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Panasonic GF2 in Stock, Fuji X100 delayed


The good news first: The black Panasonic GH2+14mm is in Stock at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here). Check all the kits and colors availability at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

The bad news: Fuji announced that due the huge amount of preorders the Fuji X100 cannot be delivered in time. That remind us the issue Panasonic has with the GH2 delivery but there is a small and very important difference. Fuji released an official press release to apology and to promise to increase the production. Panasonic should learn from them! Source: Fuji Japan.

Preorder the X100 at: Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto and Amazon UK.

P.S.: The GH2 is still “Missing” at Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto :(

  • Alex

    Problem is Panasonic doesn’t learn!!!

    • mahler

      Why the sould they learn? The GH2 is available in many places all over the world, it was available on the marfket with only a week of delay (I had mine at December 6th).

      To me, it is strange that Fuji delays the release because of too much demand. That sounds rather silly and incompetent. They should put the camera on the market as soon production starts. Probably they have identified some other issues as this, and put that strange reason in public jsut for marketing reasons in order to put a case against Panasonic.

      • I’m with Mahler. I went through the December cat-and-mouse game of one Panasonic source saying cameras were shipping and another saying they would be on back-order forever… but when all was said and done, mine arrived right when it was supposed to, and I have been using it with a great deal of satisfaction ever since.

        If Panasonic were to learn anything from this experience, it might be that they should just ship cameras as fast as they can, and ignore the urge to explain. I doubt if a press-release “apology” is actually going to make anyone feel any better regardless…

        • wife

          You people and your simplistic minds.

          The shortage is the best [almost] free marketing that Panasonic can buy.

          • frank

            yep, it’s the apple way all over again!

          • cL

            I think all of you are over-thinking and double guessing. It’s just poor management.

            Nobody is trying to scheme another company at the cost of losing sales…. Nobody can win with this kind of strategy. Fuji lost sales and reputation, and how does that link to Panasonic? I fail to see you guys’ reason. Is it just Fuji vs Panny? This is free market you know. If somebody has to wait too long for something, it’s possible they’ll change their mind and buy a substitute product instead. It’s just poor operation management and logistics.

  • Ben

    Not sure about those X100 delays – my pre-order arrives tomorrow. Have the tracking number and everything…..

    • Franklin

      Where did you order from?

    • wife

      There’s no delay. Admin put a spin on it to get more readers.

      There’s a difference between a delay and a product that has shipped, but not enough to meet demands.

  • And when you think about all the X100 haters who were swearing it would be a flop…

  • AAAAARRRGGGHH I had my credit card entered, there were two left, I clicked confirm order, and the GH2 is sold out!

    *bashes head against wall*

  • Eric K

    Its not a delay, just that Fuji can not meet the worldwide demand. It will probably be difficult to purchase for the remainder of the year.

    That’s my guess.

    Your average USA consumer doesn’t even know about it yet. Once it is featured in places like Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair and a few celebrities are seen using it the demand will only increase. Right now its just some dedicated photographers and gear freaks hoping to get it.

    And god forbid it appears in a movie or a TV commercial… Hopefully Fuji is not that savvy. (Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp keep your grimy hands off it!)

    I’m not on any pre-order list. If I can get one before end of summer I’ll consider myself lucky.

    The only realistic thing that can hurt demand for the X100 is an actual follow up to the GF1.

    • Loop

      The X100 is actually featured in this month’s Wired UK (on page 71).

      It’s just a pity they’ve described the camera as a, “micro four-thirds format 12.3mp digital SLR.”


    Here we go again!!….whats mr ranting H**** going say this time.

  • Tristan

    I was lucky to get one of three GH2’s with the 14-140mm lens at last week. I actually called them when I saw “IN STOCK” on their website to make sure it wasn’t a mistake, lol. I get to pick it up today! They are already sold out again, though, but say “Usually ships within 1-2 weeks”

    I’m just glad I was able to pay a regular price instead of the $2k+ people are asking for on ebay and Amazon for US models.

  • safaridon

    Many are blaming Panasonic for all these delays when in fact their comments should be directed at Panasonic Marketing practices in the USA. Panasonic is producing these cameras GH2 GF2 widely available for sale in Japan and in Europe so apparently the fault lies with Panasonic in USA not ordering enough for some reason or another. One maybe US Panasonic distributors are insisting on a lower price for buying these models in the US?

    • cL

      Or maybe the profit margin is too low in the US market so they prioritize the availability in other country. Or the currency exchange rate is not in favor for American market. Any of this may be a reason and other issues, besides just plain bad logistic planning.

  • Kolen

    I think you mean GF2 + 14. You make us so happy by saying GH2 finally in stock, you know…

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