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Panasonic S1R camera confirmed by Sankei to cost $4,000+


Back In September when nobody really believed in my Panasonic Full Frame rumors (LOL) I told you the S1R would cost around $4,000. Well Sankei confirmed that indeed the price will be around 500,000 yen. Converted in US dollars this is about $4,500 but we know prices in US area usually lower than the simple conversion rate.

I am not sure the price is justified. In my opinion it should be $3400 like the Nikon Z7. I know the Panasonic S1R has 4k60p which the Nikon has not. But Panasonic is the underdog in the FF world and they have to keep the price as low as it gets.

via L-rumors.

Note: I know this isn’t a strictly MFT related news. But the failure or success of the new Panasonic FF adventure will have a direct effect on the MFT system. Moreover some of the tech we get on those new S1-S1R cameras will be used on MFT cameras too.

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