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Panasonic GH2 slips to $699. Last weeks of a glorious camera and some new videos to watch.


Musgo Intro (first 5 min.) from vesubio on Vimeo.

The new GH3 is on the horizon with his weather sealed body, new (15.5Mio?) sensor and new (2Mio dots?) electronic viewfinder. But the GH2 still remains a superb video&still hybrid camera. Some smart buyer will snap the body only which is now for sale at $699 at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.

I toke the chance to link you to three GH2 videos I got via 43rumors readers. On top of this post you see the trailer of the Spanish thriller called Musgo (via EosHD). Looks great! Two more GH2 videos here:
The California Coast by MacGillivray Freeman Films (Youtube).
Panasonic GH2 + 12mm 1.6 HyperPrime Lens Test (Vimeo).

P.S.: I am collecting the GH3 rumors. Send me an anonymous message at or use the contact form to help me out on this!

Short US deal roundup:
GX1 with 14-42mm lens for $529 at Amazon. Black E-M5 body in Stock at Amazon. Silver E-M5 kit also in Stock via third party resellers at Amazon.

  • The Master

    It was and still is a good camera, but more importantly, I’m first!

    • admin

      You won….a big hug from the Admin :)

      • The Master

        Thanks for the hug Admin. :) Jordan, I just do it for fun, like being a kid again. It really isn’t to piss anyone off, although I have to admit that I gain a certain amout of satisfaction, when it does certain people. If you take yourself and your life so serious, that you can’t joke around a little now and then, all I can say is I hope you get well soon. :)

        • It’d be fun and happy if it were every once in a while, but it is done ALL the time by a lot of people. It’s a meme that wore out its welcome about 3 years ago. It is very much the same to me as those drunk idiots at golf tournaments who yell “Get in the hole!” on EVERY tee, even if it’s a 580 yard par 5. But hey, enjoy.

          • The Master

            @ MikeS : Canceraids,? Jesus h christ Mike, WTF is wrong with you? If you were withing an arms reach of me right now, I’d slap you off your inflated ego. I bet your Mom and Dad would too. It’s too bad the forums are filled up with humorless, take themselves too serious retards like you, because it really ruins it for the rest of us. Go read some self help books, there partner, and try to get honest with yourself, before you die and have to come back and repeat it all over again – I really hate to see you waste the whole trip. :)

            • MikeS

              You should take the time to Google:
              (1) canceraids
              (2) sarcasm
              (3) irony

            • Bart

              Hmm yes, “The Master” commenting on someone having an inflated ego.

              • The Master

                @ Bart :There is nothing egotistical about “The Master”. Maybe it’s short for something. I used to work on a Longliner boat and I was in charge of teaching the green guys the art of baiting hooks, so the bait didn’t fall off in the water. I was considered a Master Baiter and held in great esteem by my fellow crew members. :) I humbly accepted the name and have since gone by the short name of The Master. Any more questions?

                • Bart

                  > There is nothing egotistical about “The Master”

                  Nice story, but it doesn’t help your behavior here being a nice case of provoking merely for the attention it gets you, since actual content in posts from you is rare, and your nickname seems oddly fitting for that purpose.

                  So go fool someone else with ‘nothing egotistical’.

                  • The Master

                    Bart wrote:
                    > There is nothing egotistical about “The Master”

                    Nice story, but it doesn’t help your behavior here being a nice case of provoking merely for the attention it gets you, since actual content in posts from you is rare, and your nickname seems oddly fitting for that purpose.

                    So go fool someone else with ‘nothing egotistical’.

                    But of coarse you’re right, Bart. I’ll try to keep to the straight and narrow, from here on out, and only post things that are worthy of your consideration.

                • Cedric L

                  You realy were the masturbaiter of all the new guys??
                  Funny is’nt it!

                  • The Master

                    Keep your fantasies to yourself – weirdo!

                    • figjam


                      says the guy who gets his rocks off posting first

        • MikeS

          A lot of forums have rules that prohibit posts that don’t contribute to the topic at hand, and some single out posters that simply declare, “First!” because they are obnoxious.

          For those that don’t have such rules, enforcement usually entails other users wishing death by canceraids on the person in question.

          So – enjoy your canceraids, asshole.

          • figjam


            Canceraids on “The Master”

    • I’ve never really understood why anyone cares that they have the first comment on a post. Especially when it’s just posting ‘first!’ Strikes me as just really bizarre. I understand if you had some great insight and you’re near the top so your insight gets viewed more often, but really, I just don’t get it. Do you go home and tell your wife (or your girlfriend, or your best friend or whatever). “Guess what? Today, I posted first on a blog article at XX site!”

      Anyway, mini-rant over.

      The GH2 is a great camera. I parted ways with mine after getting the E-M5, but it was a great cam for me. I shot about 25,000 frames with it and never had any problems. It also seems to be holding the distinction of m4/3 camera that held its value the most. It took nearly 2 years to drop $200 in price…for the majority of the time it was at release price…at most dropping $100 prior to this sale…

      • cork

        Agree. Just being first but with no content, is…well…perhaps it’s time to check the prices of lives on ebay…

        Agree with the comments on the GH2. I had also planned on selling my GH2 after moving to the OMD, but I just can’t seem to part with it. I’m actually glad that its value has dropped a little – there’s less reason to sell it.

  • A very good price, but at this point I will gamble and wait for the next round of announcements. If I don’t like the new gear maybe there will still be some GH2 deals around. If not, such is life.

  • pdc

    We have to thank the independent videographic community for really demonstrating the competency of the GH2 – Vitaly Kiselev and Andrew Reid in particular.
    Panasonic simply do not get enough credit for producing reliable well performing products at very competitive pricing. They may not always be at the leading edge of performance (Sony sensors come to mind), but they don’t release products until they are bug-free.
    The G1 camera (and the Olympus E-P1 soon after) spawned a revolution that now has staying power, and the successes of the GH2 and the E-M5 have been instrumental in securing a lead for m43 in the MILC race.

  • Glad to see that the Panasonic GH2 stayed vibrant for two years without being superseded every few months as their compact cameras are. I think that means Pan released a well-thought-out product that had longevity. It’s still a valid box, but we all like new stuff regardless.

    Let’s hope the GH3 is also forward-thinking and this time maybe promote it and have item available sooner. My battered GH2 could use some rest.

  • I have a GH2. The size and weight is great. Lots of manual controls. Bunch of features. But I’ve never been satisfied with the colors coming out of the camera (I have to massage and massage the files in LR in order to get somewhere I like) and, I find myself accidentally hitting buttons all the time. The camera feels plastic, and I just never grew to love its tactile feeling. The EVF is a poor representation of what you’ll actually get in the picture – the shadows block and highlights clip way too easily.

    I hope the GH3 improves on the following:

    – Sensor with better dynamic range. The files coming out of the GH2 don’t have a lot of room for improvement once you have even moderately clipped highlights.
    – Better tactile feeling. My GF1 felt waaaay better than the GH2 in the hand. The metal body certainly helps in that area.
    – Better EVF with more dynamic range. Hopefully with customizable shadows and highlight blinkies, like the E-M5.
    – Focus peaking.
    – There should be a way to lock buttons, or even better, find a way so that buttons are not accidentally pressed – ergonomy. I’ve found myself accidentally changing parameters just by holding the camera time and time again. This only happens with the GH2.
    – Hopefully 1080/50p video mode.
    – Batteries with more stamina? I’m not counting on this, though.
    – Built in ND filter? I’m not counting on this either, but would be great for video.

    I’m not counting on Panny implementing IBIS, its just not their cup of tea.

    • > – Built in ND filter?

      Is that even feasible in an ILC/DSLR?

      • S

        Not a physical ND filter, no. But a digital one would be nice.

      • Just verified: The AF-100 is a micro four thirds camera, and it has an internal ND filter so it IS possible. One of the nice things of not having a mirror i guess.

      • figjam

        The Nokia 808 has a built in ND filter that I believe is not digital, if it can fit into a phone surely an ILC is not out of the question…

    • Some rumors has it that GH3 will be weather sealed. That may be your wish right there for something that feels robust in hands.

      As for battery stamina, I don’t place much hope either, however it will be interesting to see if like Olympus they provide this time a battery grip -on the model that makes most sense-

  • Brian

    Master, I’d expect a child to be excited to yell ‘first’ with no other content. If you’re an adult and still defending it, I suppose there’s no reasoning with you. Thank you for wasting everyone’s time.

    That being said, as a GH1 (and GF1 and GF3) owner, I was sorely tempted to buy a GH2 a couple times. The colors on my stills on my (dirt cheap) Oly E-PM1 and Nikon 5100 are significantly richer. I much prefer the Panny design and controls, but the E-PM1 coupled with the Panny/Leica 25mm has produced some fantastic shots. I’ve noticed the flesh tones on the GF3 are improved, but still don’t match the pop on Oly or Nikon.

    I haven’t tried the GX1 or G3/G5 but from what I’ve read they also lean towards the ‘cooler’ Panny tones. I’m assuming the GH3 will carry on the tradition, but I’ll wait for the reviews.

    • The Master

      Some of you guys are really sensitive or is it touchy? Naw I think sensitive is better. Anyway, Brian, just for you, I’m going to stop doing the “first” thing, but only because I hate to see you so upset, not because I think it’s a bad thing. :)

      • Brian

        Good for you Master. See, we’ve all grown up just a bit today…

  • > The new GH3 is on the horizon with his weather sealed body, new (15.5Mio?) sensor and new (2Mio dots?) electronic viewfinder.

    I want a slightly larger body with a better ergonomics and less cramped button layout where accidental touch doesn’t flip a switch or something.

    And better battery life.

  • wayne wong

    again, no further information about the new tele prime?

  • Bob

    Master: “I posted first”

    I feel sorry for you.

    The GH2 I think has been a great achievement from Panasonic and they should be proud. It’s consistently punched well above it’s weight as a hybrid camera and set a new benchmark for video quality, all in a compact hybrid m43rds body. Fantastic.
    The GH3, for me is going to have to have some major features to differentiate it from the new G5 and former GH2. I think one of the main key ones which people may pay a premium for is weather sealing. Otherwise, I can’t really see anywhere the GH2 is lacking to be honest. The video quality is superb so I guess stills could be focussed on. I would also like to see a silent shutter option like the G5.

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