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(UPDATED) Peaking mode coming on the E-M5!


Cameras Reviewed reports:

E-M5 owners should note that Olympus tells us a firmware update is on the way to enable focus peaking, bringing the original OM-D more in line with its new baby brother.

UPDATE: TJ Donegan from Camera.reviewed updated their statement:

Just to be clear, we were told this specifically during our briefing at CES on the E-M10. We asked them twice and they confirmed that it was coming. In the normal reporting process we go through while reviewing the E-M10 we reached out to Olympus reps to double-check this fact and were told that it will not be in the next update, but that it could still be included in future updates We’ve updated the review accordingly.

As a side note I can tell you that an anonymous source told me that Sony first didn’t allow Olympus to use peaking mode on their sensor. Now that Olympus and Sony are official partners this has changed. I don’t know if what the anonymous source told me here is correct. But we can expect some great thing from the partnership anyway ;)

Reminder: Panasonic G 4K announcement next week on Friday 5-6am London time (Feb 7).

  • duartix

    Now, that’s what I call SERVICE! :)

    • BIDOU

      Really ? Like one or two years after every competitors ? What a service !

      • Reggie

        Some of us shoot with systems that don’t really get firmware updates. Like their cameras release with 1.0, and might get 1.01 if there’s a really critical bug. *cough*Nikon*cough*

      • duartix

        Did you read the article?

    • Sunny

      I´m going to beleive it at the day when it´s really released.

      I´ve been waiting so long for a hdr upgrade to the features of the old E-PL5. And we still didn´t get them.

      • digifan

        I use the peaking work around through a myset1 which consists of art mode 11 / option II, MF, and AF help off, accommodated under Fn1.
        Just press Fn1 and focus, when the black lines are around the subject let the button go and press the shutterbutton. et voila peaking mode.
        But a standard implementation would be better. BTW peaking mode is no substitution for the enlarged view to get critical focus, it’s merely usefull for street photography.

    • Peter_K

      Are you kidding? When was E-M5 released?

      This is a crap!

      • mimstyle

        The em5 still the best omd ever made ! Style, best and sharpest sensor in my opinion …. one year half after iso, why not peaking ? I have two em5 and I’m still I won’t change …

        • ronin

          Agreed. It still held to the spirit of micro 4/3- small and light.

          The bloated EM1 I’m sure is fine, but the EM1 is even larger than the Fuji XT-1, and the same size as the 135 format Sony A7. Just too blamed bulky for micro 4/3.

          The EM-5 hit the sweet spot.

      • tokugawa

        It’s good to add these things via firmware update, rather than bringing out a new camera so people who want to have this feature have to buy a new camera. Some competitors do this.

      • Ross

        Since they are also now marketing the E-M5 Pro kit (with 12-40 lens), it has to have features that compete with the entry model, E-M10, so it is quite feasible these updates are happening (the ones we just got & maybe ‘Focus Peaking’ too)& the bonus is, all E-M5 users get the update too. That isn’t crap, that’s bl**dy good!

    • Bob B.

      Green Fuji make Olympus blush red. :-)

    • Bob B.

      (after update) …WOW….Olympus “could” update the focus peaking in the E-M5 in a future firmware update….not much of a rumor.
      Glad I sold mine…the spongy buttons really annoyed me. :-) It is a very nice camera, just as it is though.

  • Steven

    So incredibly happy right now. Good job, Olympus!

    • Sven

      Good job?? We have absolutely nothing yet. It’s just a rumor, baby.

      • Dave

        Does your mom know you are on the Internet again? Find a way to bypass the child lock?

        • Sven

          Huh…???!!!? Are you also very excited?? I understand, a rumor is more than nothing…

  • Frank

    Maybe we can see some great video improvements from the Sony camp make their way to our OMD line? Still boggles my mind how they have something as amazing as the 5 axis IBIS but don’t even seem to bother improving video, where a great IBIS would really shine.

    • AMVR

      And it’s even more mind boggling when you consider that their compact P&S cameras DO have better video (and pano stitching and a lot of features not present in MFT)!

    • duartix

      Because they don’t have great video.
      Their video sucks from beginning (binning) to end (codec).
      It’s just a shame about that and a coincidence that they have the best IS in the business.
      Should they have both and videographers wouldn’t go anywhere else.

      Right now no one touches Panasonic, their binning modes and codec. If you need IS (and everyone does) get a rig or stabilized lenses. Results are guaranteed.

    • Arnaud

      Olympus just doesn’t have video in its DNA. If you’re expecting Olympus to catch up to Panasonic any time soon, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

  • duartix

    I guess that patents were the real reason for being so late to the party. Peaking is technically trivial to implement.

    And I also guess this is Olympus way of sending a signal that the E-M5 is not an old model.

    • jim

      But then how can other companies use it – panasonic etc?
      Mind you patents are becoming so fuzzy and are serving to strangle technology!
      I mean mac patenting a device with mostly screen and rounded corners?
      Amazon patented the 1 click to buy?

      When you have somthing like focus peaking, that is common knowlege and not hard to implement you have to wonder if the patent system (along with copyright) is fit for perpous!

      • Ross

        If it is covered by a patent, then they are using it by paying royalties on it unless there is some other technicality involved that allows them to get around it, or they are just ‘thumbing their nose to patents’, which I highly doubt. So, it is quite possible that the use of it is restricted to units sold with it on in the first place & it would cost Olympus for every update on the E-M5 if that was the case. If it is coming, there is either some arrangement made over the patent or Olympus is bearing the cost of all the E-M5’s out there to use the patented ‘Focus Peaking’.

        So, as seen on an Aussie TV ad, “Simples” ;)

      • duartix

        I could go all day on the patent system, but Canon, Sony and Panasonic are all Professional Camera manufacturers, so they must have patents of their own regarding peaking.

    • mahler

      I agree. This and together with the face lifting might indicate that Olympus intends to keep the E-M5 in production and on the market quite longer and that the E-M5 successor might be the first camera of a next generation OM-D, which takes longer to develop. To me a good sign. The E-M5 remains competitive and Olympus can work on next generation cameras more with its own pace.

  • PourquoiPas

    That is really really great news.
    The small AF target and soon focus peaking on the Em-5. These are really excellent firmware update showing that Olympus also
    cares about their customers who already bought one of their camera, not pushing them by all means to buy a new one. I will be happy to spend my budget on new lenses rather than a new camera.
    Way to go Olympus.

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      I am happy too. Maybe it is just because a new OM-D is around the corner and they want to show that they still support older models. But who cares. As long as they do I am happy.
      Also I think they benefit more from lens sales than body sales. So it is indeed a good thing to keep customers happy. :D

      • Ross

        They also have to take care of the Elite E-M5 in the E-M5 Pro Kit (with 12-40 lens), since it has external mods (with upgraded firmware). That could mean we will be using the E-M5 a lot longer too (before a replacement comes).

  • AMVR

    I’m actually surprise to be honest, I didn’t have any faith in Olympus actually doing something so unprecedented like this for its customers (besides the facts that they’ve just released a FW update and limiting the EM5 would force people to buy an EM6). It seems something is changing at the heart of Olympus, maybe the old ways are slowly fading away in favor of a more modern and approachable attitude.

    I hope this is a sign of things to come and that they put an end to their stubbornness regarding their aversion towards an EVF equipped PEN.

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      The actually confirmed that there will be a PEN with EVF at some unknown point in the future.

      • Bob B.

        …but I have a Pen E-P6 with a GREAT VF! :-) and it has all the updated bells and whistles and a better form factor than the E-M5 AND EM10. (No weather sealing tho)

  • Eno

    Panasonic GH3 users are also expecting a firmware upgrade winch can bring focus peeking on the camera. But unfortunately Panasonic played us for fools, when the camera was announced they sad it can be brought later via firmware update, and later they sad it is impossible to add because hardware limitations.

  • If Olympus wanted to add focus peaking to the E-M5 they would include it in yesterday’s firmware update. I will believe it when I see it.

    • dunne

      I’m afraid you might be right…

    • Arend

      Maybe not, if you postpone a software upgrade (i mean in the broad sense) because something else is almost finished, we would never have any software.
      My guess is that it is either not finished yet, or it didn’t pass QA.

      Let’s give Olumpus the benefit of the doubt!

  • “Sony first didn’t allow Olympus to use peaking mode on their sensor” that’s a bit mad! I wonder what else Sony hasn’t allowed them to do :( hopefully the agreement isn’t one sided…

    • jim


      • OM-4


    • Pixnat

      I don’t think this is true at all. Focus peaking is not a Sony protected technology. IMHO, that’s completely off base.

      • Anonymous

        It may be on a Sony sensor due to the way it is implemented. Perhaps that’s why the GH3 didn’t have focus peaking as it also used the Sony sensor.

        • jim

          Thats would be odd as focus peaking has nothing to do with sensor?

          It like saying you cant write to JPG with a sony sensor… (as part of the deal)?

    • jaydubstar

      5x image stabilization…

  • vitor s.

    Finally :D. Cant wait to use it on my E-M5
    (that focus peaking trick wasn’t all that usable)

    Really nice to see Olympus implement new features like Fuji does on their cameras and not just put new firmware to correct minor bugs

    Good boy Olympus!

  • Dafkin

    When can we expect firmware update for the PEN E-P5? Video is much better on the E-M10 and E-M1, please upgrade the same video to E-P5 (from 20mb to 24 mb).
    Also better WIFI options would be nice.

  • bert

    For me the better thing would be if they bring the EVF adaptiv brightness adjustment to the e-m5. I don´t think it´s hardware based.

    • tokugawa

      Doesn’t that require an ambient light sensor, which the E-M5 probably doesn’t have?

      • bert

        I think the only information needed is the light level, and that´s there by the normal meetering.

      • jim

        I wonder – there must be some device, some way of measuring the light level… if only I had some clever device to meater and guage the light so it could know how bright it is?…. mmmmm – you would need some kind of sensor and a lens/light path of some kind, and some clever electronics to read the light and meater it… mmmmmm if only cameras could do that eh… :D

  • rune

    What FT rating does this news have?

  • One explanation, in addition to the patents problem, is that Oly predicting a more profitable time ahead, and so can take now the long view. Fuji could do it because it is reputed to have a lot of money (from film?).

    If so, it cancels the main objection I have had for seven long yrs, of ownership, and heralds more rationality. The pioneering times of bad sensors are off, and one can invest on lenses, without being always caught in a merry go round of bodies, bought and sold – it was even humiliating. Since we are in a limits to growth, not more than 2 stop expected from the organic sensor, it makes sense to keep bodies much longer, and at least learn to use them :)

    I don’t care about focus peaking but I like thet it was desired for legacy lenses. In a way Sony accepted from the start that the multisystem era had begun, a thing that O&P pioneered wt. their very short register.

    My only gripe is that I cannot have a video time lapse like the E-M10 and the E-M1. These things should trickle down, if possibie, to expensive cameras.

    • Mal

      This is a great turn-around. I’ll take back my rant on this subject and continue with my usual Oly fanboy material.

      These two firmware updates and the change in supplying hoods and lens pouches could be sign of a strengthening Olympus as Amalric suggest. What I like is the sign that they are respecting their existing customers.

      Good stuff Olympus.

      • Mal

        Oh, and while you are at it, can we have focus peaking also in yellow and red and be able to have it in various strengths. Not asking much… :)

        • Tropical Yeti

          Yes, and what about focus peaking on older film bodies, like OM-3, OM-4 :-)

  • Johnny

    What about Live Composite Mode for the E-M1?

  • Joacim

    If this is true it´s the best non-christmas gift ever.

    It will open up a whole new world!

  • Stefan

    I wonder if peaking will be available in movie mode (hope so, but I’m not too confident). That would be a mind blowing extension to an already great camera system.

    • Mal

      Agreed yes! In video.

  • Renze

    Could I have focus peaking on my E-PL3 as well, please?

  • lone.samurai

    To Admin – I thought you’d like to know in case you you haven’t noticed yet, The camera store TV youtube channel just posted a video review of the omd em10.

  • good news for videographing with mf lenses, but I prefer to rely on focus in magnified mode for stills.

  • Adam

    A rumored firmware improvement to bring a feature that many have long demanded, and what is the response here? More whinges about video or whatever else.

    Me? Focus peaking for the E-M5 is a nice new feature (that I’ll never use), but its major value (if it happens) is that Olympus is offering new features.

    When I bought my E-M5 it was an informed decision after looking at DSLRs, NEX, etc. I bought it knowing its base ISO was 200, and it didn’t have focus peaking and it was not optimal for sports. I also bought it knowing it had a bunch of advantages over the alternatives. :-D Video? Didn’t even consider it. If I had any interest in it I would have factored it into decision back then.

    If a firmware update makes my camera better than I paid for, that’s a bonus. If not, I still have the camera that offered sufficient value at the time for me to make the purchase.

    • Rchard

      I can guarantee you that even if Oly had IQ way better than D800 and video way better than GH-3 this site would still be swarmed by complaining wingers! Day in and day out.

    • Well said. You’re a true gentleman.

    • Anonymous

      Agree completely.
      Judging by the comments on here you would think that focus peaking cured all diseases and created world peace.
      I tried it on my E-M1 when I got it and haven’t touched it since.
      It’s far easier to use the focus magnification.
      Now, if they introduced the Fuji split image I would be (a little) more enthusiastic.

  • lone.samurai

    On that last point Admin, Chris from the camera store interestingly seems to think the em10 has a new sensor never used before so I guess he may come to realise a couple of his assertions in this video may be a little off.

  • KI

    I know some also would like the ability to use “timelapse” on E-M5 – at least take the pictures automaticly – Firmware up… :-)

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      What do you mean?
      You can do timelapse with the E-M5. You just need a rubber band for pressing the shutter ;)
      Oh and you have to abuse the ‘anti-shock’ function to adjust the burst rate.

  • I use legacy glass quite a lot but find the x5 focus mode rather irritating in practice. I rarely do the sort of photography that allows an age to focus so anything that helps me manual focus quicker is a bonus, and like others had given up that I was going to get it…and like others I’ll believe it when I see it.

    That’s not to moan about my E-M5 though, I love it even more now that it’s developing the sort of wear and character I like to see on a camera. My eyepiece is held together with electrical tape and superglue, the paint is chipped all over the place and I’ve lost various bits, it still takes gorgeous photos though. I like the new cameras, they look great. Don’t need one yet though.

  • freefall

    if only they can add 25P….. (even with their awful bitrates and quality)

    for PAL people like me to have only 30P option spoil completely the video option, so I HAVE to choose GX-7 (and I don’t like to be FORCED in my decisions…)

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      I don’t get it. With the right algorithm you can interpolate the framerate and not simply drop frames:
      There is even more strange things possible with modern graphics voodoo:

      So stop whining about missing framerate options. If you want to be creative it is definitely not the equipment that is holding you back…

      • OM-4

        30 convert 25 frames is possible but wrecks havoc on your sound for sync. Plus is does zilch to flickering of lights.

      • Sure you can, and it still goes at the expense of quality and is time consuming.
        Its certainly a good option when dealing with a source with the ‘wrong’ framerate, but its still a totally inferior alternative compared to recording at the desired framerate.

    • Arnaud

      Olympus fails on video. Now again with the E-M10, unbelievable for a camera released in 2014, Olympus just doesn’t have video in its DNA.
      If you’re expecting Olympus to catch up to Panasonic any time soon, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

      • OMega

        Not everybody is interested in video, a small ballot of friends in my club, only about a quarter of them had any interest in the facility.

        • Arnaud

          It’s not because you or most of your fiends club isn’t interested in video that this is the case for everyone.
          Most DSLR camera’s deliver better video quality, so if body and lens size is less important DSLR’s are a better and certainly cheaper choice.

  • Heino

    I hope it’s true!

  • Joe

    Great news! I hope they also implement some other small things like the mysets on mode-dial and the new WB/ISO-Button from the E-M10.

  • Jankoff

    Funny, this is the exact opposite of waiting for Godot. Something that has always been here is coming Wow! :-) Well, I have focus peaking on my E-PM2, got it from the instructions for the E-M5 …
    But with Olympus all kinds of waiting are possible. :-)
    For example, I have been waiting for Godot for several years now. Godot in the disguise of an Olympus DSLR.

  • Hi everyone,

    Just to be clear, we were told this specifically during our briefing at CES on the E-M10. We asked them twice and they confirmed that it was coming. In the normal reporting process we go through while reviewing the E-M10 we reached out to Olympus reps to double-check this fact and were told that it will not be in the next update, but that it could still be included in future updates We’ve updated the review accordingly.

    Sorry if that douses some of the enthusiasm today, but want to make sure we get it right.


    TJ Donegan
    Editor-in-Chief, Cameras/Camcorders

    • Jankoff

      Didn’t I tell you minutes ago? With Olympus all kinds of waiting are possible. Now we have something like repetitive waiting for Godot … in an imminent transition to recursiveness :-)

      • Whats a godot?

        • Anonymous

          A Samuel Beckett play called ‘waiting for Godot’

    • Ross

      Thanks for that addendum.


  • Camaman

    WOW! I hope this new motion stays with them!
    I was willing to bet 2.0 was the last FW for EM5
    ! I sure am GLAD I was wrong! :-)

  • Rev

    The lack of focus peaking is one big thing that led me to a NEX 5R instead of the E-PL5. I hope they finally get around to adding it to the E-M5 and E-PL5!

    • Jankoff

      Didn’t everybody get it? The E-M5 has focus peaking. The E-PM2 has focus peaking (mine has – and works perfectly). The E-PL5 in all probability also has focus peaking. It’s just a small tweak away. Google it, get it, do it!

      • rune

        But the “tweak” is only for RAW shooters ..
        Thats not an option for a lot of people.

        • Jankoff

          Not actually. I somehow managed to make my E-PM2 do focus peaking and take a raw and a standard shot at the same time. Not the “ugly” one (Keyline …) mentioned in the “unofficial instructions” plus raw, no. A raw one plus a good JPEG! You don’t need the raw (or the JPEG), just delete …
          I don’t know (don’t remember) how I did it, so don’t ask me. But fact is, now I have focus peaking and there are always two good shots (raw+JPEG).

          • Setup a myset for the keyline filter, assign that myset to a button, and you have ‘focus peaking’ while holding that button, releasing it and pressing the shutter release will get you a ‘normal’ jpeg.

            But this is a bit cumbersome compared to a ‘real’ focus peaking solution. Also, its not entirely as good with regards to the peaking effect, but hey, its much better then nothing for sure.

        • RAW

          The international photo artists who shoot Olympus PRO may use manual lenses, to extract that extra quantum of IQ, you know, geniuses are never happy, so they are also *bound* to use RAW. But only if the camera says “pro” in the label.
          Jpegs were yesterday, they are so Canikon, so 2012.
          Back to planet earth: who is still shooting M43 in this forum, and does not work for Olympus, and enjoys triple-digit IQ?

          • Wow! I have no idea what this means…someone pass him some meds…

            • RAW

              Double digit IQ? Do you shoot M43?

  • Olyfan

    I really like how Olympus has been evolving lately. Some really kick-ass cameras first, good to fantastic lenses and now post sale customer service. Lets hope this comes through. Fuji has been known for listening to their users and now it’s encouraging to see Olympus follow suit. Bravo!

  • Marainne

    Is it in the firmware ver. 2.0 ?

    • C. C.


  • Taran

    What is most important is the realization that Sony dictates what features Olympus cameras will have now and in the future. When I mentioned this in the initial post here about the partnership, people laughed. It was obvious from the beginning that all Olympus cameras will be hobbled so as never to compete with NEX/Alpha.

    Until Olympus gets a new sensor from someone besides Sony, all Olympus cameras will be table scraps Sony chooses to leave on the floor.

    As it stands now, Olympus gets the features 3 years after NEX (like peaking). So, expect the features in NEX cameras now to be “featured” in Olympus cameras in @ 3 years.

    Thus it is, thus it will always be.

    • C. C.

      It’s a two-way street. If Sony wants the 5-axis IBIS, they will have to ante up with focus peaking (and maybe some other features) for Oly. We’ll see this scenario unfold over the next couple years.

    • Sebastian

      Nah, things aren’t as simple as that. This is Japan.
      and it’s very unlikely that focus peaking, which anyway is halfway available in the EM-5, is so closely related to sensor tech. More to the processor.

      And Olympus m43 got one really nice feature YEARS before NEX: lenses.

  • Tom

    “that an anonymous source told me that Sony first didn’t allow Olympus to use peaking mode on their sensor”

    If Sony didn’t allow Olympus to use peaking mode on their sensors, does that mean Sony didn’t allow better video frame rates and quality too!

    • Tom

      It seems like no matter how much consumers ask and complain about the video codecs used on Olympus cameras, even their top of the line pro E-M1, we will never get better video codecs, unless Sony allows it.

  • Since this might be a long ways off…days, weeks, months or even years. I thought I’d say that the E-M5 Firmware 2.0 update that came out just a short while ago was great.

    Though it took me a while to find the “small focus area” setting but once I did, I don’t think I want to switch back to the old setting. Just so everyone doesn’t have the same trouble I did here is how you access it.
    – Press the the “Left” arrow on the back of your Camera to select focus area.
    – Then press “Info” for it’s settings.
    – Then press the “Down” arrow to change focus area types.
    – Keep pressing “Down” until you get to the small focus area.

    • Yes, v. true. Let’s hope that Olympus enters a new era of Customer Care.

      Customers OTH don’t be greedy, just get your new goodies, and the rest will come: it took almost two years, but your camera is none the worst for it.

  • Al Dolega

    I guess that explains why the GH3 doesn’t have peaking, as it (supposedly) uses the same Sony sensor as the EM-5. And it now seems unlikely that it will ever get it….. that’s disappointing.

  • Marc

    If that anonymous tip is true that it’s Sony’s fault when they licensed the sensor to Olympus prior to their getting chummy, that would explain a lot.

    It would also give me yet another reason to dislike Sony. A-series cameras aside, they already hate their own users in most of their sprawling product line and treat them like garbage, so it would stand to reason that they would do the same for users of a licensed technology. Heck, I could imagine them doing it just to be jerks even if there was no good reason–half their consumer entertainment decisions these days seem to be made on that basis.

    • I don’t know Mark. These are days were everybody is losing industrial base, including Sony. They are fighting for survival, so they are all learning modesty the hard way.

      Instead appreciate what they do amid hardships. This is a different decade.

  • roeland

    Could it be that the Olympus server is overloaded yet? My updater can’t connect to it…

  • Guest

    So do you see the option for focus peaking without this drop down of the refresh rate of the EVF? It seems as if the current peaking is just an art Filter….

  • I’d like to see the focus peaking feature tweaked on the E-M1 to be more obvious. Compared to what I’ve seen from some of the other cameras out there, the peaking effect on the E-M1 is a little too subtle.

  • Tobias W.

    Olympus still runs a marketing event for the E-M10 in Hamburg. Last week I spoke to a vendor (non-Olympus employee) who supported the event. He told me that there’s going to be a major E-M5 firmware update soon, probably including focus peaking.

    I am hoping for some of the more advanced E-M10 features such as composite overlays for night time time lapse too.

  • Bert A

    Olympus reps told me that the E-M5 sensor is Olympus designed produced by Sony. The EM-1 is Olympus designed produced by Panasonic. If this is true and I have no reason to believe otherwise, the whole licensing conversation is irrelevant.

  • At long last, I had no plans to upgrade my EM-5 and with this now (albeit small) cements my decision.

  • Tony Davis

    Have I missed it, or did this “focus peeking” firmware-update never materialise?

    Production of the E-M5 has now ceased (as of November 2014), and with the – rumoured – E-M5ii set to be announced in January there seemed little chance of Olympus releasing such an large update. Even if the E-M5 can no longer cannibalise sales of the other OM-Ds, it is unlikely that – after a year of semi-official promises – Olympus would be so generous.

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