Panasonic says they can be better than DSLRs (via Techradar). And X lenses cannot be Leica (BJP).


Video on top: A Panasonic X commercial.

At British Journal of Photography Barney Sykes (Lumix product manager) explained why the new X lenses are not having the Leica brand: “Leica has very strict standards when making lenses,” says Sykes. “For the X line, we’re using digital technology to get the same quality [in a more compact product]. This would not have conformed to Leica’s standard.”

Amy Davies from Techradar (Click here) interviewed Mr. Uetmatsu from Panasonic. The most interesting points:
– Mirrorless are no second rate compared to DSLR.
– Image quality is not only about sensor size, but also about signal processing and optical performance.
– compact system cameras have an advantage is in the camcorder market.
– Many manufacturers will introduce mirrorless cameras, but we have a distinct advantage because we are already two years ahead
It is the second interview from Amy with Mr. Uematsu. A couple of months ago Uematsu confirmed to Techradar that they are working on a GF PRO model.


  • Anonymous

    He didn’t explain why high ISO m43 still can’t compare to APS-C :P

    • Renato M.

      people are a little obsessed about high-ISO, I mean, I also want a usable ISO 3200 – I think Panasonic is pretty much there – but it’s not like the majority of your shots will be shot in high-ISO. because if you work with night shots and even with fast primes you need a higher ISO, you should go for a high-end Nikon, that’s not the purpose of the CSC right now.

      • Vlad

        And there’s also DR. M43 are definitely second rate to DSLRs.

  • funky

    Wow that advert made me cringe, its so tacky. Looks like its made for the Asian market, but Olympus’ adverts are so much better.

    Its clear the different markets Panasonic and Olympus are targeting. Pana the people who want a simple camera to take decent photos, why olympus is going for more of the create, ‘individual’ type photographer.

    • MikeS

      The music… good lord.


      • Jedd

        Simple camera to take decent photos is the only way to survive long enough and afford to make “pro” bodies.

        //but the ad is awful

    • if it was made for the asian market, it prob would have asian people in it ;-)

      • You would be surprised about how wrong this statement is.

        In Japan in particular, they just *love* white people in their TV advertising.

        • i don’t say you wont see white people, but for the majority its local faces you will see.

    • mahler

      Garbage. Panasonic has no single target group in mind, its target group is simply much broader than that of Olympus with its narrow PEN-line. Pansonic has models for nearly everybody: the newcomer (GF3), the enthusiast and individual (G3, GH2 and upcoming GF7), and the videographer (AG-AF100).

      So Olympus covers a subset of Panasonic’s market.

    • JeremyT

      No way. They had PHOTOGRAPHER, MOTHER, and MAN all in the same advert. They’ve got their bases covered here!

  • vromopodarix

    That is the reason I don’t like Panasonic m43 products. That atrocious ad captures the spirit of their cameras (yes I mean GH2 too).

    Although that pancake X along with the 25 Leica will be mine eventually.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      What spirit?
      Basically there’s none of it, only lots of point&shootism.

    • dumbo

      and the advert with the freerunners in italy wasn’t cool – show me a better one for another manufacturer!

  • Jim

    yes +1 for the shitty add… why did they part with good money for this abortion!

    Thank god I did not get a panasonic… phew close shave … i was thinking about it untill i saw this!

    All adds bar the ones made for cars in the 60s n 70s suck :)

    • Hey guys above: do you really mean you judge cameras based on quality of ads? Crazy…..

  • > This would not have conformed to Leica’s standard.

    Making a product appealing to wide audience of customers doesn’t conform to Leica’s standards. Duh.

    In other news: the sky is blue, water is wet, women have secrets.

    • napalm

      I think what’s meant was that since the X lenses are for digital, there will be some software correction involved. whereas Leica standards probably rely on pure optics than processing

      • oluv2002

        then i still don’t understand why the LX3 or LX5 (or leica’s own copies D-lux 4 and D-lux 5) have a leica-branded lens which is heavily software-corrected?
        i think this leica branding is just a marketing gag to push sales!

        • Klaas

          they are no interchangable lenses.
          they are optic elements delivered to panasonic for assembling.

    • The Other Chris

      Misogyny is rampant on this forum.

  • BJP: all makes senses as Leica doesn’t like in camera software lens correction, I suspect Leica will introduce lenses aimed for use with the AF100 or future “pro” G or GH models or future “pro” micro four thirds cameras from Olympus.
    * I won’t be purchasing Lumix X lenses until I upgrade from the GH1 which may be when the GF7 or GH3 comes out.
    Mr. Uetmatsu: this all sounds assured and logical too :D
    Ichiro Kitao: I have felling that Panasonic will finalise the GH3 features once they know what Canon and Nikon are doing (the next 2-3 months) then anounce the GH3 in Feb 2012 for April 2012

    • Ihateidiots

      Hasn’t stopped Leica from including software correction for their cameras.

  • Are people really influenced or detracted by ads? This ad is typical of all ads I see on TV, and just like Geritol or Ford, it’s simply something to ignore. If you don’t like Panny, don’t blame the ad.

    • Jim

      Agree all adds are shit, and to be ignored.. but this is the death of satire!

  • Jim

    no im not done – that add was so crap i can’t let it lie!

    Poor editing, not grate camera work, Cheesy acting, crap subject matter, not informative, shitty high key lighting all over the place, wayy to much camera movement and cutting for no additional story… and terible (for what its trying to honk) BF2 style music… love the change when you see they guy ontop of the rock with the 45-170mm lol…

    If m4/3 does not survive then you know what to blame…. Right hear!
    Who the hell can take m43 seriously now….

  • Bu

    A pretty uninspiring advert which I hope is reflected in more $ being spent on the cameras/lens than on the adverting :p

    Could this be an interesting point where pure optical quality and digitally corrected quality cross-over…

  • Alec

    It’s OK, Panny, we still like you. Even after that atrocious shitty ass ad.
    My personal opinion: the soundtrack was the best part.

  • Pleeease, guys!

    Just say one single thing which I cannot do with an advanced Panasonic camera (GH2), but I can do with an advanced Olympus one (E-P3) as a creative, individual photographer.

    Otherwise I would treat sentences like “Pana [targets] the people who want a simple camera to take decent photos, while Olympus is going for more of the create, ‘individual’ type photographer” as meaningless cliche…

    • ep3 has:
      1. wireless flash control
      2. useful art filters (with stacking) and available in movie mode
      3. more varied black and white filters and duotones (via black and white toning)
      4. multiple exposure
      5. larger white balance range (Kelvin 2000 – 14000 K) and more presets 12 as opposed to 4
      …well you asked!

      • Jim

        i like oly but art filters are not somthing a camera should do- destructive editing shold be done with chipshop….

        Same for b/w and duotone…

        What oly shold do is just publicly release a plugin for your fave adobe software….

        • @jim
          if you shoot in raw + jpeg it’s not destructive.
          art filters, b/w and duotone should be done in camera while you are there it’s part of your composition not an after thought while sat at your computer screen.
          The best black and white photos were shot with black and white film in the camera, same goes for colour process, pin hole, tilt/shift etc

          • Mr. Reeee

            When shooting film there’s no such thing as chimping.
            You didn’t actually SEE your photographs until hours, days or even WEEKS later.
            You’d set everything, take the shot and hope what you shot came out.

            So-called “art” filters and such are fluff features better handled by Photoshop.

            As for that ad… Horrifying!

            • If you have black and white film in your camera then you compose for what looks good in black and white, same goes for shooting colour slide film,cross process film, with a lomo,pin hole,etc
              Try this switch your camera to any of these for the day 6:6 aspect ratio, an art filter mode, a black and white mode now go out and shoot… you will find you will be changing your composition and thinking as you shoot :D instead of an afterthought…

      • elflord

        It’s possible to do off camera flash with wireless triggers.

        The GH2 can do exposure bracketing (7 frames).

        So you’re left with in camera image processing, hardly compelling features in a professional stills camera.

        • @elford
          It’s possible to do off camera flash with wireless triggers…that would be an accessory yes?
          7 frame exposure bracketing is rarely creative!
          So you’re left with in camera image processing, a compelling features in a creative stills camera:D

          • elflord

            The question was “name a single thing I cannot do with an advanced panasonic camera”. Advanced photographers purchase accessories (you won’t get many pros exclusively using the EP3’s kit lenses!)

            image processing can be done in or out of camera. It’s not a compelling feature in pro cameras which is why most serious pro cameras don’t have “art filters”.

            • @elford
              “as a creative, individual photographer” his words were.
              If image processing can be done out of camera why not add bokeh on the computer, convert images into other focal lengths eg to fisheye, change the aspect ratio etc all while at the computer screen?
              …hey lets all just recreate pseudo photos all together with 3D computer software (quite common in the automotive and jewellery business)…

              • Jim

                not far wrong…

                All i want is for the carera to record the whole of what i see…

                If i can chose framing, colour, effects, dof and FL later then thats a good thing…

          • Rutrem

            & frames bracketing is great if u are doing HDR images

          • JeremyT

            Wait, the GH2 can’t trigger a wireless flash? So I assume the GF3 cannot either?

            That’s a huge bummer, I just assumed that they could and didn’t think to check. I guess it’ll push me towards the PM1.

            • elflord

              GH2 should be able to trigger wireless flash via pocket wizards or the cheap cowboy studio triggers.

              The GF3 probably can’t do this because it doesn’t have a hotshoe (so it won’t be able to use a hotshoe mounted trigger)

            • dumbo

              you can buy a radio hotshoe trigger for about 20 bucks

        • Michael Meissner

          In terms of Panasonic and off camera flash, there appears to be no way in the Panasonic cameras to disable the pre-flash or set the power level in manual flash mode. This means you have to use triggers that are specifically made for digital cameras (i.e. eliminates most studio strobes), and set the flash exposure compensation low, because the camera has no idea you are triggering flashes. Or you need to use the hot-shoe to use a dumb flash or radio trigger (which you can’t do on the G-F3 which doesn’t have a hot-shoe).

          • Jack

            Mmmmmm, I am using the internal flash on my GF2 to optically trigger my old Nikon SB-20 flash with SYK-5 Flash Slave Trigger (Red-eye for 580EX 430EX & II). Switch GF2 to A mode with AutoISO, set the same aperture on SB-20 and the exposure is nice. This poorman’s off camera flash set works pretty good for me. And I think SYK-4 or 6 is available with PC sockets as well.

            I assume it can be done by the same way on GF3.

    • Miroslav

      “say one single thing which I cannot do with an advanced Panasonic camera (GH2), but I can do with an advanced Olympus one (E-P3)”

      You cannot stabilize prime and legacy lenses. That’s the single biggest mistake Panasonic has made with its mirrorless system. Ditto Sony and Samsung.

      • elflord

        Canon and Nikon also made the same “mistake” with their DSLRs, but pros keep using them.

        • Miroslav

          In the vehicle world pros drive trucks, buses, vans and race cars, which are capable, but lack many convenient features of passenger cars. But if I’m able to choose which car I’ll buy, I’ll take a very good look at spec sheet and won’t be buying one just based on brand, because the dealership is nearby or because my friend has the same model.

          • elflord

            fair enough but lets not pretend that the GH2 is missing some essential feature that disqualifies it as a “serious” camera (whatever that means).

            • Miroslav

              Of course GH2 is a serious camera. If Panasonic stabilized all their lenses, I would have no problem with the lack of IBIS.

              If they are unable to give us those 3-4 extra F stops by making better sensor, they can at least give us those via some form of IS.

              • Anonymous

                3 or 4 f-stops of image stabilization sounds very impressive but what does it mean? If you have an inferior sensor how much of a difference can stabilization make…. I’ve never noticed 3 or 4 f-stop advantage…. What am I missing?

                • Esa Tuunanen

                  3 stops means eight times as much light, or in reverse shot in one eight of available light and that’s very nice boost for stationary target shooting. (fourth stop would double the difference to 16)
                  And these stops are also interchangeable with ISO steps for higher quality photo in same light, i.e. using ISO200 instead of 1600 in case of three stop advantage.

                  • elflord

                    > 3 stops means eight times as much light, or in reverse shot in one eight of available light and that’s very nice boost for stationary target shooting.

                    For stationary target shooting, tripods work pretty well. Stabilization is handy for long lenses, but of questionable use for most m43 lenses.

                • Boooo!

                  I have lots of “sharp enough” 1/5s photos taken with a 25mm. The 1/EFL rule means that I had slightly more than three stops of help from IS.

                  Granted, that was with my E-3 – I strongly, strongly doubt that I can get even remotely similar performance from a PEN, because they cannot be held firmly. Too small, too lightweight, too viewfinderless.

              • elflord

                Canon and Nikon don’t stabilize their wide angle and normal lenses. I wonder why ?

            • Esa Tuunanen

              And you elflord, stop pretending that it’s done by others than bulletpoint/checklist marketroids.
              GH2’s ergonomy looses even for entry level 4/3 bodies.
              And one of the most important controls (front control dial) is missing and most of the rest are crammed into completely unergonomically small space left after marketroids installing oversize travel-TV into its rear.

              Canon and Nikon have nothing to worry about their serious users (those who really buy system and not just cheap body&lens kit) jumping the ship for m4/3, NEX or Samsung NX. It’s Sony with their SLTs with properly done different class bodies which is the challenge.

      • io


        IBIS would be great for video in a theoretical GH3 with 20mm f1.7 pancake, panaleica 25mm, oly 45mm f1.8 and so.

    • bidou

      Putting it in your jacket pocket.

  • Klaas

    “…..Mirrorless are no second rate compared to DSLR….”

    then finally prove it!
    contrast AF still sucks for action photography… no matter how much the PR want us to believe otherwise.

    EVF have become better…. but i would still not trade my 5D MK2 viewfinder for it. switch from a very bright motiv to a very dark motiv and the EVF needs to much time to adept for the brightness change.
    and shadow areas can become completely dark with no detail.

    “….Many manufacturers will introduce mirrorless cameras, but we have a distinct advantage because we are already two years ahead…..”

    marketing bullshit again.
    other more traditionell camera manufacturers wait until the technology is good enough.

    today panasonic is making money from the early adopters.
    early adopter are used to issues and troubles and they don´t mind as long as they have the “latest” technology.

    nikon and canon will have no problems to make a mirroless camera at all.
    and when they do i bet my left nut they will be ahead of the m43 system.
    canon already has a dozend patents for mirroless cameras so do nikon.

    canon and nikon could make a NEX like mirroless system and use actuall lenses from their APS-C system (with or without adapter). then they create another line for more compact lenses.

    all i see from pana is a crap sensor, overprized lenses and a lot of talk.

    • @Klaas
      you sound stressed and angry, I wonder why?

      • Jim

        its that addvert… :)

      • Patric

        Because he probably only have one nut left and is afraid that he will end up nut less! :-)

      • Klaas must “wait until the technology is good enough”, and prob would choose for another brand then oly or pana.
        I think it makes no sense to say which one is better or worse as alot of brand/system loyal people will join such discussion.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Maybe the real feature is the ability to match the camera body color and accents to your purse and pumps. Real pros always match their accessories. It’s easier to attract a higher class of clientele …. It also really depends on which street corner they choose to loiter.


          Honestly, these “discussions” of mine is better than yours are pointless. It’s all just a waste of bandwidth.

      • Vlad

        Maybe because he has invested in the system, but Panoly don’t deliver?

  • Goodness sake

    Who gives a rat’s a$$ about the ad?

    I just want a G3 X Lens bundle.

  • “It is the second interview from Amy with Mr. Uematsu. A couple of months ago Uematsu confirmed to Techradar that they are working on a GF PRO model.”

    He should stop running around giving interviews and get back to WORKING on the GF Pro model!

    PS — I’m a fairly serious photographer and think it’s silly to say Panasonic cameras (G1, GH1, GH2) limit my expressive range compared to an Olympus or anything else. However, I think it’s legitimate to say that Olympus’ advertising/marketing posture *targets* the self-described “serious” photographer, while most of Panasonic’s marketing efforts lately have stressed compactness, ease-of-use, etc. That doesn’t mean Panasonic’s product is less serious, just that they’re after a larger market.

    • Olympus goes for creative and pleasing images in camera in stylish bodies, while Panasonic goes for natural colours, extreme ease of use and video as a viable option.
      Basically they are going for sub-sets of the same demographics imho

  • at

    I think “Image quality is not only about sensor size, but also about signal processing and optical performance” is true, but Panasonic sensor has never been a good performer. While it has the advantages of high quality lenses and video technology, the noise control has been too weak plus its high price tag. Sony and Fujifilm can be better choices in terms of image quality with APS or smaller sensor sizes.

  • PS — About that video: It’s obvious from the length that it is NOT a “commercial” for broadcast… nobody buys a two-minute-twenty-second commercial! It looks more like a promo video intended for dealers, stressing the point that the new lenses will have wide consumer appeal — which is something dealers would want to hear.

    • @Ranger 9
      yeah this looks like it was quickly put together at the last minute and is intended for the dealership market as a quick summary…

  • M

    “We are making defective lenses that distort like Steve Jobs, but taht’s digital and screw Leica and there fancy optics, were having none of that.”

    Next stop: use a beer glass bottom as the new lens and correct all thru software!

    • Jim

      if they can make beer glasses like leica can make lenses then thats no bad thing – even if they need a computer to achive it!

    • Jim

      “use a beer glass bottom as the new lens and correct all thru software”….

      Does that enhance the attractivness of any woman seen through said lens ;)

      • the bottom of a beer glass won’t require correction as its already aspherical right?

      • Mr. Reeee

        Yes, but it only works after 2 am.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      They have to get better than normal beer bottles as that material would probably make glass used in optics before manufacturing of optical glass was learned look good.
      Unusually for different syntax language (it’s Finnish language) Google translate can actually do quite understandable translation:

      But with Panasonic half assing optical quality everywhere who’ll notice anyway…

  • Photographer, Mother, Man, Woman…WTF??? What a fugly commercial – not to mention the music suggests something “very heavy” going on, while I see a smiling mother taking the camera out of her purse…Oh! And the photographer is in a bar or some underground place…cleaning the sensor of his camera!!! LOL…

    • Tiago


  • The Master

    Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about, 1950’s advertising. So, now we turned a ILC into a point and shoot and we come full circle back to the extending lens sucking dust onto the sensor. A quick slight of hands and hopefully no one is looking. :)

  • twoomy

    Boy, so many cranky negative comments here! Well, I for one am a happy GH2 shooter. Its resolution rivals my older Nikon D300 and I am thrilled at the smaller size and wide assortment of lenses.

    If I could wish for anything out of a GH3, it would be a bit less luminance noise and more dynamic range. I’m able to compensate for both right now, but it would be nice for the next gen sensor to kick it up a notch.

    To all you haters out there, I still say… go Pany go! Cause I’m pretty damn happy with my Pany m43 equipment.

    • Mr. Reeee

      +a zillion

  • Note how all the photographs are taken in bright daylight either outside or in small rooms next to very big windows. Otherwise you can forget taking photos of anything moving with this sucky 3.6-5.6 brightness without flash!

    I was thinking could you really get decent photos of the kids playing inside as was depicted? Why are you even inside if it’s a bright day outside? You’d be better of with the 20 mm 1.7.

    The ad is campy but hey whatever, I don’t think Canon thought the 5D Mark II would be used for making TV series (they would have priced it differently to be sure!), you don’t have to conform to the marketing department’s stereotypes.

    I think it also depicts the fashionable style among people nowadays of posing for good photos. But that way the photos don’t give any depiction of the actual life or happening. I prefer a more documentary style, perhaps a “look here” at most.

    • Nobody

      I find the G2 w/ 20mm to be a poor solution for shooting kids inside. I could go above ISO400, but I really don’t like the noise. I find the G2 with any lens works great outdoors – even for catching kids in mid run.

  • Bob

    That Ad looked like internal marketing to me. Not only was is shot poorly, the directing was awful. They way they were holding the camera was so obvious and awkward. What’s with the uni-bomber scene in the basement?

  • Pixnat

    HAHAHAH LOL, that advert, too funny :-)
    Makes me laugh as some call the X lenses “professional”

    Welcome to the Mass Electronics Products! You bet they are not Leica branded.

    It’a also very arrogant to say “For the X line, we’re using digital technology to get the same (Leica???) quality [in a more compact product]”

    On a more serious side :

    “- compact system cameras have an advantage is in the camcorder market.”

    That’s what I fear with Panasonic. They are more interested in camcorders market than in pure photograpy. That’s why I hope the rumor of Panasonic buying Olympus will always be a rumor…

    • mahler

      Your statements are disproved by Panasonic’s m4/3 product line, which focuses on excellent photgraphic tools about which the competition can only dream off. If you haven’t realized, who is the driving force in the mirrorless market (primarily a photography centric market), start open your eyes, it will be quite refreshing. And pray that Panasonic really overtakes Olympus’ imaging devision so that they finally learn how to make a versatile, comprehensive product line timely.

      • Pixnat

        No other maker dream about Panasonic product, especially their sensors.
        Which photocentric products?

        The GH2? It has been praised to be the “best camera for movies”, but not for photography.

        I concede that they just recently go to a good direction with the G3, but on the other side, the make P&S style cameras (GF-2 and 3), not really photocentric.

        X lenses? Power zooms is a traditionnal camcorder feature, not really photocentric.

        m4/3 lenses are all very distorted and corrected by software. Again, not really photocentric.

        Yes, Panasonic is an excellent camcorder maker, and I have no doubts they will make good products in the future. But to each it’s speciality…

        • Zsun

          I for one have no problem with Pana focusing on the video side of the camera a little more right now. With the Pana G2 (eventually maybe a GH2/3) I finally have my dream camera/camcorder all-in-one come true. I know it’s not the best in either world but hey, much much better than having to switch between two pieces of equipment and missing the shot/clip. For now it may be just adequate for a family guy like me, but I think that is the direction to go. With other technologies getting better each year, camera/camcorder will eventually become one piece of equipment forever.

  • gelo

    Panny needs to apply Leica standard to their advert… My localcar dealer has a better one.

  • FlamingJune1967

    I was initially very excited about the X “kit” lens – but only because of its size. I now see the power zoom as a point of weakness…this is probably the first part of the lens that will break down. I thought the beauty of ILC cameras was that the lens could be kept a lifetime. Now, it is just another disposable part.

  • Jim


    We should be just thinking vision capture – no need now days to devide the needs… 1 cam can and will do it all – soon :)

  • Jon

    That commercial is super bad. This commercial isn’t for the Asian market, this commercial was aimed to the eastern European market. Those actors looked super cheese, like from eastern European porn trying to pretend that it’s American!

  • Dan

    What the heck is with that. That commercial was horrible and seems like it is from the 80s. That is definitely not a commercial I would see in the Asian market.

  • Panasonic are using a newer generation of sensors = better quality. Panasonic has three levels of cameras – Olympus has three cameras in the same level.
    -But, buy the camera you like best! It is possible to take great photos with any of the – provided you are a good photographer. If you are not, no camera can provide you with good photos. The value of a photo is in other areas than sharpness, DR, noice etc.

  • Haha, funny ad :) I mean, a bit stupid – all these posing people, holding lenses with two fingers, lol :) And “japanese style” childish music on the background – back in the 80’s :)

  • Norm

    Remember when the fixed lens Red Scarlet was going to be the $3000 high end camera for soccer moms interested in high quality video? I think with the new X kit zoom, you get exactly what that market wants in a cheaper and more compact package. I bet many people never buy another lens or remove this lens from the camera. It is a master stroke on Panasonic’s part and will help sell a lot of cameras.

  • Low Budget Dave

    Big, bulky ASPC DSLRs were first to the market with a good product. If MFT wants to catch up, they have to be better or cheaper, or both. Making something “almost as good” in a smaller package at the same price is how companies go bankrupt.

    For example: Apple got to be the number one tablet computer because they were first to the market with a good product. If Android wants to catch up, they have to be better or cheaper or both. “Just as good” at the same price is what doomed HP.

    • Boooo!

      Android overtook iOS a long, long time ago.

  • Rutrem

    only one lens in this new line has the power zoom. the pro lens have both manul zoom and focus rings. so what is the difference from in camera lens correction or post process corection???

  • Thom

    sorry guys but i don’t think this is a consumer ad – looks more like something produced for a shitty power point presentation which will be shown to stakeholders so that they find out about new products and understand the target audience panasonic is after (yes, mother, man and photographer)..

  • Panasonic GH2 is better than Canon 7D for video! Panasonic finally make a good zoom lens!!! Aperture 2-2.8!Something that is now in the system, makes it not attractive…

  • Chris

    Its a pro lense with people that look like they dont know much about photography. Yes if you ask most photographers about manual or auto they would prob say manual.

    Make a longer lense Panasonic 800mm to a 1300mm lense please. Make a good and make it cheaper than canon. Or I will have a rant.

    • Jim

      yes i would love to play with 2600mm equiv lens but thats just a bit speciliest… I have 1200mm equiv and thats getting hard to use… I think a nice first step would be a couple of teleconverters – 1.4x and 2x…. that would take the 300mm to 600mm… quite a good zoom (1200mm equiv).

      Also any lens setup would have to be F11 minimum even that is dipping into diffraction! so a 1300 F11 would be quite a large lens – and would have to be good wide open! not gonna happen – get a telescope and a T mount adapter!

  • John

    omg! that ad was horrendous, made by a delusional Panasonic marketing dude high on the wrong kinda drugs for a fantasy demographic… and what’s with the stalker dude? Fuji X10 ad Panny you should watch and learn.

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