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Panasonic-Leica 25mm Four Thirds lens discontinued! E-P2 too (in Europe)


Yesterday we told you that Panasonic would announce the new Panasonic-Leica 25mm f/1.4 Micro Four Thirds lens in June. So it might not be casual that the excellent Four Thirds version of the Pana-Leica has been officially signed as discontinued at BHphoto (Click here to see it). There are some in Stock at Amazon (Click here) but available through third party resellers only.

And it also many not casual that the Panasonic GF2 with 14-42mm lens is available for $499 only at Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

In Europe the E-P2 has been discounted and sells for 399 Euro (yes amazing) at rajalacamera (Finland) and Fotohanskeuzekamp (Holland). I didn’t notice the same deals in other stores but you can always check for yourself by clicking those direct links: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay. A couple of european dealers confirmed that Olympus told them the E-P2 is now out of production! That’s why you see those price drops.

  • Ahem

    Title is misleading, it implies E-PL2 is discontinued. Discounted =! discontinued.

    • ILO

      Actually correct statement is

      Discounted != discontinued;

  • dimka

    It is E-P2 discounted, not E-PL2 :) that is even better piece of news!

  • Tiger

    comment deleted

    • admin

      Damn me beeing in hurry! :(

  • Another lens becomes a legend.

    I personally do not find it’s IQ exceptional (spoiled by 12-60) but the pictures it produces … people in pictures really look alive. Head turning effect. Pictures from 12-60 (or Sigma 30mm) are flat in comparison.

    P.S. I wonder, with tech getting cheaper and cheaper, if in ten years time some nameless Chinese company (just like they’re are now producing C-mount lenses) would produce a body with 43 mount.

    • Miroslav

      “Another lens becomes a legend.”

      If they discontinued it, the new m4/3 25mm F1.4 HAS to be as good.

  • Boooo!

    I have one of those. Great piece of glass.

    It’s a bokeh lens, great for people shots. Don’t shoot anything with a large depth of field, because it’s so sharp in the centre that the edges look bad – not because they’re bad, but because the middle is so good :)

    • cL

      That means Zuiko 12-60mm is better for landscape and PL 25mm is better for portrait. That doesn’t mean either one is bad, but have different purpose, which makes sense. PL 25mm is a large aperture lens and Zuiko 12-60mm is an ultra wide angle at 12mm! Landscape shots typically require edge-to-edge sharpness. With portrait and close up shots, you want light fall off toward the edge (so the middle look focused).

      Feels sad PL is discontinued, which means its price is going to skyrocket…. Should have grabbed it when it’s still $899, but heard of a few minor complaints about it so it was iffy for me (and it’s not cheap…).

  • scott

    The 12-60 doesnt even compare to this lens. I love this lens, it gives a very unique look at wedding receptions

    • Mr. Reeee

      How does it do at divorce proceedings? ;-)

      Looking forward to the M4/3 version!

  • Tom has its EP2s in black/silver for 399 as well :-)

  • WT21

    I hope they replicate this lens in m43, then you wouldn’t need the adapter. Maybe faster focusing. Also cheaper (please!). But I’d love to keep the manual aperture. I’m assuming that’s a dream, though.

  • JeremyT

    Well, if there was any hope that Panasonic would possibly continue to support regular four thirds in some fashion, that kinda removes it.

    I own this lens and it really is the best four-thirds native normal lens with full electronic capabilities, but the price on it is obscenely high for what it is. When the µ4/3 version was announced I was worried that it would drive down the used cost of the 4/3 version and I wouldn’t be able to recoup my expenses, but the fact that it’s officially discontinued is good for those of us looking to resell it.

    Those E-5 users who want a fast normal with autofocus will have no option but to buy this thing used from those of us who already own one :)

  • Snowbird_UT

    That’s a bit of sad news. If you don’t already own one I would highly recommend buying one soon. This is a fantastic lens for native 4/3. I own the Zuiko 14-35 f2 and prefer the PL 25 for portraits. It’s not better just different. If the m43 is even close to this level of IQ and quality it will not be a cheap lens. Add the aperture ring and the Leica badge and the m43 will be just as obscene when the price gets announced. Any word on the 14-150 OIS native 4/3? Is that one gone too. Luckily I own that gem also.

    • Boss

      I absolutely love the PL 25mm, it is superb. I cannot wait to see how the MFT 25mm works. I just ordered the 20 mm, but I’d consider switching to the new 25mm if it turns out like the FT version.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Haven’t seen Panasonic Leica D 14-150mm much in stock lately but then it was in stock only in couple shops listed in when I bought mine year ago. (good site for finding shops in Europe)

  • Boss

    Admin, I know you have some pics of upcoming bodies and lenses, could you please leak them now!

  • MP Burke

    The 25mm f1.4 is on sale in the UK at £869.99 (Camera World), which makes it more expensive, as well as heavier, than the 25mm f0.95 Voigtlaender. Hopefully the version for MFT will be much less, in size, weight and price, while still having “reference” image quality.
    I see that DP Review have already posted test images taken with the Panasonic G3, enabling its sensor noise to be compared with the likes of the G2 or GH2. Panasonic should be sending the new f1.4 lens out to DP Review and others for testing: I have been waiting for this lens and would want to see how its results compared to the Voigtlaender in independent tests before considering a purchase, as I suspect it won’t be cheap, probably around £600.

  • I’d be willing to pay that extra $$$ (not that i have it now, though, hehehe) if this lens delivers. I think Panasonic continues to show leadership in compact system cameras – a high quality fast normal lens goes a long way towards stablishing reputation.

    With the introduction of quality (smallish) fast primes, m43 looks more and more like a real system. I believe they are also wise in moving away from standard 43. Oly should do the same – my apologies for those who have invested in standard 43, but the reality is that it is a dying format, and Oly is a small company, they should focus on m43. That’s my take on it at least…

  • furb

    I hope something will replace it…maybe a 25mm f1.4 II?

  • I really wonder how Oly’s four-thirds planning director’s face look today. They had to make an alternative of D Summilux 1:1.4/25 as cheaper Zuiko Digital High Grade series, not in 2011, but in 2007 with their most successful flagship E-3. Now it’s time for retribution to FourThirds and Olympus. They will pay off severely for their negligence of prime lens development.

  • I’m pretty sure they stopped making the Leica f1.4 25mm at least 18 months, maybe they only just confirmed it.
    Mine has taken well over 100,00 shots!

  • DemonDuck

    …and all the images that I’ve seen from any G series camera are not that great. Soft and noisy. Go to DPReview and compare any of them to an old LX3. At low ISO, the LX3 beats the pants off them.

  • The news about the Summilux 25 sadden me. It is truly a unique lens with lovely rendering. It will be hard to replicate in the m4/3 mount because you need loads of glass for such high quality.

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