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Panasonic GX1 ISO test at Steve Huff. Becomes Cnet UK editors choice. (+ in Stock status and GF2 deals).


Steve Huff (Click here) just got his brand new Panasonic GX1. He first posted some image samples taken with the Leica Summilux 25mm lens and then he compared the ISO quality with the Olympus E-P3 (Click here to see the comparison). I have to say the GX1 does clearly a better job here! And also the guys over at Cnet UK (Click here) fell in love with the GX1: “The GX1 development unit we got our hands on back in November impressed us greatly, and running the finished camera through our regular tests has done nothing to change our opinion.
There is a hands-on at Expertreviews (Click here) and also the german website Colorfoto (Click here) tested the GX1.

So where is the GX1 in Stock? Here is a short list:
In USA at: Amazon, Adorama and eBay.
In Europe at: Jessops UK, Amazon UK and eBay.
In Asia at: Digitalrev, Amazon JP and eBay.

P.S.: There are consistent price drops on the GF2 in USA and in Europe. An examples:
GF2 with 14-42mm kit lens for $369 at Adorama (Click here). I even found a complete new kit option. The GF2 with 14-42mm X pancak zoom at Fotomundus (Click here).


  • Miroslav

    “he compared the ISO quality with the Olympus E-P3. I have to say the GX1 does clearly a better job here!”

    I agree. One has to wonder what could Olympus do with that sensor and why are they still using the old 12 MPx one.

    • MikeS

      “why are they still using the old 12 MPx one”

      Probably because Panasonic won’t sell them the new one. Given the mileage Olympus is able to squeeze out of the old sensor, this might not be a terrible idea from a competitor’s perspective, but hurts the system as a whole.

      • spam

        The new 16MP sensor wasn’t ready when Olympus developed their latest models. Olympus has also stated that 12MP “is enough”, but I’d expect them to use a new sensor in their next upgrade.

        I can’t imagine that Panasonic would refuse to sell the new sensor to Olympus if they wanted it. You can’t really be a sensormanufacturer and be taken seriously if you sell only previous generation to competirors. Look at Sony – Nikon and Pentax get the same sesnors at the same time as Sony’s camera division.

    • CarolStee

      Olympus is using a three year old sensor instead of developing a new one because US$1.7 billion is missing, money that could be used for R&D.

  • Fish

    This is the first Panasonic body that I have wanted over Olympus. I hope his jpeg and colour review reveals some shortcomings with the GX1, otherwise my E-PM1 is going up for sale : )

  • Boot

    In High ISO the GX definitely has an advantage.

    But: Look at the colors in the first shot, the Nesquik shots. The EP3 has much better looking color and that’s not just to do with WB.

    I would absolutely love to see Oly colors with a new sensor. Hopefully 2012 will bring us such a camera!

  • Boooo!

    News at 11: A 2011 sensor beats a 2008 sensor :D

    • Haha!!! Thanks for the common sense reality check. Hopefully people don’t use that as an excuse to not shoot.

  • Take a Pana G3 and:
    1. Change the form factor to fake range finder style
    2. Remove the EVF
    3. Remove swivel LCD
    4. Increase the price with 150Euro
    Now you have a Pana GX1!
    Lots of praises over GX1, very little about G3 on the internet. Obviously the fake rangfinder form factor does it all for the “experts” on the web.
    My conclusion: Pana G3 and GX1 are far better than Oly P3. If you like the retro trend and WANT to spend more money – go for GX1. If you are intelligent – go for the G3 and spent the extra money on one of the new and excellent prime lenses!

    • Vivek

      Well said! :-)

      “Obviously the fake rangfinder form factor does it all for the “experts” on the web.”

      Love it! :)

      • Fish

        As opposed to the fake dslr form factor??

        • Neonart


          The fake rangefinder look is less cheesy than the fake SLR look. What’s with the hump in the middle?

          I had a G2 for a few months and hated the fact it looked and felt like the entry level DSLR that all the moms are sporting these days.

          With the fake rangefinder look, nobody cares and assumes its just an old film camera.

          So I’ll take the fake rangefinder look, thank you.

          • Fish

            I’m with you. In fact, I don’t think there is anything fake about the GX1 formfactor. Calling it a “rangefinder” and then calling it fake, makes just as much sense as if I called it a “brick” form factor and then criticized them as fakers for trying to make a phony brick.

            The GX1 is a standard shape with a screen on the back. In fact, if Panasonic or Olympus made the GX1 or E-P3 in any shape OTHER than this, it would be solely for the purpose of “looks” rather than function. The pentaprism hump looks fake because a mirrorless camera doesn’t have a pentaprism. If you happen to like one style more than the other, all power to you. Just don’t act all self righteous like you are more “intelligent” than other enthusiasts just because you have different taste.

            It reminds me of the Ford vs Chevy fights that kids used to get into in junior high… except now its adults trying to convince others that they have to like the same things as them.

            • simon

              Who cares what MOMS use, really thatr should not decide on the style of camera you choose.

            • The “pentaprism hump” actually hosts the EVF – does about the same as pentaprism but using “E” instead of “O”…..

              • CarolStee

                Exactly, the G3 and the GH2 have an EVF that takes the place of an OVF so there’s nothing fake about their humps.

                The GX1 doesn’t have an EVF so it isn’t a fake rangefinder, it’s an upgraded point and shoot camera. The same can be said of the Olympus PENs. The add-on EVF costs US$250, which jacks up the price considerably. The G3 and the GH2 are better buys.

                I’d like to see a MFT camera with rangefinder styling, with an OVF to one side, as the Sony NEX-7 has.

                • Mr. Reeee


                  The central housing is actually quite efficient since it contains…
                  EVF… aligning vertically with the lens
                  Hot Shoe

                  I’d hardly call that useless.

                  Of course, how a camera makes you look and how well it coordinates with your other accessories, is far more important than what it actually does. :-P

                  • Olympius

                    LOL Mr Reese! So well said….

                    I went with Panasonic for my micro 4/3 needs over Olympus, despite being a dyed-in-the-wool Olympus DSLR user, for the simple fact that Lumix simply gives you more bang for the buck when it comes to hardware. If you like things like a built-in EVF and swivel screens on your camera, then there is nothing in the Olympus line-up that will suit your needs, let alone the excellent video capabilities that the Lumix cameras provide, that are 2nd to none, let alone compared to Olympus.

                    There are times when I do miss Olympus’ excellent coloration and fantastic JPEG’s, which, despite the teeny-tiny little microscopic 4/3 sensor, beats the pants off of everyone up to ISO 800, even (if not especially) the Canon 5D Mk II. With Olympus, post-processing photos is just something fun to do, not really a necessity.

                    Yet most of the time my Lumix is more than capable, and so I don’t end up missing out too much.

                    As for the GX1, I have no doubt it’s going to be a very well liked camera for the market segment it is aimed at. Sadly, I’m not in that segment.

                    – Olympius

                  • Bob B.

                    OK…here is what I do not understand. We have the GH2 (GH3 on the way). We have the G3 (probably another G4 in the works). Why does the GF1/GX1 have to be like these cameras? Why are the owners of the GH2 and G3 so outraged about the GX1. I personally like the form factor of the GF1/GX1 with the optional VF for me, (I own both with viewfinders) over the G3 and the GH2. I like the fact that it is simple and DOES NOT have an articulating screen. I don’t dislike the GH2 or the G3. I think they are both great cameras and have their user base and are distinctly different than the GX1. This is a small, solid, quality- built, modular camera system. I love the simplicity, speed and solid performance and options that it offers. I am willing to pay for that. I love all of the lens choices that we ALL have.
                    So what is all the cryin, here?????? We can have it so many different ways.
                    If you want something else…there are lots of other options from other manufacturers. Gotta have an rangefinder-style camera, buy a Sony or a Fuji.
                    What I am hearing here is I drive a red car with white-wall tires ….you have to drive one to.
                    No? Its just silly.

                    • Mr. Reeee

                      Who’s crying about the GX1? It looks like a nice camera. The fact that the GX1 seems wildly over-priced, and under-featured, compared to the G3 seems more the issue here.

                      Personally, I have no problem with EVF-less cameras. They’re not something I would buy as a primary camera, but having used numerous compact and P&S cameras over the years, see their utility. The EPL3 is damn compelling with it’s TiltyScreen™. The fact you can add an external EVF to most of them is a good thing, too. Not exactly cost-effective, but a good to have option.

                      It’s the people who bitch about the G/GH-series form factor and their SLR/DSLR design lineage that’s so damn irritating. Who cares? They’re cameras.

                      Simple solution: Don’t like? Don’t cry. Don’t buy!

                    • Bob B.

                      “The fact that the GX1 seems wildly over-priced, and under-featured, compared to the G3 seems more the issue here”.
                      The G3 is made of molded plastic?
                      Don’t you think it costs more to design and manufacture a metal-shelled body?
                      I definitely think Pany could have gone for a higher rez. LCD for the money tho.

                    • stickytape

                      Would it not be more convenient if the GX1 had an in-built EVF? Then you would not have to carry an additional accessory.

                      “Everyone” is “outraged” because the GX1 had so much potential considering Panasonic had 3 years of market research to find out what people wanted, but the final product falls short of expectations (at least the expectations of many who frequent this website).

                      Other manufacturers don’t have the same lens offering as MFT. It’s not a case where you can only choose to have one or the other. It’s a case where both can be achieved – they just refuse to.

                    • Bob B.

                      I think the camera would have to be a lot bigger to have a “rangefinder-style” EVF. Quite a bit larger. A camera like that may be cool, tho. I am also very happy with the new LVF2. Works great with some nice changes from the GF1/LVF1 combo besides resolution. Once you set the diopter on the new VF it is inaccessible so you can’t inadvertently change it (the old one was very prone to that!), and you have the option to have image review on the LCD or in the VF whenever you push the playback button on the camera body. Also..the new VF locks on the camera so it can’t slide out.
                      All the way around a better integration.
                      If you need an internal VF buy the GH2 or G3…You get a larger camera with so definite benefits in both instances. The more the merrier!

    • > If you are intelligent – go for the G3 […]

      That’s a not so sure bet.

      Panny crippled oh-so-slightly the G3. It lacks orientation sensor, level sensor and EVF’s eye sensor. Hardly something any reviewer (unlike consumer) would clamor about.

      I personally think that releasing any new ILC/DSLR camera today without an orientation sensor is a clear example of idiotic product strategy and corporate greed, combined.

      > Obviously the fake rangfinder form factor does it all for the “experts” on the web.

      Didn’t you get the memo?! As of year 2011, all trolls are to replace the bokeh with the fake rangefinders as the meme!

    • pf

      Well said. Some are even stupid enough to buy GX1+EVF. Nice try.

      • Brod1er

        In fairness I think the gx1 has a better quality case than g3- this can easily add cost whilst not making sense when comparing specs.

  • I have the gx1 feels very snappy!

    Am only a bit disappointed in the high ISO color, compared to the gh2 1.1 which has better colors…..

    • Bob B.

      I was “stupid enough to buy the GX1+LVF2”. I love the form factor and solid feel. No plasticy feel here!!!!! I can’t wipe the smile off my face every time I use it!!! :-) Anybody want to buy my GF1 + LVF1 with lots of extras? I think I may put it up on eBay.
      All hype aside..the camera is really beautiful and performs much more fluidly than my GF1 because of the speed (focus, frame rate AND write speed -now I can do a 7-shot bracket for HDR in RAW with no waiting-…nice) … and all the personalize Fn buttons keep me from fumbling thru menus. It’s great. So far the only complaint I have is give me the click-wheel off of my GF1 it was MUCH nicer (it was larger, had more tork because of that and operated more smoothly). This one takes some getting used to..but once you get the touch it is ok.

      • I agree on G3 has a more plastic feel than GF1. I percieved the upgrade from E-P1/GF1 to G3 the same way as you do with GF1 to GX1.
        Now in winter time the G3 is not so good to use wearing gloves – but I guess it is the same with the contols on the GX1?

  • Mike

    I’m not touching the GX1 or the G3. Both have crappy metering and color output. i’d rather wait for the new Pens than get a Panasonic. I’ll stick to my E-PL2 until then!

  • F3x

    Well about the CNET UK:
    A list of good & bads with no bads surely seem legit :)

    • stickytape

      I doubt that anyone who bothers to frequent this site would rely on cnet’s reviews of cameras.

  • Ganec

    “It also appears that the auto WB did better with the GX1 here as well”

    Default setting for E-P3 is “keep warm colors” = “True”, which produce more “brown” colors.
    Setting “False” cause that WB is much more real (but may introduce blue noise)

    • Miroslav

      “Default setting for E-P3 is “keep warm colors” = “True”, which produce more “brown” colors.
      Setting “False” cause that WB is much more real (but may introduce blue noise)”

      Where are those settings? In what menu?

  • Oitszek

    One slightly better than the other.. Problem both are completely sub par and yestedays tech compared to the competition

    • Brod1er

      They are also much smaller and compact than the competition which are a pain to carry around. Today’s sensors quickly become yesterday’s. Not a big problem for me.

  • AndreasF

    The GX1 is not only slightly better. From my experience it has a different look to the noise as well. More film like.
    And looking in the shadows the olympus sensors totally distorts the colors and leaves banding. There is nothing like that in the GX1.

    It could be better yes, but for a 16mp sensor of this size it is pretty good!

    Jpeg quality is poor though, the noise becomes smudged and blurred. It is much better to keep the noise in the raw. Because it actually looks good for once!

  • Anonymous

    It’s surprising how many people like tilting feature of external EVFs. Which built-in EVF can tilt?

    • stickytape

      The tilting EVF is useless unless your eye is fairly close to the opening. A camera that has a tilting/swivel LCD would not need a tilting in-built EVF

  • Vivek

    If they had put an EVF instead of the very weak pop up flash, I would have bought it (may be two) instead of the NEX-7.

  • Yun

    Ok , guys , since everyone is not satisfy with GX1 lack of viewfinder or something compare with NEX 7 , let’s purpose GH3 in rangefinder style , the one that rival NEX 7 .
    My opinion , Panasonic surely come up new cam to counter NEX 7 , is matter of time . And why GF series split into GX likely due to Sony’s influence like Oly’s new pens series , both no longer can cater their products at their pattern , must cope with market classes . Example : EPL3 , GF3 & NEX C3 are in same grouping .

  • st3v4nt

    The problem with the “fight” between this two fake “rangefinder” look (EP3 vsGX1) is their overpriced excuse while we know none of them deserve high price tag….EP3 with their excuse of using non-flipped OLED touchscreen and GX1 with their Made-in Japan label…

    The curious thing is before GX1 become available, local camera store in my area lower the price for G3 but when GX1 arrive they suddenly up the price of G3 quite a bit….perhaps they got surprised by the choice of their regular customer who prefer G3 over GX1….meanwhile silently EP3 lowering their price by reducing the unneeded bonus such as PENPAL and cheap fake leather case….Oly should sell EP-3 Body Only or make new kit lens like mZD 45mm available as choice if they want to stay in this fight….

    • stickytape

      Overpriced indeed. I really want an E-P3 but it is much more expensive than a NEX-5N. Interestingly, I’m not disappointed with the E-P3 as I am with the GX1 simply because I never expected Olympus to put an EVF into the E-P3 in the first place lol

  • stickytape

    Did Steve Huff actually write all that? It reads like a press release by Panasonic…

    • Esa Tuunanen

      That’s what most “reviews” are. Repeating advertising lines and always forgetting what competing cameras have had previously so that makers keep sending them their goodies.

      That’s how development of EVF was stopped for half decade. Consumers like being told by marketing and “reviewers” that shit is good and marketing gimmicks are advance.

  • Scott

    Steve Huff is terrible.

  • jenna

    Hi buddy!

    Need to know an important thing, very important to me…

    With the GX1 is it possible to take pictures with creative control in live view? I explain… i often shoot in Black&White, and i want to see through EVF or LCD black and white before i take the picture!

    In some camera you shoot normally and after you can change color to Black and white or other effects! I dont want that…

    Second thing: if it is possible to see composition in black and white before taking the pictures, in GX1 with the elctronic viewfinder on, is it possible to see normal view in the evf and modified photo in LCD ( or inverted) ???

    thanks a lot for you answers!!!

    Jenna from Kiev

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