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Panasonic GF2 in Stock in Japan and GF2 on eBay (english menu!)


Panasonic officially started to sell the GF2 in Japan (In Stock at We also found a white GF2 camera + double lens kit with english menu on eBay (Click here to see the auction)! Sold by a Hong Kong eBay powerseller for 844Euro. That’s a very good price! For reference, Amazon UK sells the GF1+14-42mm lens for706 Euro.

  • the interesting thing (although it has nothing to do with the final photograph) is that the black GF2 + 14/2.5 kit comes with a black 14mm lens rather than the normal panasonic purpleish-grey color lens :)

  • safaridon

    I wonder if Panasonic USA is also going to offer the GF2 in 2 lens kit which as been so popular for both Olympus with the EPL1 and Sony with the NEXs?

    My wish is Panasonic would also make the 20/1.7 available as a kit lens or in double lens kit for the GF2? Seems Pany is saving the 20mm for the GF3 or upgrade for the GF1 to be released soon?

    • tgutgu

      I rather wonder, if the 1.7/20mm lens is sooner or later history with its older and loud AF technology. The rumored 1.4/25mm will probably have a better AF system, and if the IQ is equal to the 20mm, the older lens will be more or less obsolete, even if the 25mm is larger.

  • pouet

    bought mine in HK yesterday… around 600 euros for the dual lens kit

    • Stig


  • Alejandro, I understand this is a holiday season, a camera stagnation period with very little news/rumors to report but do you think it is possible or reasonable that you fill the gap of this period by reporting all or any-of-many 4/3rd deals. Every time I check this site for interesting rumors of upcoming products, the only thing I find is miscellaneous trivia like these:
    * a camera or lens being sold for bla on
    * camera XX or lens XX-XXmm has been reviewed by
    * brad or angelina bought (m)4/3 cameras for kids in an orphanage in an african country.
    * company NoName has made whatever worthless accessory for (m)4/3.

    i dont need any bla nor brad nor noname news, i need rumors, made-up ones would be much better than the above-mentioned, at least a rumor even if untrue would generate debate, the above generates boredom.

    • admin

      Hi Catastrophile!
      I suggest you to save that link only: It contains rumors only :)
      Usually in that period there are 1-2 rumors per week. Sorry if I have no more. I received many more rumors from unkown sources that I didn’t post because I have to check them first or because they are clearly fake.
      P.S:: You are the very first complaining about the reviews I do post on 43rumors :)

      • at

        I think the admin is right. It is no need to post totally mistrustful rumors to mislead readers to the wrong directions and mess up the site. I think Catastrophile can simply browse around the Internet and forums for as many rumors as needed.

      • Good idea, I changed the bookmark i use to check this site to the URL you mentioned.. Happy holidays to you and to all readers.

        • PS: but wait, even the rumor category still doesn’t eliminate all the non hard core rumor stuff, examples:
          *(FT5) SLRmagic to release a 26mm f/1.4 “toy lens”..
          *a little bit of everything…(GH1 vs GH2: Rolling….

          • admin

            Right! Those are little mistakes. I fixed it now.p.S:: the SLRmagic news is a rumor ;)

  • @cat … the GF2 is not available in the UK (and perhaps some other areas) until March 2011 – but this eBay seller is offering it internationally, isn’t that news? I’m personally not remotely interested in the GH2 but I am aware that there have been major supply problems (a really shocking issue for Panasonic in the pre-Christmas rush!), but I’ve seen some posts in here informing us that this camera is on B&H or Adoramha in the USofA: news?

    I think both are news worthy items and appreciate that this site is ad supported.

    PS – I just bought the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 but found a better deal on a local store website, shame I couldn’t use a click through from here to earn some commission for the admin, I checked for a few days :(

  • Consumer want tiny and high perform camera. High performance camera always came with a bigger sensor size. I have read many debate between the panasonic m4/3 versus sony aps-c sensor in the mirrorless world. This b@ttle is so interesting. Sony stand on the aps-c while Panny on the 4/3. The b@ttle have alr begun. Panny and Sony are assembled their armies and ready to war soon in 2011. The Champion will conquered MSS largely.

    On current stage, we could see the strength and weakness of both company in amazing race!

    Panny [+] 0.1AF, 3coresHD, 16mp, 24pcl, good sound+PQ,
    Panny [-] expensive price, less lenses, no 25p, 4/3 lol, bad RS,

    Sony [+] 25% cheaper, aps-c lol, -dominate mirrorless now-
    Sony [-] slowe AF, less lenses, lower mp, no VF, lack UI, bad RS,

    Rumor said there is a Nex7 (hero) by 2011. Not sure how many [-] sony gonna fix on it to combat panny. So, the 2 GF3/GH3 from Panny by 2011 will it able to dominate the ‘world’ or it just common soldiers.

    and wish everyone happy new year! wish you get more gears!

  • John Metsn

    It has been in Japanese shops for quite many days. Surprisingly it’s even possible to find many shops, which have GF-1 and GF-2 just next to each other. I prefer GF-1 by all means though…

  • Tom Blue

    I just tried the Zuiko 35-100mm lens (via adapter) on the GF2 and got an error message each time. The salesman said that it may not be compatible yet and need a software update.

  • Tom Blue

    that is, all 4/3 glass. we also tried the 12-60mm, 11-22mm and 50-200mm

  • Nice Panasonic GF2, Today japan is a huge potential market for online business in Asia.

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