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Pesonal View: the production of the Z-CAM E2 cameras might stop



Pesonal View reports:

Huge train-wreck seems to be happening with little amazing Z-CAM team.

All E2 cinema cameras are based on main LSI chip made by HiSilicon (Hi3559A V100 and may be few more models). For reference – HiSilicon is chip design branch of big Huawei corporation. Hisilicon designes all the main LSI (called Kirin) for Huawei smarphones.

Right now Huawei is on the first front lines of China-US trade war, with US promising to leave only burning ashes from smartphone market leader.

Since last US punch it is more correct to say now that they designed/made such chips and can’t do it anymore. US put extreme sanctions on Hisilicone specifically – now they can’t use any contract manufacturers (as 100% of them use US intellectual property, equipment or software) and can’t keep even be using US software to design chips themselves.

Such way Z-CAM cameras suddenly won’t have their heart available for company, and this also concerns any already made, sold or awaiting to be sold camera, as servicing issues and lack of parts can prevent company from keeping their warranty obligations. On small market of semi-pro and professional cinema cameras this alone is making your product unacceptable for any serious production.

Company now tries to hide this information from potential buyers, cleaning it instantly from the Facebook group and trying to prevent its leak to camera related press.

It will be real tragedy if we’ll have such interesting company (that had been able to withstand very hard climate) will be going out of business as collateral damage in the US-China trade war.

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