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Panasonic: “optical lens stabilization is superior”.


Mr. Uematsu explaining the limits of displacement sensor for stabilization in the body

The Spanish site DSLRmagazine (google translation here) interviewed Panasonic manager Uematsu. And here are some key info he shared:

  1. Unlike Olympus Panasonic says that optical stabilization is still superior as on sensor stabilization can only correct around 1% of the shifting. That’s enough for wide-angle lenses but not enough for tele lenses. With “extreme” tele lenses you would need a sensor that can shift 20% of its size!
  2. For this reason, Panasonic plans to continue implementing, despite its cost, optical stabilization in all those objectives that actually exceed the 25 mm focal length.
  3. The reason why they added in sensor stabilization on the GX8 is that they understand the value of stabilization with legacy lenses
  4. Panasonic recognizes there is a demand for more “classic” camera with direct controls (like the Fuji X100 or PEN-F).
  5. Panasonic admits that they had to go above 16MP because of pure “marketing” request.

What are your thoughts on this?

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