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Panasonic GH2 Discoveries at Luminous Landscape


Which one is better, Canon 5D mark II or vs Panasonic Lumix GH2? Mike Kobal used the new Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 lens. P.S.: There is a lens in Stock on eBay (Click here) and you can preorder at Adorama!

Michael Reichmann and Chris Sanderson had more time to spend o the Panasonic GH2 and are sharing all their discoveries on Luminous Landscape. They explain you a manual focusing trick and found that “When shooting in low-light situations, the rear screen and EVF are quite inaccurate in both density, noise and colour rendition.” But the part I like most is the 24p Cinemod review: “We’ve never before seen a video DSLR with this film-like image quality.”

In US: To get the GH2 check those three websites like at Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto and eBay. Every day they have a few GH2 in Stock which usually do get sold out after a few minutes :(
In EU: There are plenty of stores having the GH2 in Stock: Amazon DE, Amazon UK, Amazon FR, Pixmania IT, Pixmania ES

P.S.: You can download the GH2 and GF2 catalogue here:

  • Conrad

    The manual focus trick is also part of the GF-1 firmware as of v 1.2. It is documented in the release notes of this version.

  • Lars

    video.. thats all the GH2 is good for….

    • Mike

      Total bull. The GH2 focus is lightning fast and it’s low light capabilities exceed the GH1. In fact, if you walk down the specs sheets, the GH2 has somewhat or dramatically improved capabilites in each and every one of them.

      • I think he was referring to the less impressive quality of stills…

        Also … GH2 doesn’t exceed GH1 in low light for stills (on sensor RAW data, JPEG Engine totally rocks over GH1)… but on video it totally rocks :]

        The focus speed is not that impressive if you consider that only one lens can achieve it and technically GH2 is capable of faster speeds, but there are no lens that allow it…

        so… yes… video… it’s what the GH2 is good for … and very good at it… but it’s also a nice camera for stills… in the end, it’s arguably the best body of all micro four thirds cameras (if you don’t consider size critical)

        • Randy

          Actually the GH2 focuses the 14-140mm, 45-200, and 100-300 extremely fast. So that is at least 3 lenses.

          All the reviews so far have said it focuses faster than entry to mid-level DSRLs.

        • Jonathan

          the GH2, according to user comments and samples posted on the forums, shoots better stills than any other m43 camera in the market.

          so yes, it seems that comment was as good a fertilizer as bovine manure.

        • Luke

          I always shoot RAW. My GH1 sometimes gives me stills with banding on iso1600, while my GH2 didn’t show any banding so far. So I think GH2 is way superior.

          • Correct, even thou ISO sensetivity GH1&GH2 are close, the sheer increase in resolution and especially lack of banding are a big step forward!

      • +1

  • Mark

    The 5D footage looks amazing.

  • I thought the Canon looks slightly better but we’re talking about $3800 worth of equipment vs. $1800.
    And a whole 1lb less weight… much smaller sensor.. I think the GH2 is going so smoke DSLR sales for the competition.
    I can understand staying with Canon if you have a large lens collection… maybe.

  • McSmooth

    In the Luminous article, they ask for separate shutter speeds between video and stills modes. This might be by design since the camera does stills and video from the same mode. Still, there is no reason why each mode shouldn’t be able to remember their own last settings. As a new owner, I quickly noticed that as an annoyance. But for how well this camera does with both video and still, I see it as a minor setback that the average user would probably never notice.

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