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Panasonic G9 review by Robin Wong: “filled with impressive features that just work”


Robin Wong posted his full Panasonic G9 review. His conclusion:

I did enjoy using the Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 tremendously. It is a high-performing camera, filled with impressive features that just work. The image quality is excellent. The continuous AF is one of the best I have seen on a Micro Four Thirds camera, and the Dual IS 2 surprised me while shooting dangerously slow shutter speeds hand-held. The bright and high resolution EVF was so pleasing to use and the camera confidently nails images one after another.

I do, however, dislike the default color profile of the G9 and found the JPEG to be poor in handling high ISO images. This is a minor problem considering I mostly shoot RAW and post-process images to my liking. The AF suffers a minor hiccup in extremely low light conditions (which the LX100, GH4 and GM1 never had any issue) but this happens so rarely that it shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

The Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 is highly recommended for Micro Four Thirds shooters who want the best for all photography needs. And for those looking to venture into mirrorless from the DSLR camp, the G9 should sit high on your list of considerations.

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