POLL: Canon ignores mirrorless (+ fake rumor)


Short break from Panasonic/Olympus news. It really looks like Canon will be the last company the join the new mirrorless market. Today they announced new Rebels. The Canon QL-D1 mirrorless camera rumor was abviousely fake (read the rumor at mirrorlessrumors.com). Sum the Canon news with Schneider Kreuznach and Zeiss joining the m43 group and with Pentax making a tiny small sensor mirrorless system. What do you see? A bright future for Micro Four Thirds :)

Do you think Micro Four Thirds will be THE mirrorless system for the next years?

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  • Andrew

    Umm, this website is called 4/3 Rumors. Just about everyone who reads it does so because he’e into 4/3rds. Seems like the deck is stacked in favor of 4/3rds in this poll, no?

    • Bias is obvious, but it is not uncommon for Canikon folk to drop by for m43 news.

      If you read m43-related forums, you would see quite high level of diversity: many Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc owners are picking m43 for their second camera.

      The diversity is what actually gives me hope that we might be finally nearing the time of standardized lens mount.

      It was sad day IMO (for photo industry) when we have found out that Sony and Samsung used new different mounts for their mirrorless offering (Sony is retarded when interop comes into the question; but I had some hopes for Sammy). They have missed the opportunity. With Panasonic on board, and many smaller players jumping on (that is important!), m43 has became de facto leader and would maintain the status for at least some foreseeable future.

      • cL

        I think there are lots of m4/3-curious folks around.

        I don’t think there will ever be a standardized lens mount, or Olympus would dominate the lens market because of its lens quality/value ratio. The idea of proprietary mount is to lock people into their system. Many people chose other system is because Olympus’s body is not optimal for them, not because Canonikon’s lenses are better or cheaper. Have you noticed people who buy Canon usually use third party lenses? When Oly users’ crown jewel is their Olympus made lenses.

  • JRK

    I think nikon could get it right. Unless they join m43 :D which would be even more right.

  • Alexander

    Hi, the problem of m4t is that they have 2 systems for the objectives. as a olympus user (what i prefer) you are on the bad end. Schneider Kreuznach probably will use the Panasonic system because it is useable for Oly & Pana. :-(

    • George

      Pana & Oly did a good job introducing M43. But years past and m43 cams are almost same. Sooner or later Canon & Nikon will release mirror-less cams and they will eat what is on the table

  • Stavros

    I am dreaming about the future of m43…
    Micro four thirds mount with Panasonic, Zeiss, Schneider and Voightlander lens options, with the same practical approach by Panasonic (articulated screen, fast autofocus, amazing video integrated etc) BUT with a foveon type sensor with true resolution and better dynamic range putting film to shame…

  • > No, APS-C mirrorless systems do have an advantage.

    Honestly, I wish they did.

    NEX – a toy camera (hands-on impression) with a toy lens (from review results).

    NX still looks interesting. But that’s I guess would last till the actual release of promised super-zoom 18-200mm.

    @Admin, it would be really nice to have say weekly/monthly competition overview. After all you have already the mirrorless rumors: cross-posting occasionally wouldn’t harm ;)

    • cL

      APS-C do have advantage, just not by much. I think it’s smart for camera companies to make either FF or 4/3 size sensor because APS-C is somewhat in between…. Not as good as what FF could do (DoF) nor as good as a m4/3 could do (portable body, sharp photos).

  • Randolfseileer

    i hope that mirrorless aps-c sensor cameras will come from nikon and canon.

    nothing beats a bigger sensor!!
    micro 43 is nice for compact like cameras but for image quality i would always buy aps-c.

  • Redkite

    I loved my GH1 and I’ve now traded it for a GH2 and I’m equally delighted with that. I do hope MFT becomes THE mirrorless system but I have to admit if Nikon launched a pro level body with proper live view and an articulated screen I could be tempted into switching.

  • DonTom

    At the moment, Sony has the better DR in their sensor, but that is where the advantage ends. Since going mirrorless is partly about lens size reduction, I think m43 will win this race. Sony will stay in it, but only because of their marketing.

    Olympus is certainly in a stronger position now, with other (presumably) non-stabilised lenses coming on the market.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Canon &/or Nikon eventually join the m43 standard, certainly they will be noticing the growing momentum.

    APSC DSLRs will eventually go the way of some of the historical film formats, but full frame DSLRs will be around for a long time yet.

  • Although a new Rebel don’t excite me, it’s probably good for Canon; this is how they make money, the Pro models is how they spend their research and development money! Eventually Canon will make mirrorless cameras as well, but I think we are likely to see different sizes of mirrorless system where m43 is only one. Large sensors cameras will always have an advantage regarding image quality; Digital Backs 54×40, Full Frame 36×24, APS-C 24×16, m43 17×13.But it’s the other way around when it comes to portability and price; smaller sensors means smaller cameras, more lightweight systems and cheaper! I doubt that Canon and Nikon will join the m43 standard but rather go for something completely new, possibly with APS-C size sensors. There will be some choices and I think that is a good thing!

  • BS Artiste

    I am disappointed in Canon not yet releasing the 5D mk III. Oly still has some more time, and maybe they will provide a non-end-of-life upgrade path for my E-30 with 1080p video. However, I have not seen it so far.

  • Canon is on the right side of history by introduce small sized DSLR with bigger sensor. The popularity of M43 is for smaller camera size and for bigger sensor size, not for finderless or mirrorless. SLR Optical finder is still the best. Hope Olympus can introduce a full frame 35mm sized DSLR with all features like the current E5 model.

    Note: Professionals are those count on selling photos to make a living. Those folks wanted the bigger sensor for print out bigger in size and less in noise, that is the first priority to go full frame. Bigger camera size is a result of bigger sensor and batter power. Not the other way around like Olympus did: 1/4 of the full frame sized sensor and almost the same size camera body(E3 E5). Going back to its root of OM1-OM4T is the way to go for Olympus. I am willing to pay $3K for a full frame E7.

    The Problem for M43 is without a real finder. I hope that Fuji has pointed the solution for Olympus. Or perhaps to put the attached electronic finder into the camera body in a size of Leica CL or Leica M6/OM1 is another route. Sorry we do not like G1-GH2 shape. We like Leica CL-M6 shape camera body with F2 or better pancakes.

    • cL

      I have been preaching what you have just said for ages. But be prepared many folks may not understand it. That’s one bad thing m4/3 does… it makes a lot of people think they’re using a DSLR, but they are actually using it as if it is a point and shoot…, so their concerns are quite different.

      Yes, I’ve been wishing for a 35mm or a 645 medium format Olympus for ages! Only if Olympus would use me as their marketing lead…. Imagine Olympus quality lens, Olympus sensibility and large format sensor for serious work. I don’t get what Olympus is thinking. Everything they do is catering more toward professional users, but they are selling stuff at lower end where people won’t appreciate what Olympus does….

      Please stay here if you could bear people keep asking for more mega pixels and high ISO performance…. I’m thinking about processing my photos instead of coming here. LOL.

  • Spriggers

    I don’t know guys. Both Panasonic and Olympus had serious revenue drops this last year. Despite the big start, imo either Nikon or Canon will eat them alive when they come out with their own system. I think its going to be a 3 way race between Sony, Canon and Nikon with the superior sensors.. NEX has sold quite well despot poor lens selection and the other two have way more experience with interchangable lens systems.

  • mpgxsvcd

    Here is Andy Westlake’s response on how he believes the Canon T3i digital zoom works.


  • mmm, so are Canon mysteriously quiet (because they are about to join m43?) – nah!

    on the new Canon gear, didn’t Oly get slammed by its following for doing 400/410/420/450 mini updates?

    Canon line-up is getting busy: 1000 / 600 / 60 / 7 / 5 / some 1s
    … so in APS-C: a choice of 4x: 1000/600/60/7 (which is just like Nikon 3000/5000/7000/300). And Nikon do a similar thing at the top as Canon. They are competitors after all! Sony is trying with 2x FX bodies and about 30-40 (or was it 50?) different versions of their APS cameras.

    Canon & Nikon sell their highest dSLR volumes at the bottom end of the range – the one and two bottom level cameras. This is where they must be feeling the m43 pinch (at least a little). Nikon are readying their mirrorless camera but with a chip smaller than m43 (protecting their 3000/5000 line)

    This would be a great time for Oly or Pan to bring out their ‘pro’-spec model. Okay, a pro is a person with an ability to bill for their work, but you know what I mean: a higher spec model.

  • PS – Canon stole the Olympus folder out screen and put it on the 60D … and now the 600D. Not only did they steal the Oly LCD advantage, but they are running away with it and putting it on other cameras!! ;)

  • backshot especiale

    the next camera system i’d like to see is a proper mamyia 7ii digital replacement, this does require a 6x7cm image sensor so i may be waiting some time.

  • Richard_K

    It depends on several factors.

    (1) Lens : Today M4/3 lens are quite pricy. Some of them are even more expensive than full frame lens.

    (2) DOF : The crop factor of M4/3 is two. Everyone knows this. To increase DOF, the brighter lens are demanded badly. At present, we have only couple prime lens, however these lens are still expensive.

    (3) IQ : APS-C mirrorless relatively has higher IQ than M4/3 nowadays.

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