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List of necessary GH2 firmware improvements.


Vitaly (the GH1/Gh2) hacker add a list of possible new Panasonic GH2 features that would be nice to be added with the future hack or by Panasonic via firmware upgrade (Source: GH1-hack):


  • Complete syncronization after remote shutter press in both stills and video (this allows to build cheap 3D rig using two GH2 bodies).

AVCHD encoder

  • 23.8Mbps in all modes available
  • 720p encoder improved with B frames.
  • In camera 2.39 (1920×805) and 2.0 aspect ratio (1920×960)


  • 1080p60 (most probably it is impossible).
  • 1080p25, 1080p30.
  • v720p24, 720p25, 720p30
  • 1:1, 1.2:1, 4:3, 1.37:1, 1.59:1 and 21:9 aspect ratios.
  • More variable frame rate options.
  • Ability to use wheel with Fn key to adjust frame rate during recording.


  • Spanning of files (unlimited recording time)
  • 50(SH)/75Mbps(SSH) modes
  • 422 color mode
  • 1080p24 mode
  • 720p24, 720p50, 720p60
  • 4K 30-40fps mode (with higher compression at about 75Mbps).


  • PAL/NTSC switchable
  • Ability to select any language .
  • Shortcuts with modifier (Fn key + any other key allow to call any function).
  • Saving/Restoring of all user settings up to 10 slots on SD card.


  • Proper 59,94 mode for HDMI output for 60i (or special 60i sensor mode if selectable in menu).
  • Proper 24p output.
  • Audio enabled (doubled in USB/av in analog form).
  • 720p and ETC enabled.


  • Ability to setup My menu to exact user needs.

Sensor related

  • Banding fix (if possible)


  • Unlimited bulb mode
  • Improved bracketing capabilities (whole pictures using one shutter press, more bracketing options, etc)


  • AF-Tracking working in video mode
  • Predefined AF zones
  • Audio meter visible during playback
  • vShooting information visible during video playback (requires metadata to be added to video files).
  • Safe zones markings.
  • Video streaming over USB to PC (up to 120Mbps).
  • Tethering for stills via USB.
  • Zebras selectable level (60-70-75-80-85-90-95-100 IRE).
  • Focus assist in video mode (peaking or center zoom to 1:1 mode).
  • More contrast options (to preserve highilights or shadows).

Amazing if that would be possible!

  • > PAL/NTSC switchable

    It still boggles my mind why producers can’t sort that out and insist on hardcoding. I know for a fact that there is no more difference in hardware: literally all of it has a soft switch for the framerates.

    Otherwise, if Pannay has any common sense, they should put all of the stuff on their to-do list for next GH2 firmware. Announcement that GH2 would be even more capable with new firmware is a sure way to boost sales.

    • Panny can boost sales by having product in stock.

  • …Dont know about GF2, but European models usually have a length-limit for movies, which the rest of the world might not have (all due to EU-video camera tax).

    For some, importing a US model without this limitation and then make it EU-friendly in AVCHD and MJPEG mode would be an alternative. Especially as European always seem to have pay more than “over there”.

  • Daemonius

    5:4 ratio for stills.. some ppl would really appreciate that. :)

  • ISO to the viewfinder when the basic layout is selected.
    Thanks in advance.

  • fta

    and I FINALLY got my GH2 body!!! Woohoo!!!!

  • yortuk

    Some of these are pretty simple and would make a big difference, like making MyMenu actually useful. Some things, like the wind filter microphone setting are just too hard to access, currently. Even better would be a broader range of settings that can be assigned to fn keys. Since each of C1, C2, & C3 has its own fn assignments, you can use one for video-specific fn settings, but things like the wind filter aren’t assignable to fn keys.

    I disagree with having lots of aspect ratios. I like to quickly switch between normal and panoramic, and everything else can be a simple crop of those two. It’s a pain having to scroll through the whole list every time you need to switch.

    I think I’d also like a multi-exposure HDR capability.

    Also, as has been mentioned elsewhere, the dedicated video button should remember your preferred settings.


    It would be great to hack the GH2 as room for improvment is great. After all why would want Panasonic to make changes to the firmware when they dont listen to users!

  • Chris K.

    Dumb question, is it possible to get “Complete syncronization after remote shutter press in both stills and video” using two GF1’s with hacked firmware? I’ve been tempted to get a GF1 just to play with now that their cheap, maybe I’ll get two and set up a 3d rig if I can use them for stereo photography…

  • ElliotShields

    The rumored Sony NEX-7, was itself rumored to have 120fps 720p. M4/3 needs something capable of similar simple high frame rate capture. I’d like to see 120 fps 720p while 720p is still relevant.

  • “Focus assist in video mode (peaking or center zoom to 1:1 mode).”

    YES! I (and maybe some of you) really need that focus assist while recording. The HDMI ideas are also good.

    Concerning file size, is it because of the Mac that cameras still use old FAT32 instead of NTFS? Macs read NTFS, but can’t write. But aren’t those files that come off the SD card read-only anyway? Is there a reason to modify any of those SD card files?

  • I would love if we got at least most of these features for the GH2, however for me personally, I would love to have 120i (or 120p if possible) recording and Full-Frame sensor recording, none of this crop factor, multi-aspect ratio business, just the full 18MP please! :D

  • jaco

    Only one improvement for me is necessary:
    zooming in autoreview; like the GF1

  • Joris

    I totally agree with the zooming in autoreview, this is a much needed feature.Had it on my G1 but it is gone ever since the G2.

  • ES


  • hose

    It would be also great if some sort of further tweaking to the picture profiles will be available. Canon are ahead in this area. If there will be available some sort of profile converter script that lets you convert profiles made by Canon’s profile editor, and transfer them into the picture modes of the GH2, it would be very beneficiary for the GH2’s dynamic range. For instance, converting the newly available for Canon, Technicolor picture profiles, or perhaps newly made flat profiles that extracts both ends of the 4/3 sensor.

  • CBR600f

    In asp backet i’d like to select witch aspect ratio’s to snap foto’s. For instance only 2:3 and 16:9 and ofcourse the suggested ratio’s above.

  • DanO

    Is it possible to increase the fps on stills in highest res mode above 5fps?

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