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Panasonic LX5 now for $319. LX6 announcement close?


It is not a Micro Four Thirds camera but one of these cameras that many of us carry in their pocket. It now sell for $319 at Amazon (including the free $50 gift card). The new LX6 should have a larger sensor, maybe exactly as large as the Sony RX100 (Click here for specs and price).

Here is the question to you guys. If the LX6 has a fast zoom lens and large 1inch sensor…

Would you consider to use this camera instead of a PEN or GF/GX camera?

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UPDATE: a Sandisk deal at Adorama (Click here ot check it out).

  • Jason

    Biggest issue with the LX5 is the size. It is too big for a pocket. The RX100 and the Canon S90/95/100 fit in your pocket. So the LX5 has no portability benefit with only a quality deficit relative to an m43 camera. It isn’t much more portable than a m43. And a m43 is way more portable than a dSLR so it hits the right niche. Same thing with the RX100 and the S100. Hits the niche for quality point and shoot that can fit in a pocket.

    • That was a lot of unfounded rants. Or probably I am a giant. Because first time I held the LX5, I actually dismissed it as a plastic demo dummy. But then I pressed the power button, and it suddenly came to life.,140,332,315.335,ha,t

      LX5 dimensions are pretty much 100% match to the RX100. S100 is thinner. GF5+14-42X is much thicker and heavier that even comparing it to LX5 is not funny.

      • Steve

        But the RX100 has a much larger sensor than the LX5. The RX100 has set a new standard for sensor size vs camera size. The LX6 can be a bit larger but it also needs a 1″ sensor.

        • spam

          The RX100 is really impressive, but don’t do multi aspect (except by croping), can’t use an EVF or external flash so even the two year old LX5 has some strong features.

          Comparing RX100 with an upgraded LX isn’t possible at the moment as the new spec isn’t known yet. IQ is important and maybe the most important feature in this class, but it’s not the only important feature.

      • babbit

        The biggest thing with the LX5 is actually the lens cap. Even if you buy an aftermarket lens cap, it still adds just enough thickness to the camera to make it not pocketable for most people. Noticed I say “most”. Some people can barely fit it into their jeans pocket, but it still gets uncomfortable when sitting down. Thickness is key. It’s why people are able to fit tablet sized phones in their pockets more comfortably than small but thick flip phones.

        For the RX100, since it does not need a lens cap, so it can keep the thin profile. In addition, it is still smaller in every dimension than the LX5.

    • T3

      If you cant fit an LX5 in your pocket, you’ve got a pocket issue, not a camera issue.

    • danei

      Nope, I own Lx5 and G12, they are of the same size, p7000 is slightly bigger. And they all fit into my pocket.
      A gx1 with x zoom pancake is MUCH larger that can’t be fit into pocket, neither does J1.
      Actually I found M43 system is as portable as dslr, none can go into my pocket or hand bag, I have to either use a neck strap or a backpack.

  • Leiya

    That depends on the specs of the lens (and sensor). If the package is a full-frame equivalent of 24-70mm f/2.8 (or f/4), I’m sure a lot of us PEN/GF/X users would contemplate on jumping ship. But that will defy the laws of physics, but one can certainly dream…

    Alternatively, if it’s not a zoom lens, but a fast(ish) prime, a la X100 and Leica X1/2. It will certainly gain much more attention. Oh, but Sigma surely did that ages ago. And look at where they are…

    • Klunsford

      They should release an LX6 as an update to the LX5 with a 1″ sensor, and release an LP6 with the same body, but with a fast prime 35mm lens.

  • Bronica

    The LX5 is much smaller than a pen- even with a pancake. And it is very quiet. The dept of field is huge – nearly every shot is sharp. So there are still advantages by using such a camera.

  • Ergo607

    There was a point in time that I was very interested in a high end compact camera with high image quality, RAW and weatherproof. That never showed up. Now that I have the E-M5, I don’t care anymore…

    Now, where is my weather sealed m-Zuiko 12-120 f/4?

  • Thisguythere

    M43 sensor (or bigger, although I doubt it), f1.4, 24-85 eq, full manual control, silent, 1080p and we’re done.

    I’ dreaming I know.

    • Henrik

      This is pretty much what Im looking for now. A camera at the size of RX100 with the same sized sensor and some sort of weathersealing. Not ever going to happen tho. But I still dream of it :D.

      LX6 or XZ-2? which comes first? :D

  • The LX5 has an eq. 24-90 opening from 2 to 3.3. Give the LX6 a similar focal (even 24-70) and aperture range with the RX100’s sensor (not mentioning the GX1’s) and same form factor, and you have a winner for me. An eq. 24-70/2.8 as mentioned by Leiya would suit me too :)

    But not a fixed focal, please: I mean, I love fixed focal, but I’d agree to it with no less than an APS-C sensor. Unless they get it opening at less than 1.4 :)

  • Traciatim

    I don’t even really care all that much about large sensors. I used to really like the pictures that came out of my C5050Z with it’s 1/1.8″ with a 35-105 fast lens.

    If Panasonic could manage a 28-112 F2-2.8 in a fairly compact body in front of a 10MP 2/3″ sensor . . . Well . . . I would certainly be questioning my E-PL2 choice.

  • Michael Gerrard

    I bought the LX5 two years ago, as soon as it was released. It is a wonderful camera, I’ve learnt a lot about photography and I’ve enjoyed using it. It’s easy to use, it is small (despite what some people say!), the photo quality is superb. I think now, with the low price, if someone is on a budget and wants to upgrade from a typical consumer compact, this is your chance. For everyone else, it is an exciting time waiting for the LX6 because if it does have a 1″ sensor then it will do the one thing the LX5 struggles with, shallow depth of field. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible with the LX5 but it is not easy and it’s not really possible for portraits. I can’t wait for Panasonic to beat the RX100…!!?!??!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Wishing for a non-zoom, fast (F2 or better), large sensor (1″ or better). Fast start up LX camera in the smallest possible size.

  • Ryan

    I would like a 1″ sensor with a 24-90 f2-2.8/3.5 lens. The rx100 is nice. But why have Panasonic build another? Put a faster lens(like the lx5), keep all of the external controls.
    The lens cap is fine. Higher Res screen.
    Make sure the lens is sharp throughout.
    The lx6 must have a 24mm wide angle. That’s what the LX series is known for.
    Keep the multi aspect sensor.

    I hope Panasonic is up to the task. We expect a lot of the LX series.

  • Peter

    1″ sensor would be great. But please keep it at 10 megapixels. I’ve got 18-21″ prints from the LX5 that are excellent. 10 mp is plenty and I would think will give better quality than 20mp like the Sony, unless of course you are making wall-sized prints.

    • Ryan

      I’d want to see how the Sony tests. Its certainly better vs the 10mp sensor of the n1 system. If I had to choose I would choose the Sony. Its not always about printing. But also downsizing for better noise and IQ. I’m sure the DR is also better.

  • I would consider it a replacement for a PEN/GF if.

    Low (relatively) MP (4-12) with decent ISO 1600/3200. Dimensions of the sensor – I do not care. I just want a decent/sufficient performance in dim light. The usual lighting I get corresponds to (at 50mm eq) shutter 1/20-1/30, f/1.4, ISO 800 (+ IBIS).

    Lens: 24mm eq on the wide end @ f/1.8 or f/2.0; tele-end 100-120mm and not too slow (f/4.0 is a useful minimum); sharp at open aperture. Some decent close-up capability (25cm MFD at wide end).

    Flash – tiltable if possible. Fast AF in good light and decent AF in dim light. Short shoot-to-shoot time. Art Filters – do not care. Image stabilization. Some touch screen magic a la G3/GX1/GF5 would be welcome.

    And built-in lens cap!

    Then it would be a serious contender. Because frankly that camera would cover about 95% of what I shoot. And the remaining 5% is just me going slightly bananas on my spare time.

    • Ryan

    • Ryan

      A built in lens cap cannot happen with f4 on the long end. Get the Sony.

    • Ryan

  • Lars

    just sold my e.pl1… was the worst buy ever.

    don´t get me wrong the image quality was good.. but it was such a slow camera. if teh e-pl1 teached me one thing it was that i need a snappy camera to feel comfortable.

    • Agrivar

      Get the newer epm1, ep3, epl3, em5, gf3, gf5,gx1. All are soooooo much snappier than a first gen m4/3 cam.

  • KID

    It’s ironic how the “1” sensor” is considered large unless it’s on a Nikon 1! Oh fickle and bias world!

    • danei

      Because nikon 1 is never a pocket size camera even with the prime lens, so it’s naturally compared to M43 or Nex system.
      Sony RX100 is a pocket size camera.

  • pdc

    90mm/f3.5 is a fairly big lens, and is 5x magnification for the 1″ sensor.
    Wouldn’t be too pocketable. Methinks a better option would be the GF5, PZ 14-42 and a longer lens in one’s other pocket. Seriously, once we get above small CCD-sensor P&S you really don’t have pocketability. However, a small MILC with a couple of decent lenses is eminently portable, and great for travelling, hiking etc. For women who don’t mind a bit of bulk and weight in their handbag when they go out to a social event, and who know what it takes to make decent images and video, these small MILCs are a better solution than the supersized compact P&S cameras.

    • Ryan

      Well from the looks of the Sony. 4.9@100mm is pretty small.
      I would take f4 at the long end if the long end is 110mm. 90mm would still probably 3.5.
      F1.4 at 24mm would be wicked.

      A 24mm-50mm F1.4-F2 would be nice as well! Lol!

      If lx6 is a 1″ sensor then I’m sure the xz-2 will as well.

      Both of these cameras will be beasts. Each in there own way.

      I have a xz-1 right now. My next camera I would like a 24mm lens on the short end. So I’m looking forward to the next lx camera.

  • Alyson

    I’ve had my LX-3 since it first came out. It’s become the camera I take when I’m afraid to take my more expensive gear, but it still delivers beautiful photos which I can enlarge to 13X19. I don’t know why a bigger sensor is needed. Wish they would offer a smaller, slimmer model (without a hot shoe) with an improved sensor that could be pocketable like the Canon S-100.

    • Ryan

      Sounds like you want an S100..

  • Geoff

    I voted no, purely from my personal experience I own a Lumix, all be it a lowly FX30. I made the purchase after reading a number of very good revues and reports on it, as well as it ticking a few personal boxes, something I can take out for an evening. I now hardly ever use it as I am so disappointed in the soft images it produces, I cannot ever recall having anything sharp from it, though I am sure most people would think it wonderful, so the vote was a definite no from me. My only Panasonic purchase and a poor representation from something that was raved about, unfortunately for Panasonic, once bitten……

  • Pat

    The LX5 is a fine camera as is, they could add a larger sensor and jack up the price, but given the type of person who buys it, I think its right in the sweet spot of performance and price.

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