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Panasonic G85 gets the Gold Award at Dpreview (Update: IS with issues)



The G85 at

Dpreview published the full Panasonic G85 review:

The G85 is an extremely appealing camera for enthusiast photographers. Light-weight and weather-sealed, it offers dual control dials, a fully articulating touchscreen and ample customization. Still image quality is excellent, the same goes for 4K and HD video quality. Autofocus is reliable, even when it comes to subject tracking and 5-axis in body stabilization allows for easy hand-held shooting. Simply put, this camera should fulfill the needs of many with ease.



Personal View user Hanriverprod reported a major issue witht he G80 image stabilziation system. Just watch the video to learn more about it!

G85 in USA at BHphoto. Adorama. Amazon.
G80-G81 in Europa at Amazon Germany, ParkCameras. WexUK.

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