Panasonic weatherproof SD cards for the GH3! Silver body in Stock via amazon itself.


Before to start…for US readers:
First time ever Amazon itself has the Silver E-M5 in Stock (Click here). And it’s quickly climbing the mirrorless rankings (see here).

Back to the Panasonic news:
One of the few things we know for sure about the upcoming GH3 is that it is weather sealed. And so it may not be casual that Panasonic announced super resistant SD cards. As Engadget reports ironically the cards are soo good that they will probably outlast the photographers life too :)

“It resits at temperatures from -13F to 185F, immersion in 3.3 feet of water for half an hour . The cards are also built to survive zaps of electricity, proximity to magnets and exposure to X-rays. If it all becomes too much to bear, the design will even fuse on the inside to prevent fire burning the card from within

Sounds perfect for our next GH3 or not?

Source: Panasonic Japan.

And here is a rumor roundup about the GH3:
FT5: similar GH2 design, weather sealed, no global shutter, major improvements in AF speed and EVF quality, GH3X kit with 12-35mm X lens.
FT3: 15.5 mega-pixel sensor, Iso 160-12800 (extends to 80-51200), 6.7fps, 3.2″ inch LCD with 1050k-dots, EVF with 2.06 mega-dots, double SDXC slots, in-camera GPS, external battery grip.

  • MJr

    I’m in love with this gold plus black letter label. Want one now !

  • The Master

    Strangely, I feel like I want one as well. Must be the “Tough last a lifetime thing.”

    • Does “lifetime” refer to the average human lifespan or to the expected service life of the card? ;-)

  • uberzone

    I was under the impression that SD cards were pretty much indestructible already. A quick google confirms this.,-temperature,-magnetic-and

    Those specs look awfully similar….
    No way I’m going to pay Panasonic premiums for SD cards.
    I’ll stick to my Sandisk cards that write twice as fast and cost way less.

    • Michael Meissner

      Yeah, I’ve shot with CF cards in the pouring rain, Niagara Falls, and amusement park flume rides with all 3 E-x’s. I’ve had xD cards as spare cards in my E-3 and SD-HC cards in my E-5. So I’m not sure what really needs waterproofing.

      Of course unless you are changing cards in the rain or have a card wallet that isn’t waterproof, then possibly you need some weather protection for the cards that isn’t provided by the camera that houses the cards.

      • My wallet needs weathersealing.

        • Cedric Leveille

          … And my wallet needs moneysealing!!!

          • hlbt

            You don’t need a sealing for your wallet, you can set your own credit card ceiling!

        • Ross

          And mine just keeps leaking.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > I was under the impression that SD cards were pretty much indestructible already.
      SD cards are physically flimsy piece of plastic.

    • Jorginho

      Correct. I left one in the snow for over a day (well, it wasn’t melting…) in a nature reserve. Went back the next day and found it where I thought I lost it…Anyway: they are pretty weatherresistant already, so nothing special there.

  • sloooow for Driftwood

    Apocalypse Now.
    I hope Sandisk introduces next generation cards – like 135 MB/s writes 64 GB at Photokina this year.

    • Doug

      Exactly…. With a weather sealed camera, why does the card need to be weather sealed?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Next generation card is PCI express bus based XQD with all the flexility of data bus.
      SD is proprietary mess of backwards incompatible changes.

      • Burmese dude

        Nice try SONY.

  • Incessant Troll

    yes this is necessary because not only will i pour a bucket of water onto the gh3, but i will be pouring a bucket of water directly into the battery/sd compartment. i will accept nothing less in my camera and i will be willing to pay a premium if the performance is there.

    although i guess you can save your pictures if a non sealed camera gets into the water

    • Mystery Cheese

      In case you have to change cards while filming under water.

  • Not sure how this is news, SanDisk cards are already water-proof with lifetime warranty. But hey, good on you Panasonic!

  • freddy

    Samsung also has a line of “extreme” SD cards, water proof, heat, cold proof etc. Just in case anyone is interested. That’s what I’m using on my em5. Its also class 10.

  • Daemonius

    Not sure anyone here is aware of that, but Panasonic makes some military grade components for various things. And they make incredibly sturdy notebooks (for army mostly, but everyone can buy them, they are just bit pricy). If they promote these things I think they actually mean it..

  • beautemps

    Weather proof wallet for GH3 SD Cards:

    It can FLOAT!

    Do Pana SD-Cards float or do they sink like titanic?

  • simon

    half an hour under water? what about four years in the ocean?

    I don’t think I need this “though” card. “normal” are the same I think.

  • Esa Tuunanen

    “If it all becomes too much to bear, the design will even fuse on the inside to prevent fire burning the card from within”
    How great.
    I think they just forgot that semiconductors don’t tolerate high temperatures and can start to deteriorate fast when temperatures rises too much which is big problem in making high power LED lights.

  • Bob B.

    just a sales gimmick.

  • ulli

    i will try those extreme pro uhs cards from sandisk, according to DP, the OM-D profits from the 90 mb/sec writespeed for burst sequences.

  • cosinaphile

    WHEN WILL oly and panny integrate an evf on the side in a rangefinder manner ? Even sony figured it out and was rewarded when the nex7 received its welcome in the marketplace ……the fuji x100 and x-pro have also been phenomenal successes……yet panny and oly slumber…..why?

    for being mirrorless trailblazers they both have some serious catching up to do !

    • The Real Stig

      Sorry, but only you and a small like-minded minority really care. Oly are too busy doing important and truly significant innovations like 5-axis IBIS.

  • Will they be available in black?

  • Bob

    The idea that these rugged, weatherized SD cards are intended for the GH3 is kind of silly, don’t you think? If the GH3 is truly weather-sealed, then the card compartment door has to be sealed. Which means whatever is behind the door doesn’t need to be.

    These are designed for use in equipment that’s exposed to heavy, high-risk use in places like mines, construction sites, nuclear powerplants, and even the ISS. Now the, if you’re using your GH3 to photograph live nuclear reactors, these are probably the cards for you.

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