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Panasonic is working on “anamorphic de-squeeze modes for the GH5” (to be released this summer)


Last week I did report about the new Gmonitor APP. Today the developer contacted me to report some surprising development:

“I’ve got some very positive feedback from some Panasonic Employees about my brand new app GMonitor (you already published it, thanks a lot for it). They really like the added Anamorphic Desqueeze option which I provided as an update. Here some information about upcoming GH5 update (original quote!).

“…We put pressure to our devs to put a proper de-squeeze for the anamorphic modes in the GH5 (let’s hope for it in the summer firmware update that’ll bring 6K anamorphic)…”

It is like my Focus Bracket app – they are killing my business :-)

Until then you can work with the new release of my app which brings different anamorphic desqueeze factors – and the ability of 1:2.35 crop marks for the video shooters without anamorphic lenses. Update is uploaded to App Store and should be available soon.

The app can be found here:

Some new screen shots attached – as I don’t own anamorphic lenses you just see the stretched image. But as reported on Facebook it really works!

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