Panasonic GH3 earns Gold Award at Dpreview.


The DPreview team (Click here) posted the full Panasonic GH3 review. Their conclusion says that: “The GH3 offers the best video quality of any camera we’ve ever seen and does a pretty good job of making it available to a wide range of users. This footage is available without external recorders, making it ideal for in-the-field shooting as well as more formal rigged-up setups. It’s also a pretty handy stills camera with plenty of external controls, making it an impressively flexible package, overall.

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  • Fish

    Awesome news for the format! It seems like m4/3 is becoming the go-to choice for video (with the gh3 and newly released black magic camera)

  • Considering the GH2 is now available at very interesting prices, especially used, I have been thinking about getting a 2nd body dedicated for upcoming video pictorial concepts. It just because of the compact Black Magic that I might wait with that though…Good thing btw that Dpreview included opinions from EosHD for the videosection, also interesting to hear about cinema directors like Coppola praising about the GH2, anyone have a link for it btw?

    • already found i think, it was the Zacuto shootout where pro’s had to rate screenings without knowing in advance which camera was used.


        this was the part where you see the footage comparisons
        part two was where Coppola rated footage B (GH2)as the first.

        This was posted by admin a while ago if I rememeber correctly.

      • if you go BlackMagic make sure you check out your need for WA and UWA lenses, which might be a bit of a challenge. And take stock of the Raw requirement and what that will mean in post production insofar as higher end PC speeds and longer processing times. That said the look of BM is just beyond beautiful, just no good for us b/se of the UWA thing..

        • Ulli

          i can do the things i want to with 12mm to 45mm (about 36-135mm on the bm compact right?)so that would be no problem lens-wise. Raw format is ok too as i want do shoot short sequence only(max few min for a scene).New pc coukd be a problem yes, what is the min. hardware requiremnent for working with raw format regarding to cpu and ram?

          • Timccr

            By the time the BM Pocket Camera is avaiable there will also be a Metabones m43 speedbooster which might help with wide lenses, but how do you work out what that will do on an S16 sensor?

            • ehh you are asking me to calculate that for you? sorry too lazy here.

              • Timccr

                Well, it was worth a try. My head hurts from trying to figure it out.

    • ghftf

      The BM pocket camera looks to be amazing. Only problem is camera shake seems to be even worse than usual. If doing any handheld work I think IS will be critical. Sucks because the Panasonic 14mm looks great on it- very compact and would be a nice focal length- about 42mm.

      • Where did you find the footage? I agree the BMPC looks interesting..

  • Interesting that they wouldn’t consider that the GH3 still IQ would be in line-up with E-M5, even speaking about RAW quality. This may be infirmed by DxO measurements where the IQ was found to be nearly identical.

    • at high isos the GH3 seems to be a lil bit behind, even when compared to GH2 (!)

      • Absolutely no other review confirms that. Something is wrong here.

        • TFD

          it mean @Ulli notice something about this test{ sorry for relate you @Ulli}

          that is DPR site test had wrong .

          • really? did they mixup something? that would be bad indeed.

            • Anonymous

              ok,i saw anything ,why jpg and raw look at pictures on GH3 so dim but they(pic) was brighter on GH2 ,may about f/iso base/ev or my LCD monitor was fail.^_^

      • true homer

        Ulli they state that the gh3 is a good 1 stop better than the gh2

        • I cant see that when comparing in raw; ok, this is pixelpeeping i admit but if you use the compare tool and look at the blue watchplate at iso 1600, the grain structure looks more fine on the GH2 then the GH3.

    • Pixel-peeping killed me

      Before comparing different test results, you have to know what’s being tested.

      DPR reach their conclusions about image quality by comparing images, both out-of-camera JPEGs (at default settings) and JPEGs converted from raw files using Adobe Camera Raw (also at default settings).

      DxOLabs, on the other hand, don’t demosaic (convert) their raw files at all. They analyze the raw numbers directly, in order to get around the influence of any particular raw converter software, and come as close to the hardware capability as possible. That’s why they don’t show you any images – they don’t produce any!

      So, the DxO results clearly show that GH3 and E-M5 (and E-PL5/E-PM2) use the same sensor. DPR tells us that the cameras process their JPEGs differently, and that there are differences in the images you get if you convert raw files in ACR at default settings. This has more to do with the algorithms used by the camera manufacturer and Adobe, respectively, than with hardware differences.

      To conclude, both DPR and DxO are correct in their own way, but their conclusions sometimes differ because they use different testing methods. If you mostly shoot raw, and don’t just stick to the default conversion settings, then the DxO tests arguably are more relevant, since they give you an idea of how much leeway you have in post-processing. If camera JPEGs or default ACR conversion are more your thing, then you might be better off comparing DPR’s studio samples.

      • ISO 1638400

        +1 ! Thanks for the explanation. Same sensor does not necessarily equal same output. The sensor is a baseline, a foundation on which the camera maker puts their own implementation and intepretation on. Yet the sensor itself has certain characteristics that cannot be modified or cancelled out: it is inherent in its design.

        Reminds me of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in computer graphics cards. The same chip in several different cards from different manufacturers, each producing different results, but all within a close percentage of each other. The processing power and speed, available memory and engineering ability of the manufacturer to get the most out of the chip all play their part in determining the performance and image output of the card.

        Some people also confuse out of camera JPEG quality with JPEG quality converted from RAW. I think this is where some angst is expressed when reviewers say the RAW output of Camera B doesn’t quite match up to that of Camera A, yet they both use the same sensor. RAW conversion software settings and what information the camera passes off to the software affects the resultant output. Probably not by great variations from cameras with the same sensor, but enough differences to recognise it in a converted image. Every brand has its own characteristics and trademark renditions. It really is down to preferences and desired output. Default settings are just a baseline and a guide. Sliders can be adjusted!

        • JimD

          When one looks at the variations and then at the options given by effects software and filters. sharpen this soften that denoise add grain cross process and so on for ever. What does it really matter what a lens does and what a camera does? There is no such thing as normal so there is no such thing as comparing end result. Its lomo pictures but repeatable so it must be under control? Maybe!

      • TFD

        what is default setting about base JPEG look at GH3 jpg was so dim ,and GH2 brighter but base ISO in GH2 make more
        noise ,OM-D was sharp and bright and on ISO 200 only,i was dizzy about lens,aperture and some parameter,
        ok i know DPR was professional review may my notices is mistake,if you want see load full jpg onclick size of them.

  • Farrukh

    Well done Panasonic. Now please follow up by delivering that f1.2 lens a little sooner!

    • I feel tempted to say the same, but then again, i have no money for it anyway right now.

      • Farrukh

        Same, but it’s one thing knowing that it’s available and another knowing that it’s not. I prefer the former, to tempt me :)

  • it’s simple

    no mar sensor GH2 stays until it comes back in next GH or not, in that case I will choose BMD Cine.
    Thank you Panny for outstanding GH2 but I’m sorry: mar sensor is what I need the most in GH line.
    My next stop for you is PL 42.5mm f/1.2 OIS, so as you wished no money from me to you in 2013.

    2014: if we don’t get:

    1. pancakes like 10mm/3.5 (GX kit lens) or 40/2.8; $350,
    2. working! autopanorama mode
    3. GH3 upgrade aka answer to BMD cameras

    then you will loose and Nikon will gain more.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great camera for the MFT system for everyone involved. It will help the system grow and keep the great, fast lenses coming! My outlook on the camera though, because of its size and being all about video, (with a lackluster VF for stills), it just isn’t cutting the mustard for stills-shooters like me.
    “So, while it probably wouldn’t quite gain a Gold Award if viewed purely as a stills camera”…
    But it is a good thing for us all for expansion. Also I will soon have other choices when the new Oly’s come down the pike, which is what I am most anticipating. MFT is becoming one powerful little camera system!

  • Sidelines

    DPR doesn’t sound too enthusiastic over the GH3’s still image quality. They must be “haters” according to some here. I don’t understand why reviewers and users criticisms are classified as hate. This is instability and insecurity.

    From the Conclusion page,

    “Which isn’t to say it’s a bad stills camera – it’s actually rather good – but there are some excellent stills shooters around for the money.”

    “For us the GH3’s stills capabilities, while good, are not enough to make it stand out […] As a result, it remains a camera that stands and falls on its video capabilities.”

    “So, while it probably wouldn’t quite gain a Gold Award if viewed purely as a stills camera, it gains that title for putting the highest quality footage currently available at this price within reach of anyone with even a passing interest in video.”

    Ming Thein liked the GH3 stills IQ but criticised the ergonomics and handling. He didn’t care too much for video. He becomes Panasonic fans public enemy No.1. DPR liked the GH3 ergonomics and handling but is underwhelmed by its stills IQ. They also confirm the disappointing EVF. Panasonic fans are running out of friends. Everyone who dares to criticise the GH3 is considered an enemy and a hater. Let’s wait for Imaging Resource. Maybe they will have no criticism of the Panasonic. I doubt that. They usually have the longest Cons list of any review site. Who is left? Everyone is losing their credibility. Everyone is now a hater.

    • Tom

      in the end what does it matter if “Team Panasonic” lashes out at every criticism, because they are small and few compared to the Olympus Empire. :)

    • Anonymous

      Ming Thein is an Olympus shill just like Robin “its got soul” Wong. The still image quality is identical to the E-M5 , the GH3 has much better video, for me it has better ergonomics and menus. None of them are perfect , for example I wouldn’t be unhappy if the GH3 had the 5-Axis IS , just as I would prefer the E-M5 to be larger with a fully articulated LCD and better video.

      We all have our own likes and dislikes along with different needs based on everything from what we do with our cameras { I am increasingly into video} to our size I am 6ft 4 with ham sized hands making the GH3 a better fit for me lol.

      When DPreview { useless site} mentions stills quality they are talking about the broader market. If you exclude weight it is very easy to get better performance from Nikon compared to any mFT . Even the old generation D5100 sensor is slightly ahead the new D5200/D7100 significantly so, in fact by reports I have read the D5200 delivers very good video.If you download the respective RAW files for the GH3 and the E-M5 the results are identical making DPreviews conclusion as flawed as their testing methods

      • TFD

        i don’t know about test {do not call review} ,download all file jpg/raw and open in adobe photoshop{sorry if someone
        don’t like it} open file (gh3,gh2,om-d,d5200 and i had old file NEX-6,650D) 100% 105% 110% you will know
        anything of their(DPR) called default setting is unfair. \^_</


      “Ming Thein liked the GH3 stills IQ but criticised the ergonomics and handling.”

      He Criticized the Ergonomics and Handling of the GH3, but likes the EM5 More?

      We’re done here… And using comments from a well known Olympus Lapdog…

      Why did I even bother???

    • Joetsu

      Ming revealed his bias against the GH3 right from the beginning of his “review,” when he said it was priced originally at $1,600. He was queried on this and said he’d seen it seen it priced so early on at Amazon. As one who followed every announcement on the GH3, I can that is just not correct, for it was always priced at $1,300 or $1,299. But he didn’t acknowledge this “mistake” nor does he have the integrity to correct it.

    • bousozoku

      They mentioned the Nikon D7100 in the article, a camera body I considered before buying the GH3. The D7100 is better in many ways and it’s slightly less expensive.

      Of course, part of the problem with reviews is that they sometimes include personal interest. One preview I saw said something like “but micro Four-Thirds is a system we don’t know can go above 16 MP”–that was removed for the review, but never have I seen a preview for an APS-C based camera body say something like that for a similar pixel density. Can APS-C based sensors go past 24MP? We don’t know.

      • They can, at the expense of usable f-stop range when taking diffraction into consideration.

        • bousozoku

          Whether or not they can isn’t the point.

          Why attack one system with a curious statement if you’re not going to pose the same to all?

          • To add insult to injury I suppose :-)

        • yreyery

          Diffraction effects all formats at the same DOF so none really has any absolute advanatge , the 24mp of the D7100 etc is the same pixel density as the GH3/E-M5.At the same output size a higher mp sensor will have the same degree of diffraction as a lower mp count sensor { with the higher mp sensor having a higher resolution}

    • Coby

      Ming got slammed (deservedly) for making uninformed comments about the GH3s video when a) he admitted knowing little about video, and b) barely using the camera.

  • Anonymous

    Sidelines…do you have a point? What a bunch of hoo ha……
    Grow up…reviews contain criticism.

    • Sidelines

      The point is you obviously cannot read.

  • gh3_user

    This short-film is filmed with a gh3 and a 12-35mm lumix lens:

  • Observer

    This is only a rumour site pple.

    For those take things too seriously and those who are easily offended, here’s a video for you.

    Lighten up:

    Note the above is not taken by a GH3.

  • Miffed

    Yeah and the poor pana fan-babies are getting their nappies (diapers) in a knot as it received a 1% point score lower than the E-M5 and they found issue with the evf. Grow up.

    • yty

      Yep, much better to be a gullible Olympus fan “ it’s cool to pay $80 bucks for a hood” “what do you mean F6.7 is slow”, “”wow, it comes in black” “the E-M5 is as good as the D800””fastest AF ever again ..and ..again” { if you don’t count moving subjects} and for the most pussy whipped there is the claim/delusion that the thieves and rogues on the Olympus board { some of whom are facing criminal charges ] “did it for the good of the company not to protect their fat salaries “

      There are fanboys in every camp , the facts are that for everything that matters are:

      The GH3 and E-M5 have identical RAW image quality

      The GH3 has significantly better video

      The E-M5 has a very good IS system

      For many the GH3 has better ergonomics

      The GH3 has a fully articulated LCD very useful especially for video

      Some people consider the GH3 “too big””

      Some people consider the E-M5 too small

      So basically you have identical image quality and everything else is down to personal taste

      • crystal balls

        EM5 has soul. And IBIS.

        • fdwffw

          E-M5 has a hideous design with even more hideous interface .IBIS is great for static subjects in low light everywhere else not so much.

        • NO…

          EM5 just has a Pathetic, Rabid, Site-Decaying Fanbase that attacks any Panasonic news, Be it Good News or Bad with Extreme Prejudice.

          Paying for overpriced Lens Hoods and most things in the color Black and trying to justify the reasoning for paying for such stupidity must have drove them mad.

          • Graham’s gthc

            +1 I would love a forum that screened out Olympus users , all of them for they are like cockroaches let one in and next thing you are over run

  • true homer

    Wow. I thought this place could not surprise me any more. Theres even a detailed technical explanation as to why the em5 is better despite having the same sensor. It doesnt have to do with the fact that the em5 is using about half a stop lower iso than stated, where the gh3 is using actual iso, noooo its just that the em5 is just better.

    • crystal balls

      Where is the “detailed technical explanation as to why the em5 is better despite having the same sensor”
      I see some very good explanations but nothing that covers your remark.

      • Lacunapratum

        Well, looks like the GH3 is almost as good as the E-M5…

        • adadad

          It is actually better identical RAW image quality , far better video, far better egronomics .

    • TFD

      read my above comment, very easy download 100% files and open on graphic editor(PS,Gimp),
      although me or you is children in primary school ,it ‘s easy to know this test is unfair.

      • adadad

        DPreview tests are pathetic and their conclusions are typically based on default JPEG output . They cannot even manage to maintain lighting in their so called test shots. Download the RAW files from more respectable sites Focus Numerique have the most consistent lighting download the RAW files turn off all NR and look at what the sensors deliver and low and behold it is all but identical.

    • ISO 1638400

      Still beating this dead horse, I see. Have you bothered to read Richard Butler’s explanation at DPReview in response to this overemphasised issue, for which he has given time and time again.

      7 posts down:

      “The difference in ISO between the two cameras is 1/3rd of a stop, when tested using the part of the standard that the manufacturers use.

      What DxO shows you is that the two manufacturers are using different Raw values to give middle grey in the JPEG – this is not mis-stating ISO, it’s a perfectly allowable part of the standard. DxO themselves confirm there is no expectation that stated ISO and their ‘measured ISO’ will correspond to one another. (Note that they do not use the term ‘actual’ ISO).”

      • Anonymous

        dpreview has numerous faults in their so called test , from comparing default jpegs for their conclusions.Then there is the huge inconsistencies in lighting /exposure in the studio shots people so happily compare .Dpreview is a website run by people with zero credibility as technical writers , have you ever looked at their qualifications. The problem with the so called ISO standards is that there are more than one , which is a bit of an irony to start with. DXO , much hated by the little sensor user crowd ( who seem surprised when much larger sensors of the same generation outperform smaller sensors)
        Meanwhile, DXO software is used by some of the biggest names in digital imaging ,including, Olympus,PANASONIC ,Nikon ,Pentax ,Fuji etc

        Mmmm wonder who is the most reliable

  • I have massive problems with gh3 footage in all-i 72 mbits 720p50! Bad Artificials during night-shots. whatch this video:

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