms and primes are not really large considering their quality but their telephoto zoom is In my own opinion a mismatch ergonomically when considering the concept and that fuji x cameras can’t become like an OMD with grip etc….
    Olympus and Panasonic offer weather sealing, speed lighter lenses and a more complete well rounded product that has a little lesss in the sensor area.
    M43 I believe is the best compromise out there on the market and regardless all systems are a compromise of soughts.

    • Oilymouse

      All hail the real men with hands-on experience across systems! Well put.

    • derek

      wrong, if you just want one camera then the APS-C would be the best compromise(NEX or Fuji or Samsung in this case).
      But if you already have FF or MFDB as a main camera like many of us , then m43 would be the best back up kit.

      • justsaying

        Well, not just backups, as a main m43 shine when it comes to adapting the widest selection of lenses and being a high performance jack of all trade solutions for imaging; not only can you shoot both pictures and video you can do it at a very high quality Level. Of course x-sytem provides much better image quality for stills (I own an x100s) but m43 provides much more mature set of features and better performance than any x-system camera or nex for that mater.

        Small businesses (web, local, corporate, start ups, travel/exploration, AV) and budget conscious big ones are better off with an m43 system than with any other format and I include canikons.

      • david

        “wrong, if you just want one camera then the APS-C would be the best compromise”

        this could not be more wrong. or right. it solemny depends, what you mean by compromise!

        for me, aps-c doesn’t quite cut it, as does 35mm. or medium size format (just saying…). it is too much for my purposes.

        mFT is the thing for me. i used nikon 1 for a while now and even though i hit limits here and there, i was pleased and it served me well. mFT is a leap forward in IQ and the olympus has plenty of functions to play with, it still fits my needs to be lightweight.
        thats it for me. light and not so big. it’s simple.

  • pll

    As of this post the results are appx 4000 for GX7 and 1500 for E-P5.

    The poll results would illustrate the bias of those who post here at 43rumors, as I can’t imagine the GX7 outselling the E-P5 by so much.

    My question to those who can write it off: “why not own both?”

    • Cheetos

      Simple answer. Because not everyone is Bill Gates.

    • Mark

      Why can’t you imaging the GX7 outselling the EP-5 by much?

    • One More Thought

      Of course it’s understandable that the GX7 outsell the EP5. For starters, for the same price the GX7 offers a built in EVF; the EP5 does not. If I want the EVF then I have to pay substantially more with the EP5, and then it’s not as sleek a package. The grip on the GX7 seems to be a bit better as well.

      Both are great cameras, I would surmise, but at these price points one has to weigh the features.

  • adaptor-or-die

    Looking at the bigger picture [pun?] mFT has done nothing but excel since the introduction of the OMD. When you look at the options and choices in the entire system, every new model release is impressive and further entrenches the system as a whole.

    And those that fixate on price. Remember that designs and features are built into a camera or lens, they are fixed. Price is arbitrary, it’s determined by supply and demand. The features in a camera won’t change, but prices change all the time. Except for Nikon, how often do prices ever go up from introduction? They only go down. Relax, shoot what you’ve got in hand, it’s photography, not a consumer race …

  • T9D

    The E-P5 has two wheel dials. So that wins for me right there. I can’t believe the gx7 only has the one. That was a total let down.

    • Anonymous

      The GX7 has TWO wheels.

  • Over here in South Africa … the Olympus E-P5 (kit with VF-4 & 17mm lens) is purchasable for about the same price as the Canon EOS 6D (body only); the Panasonic Lumix GX7 won’t be available locally. Guess the E-P5 wins, huh?

  • robin

    add another 250 bucks for the vf4…

  • matt

    E-P5 for me. I’ll carry on using my E-P3 till the price drops. The GX7 does nothing for me and I prefer the menus of the Olympus. I use the rear screen a lot so will buy the body only and use my vf3 every now and then.

  • Carl G

    GX7 on looks and layout. We’ll see how the sensor does though.

    Meantime, finished my G5 Review:

  • pab

    I am currently selling my fuji x set up to try 4/3 and think i am set on the pen ep5 with its smaller primes .If your willing to import from Hong Kong The price difference is far less with only about £30-£50 between them the reported better build quality of ep5 tipping the scales

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