Panasonic GX1 announced!


The new Panasonic GX1 m43 camera and the new external viewfinder have been announced. I will continually update this post with all the interesting news and reviews I will find on the web.


Black GX1 body at Amazon (Click here)
Silver GX1 body at Amazon (Click here).
Black GX1 with 14-42mm X lens at Amazon (Click here)
Silver GX1 with 14-42mm X lens at Amazon (Click here).
Black GX1 with 14-42mm at Amazon (Click here)
Silver GX1 with 14-42mm at Amazon (Click here).

Previews and Image samples

GX1 preview at Cameralabs.
Panasonic GX1 news at Amateur Photographer (with Panasonic statement).
HOT: Panasonic GX1 Interview at Photographyblog
Korean preview at Popco.
CNET Asia hands.on.
comparison between GX1 (v0.1) and Sony NEX-5N at Hello Mirrorless.
high iso samples at Hello Mirrorless.
monochrome high iso samples at Hello Mirrorless.
Hands on: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 at Techradar.
HOT: Panasonic GX1 Photos at Photographyblog.
Panasonic Lumix GX1 preview and video on Dpreview.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 First Look at DCresource.
Panasonic GX1 Hands-on Preview at Imaging Resource.
Panasonic Lumix GX1 First Impressions Review at ePhotozine.
FIRST LOOK: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 at Photoreview.
GX1 hands-on at expertreviews.
Panasonic Lumix GX1 hands on first look review at Whatdigitalcamera.
First Look: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 review at Pocket-Lint.


Hands-on by Which on youtube.
Hands-on review by Engadget on youtube.
Interview from Cameralabs on vimeo.
HOT: Panasonic GX1 video interview at Dpreview

Press release

Four Thirds User
Imaging Resource
Photoscala (german) and SystemKameraForum (german)
Quesabesde (spanish) and DSLR-Magazine (spanish)
Focus Numerique (french) and Lemondedelaphoto (french) and Declencheur (french).
Photography Blog
Imaging resource


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  • Woodent

    the “X” lens looks immediately at home on this camera

    • :-( No Apps
      :-( No customizable aspect ratios
      :-( No customizable gradient maps/duotones, tritones and quadtones
      :-( No Blue Tooth
      :-( No built in GPS
      :-( No in built meta tagging
      :-( No built in wireless flash control
      :-( No wireless remote for photo and video functions
      :-( No electronic global shutter
      :-( No built in interval meter
      :-( No built in ND graduation filter
      :-( No on board levels post editing
      :-( No option to use EVF and LCD at same time * so subject can see themselves when LCD is flipped out and forward while the photographer looks through EVF*
      :-( No battery pack/hand grip
      :-( No built in high speed synch flash
      :-( No panorama function

      oh well lets wait and see what the GH3 does/doesn’t bring…

      • Brod1er

        Bit optimistic aren’t you? Haven’t you heard, incremental iteration is the new innovation? Oly must be worried.

        Personally I am with U2 and “I still haven’t found what I am looking for” (a song inspired by the plight of a MFT photographer wanting a significant upgrade to the GH1)

        • Henrik

          Personally I am with U2 and “I still haven’t found what I am looking for” (a song inspired by the plight of a MFT photographer wanting a significant upgrade to the GH1)

          U dig it brodder!
          They take us Where the Streets Have no Names, don’t they? Just wait if they will wake up to a Bloody Sunday, financially i mean.

        • OK…I hate to admit it …but I may buy a GX1 body (in Astin Martin Silver…of course)…but reluctantly AND with a slightly bad taste in my mouth (especially after viewing the interview over on DPReview of the SMUG senior product manager, Darin Pepple). I own a Panasonic GF1 and a LOT of lenses and have been wanting to upgrade to a better body. And as the SMUG (um..did I use that term already?), Mr. Pepple mentions “It has every feature that every GF1 customer has been drooling over, heh..heh..” Um Darin, not by a long shot…but then your smug-ass already knows that. :-) (hint ..a helpful attitude to educate and inform might have been a better choice, Darin).
          Panasonic is offering me just enough to get me to upgrade from my GF1(which I would continue to use):
          1.Improved sensor 12mp to 16mp
          2.Better ISO performance by about a stop or two
          3.Much improved focusing speed (which I REALLY want for the primes I own)
          4.Faster frame rate (3fps to 4.2fps)
          5.Very nice build quality
          6.Improved optional viewfinder (way more expensive though, than the LVF1)
          7.Additional programmable FN buttons
          There are some other things like touch screen…which I do not care about (although it seems to have the best layout to date)…but if this feature wasn’t even on the camera I would definitely not miss it.
          I will say it is priced right, but I would definitely pay more for the improvements that are missing.
          But this camera offers just enough to string me along “heh…heh”, right Darin.
          I say reluctantly because, although this is an improvement over my GF1…it is behind the industry.
          The LCD has lackluster definition, the LVF lags behind Sony in resolution also, the frame rate should be at least 5fps (sony is at 10 fps?). Also..I am not going to get into the whole in-camera viewfinder discussion here, which Panasonic continues to ignore.
          So..Panasonic is giving me “just” enough improvements to entice me to upgrade “heh..heh”…but I am not getting a camera that is current and the one that certainly COULD have been made. Also..knowing that it will be a year or more before any more substantial improvements are going to come along…I may just pull the trigger on this…reluctantly…very reluctantly. So…it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I do not like feeling like a targeted market and given just enough crumbs to string me along. I would like to be recognized as a valued customer and be presented with a product that I deserve.
          Does anyone else feel this way???????

          • Anonymous

            Bob B – resist temptation and keep enjoying the GF1!!! I had similar feelings about upgrading to the GH2, but I really don’t resent sticking with the GH1 until something significantly better comes along. Just invest the money in yet more lens glass- it always provides a better investment.

            • popeye

              i like how the gx1 looks but the sensor doesn’t impressed me so much. so i’ll stick with my GF1 until something better comes . i cannot find any reasons to upgrade now. GF1 is just fine .. i don’t need 16 mp i need better DR and ISO ( and no touch screen )

              • theDA

                ISO performance is a lot better on gx1 then gf1

            • sparedog

              i agree, you could get a nice lens for the same amount of money. it´s worth thinking about.

          • This is a classic answer, but after all the trash talk there has been on forums over the last couple of week, sometimes a return to the basic does not hurt at all : try it (if you can) and judge on your own, not on spec sheet, web image and much less forum fan talk.

            If your GF1 is not broken, its all boil down to how much you appreciate the upgrade and how much you can afford it.

            • I also have to commend Admin for his accurate information in the rumor department leading up to this camera release. BRAVO!.

        • The Master

          Yeah, I would really like something as thin as the GF2 with flush mount (rangefinder like) EVF (ala Nex 7) but not yet, I guess. However, I feel like the upgrade from my GH1 to GH2 was fairly significant, in many ways, like: grip, focus speed, image quality, lack of banding and very usable ISO 3200- 12800, as well as touch screen use, every now and then.

        • @Brod1er
          I have put a few through requests over the years and a few have somehow come to fruition :D

      • shade

        The worst flaw IMO is the lack of IBIS.
        While m43, i.e. Oly/Pany are seamlessly interchangeable on paper, the lack of OIS on Oly/IBIS on Pany always leave a tad of a bitter taste… like thinking of using the new beautiful M.Zuiko primes on this one.

        • If you are hopin for IBIS in a Panasonic G series camera…it isn’t going to happen. Ever. Just like Canon. Different approach. Buy the Oly.

        • Clean 3200 ISO will do the job ;)

        • Miroslav

          “The worst flaw IMO is the lack of IBIS.”

          When will someone at Panasonic figure out they’re losing a lot of money because of that?

      • Raist

        Seems you are speaking way too soon. The camera does have aspect ratios.

        • Brod1er

          Yes but they are just crops (all Panny cameras offer this). I and many others want a multi aspect sensor. Once you have used one, it feels very compromised going back to the cropped approach.

          • Raist

            But that’s now what he said. And I have and use an LX5.

        • @Raist
          no 21:9 or 19:9 aspect ratios…

          • Raist

            21:9 and 19:9 are kind of extreme, aren’t day? It’s not quite what you said anyhow.

            • not really no, they are cinema type aspect ratios also good for horizontal shots …try it! At the moment I use the guide lines as a guide on my GH1 but I have only one vertical and one horizontal guide line…

      • looks like there are quite a few people just sticking with the GH1 (myself included) because Panasonic are holding back…

        • Rex Luscat

          I am sticking with my GH1. Concentrating on lenses. One day Oly will get the sensor it deserves. Any word on upgrade to LX line?

          • Only that much budget, and lens are the longest lasting investment. Even of Olympus, Sigma, Fuji, Leica or you name it released *the* dream m43 body, I’d still think of lenses first.

            That said, I made the switch from G1 to GH2 because no lenses could provide video. That was a tough decision, I must admit, but I am happy with my choice :)

      • MichaelKJ

        The type of comment I would expect from an Oly shill.

        Oh, how things going with Oly these days?

      • Nathan

        apps? seriously?
        Panasonic has never done wireless ttl flash control. That’s Olympus’ territory.
        Curves can be altered in post. Just shoot RAW.
        Battery grip? This is the wrong camera for you. Get a GH2.
        Panasonic is going with more video-related functions. This is great if you shoot video. If you shoot mostly stills, why would you go with Panasonic?

        • @Nathan
          yes apps, it’s going happen, I’m hoping in 2012.

          Olympus pens you can adjust the tone curve in camera before you take the shot, it’s really the only thing left I do in post!

          Panny should be doing wireless flash if they have higher aspirations and want more add-on sales.

          I’m sure street photographers, journalists and reportage wedding photographers would like a battery grip for the longevity not the bulk.

      • Perty

        I don’t want you to come across as an idiot, but which camera does have those options?

      • Perty

        I don’t want you to come across as a bit strange, but which camera does have those options?

      • lnqe-M.

        I think global shutter come on GH3,…i hope ;-)

      • a

        :-( No prime kits
        :-( No 20mm (the only Panny lens I care) kit
        :-( No IBIS, which means no image stabilization with the only lenses I care: the above mentioned Panny 20mm and the Oly 45mm

        :-) No sale, I guess I’ll have money to pay my mortgage and won’t default :-D

      • theDA

        gx1 is not for you

    • Admin….any word on the price of the new viewfinder?

      • zinanga

        Hy, in one of the links,in an interview wuth a a panasonic salesman, he said something around 200 pounds, and there will be some promotions packages in the near future, but probably after Christmas.

      • safaridon

        Another website I quoted $250 for the new EVF in their GX1 specs so $100 less than the Sony higher rez one and $50 higher than Oly new lower resolution one.

  • Can’t wait to see some sample shots (stills)!

    • Steve

      The samples at PhotographyBlog don’t seem to working…. shame… can’t wait to see too.

      • They’re working now! :D

        Looking at pictures 1 to 8 where they’ve increased the ISO for each photo, they all look very good up to ISO 800. Then they get grainy and noise reduction starts smoothing things out a bit from then onwards. You can see it in the dark areas of the tree in the centre of the frame. I definitely think they are out-of-camera jpegs. In that grim weather it would be tough to make any of those subjects look good. Take a look at the grass photo 35. It looks a bit “smoothed”.

        The shots of the leaves are very attractive photos, probably thanks to the 25mm Leica. I think there probably isn’t enough light for the zooms (which aren’t very fast). Hand-held stabilized photos in that light won’t ever be that sharp.

        Picture 64 exhibits decent dynamic range – you can see outside details pretty well, as well as in the shadows. It looks as though it’s shot at the wide angle end of the 14-42 zoom.

        In summary, jpeg vs raw argument… will wait for raws. Dynamic range looks to have improved, ISO 800 looks nearly as good as ISO 100. More than anything these samples have caused me to want the 25mm Leica and not want the zooms, which I didn’t want anyway.

        • Those photos are terrible. I do not think it is the camera. (Or, at least we cannot tell from that mess). Quite frankly, it is embarrassing that they even published them on the website. Plus, to really see anything about the IQ we need to see Raw files. Some well-shot and well-lit ones with some of these great new primes attached to the GX1, hopefully.

      • Voldenuit

        Yeah, JPEG pictures are not impressive. Muddy picture and watercolor rendering at ISO 1600 makes it look like it came off an LX-5. Have Panasonic learned nothing?

        Even ISO1000 (a usable setting on my GF1 in RAW) doesn’t look too impressive.

        Will wait for RAWs for final judgement, but at the moment I’m not impressed.

  • ypocaramel

    I’m interested in seeing whether there will be any cool acessories (or at least a quality case like the GF3’s). Or who knows, maybe there will be some software surprises.

    Anyways I’m gonna have fun.

    O! It’s um… whatever :09 and Photoblog has their preview up.

    “the GX1 will be available from mid December priced at £499.99 body only, £599.99 with the standadr 14-42mm kit lens, and £729.99 with the 14-42mm power-zoom lens (from mi January 2012). ”

    At least there’s a normal kit for those complaining about the X lens.

    • ypocaramel

      O sweet imaging resource says the built in flash can be tilted to bounce like the old lc1. Not very useful due to the low power but I’m sure someone can make it work.

      • You can do that with the Olympus PENs (using your left index finger, I don’t think the flash was actually designed for this), and at full power you can bounce off the ceiling and illuminate a medium sized room at ISO 400. It’s a very useful thing to be able to do.

        • ypocaramel

          Yea, seems like this is an “unofficial ability” here too.

        • Michael Meissner

          You can tilt the pop-up flash only with the E-PL1 and E-PL2 Pens. The E-P1 and E-P2 don’t have a pop-up flash. The E-P3 has a pop-up flash, but it can’t be tilted. The E-PL3 and E-PM1 do not have a pop-up flash, but they have a small included external flash which cannot be tilted.

      • Brod1er

        Bounce flash also works great on GF3.. Like GX1, GF3 has:
        Improved LCD
        Fast AF
        Touchscreen (works well even with gloves)
        Solid semi metal body (better build than NEX)
        Is easy to manually set aperture/speed/ISO and focus lock
        ….and is more compact and only £350 Inc lens
        Worse sensor at high ISO is of minor importance for me. If you have a MFT camera and want a second body, the GF3 is a better bet. If you want a good MFT camera get a G3/GH2 which have real advantages (EVF, multi aspect sensor, grip for larger lenses etc). GX1 is ok but could (should) have been so much better. :-(

  • come on pana
    • Brod1er

      Errrrr not that hot (or useful). Are you sure this is the right link?

  • anon

    no avchd 2.0?

  • Robert

    Looks like cnet asia has a hands-on preview of the GX1:

  • I didn’t read all the specs since I’m mostly interested in 24p, which it doesn’t have. I’m sure it’s an excellent stills camera. I’ll be lookin’ at the NEX-7.

  • Berneck1

    Hmmm, It’s definitely a step in the right direction, but I think I’m going to get the G3. However, I do feel like the future has promise…

  • TR

    Wow look, Panasonic just made a PEN.

    • Brod1er

      I guess they figured there were too many large gaps in the PEN range ;-)

      • Miroslav

        Comment of the day!

  • $950!!?!?!?! i cant afford this!!!! the G3 right now is $615 on Amazon for black or white.

    i seriously cannot afford this. was planning on selling my G3 for this update… but dont have the extra 300-400 to shell out, as well as lose the tilty screen. (dont even know if it comes with a viewfinder)

    im sad. :(

    bad update.

    • not to mention.. the NEX 5n is only $699

      • kesztió

        The body only is not such expensive, but you simply cannot expect such a kit lens to be cheap. No other mirrorless systems have such a small and good quality standard zoom yet.

        • yeah… i just read its only $800 for the same kit lens as the g3. so another $150+ isnt too bad.

        • Brod1er

          The only really interesting feature is the X lens which initially looks to offer really good performance for the size. See the Clubsnap preview and samples. Please, has anyone seen a full lens review yet???

      • Mr. Reeee

        A NEX-5N body is only $599

        It works great with manual focus lenses, btw.

    • Andrew Howes

      Edit : Never mind

  • Pete

    You gotta be kidding – no 1080P !!!

  • Vromopodarix

    You should check out the interview at dpreview. I almost fell off my chair when the Panasonic guy said that they listened to the customers and that GF1 owners will be very happy with that.

    I am sure that everyone was screaming for an EVF, I am even willing to bet that users would prefer an EVF over a built in flash if space was an issue.

    • bilgy_no1

      No my friend, when the GF2 was announced, everyone was calling for exactly this camera. But besides this, there is room for model with built in EVF it seems.

  • Hmmm… the price of the G3 does put this in perspective I guess, given the EVF plus GX1 is $950 and the G3 is only $599. The price of style!

  • Well, at least it is a bit less awful than I thought. Looks like the Olympus E-PL1!

    • safaridon

      Yes put it in perspective, I agree. When the similar GF1 was introduced 3 years ago it was priced $800 and higher than the G1 with EVF and swivel screen. That was before current 30% depreciation in the value of the dollar so now along comes the better GX1 with new sensor, faster AF, and much better EVF and all the complaints. I have a GF1 and you only have to feel the quality of its rock soid metal body to appreciate it. Inspite of its better features of the G3, the current GF smaller compact style cameras both are outselling the G3 by a margin of up to 2:1 and the GF3 is not cheap.

      I too hoped for that Pany could produce this camera for less assuming it was simply reusing the GF1 body with minor changes but on closer look not true the GX1 is an all new body that is both thinner and smaller much in the way the GF2 was reduced in size from the original GF1 so Pany has incurred more R&D and manufacturing expense to produce this.

      Many are assuming the 420,000 dot rez rear LCD on GX1 is the same as that used on the GF1. Note true, the rear LCD now used on all GF or GX models is much better viewing from side or in use in bright sunlight than that used in the GF1, a major advance even if not higher resolution. While I like swivel screens I think Pany is satisfied with the good side viewing of existing LCD screen and a stationary one is much less problematic for breakdown. Another important factor GF3, G3, and GX1 all use same camera battery.

  • check this out! (GF1 vs GX1 side by side). to be honest, i think the GX1 looks pretty good. not Amazing, but alright. i kinda like it. an improvement. Definitely not ‘next generation’, but an improvement… none the less.

    **but it is kinda sad, i mean panasonic had almost 4 years since the GF1 announcement, and this was all they could think of?? hmmm….

    • Ganec

      it prooves this concept was right

      • Jorginho

        GF1 was introduced somewhere in the middle of 2011. 2 years old. D300 is from 2007 and still no D400 on the horizon. D700…need I say more. 5DMK2….idem. D90 and D7000 is also 2-3 years in between. Nothing special, although you’d expect more development in a new format than in the old DSLR format of course.

    • ypocaramel

      Well, it’s bound to be disappointing if the reader is all “techie” and hoping for another revolution in specs. But standing on its own its all got all the ingredients of a decent shooter, with hotshoe, decent control layout, compact size, and so on. A bit overpriced, though the materials used are fancier than the G3.

      I mean, I tried the A55 1.44M and the A77 OLED side by side at Sony Style, and whilst obviously the OLED is “far better” in terms of color and resolution, I wasn’t having any trouble focusing and shooting on the A55 one either. Sometimes, nicer specs are nice, but then the GX-1 is perfectly fine camera for shooting. On the other hand, I still can’t live with the NEX-5N interface.

  • Anonymous

    According to Amazon, the GX1 will be $799 with a 14-42mm kit lens. On B&H, a GH2 with the same lens is only $100 more. Seems like the GX1 should have some more GH2-like features (1080p, 24fps, etc) for that price point.

    • Mr. Reeee

      SO close, but SO FAR off the mark!

      It’s actually quite a good looking camera, but could have been SO much better… ESPECIALLY at this price point!

      For me, it’s really not worth discussing or arguing about everything that’s “missing”.
      Sadly, the NEX-5N just jumped up quite a few notches!

      • stickytape

        so true…sigh

      • If you already have a GH2 and some nice lenses (20mm f1.7, 25mm f1.4, etc), then surely it’d be better to re-use an existing lens (20mm f1.7, for example) on a GF3/GX1 for the times when the GH2 would be too large – rather than also buy into the NEX system with additional large lenses etc.

        • Mr. Reeee

          I have a bunch if manual lenses… Nikon, Pentax SMC Takumar and Voigtländer … all I’d need to do is spend $100 or so on some lens adaptors and I’m good to go. The NEX-5N body- only is $599.

          So, I’d keep using the GH2 with my M4/3 lenses… 7-14mm, 20mm, 14-140mm and Voigtländer Nokton 25mm. Although, I could just spend $400 on a GF3 for the 20mm.

          • theDA

            buy a gf2

  • Voldenuit

    Candid interview on potographyblog. At least they say that the GX1 is being positioned against the NEX-5(N?) and not the NEX-7, and admitted that the 3D lens did not sell well.

    I’m still not buying one (GF1 user), but I wish them luck in making more enthusiast level rangefinder style cameras in the future.

    • Boris


      GH2 plus NEX-5N looks NOW all I need!

      • Boris

        Sorry, should follow Mr. Reeee’s post.

    • safaridon

      I don’t see the advantage that some claim in using legacy lenses on a APS-C ILC compared to with m4/3 system. For starters the 1.5X factor more or less eliminated using any of them as a wide angle as no longer wide enough while m4/3 simply has produced some excellent smaller wide ange zooms or small wa. More importantly to me is the potential to use legacy lenses on the telephoto end where 2X really is more advantageous. Ie a fast and small 100mm/f1.7-2 lens becomes a superfast equivalent 200mm/f1.7-2. Only possible advantage is for those demanding more DOF control but with m4/3 you only have to use a longer effective focal length to get a similar effect.

  • Josef

    So very close but not quite.

    I’d buy it right away if it had a articulated LCD like the one on the Olympus EPL3 or Sony Nex 5n.

    • Mr. Reeee

      This should be a camera for 2012, not 2009!

  • Mumbly

    no wireless TTL-flash = !!! NO GO !!!

    It’s a shame that Panasonic hasn’t managed to implement such an useful function in their cameras for over several M43-camera generations now, while even Canon (who took YEARS to add master control to the built-in flashes of their DSLRs) doesn’t show themselves so stubborn!

  • Miroslav

    Nothing special inside either… Bounce flash, nice, but I already have that in E-PL1. This is G3 without EVF and swivel screen. The only hope for GX1 is that “better image quality”, but I’d live with jpeg image quality on par with PENs and some advanced features ( peaking, HDR, … ).

  • RW

    I actually think this – looks like a nice package. Might actually buy it if it had an integral EVF. I don’t really care about an articulated screen – but an EVF is mandatory for me.

    Nevertheless, it looks like a nice package – the first *real* update to the GF1.

  • Was hoping for AVCHD2…. Nope

  • I am quite happy with my GH-2 but I was hoping for something special – a ‘pro’ type camera. This is not it. Nice replacement for a GF-1 but I’d suggest that if you really adopt the m43rds system then very rapidly you require an EVF and it is so much more convenient to have one built in. Nice try Panasonic but I won’t be rushing to get one.

  • Riki

    I like it
    As the first real successor to the 12MP Oly and Pany models it does what it should do. push the game forward (well at least up to the best in m43rds) on the sensor, have touch and all the other minor gizmos.
    Personally I am waiting for the next Oly revision, but if they don’t push forward their sensor IQ/ISO then I’ll will happily buy this.
    The only thing I really want is inbuilt EVF, But I’d rather go without than have to deal with any of the other lens lineups.

  • Renato S.

    miniature mode:

    the G-series interface really needs a redesign, it looks so old.

  • occam

    Wow, Panny added an orientation sensor. Amazing. Now you don’t need to waste time post-processing all portrait photographs because Panny bodies didn’t have orientation sensors.

  • Renato S.

    Reading the interview at PhotographyBLOG it’s easier to understand that Panasonic doesn’t have nowhere near the same R&D budget that Sony has. It felt like it’s not like they didn’t want to improve some things like higher res LCD, new sensor, etc. but more like they had to choose a few things to improve. But at the same time I think that they needed to launch the GX1 and the R&D budget is being applied to the GH3, which can be used in a possible NEX-7 competitor. But as for the NEX-7 competitor it will take some time because it seems that they are waiting the feedback for the GX1 in the different markets to make that move or not.

    • Brod1er

      Nonsense. Panasonic is huge and has plenty of resources. It’s innovation and listening skilks that are lacking here.

      • MJr

        It’s like they don’t even try !

      • Ant

        Well, green energy and industrial engineering would still have more R&D budget compared to the digital imaging division

        • ypocaramel

          hmmm well I don’t think they break down R&D allocation but in terms of sales their “Digital AVC” group accounts for 39% (Annual Report 2010), it’s the largest group but that includes their TV, blu-ray and all that. I can’t imagine their digitalcam group being less than 10% of their sales though.

          Sony actually breaks down their sale by product group, and Digital Imaging accounts for about 20% of consumer and professional devices.

          I’m too lazy right now to do the conversion and comparison, but really, it’s hard to say for Panny. Only thing that can be said is that both companies’ digital imaging business is material but not a large part of the business.

  • carl

    The grip looks so ugly on that. It would be good if you can remove it like the e-p3. I think I’ll stick with my Oly and see what Fuji come up with with their next X series.

    • I’d take an ugly ergonomic grip any day over a pretty lack of.

  • Narretz

    I think it’s obvious that Pana is targeting new buyers with the GX1, and not upgraders from the GF1. There are simply not enough feaures that make an upgrade sensible. While I understand the strategy, I am still disappointed how little Panasonic achieved within two years.

    • Brod1er

      Agreed. Problem is new buyers now have lots of choice in ILCs. Will the MFT lens range persuade buyers to avoid the more innovative bodies sold by Sony?

    • > … and not upgraders from the GF1.
      > … I am still disappointed how little Panasonic achieved within two years.

      New sensor + new LVF + new touch screen interface while keeping most of the controls in tact?

      That camera has lots to offer, but it seems people fail to see the forest for the trees.

      I’m not in the market for such camera and I do not complain. If you are not in the market for such camera – why do you complain? (Though IMO it is more “whining” than “complaining”.)

      Want the integrated VF + sviwel LCD? – G3 was released recently, GH3 is rumored to be released soon.

      If the Panasonic cameras designs are so dissatisfying to you, why not change the brand? That’s how consumers can vote for the products and features they like – by paying for them to competition.

      • popeye

        where is 24p, better sensor and improved DR or iso( maybe here it is .. but not enough) ? … also motion jpeg is gone.. so why is so hard to understand that is semi-bulshit upgrade from GF1 and there’s no real reason to buy this camera ? i’m not an panasonic fan boy or whatever else brand.. actually i hate panasonic marketing strategy and i’ll hope that cannon or other to release some real m43 camera with decent goodies .. no need toutch screen or other bullshit. till then i’ll stick with my GF1 witch, in my opinion at this time, is the best option in terms of m43 format.

  • Bu

    Engadget review – is that guy spaced out AND in a call center?!?

  • It looks a lot better than the previous leaked image.

    I planned to buy the E-P3, but with this GX1, I would get a newer sensor which hopefully will give a better image quality especially in a high ISO.

    Now, all I want is a custom leather skin like the one in this image. ^-^

    • ypocaramel

      Given that the GF series did great in Japan (there’s even GF-2 skins), I don’t think you have long to wait.

      I hope Panny will release a high quality GX1 case though – the GF3 had a rather nice one bundled in Asia, not sure if it was ever released overseas.

  • GH2 ex

    Sorry to say for those who want decent video controls this does not even come close to a NEX5n competitor.
    Why is there no manual controls in video mode panny? Bloody idiots!
    And 50/60i????? cmon!

  • not happy

    No EVF in body, no swivel screen, LCD is out of date. It is probably G3 with a little smaller body without articulated LCD and EVF with higher price. What is the real advantage over old GF1? Panasonic sells the same product (with very little changes) for 4 years. Is it any reasons to upgrade old GF1?

    Where is competition for Sony NEX-7? With in-built EVF (OLED), swivel LCD, 3 wheels, with similar quality of photos (ISO, DR)? GH2 is not a real competition – it is too big.

  • io

    No 50/60fps in 1080p, no rules! :P

  • loksi

    I’m sure the GX1 is a great camera, but possibly not financially ‘justifiable’ for me to upgrade from the GF1 (I also have a GH2). I like the form of the GF1/GX1 bodies, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that I *should* upgrade just because of a new body arriving on the market. Sadly I have to accept that the new External Viewfinder isn’t backwards compatible, though ……. this would have been a great improvement for my use of the GF1. Bottom line? My digitally ancient GF1 will suffice just fine until (if ever) Panasonic brings up a remarkably different or improved iteration of the GF/GX body (perhaps the much-requested/suggested built-in VF would swing me, although I realise not everyone wants or needs this).
    I’ve seen the ‘rumours’ of another (so-called) ‘pro’ GF body with built-in VF, but until we see real pictures of it, or get level 5 ‘rumours’ … I’m not holding my breath. All good until the next generation in that case :-)

  • Well, this is the product that we’ve been hearing about for at least four months. It seems like Panny responded to some requests from still shooters.

    Then perhaps for videographers Panasonic should respond to the Sony NEX VG-20. As it stands there is only the GH2 and the expensive AF-100, with nothing in between in the US$2k range. If Panny can’t tackle the NEX-7, try to challenge the VG-20. Many video shooters want to go back to the camcorder form with interchangeable lenses. It’s more all-in-one, no cages, clumsy brackets, or bad audio.

    • GH2 ex

      agree with you there! A gh2 in camcorder body…at a prosumer price…id buy one!

  • M

    this is 800 ASA:

    Theres a massive shitload of chroma noise. APS-C does this at 6400 ASA, so yeah, three full stops of difference, and 2/3 stops of theoretical noise difference thru sensor size differences.

    Panasonic, you suck. LAGGING BY THREE STOPS, WTF.

  • Panasonic did release not only one, but five cameras with a built in EVF. They’re called the G1, G2, G3, GH1, and GH2. Stop whining.

    • Maley

      U forgot the G10 :-), which makes it 6 cameras

  • dzv

    I’m slowly but surely becoming less optimistic about the m43 system. It’s so frustrating to know that all the necessary ingredients exists to make a truly impressive camera, and yet neither of the manufacturers is brave enough to put them all together.

    I’m interested to see what Samsung’s NX20 will be like. I’m hoping they have a little more courage and come out with an enthusiast-level camera that isn’t crippled for the sake of market segmentation. It looks like the NX and NEX bodies and lenses aren’t that much bigger than most m43 equivalents, which seems to negate one of m43’s biggest advantages. Also keen to see if Fuji and Canon come out with products in this segment. Until then, I guess I’ll stick with my GH1.

    • Brod1er

      Agreed. In fairness MFT Lens developments are going very well with the new quality fast primes, compact X zoom and forthcoming fast zooms. If Panasonic want to make money on bodies though (ie by selling some), the GH3 will need to be a substantial step-up. And I don’t mean reducing AF speed from 0.09 to 0.089 seconds.

      • Jorginho

        it is about the lenses. The bodies….look at the Nikon V1/J1…bigger than GF3. People keep on separating the lens from body. You need both.

    • Cansalt

      dzv: I’m slowly but surely becoming less optimistic about the m43 system. It’s so frustrating to know that all the necessary ingredients exists to make a truly impressive camera, and yet neither of the manufacturers is brave enough to put them all together.


  • Boris

    The samples at Photographyblog!

    They didn’t impess me. :-(

    Am I missing something?

    • MJr

      They’re the most horrible i have ever seen !! Both the camera and the photographer. The Noise Reduction looks disgusting, most of the photos are soft and seem shaken, even with the bad weather a decent photographer should be able to take at least a few good shots… i see none ! Neither as a whole and certainly not at pixel-peeping level. Damnit what is this ****.

  • st3v4nt

    From all of thing I object most from this camera is the price US$699….is as expensive as EP-3 well may be a bit less but add the lens kit it become more expensive….being owner of EPL-1 and have two extra bat looks like I still have to choose EP-3 instead….:-(

  • frank

    It seems a nice enough camera. Better EVF, better sensor and still the form factor of the GF1. What’s not to like? Ok, the EVF is much bigger than the first and warrants the question if a G3 would not be just as nice to have maybe being even smaller than the GX1+EVF. It seems the lever of the GF1 for multi/bracketing/timer is gone though, I use that a lot. 1 click to multi, 2 clicks to bracket. I’d miss that.

    • M

      Theres no EVF in this camera, what are you talking about?

      • Forbes

        The external EVF that one can buy for the GX1.

        • MJr

          It only works with the GX1 now anyway so it’s basically *the* GX1 EVF like frank says.

  • Yun

    Big thanks to Admin for providing such top Infos & company with us till the release of GX1 . Great works !
    I’m going to give a try on this GX1 .

  • Thomas

    Instead of complaining on the Internet, complain with your wallet. It is obvious to me that big companies only understand sales.

    In the late 90’s I was looking for a European sedan. One brand was old looking, and stodgy….even the dealership reflected this brand’s haughty take it or leave it attitude.. I went down the street to a competitor and found what I was looking for, and only until now has that first maker started building cars that excite the public.

    I say don’t buy it if you don’t want it. Heck, don’t even talk about anymore. They’ll get the point when they see other cameras selling and all these GF upgrades sitting in inventory.

  • m43 fun

    Competition (especially Sony NEX-7) is doing better job. Of course, lenses for m43 are the best and there is the bigger choice of lenses, but bodies are behind NEXes. Each NEX has better sensor (not size, but technology) with better DR (and ISO). Each NEX has swivel LCD with better resolution. NEX-7 is near ideal. Only AF is better in m43 bodies than in NEX. NEX has better functions implemented – HDR, panorama, peaking function… It is only software – why Panasonic and Oly haven’t implemented such usefull functions? ‘Dramatic tonation’ or ‘pinhole’ is not for me.

    And competition is increasing. We will see how good (or bad) be Fuji mirrorless system. Canon probably will start with mirrorless.

    • Perty

      Ha Ha. Thinking of changing my alias to NEX Fun & posting on sonyrumors. I could point out how ugly their cameras are, how behind on lens tech they are, how … yeah I think I’ll do that.

  • stickytape

    That knurled mode dial is beautiful. Too bad the camera isn’t that impressive.

    Now I have to decide between the E-P3, GX1 and the NEX. Which to get?

  • broxibear

    It’ll be interesting to see how many GF1 owners actually upgrade to the GX1. I won’t be selling my GF1 for this camera, it feels more like a refresh, a GF1 Mark II. Maybe there just isn’t a big enough market for this type of camera for Panansonic to fully invest in, especially considering the other models they have.
    My GF1 should keep me going for a few years, unless I’m seduced by the Fuji due out in early 2012.

    • Boris

      Having seen the GX1 samples I do prefer GF1 with 20mm, even at the same price.

      No kidding.

    • Well…if you read the fine print and watch some of the interviews.. It looks like the GX camera will not be in the US until 2012…..meaning there will probably not be another X camera for over a year from now, and after being grilled by different interviewers…the company spokesmen were very noncommittal about any of our hopes, especially of an in-camera viewfinder, Michiharu Uematsu: “Of course in future it’s a consideration”.
      I am leaning toward purchasing this incremental step-up (FINALLY) from my GF1, with the new higher rez viewfinder there are a lot of pluses here….as it will be quite some time before the Dream Camera gets made…if ever. I will keep my GF1 as a second body..definitely having two primes hanging around my neck instead of one is useful in many shooting situations.
      I think Panasonic has told us enough about their commitment (and lack of) to a camera in this is what it is.
      This is clearly a secondary market for them.
      Perhaps Fuji will surprise us with something impressive and out-of-the-box. They are an interesting and unpredictable company. (Canon has not stepped up to bat here either..ya never know).

  • Camajan

    So is that little onboard flash tiltable with your finger?
    Can you point it upwards a little more, holding it in place with a finger at least?

    • Anonymous

      I think it is the same as the GF3, in which case you can point it anywhere between horizontal and vertical. Works well in normal size rooms.

  • Camajan

    So is that little onboard flash tiltable with your finger?
    Can you point it upwards a little more, holding it in place with a finger at least?

  • wonderer

    still no external mic input for 1080p video?

    what is the point of “hd videos” with horrible muffled audio quality? welcome back E-P3!

  • asasino

    What i found a real pain with my GF1 is the rusty dual-dial that controls practically everything on the camera: don’t get me worng i like the interface (only one dial), but i found it small and slow.
    When i tried the G3 i thought: great camera! But its dial is even smaller than that on my GF1!
    Now i see that the GX1 has the same crappy dial than the G3, with no integrated EVF and no articulated screen, but, well, it costs more than a G3… Have i missed something or at Panasonic got some confusion?

  • Anonymous

    I think this GX1 should be called GF2,..and the previous GF2 should never exist,..and for the GF3 should be called GM [mini]or GD[dumb],..anyway,..
    I would like to see more review and sample photo, it worthy for an upgrade ,how much the price + NEW EVF ,..considering i can not use the old EVF,..or Should I wait for Olympus PEN-PRO,.with a new sensor and probably Rangefinder style,..I have a friend who work for Oly ; just told me that,..but I have to wait till January

  • Nathan

    Well, I’ve been eyeballing a switch to the Nikon D7000. I have been hoping something interesting might happen in four thirds/micro four thirds. Olympus abandoned me and Panasonic isn’t making the strides I need to stay competitive.

    Informative doesn’t always mean the information is good for panasonic, but it’s good for me.

    It’s a shame about Sony not putting up the lenses and a professional interface. It was an intriguing concept.
    I guess I should stick with SLRs.

  • safaridon

    Good News – The GX1 will be available in only 5 weeks time or by Xmas.

    Another good news item – will be offered from start body only option for those with existing lenses or wanting to bundle with the 20/1.7 or 25/1.4 or other lens, a smart move Pany should have done with all models. Likewise also offering with existing zoom at lower price level to compete with competition, ie is $100 cheaper than the equivalent EP3.

    While the GX1 is initially $100 more than the NEX5N with kit zoom many will be attracted to the significantly smaller size and portability of the GX1 model with the Xlens and with EVF added to the mix to std zoom the NEX5N and GX1 are same price ie $1050.

    • Terry

      Yeah – In what country will it be available in Mid December. The 25 f1.4 was scheduled for August most US dealers were getting their first batch late last week. The 14-42x lens is still not available as a lens only option. The GF3 X kit just started showing on on Panny’s website in the past two weeks – dealers don’t have it yet.

      I have ZERO confidence in any date that Panasonic publishes as it relates to US deliveries.

      My guess is very few people have these for X-mas which is just a big miss for Panasonic.

      • safaridon

        Both DPR an IR reported Pans claim it would be available in US the middle of December. I note in the UK reviews that say that the GX1 body only and old zoom will be available in Dec to Jan but model with Xlens not till mid January. So appears that supply of sufficient numbers of Xlens to match may be a problem or they are giving priority of supply of those to Japan first where it will likely be very popular and people willing to pay the price.

  • joey

    i thought panasonic was aiming to rival sony nex5n?
    gx1 is like small g3, almost no upgrade.
    i’m waiting for a gh3 instead.

    • Petty

      It does rival 5N & in many cases surpasses it.

      • I agree Petty. There is definitely no clear overall better camera when comparing the 5N and the GX1..the both have their pros and cons.

  • Luke

    Is it my LCD? from the low ISO sample here

    and here

    I cannot believe the GX1 performs even worse than GF1?! Is it the so called “impressive IQ” ?!

    Look at the bushes or trees. There’s even no hint of leaves. Heavy NR seems smeared all the detail. I am not a pixel peeper but still, feel a bit tricked.

    Someone holds the same opinion as I do?

  • ref

    Love this camera, but one thing I don’t understand. Earlier this year I sold a couple of camcorders and an entry-level DSLR to consolidate into a single system — GH2 was my best purchase ever! Panasonic has been leading the pack with innovation in hybrid photo/video capability at sub-$2000. Now, we see Sony incorporating advanced video capability throughout their product line. Why have Panasonic decided to dumb down video in the GX1 when competitors are doing the opposite? It’s not as if they don’t have the technology. By keeping those features in the high end offering only, seems like they will lose a lot of potential buyers. I assume that even consumers who aren’t looking specifically for video will be swayed by the marketing (i.e. with the NEX 5n “you get the added bonus of latest and greatest AVCHD 2”).

    While I’m a little disappointed, there is no desire to run out and switch systems like many who are ranting. Just kinda wondering if the innovation will continue for those of us who bought in for the video+photo. Maybe we’re just too much a minority to influence :(

    • Joey

      Im with you. Im part of the video/stills crowd. The fact that sony is putting 2.0 avchd in all their newer lineup, and panny doesnt is a disappointment. Gx1 is no rival to 5n

    • flash

      They will have other cameras released every year. Some will be with EVF on it, some more for video, some a little smaller and more for stills like this one.

      Panasonic seems now committed to 4 lines of m43 cameras. So there will be one for everyone (at least in their mind). Soon there will be a supper Panasonic m43.

      Not to mention the one line of Olympus Pens and their 3 variants. Next Olympus will come with a second line of m43 with 2 variants.

      I would not recommend trading in any of last years m43 for any of this years, the difference is just not the great. Just buy some great lens for it. It is ok to by a second or third body they are so light, though. Maybe, next years models will be that much better to upgrade to.

      As far a using the Sony 5n for video, good luck with that, tried it and felt it was not to be used for video, a lot of sound issues. Much nicer camera then the new nex 3 or the older nex 5. I felt that Sony dumbed the nex 5n down so people would buy the nex 7; which is the plan for the person who had the nex 5n that I used; to bad the nex 7 is not available yet, due to the devastating floods in Thailand.

  • George

    Lol sorry but when there is nex5n around for $600 i don’t think anyone with some photography knowledge will buy this camera, excluding people who invested in x and leica lenses for m4/3

    • reverse stream swimmer

      The nex5n might be an option for only those enthusiasts with a load of manual legacy lenses, since Sony doesn’t seem interested in supplying native lenses for nex. Rather recommending the SLT A-77 instead. Samsung might be a better overall alternative.

      • Petty


    • ypocaramel

      No hotshoe, almost no external flash choices (High ISO can’t compensate when the light is ugly), fewer controls, no mode dial, not everyone likes using the command dial, and more limited touchscreen. Panasonic turn and click wheel works quite a bit better than NEX spiny dial.

      Camera are photographic tools, has to fit you like a glove. If you can work with the NEX-5N, kudos. I can’t.

      • Luke

        1/160 sync speed is pathetic …

        • ypocaramel

          oh ew lol that sucks.

          Oh well, there is a very fancy camera out there that for some reason is limited to .3 EV bracketing for as far as I can tell no good reason ;)

    • Bryan Br

      Lol sorry.

      The nex5n lenses are either too large or they do not exist.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    A used GF1 never looked so good!

  • EvoltPen

    Why only 1/160 flash sync speed?

  • min

    The EVF port looks similar to the Olympus one, I wonder if they’re compatible. Perhaps that’s why it can handle higher resolution. It’d be great if they share the same port so I can use the SEMA-1 to add external mic. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  • Justin

    Admin, the trouble with your poll is it needs to ask the question why we won’t buy it. Please create that poll.
    Too expensive
    Not enough new features
    No EVF
    No articulating LCD
    Uninspired design

  • Jedd

    GF1 upped to GF13 still looks better then this.
    I really wish Sony would produce NEX-7 in m34 flavor.

  • D3xmeister

    According to a recent test at Luminous Landscape, legacy lenses on Sony NEX are a very bad ideea if you want good optical performance not only in the center of the image. Even mighty Leica M lenses look like crap in edges or corners.

  • Let’s wait for IQ samples – that’s the most important. Especially high ISO ones

    • Well…shouldn’t that be comparable to the G3?

  • j

    Wonder if the pre-order will come with a free gift like the Oly EP3 wooden grip (only in Japan)!

  • FlowerBug

    They killed it in the design stage by leaving out the articulated LCD and viewfinder. It also needs to have a kit lens that does reasonably fantastic macro shots. What’s the use of a camera that’s nice to hold, if the functions that make it worthwhile to use are missing? Why is every manufacturer afraid to make a small, holdable camera that will truly excite people?

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  • I hardly leave comments, but i did a few searching and wound up here Panasonic GX1 announced!
    | 43 Rumors. And I do have 2 questions ffor yoou if it’s
    allright. Is it only me or does it look as if like a few
    of these responses appear as if they are coming from brain dead people?
    :-P And, if you are posting on other online social sites, I’d like to keep up with everything new you have to post.
    Would you list of the complete urls of all your shared sites like your Facebook
    page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

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