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Panasonic Q&A at Mobile01 (explains why the GX1 has no swifel screen and no high resolution LCD)

[shoplink 26836][/shoplink] Panasonic had a Question and Answer (Q&A) session with Mobile01 (Click here).

Our reader Jesper translated the most important parts:
1. GX1 and GF3 was developed at the same time. GX1 was named GF7
2. They are currently no plans for new colors, but it could change if the market demands it.
3. Shutter lag is an issue Panasonic will improve for future G serie
4. Silky-pix sucks, they will definitely improve that, but i will take time
5. Build quality of Panasonic lenses will improve, see Olympus new quality lenses.
6. Reason why they kept 460k screen is the concern of risk of decreased brightness for high density screen.
7. Tilt and swivel screen were not included due to the size.

I would like to hear from you if you also think that the low resolution screen and absence of tilting capabilities is a drawback on the GX1.

Reminder: Imaging Resource (Click here) is hosting a live Q&A on the GX1 (There will be IR editors only, no Panasonic representant).

Reminder_2: The GX1 is already in Stock in Asia at Digitalrev (PAL version). It should arrive in Europe and USA by end of December: [shopcountry 26836].

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