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(UPDATED) Peaking mode coming on the E-M5!


Cameras Reviewed reports:

E-M5 owners should note that Olympus tells us a firmware update is on the way to enable focus peaking, bringing the original OM-D more in line with its new baby brother.

UPDATE: TJ Donegan from Camera.reviewed updated their statement:

Just to be clear, we were told this specifically during our briefing at CES on the E-M10. We asked them twice and they confirmed that it was coming. In the normal reporting process we go through while reviewing the E-M10 we reached out to Olympus reps to double-check this fact and were told that it will not be in the next update, but that it could still be included in future updates We’ve updated the review accordingly.

As a side note I can tell you that an anonymous source told me that Sony first didn’t allow Olympus to use peaking mode on their sensor. Now that Olympus and Sony are official partners this has changed. I don’t know if what the anonymous source told me here is correct. But we can expect some great thing from the partnership anyway ;)

Reminder: Panasonic G 4K announcement next week on Friday 5-6am London time (Feb 7).

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