Panasonic GH2 ISO samples at


Video above: Panasonic explains the GH2 at Photokina.

Unwire Hong Kong (click here) has two new Panasonic GH2 image samples taken at 1.600 and 3.200 ISO. Those are taken with a pre-production camera but to me the image quality looks really good!

More Panasonic news today:
– Panasonic LX5 review at Imaging Resource
– Panasonic releases TZ10, FP3, FP2 and FP1 firmware updates (Dpreview)

  • Eric

    I’d really like to see some low light high ISO examples opposed to studio ISO tests. Does anyone ever use anything above ISO400 when working with controlled lighting? The only time i ever use ISO800+ is in very poor lighting. That said, those two 100% crops do look promising.

    Even though I don’t care about video – the faster AF speed, better construction material (looks a bit more serious than the other GH cameras), and image quality is really starting to win me over. I just wish they’d package it with the 20mm instead of the 14-42mm.

    • George

      agree and about sample photos, I hope it is not real but what i see from these photos are it shows too much software correction. Hope we can see dark scene
      – high iso photos soon so we can judge new sensor

    • I’ve been shooting during the day within the last four weeks, cloudy overcast, dark rain clouds and fast moving subjects (Chinese circus artists). Even with apertures between 2.8 to 4 I wasn’t always able to shoot at 1/250s with ISO 800! So I really think there is a clear use case for clean ISO 800 to 3200.

  • Looks good but I don´t trust it yet. No fullres originals..

  • spanky

    I’m still leery, but it does look good. My problem now with the GH2 is actually the higher resolution because it’s pushing me into diffraction a full stop earlier when I do macro work, so instead of being able to shoot at f/11 or larger I now have to shoot at f/8 or larger to avoid diffraction effects, which means a shallower DOF. That’s no bueno for me. Anyone have some thoughts on that?

    • Parci

      diffraction depends on the size (area) of the sensor, regardless of the number of pixels.

      • Karli

        that’s wrong:

        “… The amount of diffraction depends on the pixel pitch, and the aperture opening. The sensor pitch depends on the sensor size and the number of pixels. The smaller the sensor, or the higher the number of megapixels, the more diffraction. Also, the smaller the aperture, the higher the diffraction. …”

        • kesztió

          This is nonsense, guys.
          Speaking about pixelpeeping on the screen, the diffraction is really greater, but also does the resulution!
          So if you downsample the resulting image exactly to the GH1 resolution you’ll get exactly the same diffraction you would get using GH1.

          • spanky

            Well, it’s not nonsense then if it negates having the higher resolution because I can’t use that higher resolution to make larger prints without seeing the effects of diffraction earlier, doesn’t it? Why bother with the higher resolution if I need to downsample all my photos that go over f/8?

          • kesztió

            No, You still haven’t got the point.

            You can see the “greater” diffraction just on the screen, when pixel-ppeping.

            When you make larger prints you’ll get THE SAME THING you would get using GH1 at F11: not better in terms of resolution because of diffraction, but still not worse.

            But at F8 you’ll obviously get better results!

          • spanky

            No, I got the point, but I think you may be missing mine. One of the reasons for getting the GH2 over the GH1 IS the higher resolution so I can print larger prints at the same DPI as I would with the GH1. That means I’ll get to see the diffraction effects on those larger prints unless I use the larger aperture. I’m not looking for equivalency with the GH1, I’m looking to be able to use the full resolution of the GH2 sensor. I want to print the full 11×16 @ 300 DPI (I shoot primarily in 3:2 aspect ratio), and not just 9×14 @ 300 DPI. To me that means I lose 1 stop of DOF for my macro work.

            To your point, as long as I treat the GH2 like my GH1 in terms of print size, then it’s not an issue. Now I just need to decide if the other features of the GH2 make it worthwhile for me to spend the extra cash to end up with a slightly improved version of the GH1.

        • david

          The “amount” of diffraction (the physical size of the Airy disk) depends on the f-number and the wavelength of the light. If your pixels are smaller than that, it just means that you can (start) to resolve the disk.

          For blue light at f/8, the Airy disk size is about 4 microns. On a 4/3 sensor, that corresponds to around 3500 pixels vertically. Given that we use Bayer sensors, there’s probably some benefit in having maybe two or three times that many pixels vertically. So there’s still some ways to go.

          If you stop down more or consider longer wavelengths, you get bigger disk sizes, but you can do the math yourself.

          • Spanky, do you realize that if you’re going to crop and print with the higher resolution sensor you’re actually getting greater magnification with the same lens’?

            So yes you’re right, you’ll be diffraction limited sooner, but you’re also getting more magnification… You can’t eat your cake and have it too…

  • Kick.Push

    I feel so embarrassed to be German when I see this video. But please believe me – not all Germans have such a bad English pronunciation ! !

    • Jonathan

      As an Auslander living in Berlin I can tell you that most Berliners won’t even talk English (kein Englisch) and if they do… well…

      Germans are probably better than the Spanish and Greeks in this regard, but not by much .This does not apply just to Ost Berliners; the same goes for 20+ year olds that were SUPPOSED to learn English at school :)

      Es ist schade!

      • Gabi

        Off topic on: It really depends. Here (in a smaller German university town with many students from abroad)a lot of people speak English (well, I am not talking about the pronounciation, though ;)). The problem is that the older people are often lacking the practice and the youger are often lacking the education. You are right: Es ist sehr schade! Off topic off

  • Looks good!

  • Thyl

    wikipedia says: The size of the airy disk is calculated as
    d= 2 x 1.22wavelength x focal length / lens diameter. E.g. The disk diameter is about 11 micro meter at f11.

    It is assumed that this disk should at best cover four sesor elements at a Bayer type sensor.

  • richard

    Don’t trust everything from their pre production model, gh1 is know to had banding issue with high iso, but that problem is not show in many of the critics camera, they probably double check that the best quality send to critics while consumer one might had the defective one. is best to take a look the high iso from website and the took the pictute of similar iso and setting to see if any major different.

  • Mike

    Richard, that goes without saying for ANY manufacturer’s pre production photo releases, they are PRE-production images. That said, the 100% crops look really promising.

  • I assume these are JPEGs judging from the increased blur at 3200 whereas a RAW image would see more noise and the same blur. Until we get complete RAW images or at least RAW –> JPEG conversions, these images are almost meaningless. I say almost as what we actually have does look good enough to give optimism

  • TempTag

    Interesting the promotional clip mentions 3D pictures only – does the GH2 do 3D video?

    • From everything I have read, it only does 3D still images and not video. This should probably fixed with firmware as Panasonic wants to push 3D hard to sell their 3D TVs.

  • Marilyn

    Clap clap pana great camera I wish olmpus will fallow the sensor also

  • Dun

    It seems like the main improvement in GH2 is due to new 3D noise reduction algorithm, not new sensor.

  • I agree, while these are from a pre-production, it does look promising. Look forward to seeing actual shots in both jpeg and RAW with production cameras. I bought my GH1 for primarily still photos, but in that I do a lot of documentary and travel photography, it is nice to have a video option, but my primary concern is stills. The GH1 serves me well there but any improvements are appreciated. The GH2 is looking promising but will wait for the detailed reviews.

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