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Panasonic interview at Confesses the 4K GH is likely to come :)


Also Panasonic Manager Ichiro Kitao has been interviewed at (google translation here). Here are some key info:

– One of the key are of that needs improvement is connectivity with smartphones.
– Yes, the compact camera market is shrinking but High magnification zoom compact cameras are still selling fine (read Panasonic FZ series).
– What’s changing now in the mirrorless interchangeable market is that we see a shift towards more pro products (read Sony A7-A7r). Initially mirrorless cameras were not sees as “professional” tools. Now that perception is changing.
– The key development areas to make better mirroless cameras are : Imaging processor, sensor and EVF.
– The GH3 is particularly popular among people who shoots videos.
– A GH with 4K is likely to come within 2014


In Summary: Guys, start saving your money for the GH 4K camera :)

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