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Panasonic GH4 test by Emmanuel Pampuri.


Ballade de Nuit à Hong Kong en 4k avec le Panasonic GH4 from Emmanuel Pampuri on Vimeo.

43rumors reader Emmanuel is one of the few lucky people having a GH4 for testing! He just sent me this:

I am the founder of « Les Machineurs » a rental house and post-production facility based in Paris. I started as a photographer in 1991 and I am directing for TV since 1993. I am crazy about cameras and I like to share my point of view on my blog I made for french speaking people ( this is maybe my first post in english, my apologize if my english is not good.

I had the chance since the GH2 to be a beta tester for Panasonic. And I am very honored to do that because I like this products and Panasonic Camera team is listening to people like me to improve the quality of their cameras.
When I just had the GH4 in my hands 2 weeks ago it was a very good surprise. All the good things in the GH3 are still here, the very good ergonomic form factor and this compact size I really appreciate a lot. And a lot of improvement also. At first, the picture quality in the EVF is now very sharp and you can use it for focussing manually with 2,3MP it’s amazing and you can now use peaking !
The new 4K video is insane, because of no down converting, and there is also a Cinelike D mode what I liked so much on the Varicam. For still photography the new shutter have a very quiet and sexy noise and it’s incredible fast. I have to wait about new Lightroom version to see how is the raw but Jpeg are better than GH3.
For video codecs, the 100mb 4K H264 4:2:0 looks good and the 1080p 200mb All-I mode is also very good. The dynamic range is also better than GH3.
we are in Beta 0.4c and there is some little bugs but nothing really bad to says about this new camera, I already love it and for me this is the most mature M43 hybrid camera ever built. I liked the Olympus OMD-EM1 very much for stills but there is a huge step for Olympus to improve the video part of this camera. And Panasonic GH4 still photography quality is now growing up. If we could merge the two products, that would be great.
For me GH4 is the most exciting versatile hybrid camera to shoot videos and photos I had in my hands. Of course you can have better quality, This picture quality regarding to the price is incredible.
I shot this video in Hong Kong in street night public lighting conditions and you can download the 4K file from vimeo (Click here) to see the quality. Or watching it on YouTube (Click here).
I will do some other footage in few days, stay tuned !

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Readers are free to comment this post to questions for Emmanuel. He will answer you!

Thanks Emmanuel for the feedback on the GH4!

North American GH4 preorders, shipping date and price:
GH4 camera at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here), and Panasonic (Click here). Price: $1,698. In Canada at TheCameraStore (Click here) and Vistek (Click here).
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Interface unit only at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Panasonic (Click here). Price: $1,998

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