Panasonic GF5 fading out from US stores. Successor to be announced soon.


The Panasonic GF5 X is now no more available at Amazon (Click here) and Adorama (Click here). There are still a few left in Stock with the 14-42mm (non X) lens. I have no final specs of the GF5 successor but I have been told it is a minor upgrade and nothing super exiting. The new successor won’t be smaller than the current GF5.  It will be interesting to see if Panasonic will also launch a fixed lens RX100 competitor later this year. That camera will be the smallest camera with FT sensor ever made to date.

That said the current GF5 can be found for a very good price ($449) with X lens and new on eBay US in Black (Click here) and White (Click here).To get notified on further eBay US price drop login and save this search on Slidoo (Click here). And here is the link for the Slidoo Europe search (you can change country in your settings).

  • Admin, any news about G7 (even just a confirmation it will use the same GH3 sensor)?

    • Pavlo

      My prediction is modified GF3/5 or G3/GX1 sensor. Panasonic never had the same sensor across the whole model range like Olympus…

      • Pavlo

        Sorry, didn’t see You asked about G7, not GF7…

      • My bet is that it will have the GH3 sensor, since that sensor should not be more expensive than other 4/3 ones. Panasonic should finally learn that like every other manufacturer, they should put the same (best) sensor in every camera and cut in build and features.

    • admin

      Should arrive in Spring.

  • Henrik

    Is it safe to buy the 14-42x lens given all the problems Ive read about it? Have they fixed the problems with the lens?

  • An upgraded sensor (from the GH3) and other small improvements are more than enough for this entry level camera. Just keep the low price.

  • safaridon

    The only logical reason I can see for Pany moving up the introduction of both the GF7 and G7 would be to change to the GH3 new sensor to match what Oly has already done with their models.

    After the better part of a year we still do not know definitely whether or not the EM5 and GH3 sensor are essentially the same and whether or not being manufactured by Sony or by Pany under license from Sony? I think the latter is more likely to be the case and Pany will put this new sensor in all their m4/3 lines ASAP replacing the 12mp sensors.

    Still no news of the GX2?

    • homer

      Panasonic has gone on the record saying that they are the only ones who can legally make live mos sensors, they own the patents. So I don’t even think the em5 sensor is Sony. Especially since the page that originally said so has deleted the original page where the comment was and said that some things were lost in translation. That makes a lot more sense to me. Sony striking a deal with Olympus and making a sensor with Panasonic tech (live mos) doesn’t make sense at all.

      • Panasonic always said they made their own sensors.

        Oly always said that Panasonic was making their sensors.

        Suddenly, Oly says they won’t disclose who made the sensor in the EM-5, and Panasonic does the same about the sensor in the GH3. So obviously something changed. If they were just a new development of the Panasonic sensors, why all this secrecy?

      • Pc

        What makes a Live MOS sensor a Live MOS? Surely its just a CMOS sensor that supports live view? Like every mirror less camera and D-SLR… More a marketing term than anything else. They may have patents that specifically refer to this kind of technology but it clear lots of companies make sensors that perform just the same functions. Panasonic along with nearly every camera brand use sensors made by sony in their compact cameras also.

        Whatever sensor is used in the current Olympus line up, and the same, or similar performing sensor in the GH3, has to be used in any future gf7, G7, gx2 cameras, the old 12 and 16 megapixel sensors from Panasonic just don’t have the noise and dynamic range to compete with newer sony designs.

        I’m more than happy for Panasonic to pull a new design out of the hat that is good as or better than Sony but the last few years suggests that’s unlikely.

  • Incessant Troll

    how about a better sensor than the gf3? kit with 14 or 20mm, no one wants a 14-42 on such a small camera. or, my utmost wish is for panasonic to make a 12mm pancake f/4.0 lens for $400, smaller than olympus and black color.

  • W. C.
  • Bolake

    A prime lens Vs RX100’s zoom lens?a DC lens?

  • 2344

    600 euro is not a good deal.

    • 2344

      that is the price in europe….

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