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Panasonic “We want to put organic CMOS sensors into practical use in a few years”


The 8K camera prototype wit organic sensor

MONOist published an interview with the developers of the Panasonic’s organic CMOS sensor. Panasonic hopes to mass produce organic CMOS sensors in a few years, and says that Panasonic is in a position closer to commercialization than competing manufacturers.

The original article carefully explains what kind of image sensor the organic CMOS sensor is, and on the second page, Yoshiko Nishimura, one of the developers, says as follows:

In Japan, NHK and Sony have reported on the technology, and overseas, Samsung Electronics and France’s Isorg are working on development, and organic CMOS image sensors are attracting attention as next-generation image sensors. Among them, we are proud that our company is in a position close to practical application . Since we need customers, we cannot say when, but the development side has a desire to put it into practical use in a few years, and we are focusing on activities to that end .

Panasonic has been exhibiting organic CMOS sensors at events for the past few years. If development proceeds smoothly, 8K cameras with organic CMOS sensors might be a reality in the late 20’s.

via DClife

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