(UPDATED) Panasonic GH2 with 14-140mm no more discontinued


UPDATE: The GH2 has been marked as discontinued at BHphoto (Click here). But after a couple of hours BHphoto changed the status in “Back in Stock”. So false alarm. I am still not sure the GH3 is really coming now.

P.S.: Hot USA deal: Olympus 12mm f/2.0 lens sells now for $715 only at Amazon (Click here).

  • Wow, discontinued without having a replacement announced? Is that a common thing to do?

  • It’s still available at B&H with the 14-42 lens, so this may just mean that they no longer want to bundle it with the 14-140.

  • GH2 + X kits are coming.

  • Bob B.

    Ya know…the G3 is in about the same situation. I bought one last week. I wanted a white one as a back up body for my GX1..and they were all but gone on most websites…(I got a great deal on a open box from Amazon Market Place..and put the kit zoom up on eBay to offset the cost as I just wanted a white body).
    Right now most websites say that the White, Brown, and Red bodies are discontinued….also Amazon is out of stock, (3rd party sellers only), as is B & H on the black G3 with the kit zoom. Wonder if they have stopped making the G3 AND the GH2. I think that the G3 has only been available for about 6 months …right?

  • matt

    please panny no gh2+ x lenses.. I am clicking here 20times a day and hoping I´ll finally see some glorious gh3 rumor that will make me forget on the nex-7 and fuji-x-pro cameras..

    • Mike

      Two reason why GHx is still better for me(!) than the two you mentioned: Fully articulated Screen & Multiformat Sensor.

      • matt

        I know, I´m a videoguy and I can´t imagine shooting with nex or fuji pro, but i like the viewfiners, 1080@60p, better DR,IQ .. peaking.. and also as you said..GHx screen and multiaspect senzor.. but.. it´s old.. screen,senzor,viewfinder they are all old now.. I don´t want from panasonic superb lenses paired with now average GHx senzor.. I don´t want from panny to surpass the IQ and DR that nex and fuji camera have.. I just want something decent that can at be at least close to them.. I have GH1 now and I love it.. and I would like to make a bigger upgrade than buying a GH2

        • mahler

          So what do you define as “old”? An about 1.5 year old sensor? A Camera, that is on sale for about a year?

          The expectations, especially of the m4/3 users become quite a bit exaggerated nowadays.

          The IQ of NEX 7 and Fuji X-Pro is not miles ahead of any m4/3 body, and certainly of the GH2. For GH2 owners or aspirants there in no reason to lurk anywhere else. With respect to usability and IQ the camera is still absolutely competitive. The only competitor to the current GH2 will be a future GH3, provided the form factor stays the same.

          • matt

            old is for me something that doesn´t compete with others.. I don´t need super high end quality.. but I don´t want to be technologicaly outdated..

  • Mr. Reeee

    Maybe we’ll see GH2 kits with the new 12-35mm f2.8 and 35-100mm f2.8 zooms. Now THAT would be a good thing!

    (I agree with matt, please no X-Lens kits!)

    @Mike… + a zillion, a ZILLION!
    I like the NEX-7’s TiltyScreen™, but the GH2 handles waaaaay better!!!!!

    • PJF

      Not to be pedantic, but those 12-35mm f2.8 and 35-100mm f2.8 zooms are X-Lenses.

      • :)

      • Mr. Reeee

        Yeah, you’re right. I suppose I should should have specified the power-zoom lenses.

        So, to restate…
        Please, Panasonic, GH2 kits with the new 12-35mm or 35-100mm, not those gimmicky power-zoom lenses.

        Better yet, how about a super-GH2-kit with BOTH lenses!

        (better? ;-) )

        • Bob B.

          I am not so much a fan of the power zooms, either. I do own the new 45-175mm X lens, though. I do have to say that it is REALLY small, and has better contrast and sharpness than the 45-200mm lens, which was a disappointment to me …and went to ebay.
          I would prefer a mechanical zoom ring (not “by-wire” [and backwards rotation at that]) any day of the week….but with my new G3 and GX1, I have total mm readout on screen and fast focusing. I REALLY like the lens…and I am not a fan of zooms, but to date..if I want a little reach with AF …this is about my only choice, (the 100-300 is not in the same class as this lens). The X lens is very light, and so small. With the internal focusing it stays small…and is easy to throw in a bag and almost not know it is there. Is it like shooting with L glass on my Canon? No…but it really fits the bill for this smaller MFT system and stays in the size requirements that make sense for the system.
          OH…I NEVER use the power zoom. LOL!

          • Brod1er

            The 100-300 is actually very good. Much better than the 45-200- better contrast and sharpness. Only average build and can hunt in low light but it is a £400 600mm equivalent. Great bokeh and offers 200mm equivalent at f4.

            • Bob B.

              Interesting..I read mixed review about the 100-300mm…at the offered price I figured it was on par with the 45-200mm.
              The 45-175mm is a no-brainer…it is sharp enough…and so small. It is the size of the lens that REALLY wowed me. So small for the reach that it has!

          • Yes, I agree with you. The Lumix X 45-175mm lens is a very good one. It is priced somewhat high, but buying it may still make sense if you value compactness, and the extra sharpness.

            The 100-300mm lens is also a gem, in my opinion. At the price point, it gives a very good value for money, and is much better optically than the 45-200. My tests of the lenses are here:



        • PJF


          Absolutely. But come on, this is a fantasy.

          How about a super GH3 kit with both lenses (that somehow get released with aperture rings). For $1500.

          Seriously, I doubt we’ll see a GH3 so soon after a major firmware update. Don’t mind being wrong, though.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Who said GH3? ;-)

        • JRK

          $2400 for GH2, 12-35, 35-100?

    • HMR

      I don’t think that the GH2 with the new lenses are enough to generate significant sales. The majority of people who would be interested in a GH2 already have one and, although I really want one or both of these lens, I’m not likely to buy another kit to get one. Not to mention that ebay would be flooded with GH2 bodies, if that were to happen. That’s not to say that it’s not going to happen that way….. I just hope not and don’t see it as a good thing for current GH owners.

    • Bob B.

      How about a super GH3 kit with both lenses!

  • james

    ‘Discontinued’ is a strong word unlike ‘out of stock’. ;)
    I will guess GH2 + X kits.

  • Hardly believing that Pana already has a mature technology for a really better, global shutter-capable sensor. So I prefer GH3 just at the moment when this product really can compete with NEX7, Fuji X-pro, etc (speaking about image quality, of course).

  • By the way.

    Are the new bright zoom lenses weather sealed? In this case (unfortunately) nobody should expect a price lower than 1000–1500$…

  • ljmac

    Perhaps it’s the 14-140 that’s being replaced?

  • Duarte Bruno

    One question only. What do your sources tell you about global / electronic shutter?

    • admin

      Only that it has “global shutter” :(

      • Duarte Bruno

        ONLY? But that’s MAJOR! :) :) :)
        If this is true, it’s even better than an electronic one!

      • Vivek

        Really?! :)

  • Can we get a GH3 rumour roundup? Too lazy to go through the whole site, heh

  • twoomy

    Exciting, but I’ll believe it more when all GH2 kits are discontinued… :) While the 14-140 is a convenient super-zoom, it’s not the sharpest kid on the block and it’s possible that Pany will be making a replacement with the X treatment (for better or for worse).

    I’d love to see a GH3. The GH2 is wonderful, but give it a bit less noise for stills, more dynamic range, and maybe a few bells and whistles (focus peaking, etc.) and it would be the ultimate m43 camera. And with one of those 2.8 lenses in front… yeah!

    • twoomy

      BTW… if there is a GH3 announced soon, I hope Pany realizes the demand for such a beast and it doesn’t take 6 months to a year for it and accessories (batteries) to become widely available.

    • Mr. Reeee

      All that for the GH3, PLUS high-res EVF and LCD at least on par with the NEX-7!

      If the response to the GH2 coupled with the quick delivery of the GF2, GF3, G3 and GX1 are any indication, Panasonic may have learned it’s lesson about camera deliveries!

    • spam

      An upgrade of the 14-140 would be nice. They struggled a long time with that lens before GH1 was released and could probably do it better now with 2 years extra experience. Maybe we’ll get a X-version with motor zoom and (hopefully) better IQ.

  • Berneck1

    Hmm, i’m thinking this has more to do with the lens than the camera.

  • aljudy

    The way I interpret the “Discontinued” is the GH2+14-140 kit lens. There are lots of GH2’s for sale in Amazon, and other retailers. I think the anticipation for a GH3 may be premature… Al

  • MP Burke

    The GH2 with 14-140 lens is still available at some UK dealers and does not seem to have been discontinued.
    If anything, it is easier to find in shops than it used to be. The GH2 has now have become more widely available as body only or with the 14-42 (non power zoom) lens, rather than with the expensive 14-140 lens. While it seems likely that there will be a weather-sealed Panasonic this year, it does not look likely to be available until the summer.
    Panasonic may use the London 2012 Olympics as a platform for launching/marketing the expected GH3, but, based on past behaviour, supplies are likely to be limited for the first few months.

  • Max

    Didn’t we have this discusion Already. Panasonic is just releasing a different SKU with a slightly different Kit c onfiguration. The GH-3 is not going to be out to the end of the year.

  • WT21

    Maybe it’s the 14-140 that’s going to get replaced :)

  • Maybe the Gh2 will come in a kit with X lenses, hope for a kit with the new announced super zooms.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Ha ha! Now it says “IN STOCK” at B&H! (1:42pm EST)

    Rumors of the GH2’s demise are a bit premature.

    • twoomy

      Looks like they found a box of them in the back corner of their warehouse… LOL.

    • Bob B.

      YEAH..but they are going to launch the G4, tomorrow!!!!!! LOL!

  • mpgxsvcd

    Even if that is the case. I am ok with it. Admin deserves a few extra coins for all of the good posts he has brought us lately.

    Now about that Global Shutter thing… If that is true then you have my attention.

    • come on pana

      i see mega o.i.s it mean maybe why spin extra money to make power o.i.s if gh3 will have global shutter? any sens ?

  • Steve

    I am surprised the GH3 rumor is still going around. We are getting new GH2 kits.

  • gl

    re. Olympics, that seems more like a mass market event. I highly doubt they will squander it on an enthusiast camera (unless it just happens to be part of a bigger lineup).

  • Jake

    GH3 in 4, 3, 2, 1…

  • Chris

    What a shame a good camera finally goes to rest – in supplys anyways.

    Lets see what the GH3 does for us :)

  • SLO

    You guys are all wrong. They’re going to make 3D lens kit only from now on. 3D TV hegemony was the actual roadmap for Panny.

  • Todd
  • Pete

    soungs like they use SAP software, LOL

  • Rinaldo

    ‘Discontinued’ again!!!!! OMG!!! lol……

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