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POLL: Do you like the new LX5? White or Black?


Finally we found the specs and images of the new Panasonic LX5 (yeah!) We still don’t know anything about the improvements on the sensor and imaging processor. I like the extended zoom range, the new AVCHD lite recording and the new grip. Now my question to you:

Do you think Micro Four Thirds will be THE mirrorless system for the next years?

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P.S.: A special thanks goes to Nick that found the leak (applause!!!)

  • tarnumf

    How about “I’ll keep using LX3” choice?

    • admin

      Hi Tarnumf…answer “no” :)

  • RW

    Not that there is anything wrong with the LX5 – but I won’t be buying it because I already own a GF-1.

  • tarnumf

    Admin, understood, many votes are already cast . I thought it would be interesting to see how many people will consider to upgrade from LX3.

  • lolque

    no more MFT camera with zoom lens?

    • admin

      Hi Lolque!

      We made a mistake and reported it on 43rumors few days ago. The very slim MFT camera will come in one month and it till not have a fixed zoom lens…it is MFT. Sorry :(

  • WT21

    Oly EP1 does it for me for now, though that extension to 90mm is a much nicer range. And at f/3.3. Maybe for the wifey, but not for me.

  • Needs a manual focus ring to make it a buy.

  • Toemel

    I’m wondering if Leica will come up with a “D-Lux 5” since they sell a “copy” of Panny’s LX3 as “D-Lux 4”. But I save up for a white LX5 anyway, looks cool to me :-)

  • Barret

    Both are beatiful but the white one is not good for being discreet in the crowd. It screams LOOK I am holding a white camera in my hand and trying to photograph you! Black is the wise choise. Also apple fans will like the white :D

  • jt

    I think the white GF1 is beautiful. The white LX5 not so much.

  • Boris

    So, NO MORE the micro 4/3 with a fixed zoom lens?

    Makes MORE sense to me.

    They do not want to confuse a buyer.


    i was waiting for a M 4/3 zooom DC thou=( at least i would love to see a “better” quality D-Lux 5.

    so wut bout the “optical RF” borrow from Leica? is that mean the OVF of this LX-5?

    i am very disappointed =( QQ

  • So it goes to ISO 12800 eh? Given that the top level ISO on ANY particular camera is not often very good this probably means it won’t be great at 12800, but it’ll be usable at 6400, and very nice at 3200.

    What on earth is the sensor going to be like? And imagine if they scale that sensor up to 4/3? Wow. Can’t wait for September.

  • Simester

    @Tarnumf: I agree, I think this poll would have benefitted from a ‘I’ll keep my LX3’ option. I own an LX3, and I’m keeping it. The LX5 is not that different or greatly improved from the LX3. My only proviso is if the sensor is greatly improved. For example, if the sensor is enlarged to, say, 1.55 from the current 1.63, or if it is backside-illuminated, I might consider the LX5. Otherwise, as far as I’m concerned, the LX5 is just an LX3 ver. 2.0.

  • dissapointed

    No manual focus ring
    Only slightly enlarged sensor
    No backside illumination
    No completely retractable zoom lens
    No Full HD video
    No stereo sound
    No panoramic mode
    No HDR

    Pana looses ground to their competitors ;-( 2 years of waiting and then nothing new, just a slightly upgrade to keep the LX line going. DISSAPOINTING!!!!

  • I suspect LX5 will come wit a new sensor(back illuminated?) since it’s has a increase the ISO to ISO 12800.

  • JR

    In the spec it talks about mixing pixels to achieve high ISO. I suspect therefore that all it may be doing is reducing the resolution by combining pixels to achieve better sensitivity when set to high ISO mode. This does not sound like the major advance that many are hoping for!

  • Ashoe

    Hmmm nex-5 is more appealing for me at the moment…

  • I won’t buy it. I already bought a Canon S90 recently. It’s smaller than the LX3 and has a wider zoom range. Plus: it runs CHDK. If I had known about the LX5 I still would have bought the S90, since it’s smaller and runs CHDK. The S90’s sensor is the same size as the LX5’s sensor. So I don’t expect much better pictures from the LX5. The wider angle of the LX5 would have been nice though. The LX5 lens seems to be faster throughout the zoom range.

    If I want much better pictures than what a compact can offer me, I pack my DSLR.

  • Zonkie

    Backside illuminated sensors apply to CMOS, not to CCD. This sensor is supposed to have a better sensitivity than any small BSI CMOS one.

    Anyway, for those disappointed, there are a couple of things that are not mentioned in the specs, so I’d wait until the official announcement before deciding if it’s worth or not.

  • Chris

    My broke behind will probably be buying a used LX3.

  • Godot

    Too soon for me to say.

    Image quality, including high ISO performance, is the main thing for me.

    Let’s assume it’s the same as the LX3, or marginally better, at base ISO.

    That leaves high ISO. I have zero expectation of ISO 12800 or 6400 being any good, and would be pleasantly surprised if 3200 is decent, but if it performs well in low light at 1600, that may be enough to justify an upgrade. If it does that, it will essentially have caught up to and maybe exceeded first-gen m43 bodies, which is really quite an accomplishment.

    But even if it’s great at 3200, I will definitely wait to see what the next generation of compact m43 bodies has to offer before jumping in. The LX3 will still be a very good camera for years to come, I’m in no hurry.

  • Catalin

    I will keep my old LX3 for a while, until DPReview confirms that the LX5 is really a large step in terms of image quality. So…my answer was “I will not buy it” :)

  • nm

    disappointed? the LX3 hardest critics was short zoom, then came the EVF of the Lumix G and the lx also wanted to have, well there you go. I am very happy that the option of 24-90mm f2. Backlight sensor does wonders, maybe a little faster, but in terms of noise is similar. LX3 is more pretty to me. I don´t like the grip and less the bump over the hotshoe, sure is to conect the electronic viewfinder but both break clasical line, we will see later that makes Leica with the second one, because the grip disapear like other d-lux.

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