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Panasonic GH3, G6, GF6, G5 camera reviews.


I guess most of you already forgot that there is a new GF camera. And many months after the official release the camera still isn’t in Stock in USA (see Amazon or BHphoto). And than companies complain that mirrorless isn’t selling well :)

Anyway, there are new GF6 review to read. Not only, there are actually new reviews on all G cameras:
Panasonic GF6 review at CameraLabs, Trustedreviews and Pixinfo.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 Review by DigitalPhotographySchool.
Panasonic G5 review at Photographic Central.
Panasonic GH3 review at Imaging Resource.

Reminder: one more new GX camera will come within the next few months! And I am certainly not talking about the just announced GX7 :)

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