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Philip Bloom shares the first GH3 video!


Genesis from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

I am a big fan of Philip Bloom and now I like him even more after he posted the first video shot on the new Panasonic GH3 :) More info can be read on his blog: writes: “What I can say is it’s a massive step up from the previous model and has a superb 72mb/s All-I codec which is a world away from the compressed as hell AVCHD codec that we are used to on many cameras and on all their previous G series cameras.


By the way. here is the original GH3 video leaked on Friday:

You see Bloom shooting with the GH3!

Thanks Philip for sharing your video!

  • The Master

    First! Neener neener, neener. ;)

    • admin

      Bravo! :)

    • mpgxsvcd

      At 2:45 there is very noticeable rolling shutter effect. I wonder if they have increased the sensor readout speed to combat this?

      • after watchin that scene a few times; i guess such comment is the video-equivalent for pixelpeeping?

        • mpgxsvcd

          Yea it doesn’t bother me. However, there will be plenty of other people that complain.

          • david

            The passing subway train around 1:15 is a little more obvious to me. The one at 2:45 is partially masked by the shaking of the camera. Neither seems particularly bad.

  • The Master

    I’m anxious to see how much more DR the GH3 has than the GH2 and what the size and weight differences are. I’m also a little worried that we lost the multi aspect ratio sensor.

  • ED

    Didn’t like it all that much .. but at least it shows that the camera works:)

    By the way in the promo video u see the making of for the scene at the train station ..there was something like a huge white projector on top of the actress.. it’s the same thing u can see in the video of Madonna “turn up the radio” which was placed above the car…anyone knows what that is for? do you place the lights behind it to get a softer light like a soft box??

    • ED

      I meant white reflector sorry. It is placed horizontally above the actors.. Is that a good way to light up a scene?

      • probably a diffuser to make harsh light more pleasant?

  • Anon

    Not impressed as i expected… look how many loose detail on the GH3
    I already saw the fullhd version… you can see a lot of aliasing, moire, grain, rolling shutter that i didn’t see on the GH2 (check just the subway) and not only that
    Ask him to give you the fullhd version sample and the one compressed on vimeo no HD to hide the problem.

    • Max

      Its common to bounce light of a “silk” in a frame. Creates a large area light above or to a side of a subject without having to put a light box. If you are not bouncing the light, you can be diffusing light on the subject.

    • MichaelKJ

      Bloom said it was an early pre-production model, so I don’t think there is much we can conclude from his video.

    • Cde.

      I didn’t see any moire or aliasing…

      • wayne wong

        me neither, and I think if I shoot that train with my GH2, I might probably get the same result

  • ED

    Bloom writes “Lots of lumix glass was used to especially the brand new lenses coming out soon!”

    Looks like there might be more glass announced soon other than the 12-35 and 35-100..

  • Thanks for kind post!

    Re comments. Always bewildered by people pixel peeping a compressed file streaming on a website. I have no access to edit so cannot offer a less compressed version. Best to just relax. Don’t obsess and wait until more stuff comes out and maybe sample files. Very early days here!

    • admin

      We are all honored to have you here. Looking forward to leanr more about the new G camera soon!

      • LOT

        Always enjoyed your work, Mr. Bloom. I guess you can’t reveal if GH3 has multi-aspect sensor or not? Now this feature seems to be the only deciding factor for me regarding whether getting a GH3 or not.

        • ED

          Yeah!!!! A confirmation from him would be very much welcomed :)

        • david

          Patience; you couldn’t buy one before Monday even it does have multi-aspect.

    • Voldenuit

      Echo admin’s comments. It’s great to watch your work and glad to see you here!

      Waiting for NDA to lift on Monday.

    • Chris

      Good work Mr. Bloom. I can see what some people talk about all those technicals “flaws” but the important point is to make beautiful shot and you succeeded. I guess you can’t really talk much about the GH3, but would it be possible for you to just let us know if the new codec is better than a GH2 hacked? What about DR?

      • MichaelKJ

        I suggest you read Bloom’s review of the early pre-production model:

        “What I can say is it’s a massive step up from the previous model and has a superb 72mb/s All-I codec which is a world away from the compressed as hell AVCHD codec that we are used to on many cameras and on all their previous G series cameras.”

        • Chris

          thanks but I read that. My question was more a question to compare the HACKED version of GH2 versus the GH3. I have no doubt that GH3 blows out-of-the-box-GH2…

    • Dan


      Thanks for creating that video and posting here. The video was excellent and shows off some of the capabilities of the GH3.

      Mostly I appreciate your excellent advice – chill and don’t obsess. The pre-production model showed the potential, but the production camera will be better tuned. And like any new camera, it will take a while to fully optimize it’s potential. I.e. lot’s of good stuff here and more to come.


      AFAIK, you are the first person to specifically state that it shoots 1080/60P. Assuming that no serious “warts” pop up, that single quality alone makes it worthwhile for me to upgrade from my GH2.



    • Mr. Reeee

      Nice video. Compressed or not, it looks really good and makes me excited about getting my mitts on a GH3, even though I shoot mainly stills.

      Which lenses did you use?

      Looking at your site, back in late 2010, with photos and videos from the GH2 convinced me to buy it and the Voigtländer 25mm! Thanks belatedly!

    • JLW518

      Philip Bloom… I know you are a videographer, but did you do any stills work with the GH3? If so, how does it compare with the GH2 overall? I am primarily interested in the still photography capabilities of the camera, and if those are significantly improved also, it will be on my wish list. If not, I will stick with the GH2 for now…Thanks!

    • mpgxsvcd

      Thanks for all of your work. You do a great job.

    • io

      Thanks, Philip. :)

  • Excuse me…. did you guys really watch that? It’s 1000X better than that crappy D800 launch video Nikon put out and the D800 is supposed to be top of the line. Hell, this little GH3 video blows that away. Plus it’s entertaining unlike that Nikon video!

    • dgr

      The D800 is a camera for photographers with the best ever performance on DXO state of art DR, and stunning resolution yes I have one . The GH3 if it is like a GH2 which I also have and enjoy is more a video camera that takes stills. The D800 has a clean HDMI out for those interested,though for me ff DSLR cameras are the wrong shape , size and weight for video use { well away from a tripod }.No system is perfect and if for example you are a landscape photographer then the D800 is a far better tool.

      • I’m not downing the D800… I’m saying this video was better than the one they released to showcase the D800. That’s not as much a testament to how great either camera is or isn’t… it’s saying Philip and the crew did a better job IMHO.

        Oh and btw… he accidentally forgot to set it to 1080P in Vimeo! wrote on FB:
        Whoops! Had Genesis as 720p on Vimeo (@Vimeo). Enabled 1080p. Will enable download when I can!

  • gepinniw

    This video is such a cheesy piece of story telling. And the editing was pretty bad. Some of the shots seem to have been thrown in haphazardly. I think the editor thought, “Well, gee, they went to all that trouble to shoot that shot, I’d better use it.”
    In terms of the image quality, it looks okay, but certainly not better than the hacked GH2. I guess we’ll have to wait and see as the reports and other videos trickle in.

  • Max

    For around a $1000 body, the quality I saw was atleast as good as any TV show I’ve seen. That is impressive. Even the desert shot in the car, the sun in the distance wasn’t blown out. That is a scary to shoot show with anything but an Alexa or Red.

    • ED

      I might be wrong but that could have been fixed in post ?

      • Dan


        You can fix a lot in post, but…

        If it’s black with no detail or blown out with no detail, you can’t fix it in post. That’s why people are super excited with the BlackMagic Cinema Camera shooting RAW. There is so much to work with that you can do amazing things with color grading in post. With added DR in the GH3, you have a lot more to work with.

        BTW, the BlackMagic camera comes in a u4/3 version. This is starting to look like the golden age of u4/3.



        • ED

          Ah ok, got it.
          Tnx Dan.

        • ei

          ei son of a bitch.

          the bmcc comes with a 4/3 mount not a 4/3 sensor. are you a retard?

          please dont say something about the gh3. pana not release a bad cam tomorow.

          1) wait
          2) learn to film
          3) then write comment here

  • CuriousBenjamin

    Great video! But the tone and nature of the article suggests that this will be a great video camera. But I wonder how its still performance will be? This always concerns me regarding the GH line of cameras.

  • RAS

    Looks good – but the footage doesn’t seem noticeably different than the GH2 (which, more than anything, is a testament to how amazing the GH2 still is, after two years). Still see plenty of rolling shutter on the train shot, especially.

    Still, exciting to know these are so close to arrival.

  • DJS

    Looks great to me
    I don’t know much about video production but I’ve watched enough tv to know that is good work
    it would be interesting to see the quality of some of the negative posters creations

  • roger48

    Very nice piece and quality looked great to me.

  • Cathy

    Why did’t the guy just ring the girl back…? Why did he have to chase her…

    I think the video looked quite good, but I am not an expert.

    • Voldenuit

      He was probably using an iPhone on Sprint/Verizon and couldn’t use data and voice at the same time. /lowblow :p

  • kennyha;l

    First up I am no expert i will now demonstrate this LOL.Away from pro use for the normal user whose output is to bluray for watching on a large screen fullHD screen [ i am saving up for the Panasonic TXP65VT50B }. I have the GH2 hacked and I get to my eye anyway excellent results how much better will the new features of the GH3 , make a bluray .

  • MikeH

    1080 60p mentioned in Mr Bloom’s comments about this mysterious new Panasonic Lumix G camera. That is good news.

    The short video was great, how much time do you get to get familiar with the camera, create a quick story, shoot it, and edit it when a company requests a video for public consumption?

  • nice clip! very much like watching a movie and not just a moody or dreamy show.


    My first response is how smooth and cinematic it looks. Nice. My second response is how shaky it looks, pity Omd cant have 24/25/50/60fps and all i as the ibis really adds to the video.

    • 5y5y

      @adventsam The vast majority of pro video is done either glued to a tripod or on a steadycam.

  • Dugo

    This did not look like much, really.

    Hopefully the production version will be able to reproduce colors okay, not like here. Moire and RS is bad, too. Low-light shots are struggling.

    I guess there is no replacing of the APS-C and especially the FF 135 sized sensor yet in video-friendly digital cameras.

  • doug nash

    I won’t comment on the video content. But the quality of the footage was average. Way too many of the shots were flat, and lacked impact. That’s more a function of lighting and composition, but what else is there?

  • Napilopez

    Some of the comments here just make no sense to me. Commenting on color properties on video that’s clearly graded? That, and resolution on highly compressed vimeo footage? Alright.

    I thought the dynamic range in outdoor shots seemed noticeably better than that of the GH2, and for all the complaining about rolling shutter, I see *less* of it than I see on the GH2(or 5DMKII or D800, for that matter).

    Also, out of all these promo short film type vids I’ve seen for HDSLR cams, this is definitely the best. I do like Reverie by Vincent Laforet, but that was also the very first.

    Thanks Mr. Bloom!

  • Antoine

    First Impressions disappointment. Why do some pictures are not clear? INCREDIBLE! Skin tones are the same as those of the GH2 (muddy, coarse). Details in low light too. Why did you choose this story??? We are 5 years back. Special mention to the actors: the worst is impossible.

    Something wrong with Panasonic!

  • Lukav

    im actually thankful for the improvements in the GH3. I feel that many individuals compared the GH3 with the GH2-VK (hacked). sure the differences over the gh2 hacked is subtle (but still good). compare the stock gh2 with the gh3 and you’ll have yourself a world of difference.

    Over time, i find myself being more concerned with storyline over ‘pixel-peeping’ . are you really enjoying your work or are you just criticizing and hoping for a miracle machine that does absolutely everything for you..?

    Great piece, phil. Looking forward to the real thing coming to the stores.

  • Stravinsky

    I think it’s wonderful work. But we all know that Mr Bloom could have made this movie with a super8 or an iPhone. He has a great aesthetic sense of composition and there’s a lot of fluidity to his work. I applaud his technique but I am dying to see the stills off of this camera.

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