Panasonic GH3 to ship from November 30th (and new 100% crops from CNET).


Our reader Joshua (Thanks!) noticed that Panasonic US store (Click here) just updated the GH3 page and added an estimated Ship Date of November 30. And the 35-100mm X lens will ship on October 31 (Click here to see the page).

And now back to new GH3 tests:
Cnet UK (Click here) posted a short GH3 preview. You can see some 100% crops and a video test. They write: “Head out with the GH3 and you can largely forget about light and sensitivity. When set to automatic ISO, my tests proved it could be trusted to select settings at least as high as ISO 3,200, with very little detrimental impact on the image. You have to look very closely to spot the grain, and it certainly doesn’t affect detail levels. Indeed, I would have no hesitation in shooting regularly at sensitivities above ISO 2,000 with the GH3. posted a video hands-on (Click here) and some image samples (Click here).

Panasonic and Olympus Preorder Links with specs and price:
Special GH3 page at Amazon (Click here) and a full Olympus presentation page at Amazon (Click here).
GH3 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here)Panasonic US and in Europe at Wexphotographic UK and Technikdirekt.
35-100mm X lens at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here), Panasonic US.
E-PL5 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here). In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France,
E-PM2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here). In EU at Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon France,
XZ-2 at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
60mm macro at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
12mm Black prime lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
15mm cap-lens at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).



  • Steve-O

    “You have to look very closely to spot the grain, and it certainly doesn’t affect detail levels. Indeed, I would have no hesitation in shooting regularly at sensitivities above ISO 2,000 with the GH3.”

    This could be the mFT pro-body many have been looking for, which would bring a smile given all the knocks it’s taken before even on the market. Seems to be built like a rock and designed to handle well even with larger lenses, big but not by pro standards. Now if the IQ lives up to the hopes, looks promising.

    Now let’s bring on the Olympus pro model to make things really interesting.

    • Ronan

      Have you shot with the OM-D? High-ISO isn’t a problem.

      Heck my fiancee’s little X10 can shoot at ISO 3200 all night no problem.

      • jed

        Thanks for giving the fiancee a warning. Get out!

  • Garypen

    I’ve seen a few of these sample pic articles now. And, there have been quite a few pics taken with the 14-140mm, which I have never used, but have read many an M43 user bash in forums and reviews. But, I must say that pics taken with the 14-140 on the GH3 look pretty damn good, especially for a superzoom.

    • Gabb3r

      The 14-140 is a pretty decent ultrazoom lens, with snap autofocus. I love using it as an all-around lens when I know I won’t be able to swap lenses. I’m pretty sure it will be a pleasure to use that lens with the GH3.

      • Garypen

        I currently use the recently released Sigma 18-250 Macro as the walkaround with my Canon 60D, and it’s pretty impressive considering the compromises one makes for such a focal range. It’s better than Canon’s own 18-200 and Tamron’s 18-270 PZD. But, the images from the GH3 w/14-140 look better.

        I think I will be choosing the GH3/14-140 bundle, once released, and use the fast primes for specialized stuff. The 12-35 won’t really provide the range I need for walkaround. And, if I’m gonna be swapping lenses, anyway, I might as well just use primes for the HQ stuff.

        • thethirdcoast

          Agree that the 14-140 is excellent for what it is. I’ve also been presently surprised by the Nikon 18-200’s image quality. I’d like to try the Tamron 18-270, but haven’t had the opportunity yet.

          • Garypen

            The new Sigma 18-250 “Macro” is better than the Tamron 18-270 on multiple levels.

    • I’ve read those somewhat negative reviews too, but can vouch for the general usefulness and image quality of the 14-140, where there’s decent light. there’s some vignetting at 14mm, but i think it takes great images and videos for the most part.

      I don’t find it useful indoors and am generally a bit dissatisfied with the state of m43 fast zooms, but that’s probably a reflection of my lack of extreme wealth than anything the manufacturers do.

      • thethirdcoast

        Keep your eyes peeled for a deal on a lightly used 12-35/f2.8. I saw a guy who needed cash trying to move one on Amazon for $700 a few weeks ago.

    • JF

      14-140 mm is very sharp from 14 to 50 mm, above that it gets more and more soft when you get closer to 140 mm…Concerning colors and contrast it is average and need some post processing to get pictures that stand out. This zoom is very versatile. I sold my used one and now use the 12-35 mm and I’m very happy with it, the colors and contrast of the 12-35 mm are very pleasing and really better than 14-140…(which is a good thing for a zoom that covers a third of the focal range and cost nearly twice the price…).

  • Henrik

    Panasonic GH3 to ship from November 30th

    And i trust them. Fully! No, really.

  • Arkersaint

    Great results : Looking at these pics and at… my personnal cristal bowl, I can predict that Pana bashing is about to spin into Pana hyping !

    PS : No Pana fanboy, I own both a GF1 and an EP2

  • serioux

    Can’t wait….

  • BB

    They are jealousy guarding the release of high ISO raw files to prevent the inevitable comparison to the superior EM-5.

    • Garypen

      That’s funny! OH, you’re serious? Then you’re an idiot.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Jeeez, glad to hear you’ve had a chance to handle and shoot with a GH3 enough to spew such a definitive opinion.

      So, what makes the OMD superior in your learned opinion?

      1960’s styling?
      The old dead horse IBIS?
      The over-saturated JPEGs?
      The need to use an add-on grip to get any semblance of good ergonomics?
      The small fiddly buttons?
      Or the Byzantine UI?

      C’mon, fill us in.

      ;-) ;-P

      • Jim

        The E-M5 is a good camera. I’m sure the GH3 will be as well. How is your comment any different than the person you responded to? You both just “spew” fanboy nonsense. I suppose you believe yourself to be more clever in your response, but truthfully, you just come across as a smug, immature a$$hole. I don’t really know why the admin allows these types of comments. They add nothing of substance to the discussion, and most likely cost him readership. I’m sure you’ll offer a “clever” response, but you’ll be talking to yourself. People like you aren’t worth the bother.

        • Nawaf

          This is just getting so boring Jim.. The mine is better than yours is ridiculous and so childish.

          The GH3 should be better than the E-M5 as it’s newer and more Pro oriented. Finally m4/3 is getting to a point where I find my DSLR left behind for travel. Ofcourse tracking is the only issue now, as quality glass is available.

          I really need that 150mm that Panasonic is planning to release. Need to test the S-AF on the race circuit to know if I should get rid of the heavy equipment.

          • Ulli

            why are you responding to Jim, he said no such thing as “mine is better than yours”. I truly hope that the GH3 will be better then the OM-D, so Olympus has another task to fullfill with their next flagship. While there is a positive progress in M43, none can be said about many comments here regarding the Panasonic vs Olympus remarks. Imho there is nothing to gain with brand loyalty.

            • Nawaf

              I’m agreeing with him Ulli!

              • Ulli

                oh i misinterpreted it then , sorry!

        • Mymaco

          +01011001 01100101 01110011 (that means YES) Only on this forum I have found people laughing at OMD vintage design. I agree it needs an (expensive) additional grip (for me ONLY because I use heavy primes as Voigty 17.5mm and SLR 50mm). IBIS is not a dead horse, maybe it’s not good for videos (I don’t take them so I can’t say),but it’s awesome in dim light/darkness. I smile when pros carrying around their huge tripods look at me snapping photos in Venice at night with my little “toy”. OMD jpegs have warm colors because that option is turned on by default: turn it off in options menu and “problem” solved. I spoke to several PRO photographers and everyone had admiring words for Olympus jpegs colors in general. My best friend uses Canon DSLRs, Hasselblad and Nex 5s and 7, and everytime he look at OMD files he’s positively surprised and says: colors are fantastic.. Having said so, I can tell that I’m not a fanboy, I buy what I like, need and can afford, I know I don’t need another m43 camera right now therefore I’m not interested in this, but I suppose it will give satisfaction to its customers. It’s not a football/soccer match, and I find stupid to choose a brand side over the other. What’s the purpose?! I don’t need to justify my OMD, I’m really happy with it and I don’t have any regret that can push me to sell it and buy something different. This is not fanboism, it’s my happiness.

          • Horacio

            Sorry, just for improve my English comprehension, what does the expression “dead horse” means. Thanks.

            • Mymaco

              The Italian translation is really different, but it means that it’s useless.

          • Julien

            I don’t like Panasonic JPG processing, flat an dull, i always tought that it was the only big flaw against oly (and i use pana body, not on oly one).

        • Mr. Reeee

          Sorry to see you’re humor impaired, Jim. Is a puerile attack really necessary? It completely negates whatever points you thought you were making.

          My comment was making fun of all the “definitive” statements about an unreleased camera when the only available test shots are with .4 beta firmware. No RAW or full sized images seem to be available either.

          I don’t care what camera it is, or who made it, without complete information, with thorough and methodical analysis of features, output, etc. statements such as the original made by BB are utter idiocy:
          “They are jealousy guarding the release of high ISO raw files to prevent the inevitable comparison to the superior EM-5.”

          The OMD is a good camera, no doubt, but hardly the unapproachable world-beater some imagine it to be. Every camera is built up with a series of trade-offs… the GH3 and OMD among them.

          So, check back with us when the GH3 and you get firmware updates.

      • BB

        I choose:

        f) None of the above imaginary nonsense.

      • caver3d

        Mr. Reeee (Jeff):

        You are a GH2 owner and are showing your true colors as the ultimate Pany fanboy. Since you don’t own an E-M5, you know not of what you speak. The E-M5 looks great, feels great, and performs beautifully, and with excellent IQ.

        And, BTW, I own both the E-M5 and the GH2. I do know of what I speak – and without your bias.

    • Incessant Troll

      good talk guys. some good points made. i wish panasonic was more unethical tho. just a small $500 million accounting scandal could help me understand why im paying so much for fused silica and metal

  • Panasonic US website has said “Estimated ship date November 30” since at least Sept. 18. This is not news.


    Based on Panasonic US’s past performance with the GH1 & GH2, I don’t believe their shipping estimates. Those 2 cams were essentially unavailable from authorized US dealers for many, many months after their announcement. The cams were available in various other regions of the world several months before the US.

    Anything’s possible, but Panasonic US’s shipping information has proven extremely inaccurate in the past. Here’s hoping they’ve improved — but there’s good reason to doubt it. Cheers.

  • Andrew

    Are we not going to get a GH3+35-100 kit?

  • come on pana
  • Nawaf
    • Arkersaint

      Interestig to see that Oly colors are as punchy (and pleasant) as usual… Looks like somewhat unfair since on the last item (the sofa), GH3 is too shortly focused, so that the backgroud is blurred !

    • JF

      Why comparing GH3+12-35 and E-M5 with 14-45 ?? the 12-35 mm is probably really better in terms of sharpness, contrast and colors so the test is biased…

  • It would be nice if Panasonic would announce a GH3/12-35 bundle deal on Black Friday. Panny has to offer something on that day, at least in the USA.

  • chris

    Looking forward to some side by side images with the EM5 to see if the new and improved GH3 DR can match or exceed it on the stills side. So far I’m not seeing anything that makes me think that will be the case. The video *should* be better, but again the samples so far are meh…

  • Heat Legend

    That Joshua must be an extremely handsome and well informed individual.

  • mike_tee_vee

    Any word on if the measured ISO settings are similar to the E-M5? On DxO, the E-M5’s measured ISO’s are about a stop less sensitive than the nominal value.

  • Newbie Here

    Is it just me, or most of the comments here are negative? We know all of these are bad ways to REALLY test the camera’s image performance, but come on. Give it a break. It’s Panasonic DMC-GH3 “VERSION 0.5”. I think everyone’s wasting their time pixel peeping on a pre-production model… I’m sorry.

    Is this a manifestation of everyone’s anxiety on the final production model? I’m sure everyone here just sincerely cares about what their favorite brands are manufacturing for them.

    I don’t know why but everyone’s so busy comparing an INCOMPLETE/UNFINISHED model of a camera to a camera of a DIFFERENT brand. I think it’s actually more LOGICAL to compare these pre-production tests of the GH3 to the GH2. Because come on guys, Olympus has its own perks and quirks, Panny has its own. Their image is different, GET OVER IT.

    I’m sure once the hacks commence everybody here will suddenly hail the GH3 as a Canikon Video killer, just what happened to the GH2. Come on guys, chill. I know we’re all excited but this exaggerated murdering of a pre-production model is absurd…

  • There are any coupon to buy this camera cheaper? thanks

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