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Panasonic: L-mount partnership is like marriage while with Olympus “we were just living together”


Dpreview interviewed interviewed the managers of the three companies involved in the L-mount project. Panasonic had quite some interesting thins to say:

“This alliance is like marriage. The previous arrangement [with Olympus] was more like we were just living together. So the obligation [now] is a little more high-level.”

Sounds like theyare not 100% happy with the Olympus partnership! Still, Panasonic made it clear that they are very committed to MFT. When asked if they will develop APS-C L-mount lenses too they answered:

“We will only develop [L mount products] for full-frame sensors.”

Panasonic also explained why they need Full Frame:

“Panasonic’s customer coverage [at present] is maybe more high-level amateurs, not professionals. The new [customer segment] of videographers appreciates what we’ve introduced for movie making, but still there are customer segments that we cannot reach. So the L mount gives us a chance to challenge in these top-end segments. I hope that the L mount gives us a chance to complete our lineup, [by] supporting our current Micro Four Thirds business.”


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