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Panasonic working on phase detection AF for future models, and new MFT lenses are coming too.


Preorders: GH6 at BHphoto, Amazon, Adorama. In EU at Fotokoch DE, Calumet DE, Foto Erhardt DE. WexUK, Park UK.

Newsshooter talked to Panasonic manager Yosuke Yamane. A couple of key points he made:

  • Although the full-frame market is expanding as many companies enter the full-frame mirrorless market, we expect the demand for MFTS, which has unique characteristics, to remain firm.
  • I believe that creators will find value in these characteristics of M4/3, and I expect that demand will exceed a certain level in 2022.
  • LUMIX continues to explore the possibilities of all methods, including Phase Detection AF.
  • In the future, we are developing a M4/3 lens that can capture more impressive scenes with the GH6, so please look forward to it.

He also has been interviewed by Amateur Photographer:

  • it wasn’t possible to get phase [detection] based autofocus with this sensor.
  • Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean we aren’t investigating phase [detection] based autofocus systems, or Time-Of-Flight [ToF] autofocus systems, or maybe something really cool that none of us have ever heard of before… but at this time, with this camera, this is what we’re going to be able to offer.
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