Panasonic GX1 kit deal, X zoom price drop, 17mm 1.8 and GH3 in Stock.


There is a new deal on the GX1. You can get it with the Black X kit lens + T-Dimension AU SAA Power Cord / Adaptor + T-Dimension 3.0 LCD Protector + T-Dimension Cleaning Cloth for $582 at T-Dimension on eBay (Click here). There are many GX deals coming and going all the time. The GX2 really can’t be far away from the announcement. And to get notified on new GX1 deal on eBay just login and save this search at Slidoo (if needed change country in settings). The Silver GX1 X kit is in Stock for $499 at Amazon (Click here).

35-100mm X:
The $100 rebate on the Panasonic X zoom is now available by Amazon (Click here) itself!

The Gh3 is still out of Stock in regular stores like Amazon and BH. But some are auctions keep coming on eBay. Also in that case login and save that search on Slidoo to get notified.

17mm 1.8:
There is one single lens for sale via Popflash (Click here). Save that search on Slidoo to get notifications.

  • Yun

    GX1 is my beloved camera but it looks unlikely I’ll carry on with GX2 . GX2 need a real breakthrough otherwise I can’t see it can compete even it’s m4/3 arena .
    Let me purpose to Pana what the GX2 should have :
    * A sensor that above OMD , resurrect ISO 100
    * Build in viewfinder if GL is no longer relevant
    * Whether proof
    * Optional build in stabilization to faciliate all the Zuiko lenses .
    I might consider it if Pana hit 3 of the points above .

    • joe#9

      build in stabilization is possible of cause “features that do not exist on current Panasonic MFT cameras”
      or something different but i want new sensor more than 20mpx and live view same EX2F

    • You forgot the tilt screen and then it will be perfect.

      • Pasmia

        Things I wish I understood:

        1. The only way to have a fully articulating screen on a Lumix camera is to have it with a huge DSLR style VF above it.

        2. There is no GL1.

        3. My Lumix OOC JPGS give people jaundice

        4. Olympus has forgotten how to install fill flash on their cameras

        5. NEX invented the best MILC camera bodies but forgot about the laws of physics when it comes to sensors and lenses

        6. The ending to Lost

        My GX2 would be a GH2 type multi-aspect sensor with IBIS and a fully articulating screen. A tiny corner EVF wouldn’t hurt, but I would rather have none (LVF2 optional) than another mini DSLR model. Built in fill flash is a must. Weather sealing is still unnecessary IMO, unless they make a sealed 20/1.7 Mark II. No retro styling from classic cams (not that Lumix has any, other than GL1), just stick to the GX styling (micro GL1!), it’s retro enough. And lastly, maybe the G5/GH3 has addressed this already, but OOC color/JPGs has to be acceptable at the very least. I’ve found ways to correct it, but I really shouldn’t have to.

        Really not trolling here, I want to stick with Lumix! Menus are second nature to me already and every other brand has its compromises too. I’ll admit, I’m peaking over the fence at Oly’s campl quite a lot lately. I really think if they just made a GH2 in a GX1/GL1 body, I’d learn to live with it. Awesome video in a tiny camera! Give us an incentive to buy something other than the GH3! Please don’t fall in to the line of thought of Canikon, thinking that we’re going to move up the “big cam” later.

  • jevfp

    I just purchased the 17mm F1.8 from 17th street photo last week.

    they probably still have another one

  • Euro

    Where are or where can I find deals in Europe?

  • Richard

    I see Panasonic (GH3) is still releasing (playing a game?) products before there is anywhere near enough stock to meet demand.

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