Panasonic G5, 45-150mm lens and compact cameras announced!


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G5 in Black at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here), in Silver at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
45-150mm lens in Black at BHphoto (Click here) and in Silver at BHphoto (Click here).
LX7 in Black at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here) in White at Amazon (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here)
Other compacts, the FZ200 at BHphoto (Click here), the FZ60 at BHphoto (Click here).

Previews and Reviews
G5 at Dpreview, Imaging Resource, Techradar, Engadget, ePhotozine (E-M5 vs G5), ePhotozine (preview).
LX7 at Dpreview, Imaging Resource, Techradar, ePhotozine.
Other compacts at Dpreview.

Image samples
G5 at Photographyblog, Imaging Resource, Techradar, Engadget, 3Dnews (rar download folder).
45.150mm at ePhotozine.
LX7 at Imaging Resource, Techradar, Engadget, 3dnews (rar folder), Photographyblog (hands-on).
Other compacts at Photographyblog (FZ200 hands-on), Photographyblog (FZ60 hands-on).

Press Release
G5 at Dpreview, TheVerge, Imaging Resource, Techradar, Photographyblog, Cnet Asia, Photoscala (german), Focus Numerique (french), DSLRmagazine (spanish), ThePhoBlographer, Systemkamera (german), OpenPN (french).
45-150mm lens at Dpreview, Photographyblog, Photoscala (german), DSLRmagazine (spanish), Systemkamera (german),
LX7 at Dpreview, TheVerge, Imaging Resource, Photographyblog, Cnet Asia, Photoscala (german), Focus Numerique (french), DSLRmagazine (spanish), OpenPN (french).
Other compacts at Dpreview, Photoscala (german), Focus Numerique (french), DSLRmagazine (spanish).

G5 videos: official Panasonic video, Engadget (embedded within the article), G5 review in dutch with english subtittle, video quality test (dutch), youtube (italian), youtube (spanish).
LX7: preview (dutch), video sample (dutch).


Which of the new Panasonic products do you iike?

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  • nik

    dpreview , imaging resource so slow to update

    • admin

      Me faster than them ;)

      • GreyOwl

        Well done admin! ;-)

        • urgs

          so 1/1.7 is a LARGE sensor yet… mhm…

          at least when we believe Panasonic.

  • mooboy

    Not sure if I missed it in one of the leaks – but what’s with the little controller behind the shutter button? I wish Panasonic would instead put another wheel there a-la Canon style SLRs. Not a fan of the Panasonic single wheel implementation.

    • Joe Photo

      According to Focus Numérique, it’s for powered zoom lenses and it can be associated with other functions, like exposure compensation.

  • Will

    So Panasonic re-released the g3? Well…

    • safaridon

      Will- You really didn’t expect the G5 to be all new after only 1 year?
      I think that better grip, 1080P/60 video, 6 fps, 128,000 ISO capability rating same as EM5, and higher resolution 920,000 dot swivel LCD would be enough of an upgrade?

      • Matt

        Seems like it also has better AF, better controls, eye sensor, better grip. Seems more of an update than any xxxD series Canon yearly update, or Olympus UPDATE. Of course new models like E-M5 etc are always going to look more interesting, because they are brand new, not replacing something that exists (and was already pretty good to start with).

      • Will

        but it’s essentially the same sensor. Thats what matters to me when upgrades happen.

        • safaridon

          According to Panasonic as well as DPR Preview the G5 does have a new sensor and they expect better noise and high ISO performance accordingly. According to the spec it is a 18 mp sensor with 16.1 sensors effective and with some processing done on the sensor. DPR considers the G5 is a mid range model above the G3.

          • Will

            Well I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the reviewers say.

        • Matt

          Well then, you are going to be disappointed time after time. I feel sorry for you!

          There have been 5 sensors in total for m4/3s over 19 models to date, meaning you have been disappointed on 14 occasions now, poor you.

        • Joe Photo

          The Sensor has the same resolution as the GH2, including other aspect ratios.

      • BLI

        For a moment I was shocked, until I realized that there was one too many zeros in the ISO range…

    • Gabriel

      DPreview makes it sound like it has a new sensor…

      • Miroslav

        Yeah, “digital instead of analog”.
        “Featuring a newly designed 16 million pixel digital sensor” says TechRadar.

    • Bob B.

      I think Panasonic put some nice new features on this camera…improved sensor & processing, faster frame rate, way better LCD, improved mech. buttons and a better grip.
      I think it’s a little pricey as the G3 has represented incredible VALUE…but give tha camera a little time and that price will drop nicely. In the meantime we can read some thorough reviews and see how the images stack up.

  • Norman

    What’s the point of the 45-150mm lens? Isn’t the 45-200mm cheaper? Offers more focal range too. And the 45-150mm isn’t a high quality lens either (X brand).

    • safaridon

      The point of the 45-150 lens is size as it is the smallest m4/3 tele zoom to date some 30% smaller than the 45-200mm and with HD designation quiet for operation with video and better construction with metal mount than competive zooms of similar range.

  • mister_roboto

    So… GH3 anyone?

    • safaridon

      Well with 1080P/60/50 video capability and high definition swivel screen some might even prefer the G5 over the GH3 if it comes as rumored with tilting screen instead.

  • rubits

    the voters on this site are pathetic. Literally. I am extremely disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm over the G5. The video specs demolish the EM5. the camera as a whole competes with the 7D, at an introductory price 1/3 of its. Shame. Oh an by the way, I am not a G3 owner and won’t be buying a g5.

    Admin, this is similar to the Shneider poll that had people voting for lenses that are already available.

    • admin

      It’s an “emotional” poll. Only with time some will “rationalize” the camera.

      • Matt

        Exactly. People want it to have every feature under the sun, be better IQ than everything else, look exactly they way they want it to look, come in the colours they want (this seems to be VERY important here :S) oh and they want it to cost 28c. If it isn’t ALL of those things (which no camera ever will be) then people will whinge. It is kinda of fun to read the whinging though :)

        • Don’t forget! They want the EVF off centered!

          • Matt

            So it doesn’t have the SLR ‘hump’! Of course, but I guess that comes under ‘doesn’t look exactly how they want it to look’, because if it was decentred people would complain that it isn’t centred! Honestly.

            • Boooo!

              Isn’t the hump there to house the flash, or in the case of the E-M5, the IBIS sensors?

              • Matt

                Whatever it’s there for, people will whinge about it…

            • I know. We hear a bit less about it nowdays, probably since Olympus nailed a cool factor with a centered OMD I’d say, but it was driving me crazy.

              My current pet peeve is dissing a lans because of color. No.. the 1.8

            • I know. We hear a bit less about it nowdays, probably since Olympus nailed a cool factor with a centered OMD I’d say, but it was driving me crazy.

              My current pet peeve is dissing a lens because of color. No.. the 1.8/75 is not black! Thats not the reason why Panasonic should release a fast 75mm!

    • Pete


      you just don’t get it. It’s easy to understand, the E-M5 looks a bit like a 1970’s camera! ;)

      Seriously…. It’s a minor refresh all nice to have but I’d probably still buy a G3 and stick the cash to a fast prime. To be honest 6fps? yeah when you have a continuous focus that can use it!

      We won’t see Panny’s answer to the E-M5 until the GH3 is announced. And I assume it’ll be for Photokina Admin?

    • Will

      I’ve never shot video with a camera past just using it to check something out. Better video does nothing for me and probably a lot of other people here past GH2 Enthusiasts. I don’t know a single photog personally who shoots video with their dslr/mirrorless.

      • Cork

        “…I don’t know a single photog [sic] who…shoots video…”


      • Gabriel

        There’s plenty out there that shoot video with GH2s, 5D Mk2s and such. Lots of ads and shorts are shot with these types of cameras because they preform very well and are considerable cheaper than dedicated video cameras.

      • Are you from the Mars?

    • Fish


      So what if 188 people don’t like any of the new announcements? I am one of the people who voted “nothing” – and I did it because there was nothing here that interested me. Maybe if I shot video, I would feel differently, but I don’t.

      Your comments don’t even make logical sense. If you thought everyone had to have the exact same opinion as you, what’s the point of even having a poll???

      Just because people vote differently than you doesn’t make them “pathetic” (or “haters” as Rep96st suggests). In fact, I would submit that if Panasonic’s goal is to sell products, their failure to excite so many voters – reflects more on Panasonic than it does on the voters.

      Besides, I can’t think of a single camera-related topic in which you could call “shame” on a group of other people WITHOUT coming across as pompous. Lose the self-rightous attitude, especially since you have admited that you wont be buying a G5 either! Ha, it’s so awesome, you aren’t going to buy one either.

      • Matt

        Ass, oh I mean Fish,

        The Poll clearly states ‘which do you like?’ Not ‘which will you buy’. For people to say NOTHING here just goes to show how misinformed and how disconnected from real products a lot of these people are.

        HALF of all people who have voted have said they like nothing. Actually it is probably more than half the total voters because if like me people have voted on a number of items and presuming the ‘Nothing’ voters ONLY voted on ‘Nothing’ if your average voter voted on 2 items that would mean 2/3’s of all voters, voted they LIKED ‘Nothing’ that was released today.

        To that I say 66% of you are pathetic little jerk offs whom have nothing USEFUL to say about any product release, ever. Why? Because you can find NOTHING AT ALL to like about todays releases, you obviously have much higher expectations than are realistically achievable, or even possible.

        • Matt,

          I don’t know who you are or what you are so upset at me for, but when the poll asks “what do you like?” I took it to be asking “what product are you interested in?” because there is no chance for any of us to “like” any of these products yet – because no one has had a chance to use them or only see them. They are only announcements at this point.

          If you are saying that we should answer the poll from the opinion of trying to find something positive about each product, I would say that just like rubits, you haven’t thought through the point of having a poll. Sure, every camera product has some redeeming quality. Even if panasonic had announced a new neckstrap that had a different colour stitching, I recognize that for someone that might be a very good product. But I am not answering the poll on behalf of other people, I am answering it for myself.

          And for myself, there is nothing in this announcement that I find even remotely interesting. That is the point of the poll – to see which products people like. I can’t understand how someone can get so upset because someone else voted differently from them. And I can’t understand how you can get so mad at a total stranger to call them names over it????

        • “To that I say 66% of you are pathetic little jerk offs whom have nothing USEFUL to say about any product release, ever.”

          I don’t know what’s going on with you dude but you seem to be losing touch. Aside from the name calling, what do you mean about the results saying people have nothing useful to say? It is just a poll, you can’t “say” anything in the poll, just click a box.

          This is a (m)4/3 rumors site and of the products announced there are only two items that even apply to my interests, a new m4/3 body and another kit lens. Just because I don’t like either of those two products, how do you suddenly conclude that I have nothing useful to say about “ANY” product release “EVER”. I don’t see how you could have made such a leap?

          • Matt

            Being indifferent is one thing, those that are indifferent as these are things that are not of interest to them should not be contributing to the poll. By saying ‘Nothing :(‘ to a question of ‘which of these products do you like?’ clearly implies that you actively dislike all of these products. My point is proven by all the constant whinging on all of these rumor sites (not just for m43 users) that whenever anything is released from any manufacturer the spexperts come out with why it is such a bad product, because it doesn’t suit them, or they have something else that they like better… Or more likely they have little to nothing but like to make wild comments about how x product (most of the time a completely non-competing product) is better. Not that they will ever own that product either.

            It is funny, really, and quite interesting at the same time. I mean how much whinging went on when the E-M5 was released? Everybody hated the hump, the price, that it didn’t have this or that, that it had the same sensor as the G3, blah blah blah. Now Pana release the G5 and it’s all crap because of the same ‘tired old sensor’ and it isn’t as good as the E-M5 and so on it goes.

            There are plenty of people that have constructive things to say, but there are more that do not. I think this poll is a good indication of the kind of ratio of people who don’t have anything interesting to say.

            • Matt,

              Who said they were indifferent? I am not indifferent, I follow this site religiously and was looking forward to this announcement, hoping that there would be something announced that I could get excited about. I didn’t find that in this announcement. You might have, I’m glad for you. We each got a vote, that’s what a poll is for.

              Suggesting that people not vote is only slightly less insane than suggesting that people all vote yes.

              If there wasn’t a “nothing” option in this poll (or you and rubits got your wish and were able to prevent people from voting “nothing”), the poll results would be seriously flawed. It would read that there were 530 votes and all of them were that they liked something about this announcement from panasonic.

              – 530 votes: 100& of them were “liking” at least one of the new products

              is very different from the real results of this poll which were,

              – 1060 votes: 50% liking at least one of the new products, and 50% not liking any of the new products.

              Those two results are saying two very different things and by muzzling half of the voters, or trying to bully them just because you don’t agree with them, you miss out on the whole point of the poll ie, trying to get a feel for what people “like” about this announcement. It defeats the whole purpose.

              If the admin compiled results of scientific tests, I suppose you could try to state what was right and what was wrong. But if the question is “what do you like?”, how could someone be wrong about their personal choice?????

              • And I think it is another leap and flawed logic to suggest that just because I don’t like any of the new announcements, “clearly implies that you actively dislike all of these products”. That is not true.

                I don’t like the Oly 14-42mm kit lens. I don’t dislike it, in fact it is a good lens as far as kits go. But if Oly announced a fourth version of the 14-42mm and admin posted a poll asking me what I liked about the new product announcement, I would vote “nothing”. I wouldn’t vote I liked it just because it is a lens and there is something positive about all aspects of photography, and I wouldn’t abstain from voting because my “not liking it” is information in its own right.

                Your argument was flawed the moment you tried to tell people what they should or shouldn’t “like”.

                But you should have recognized it was flawed when you found yourself calling people, “ass” and ” pathetic little jerk offs”.

                • Matt

                  You clearly do not understand the question that was posed – WHICH OF THE NEW PANASONIC PRODUCTS DO YOU LIKE? Answering ‘Nothing’ Says ‘I do not like any of the new panasonic products’. That is disliking them. To not answer is being indifferent.

                  Can you not see the problem there?

                  Let me ask you, as you say you voted ‘Nothing’ – Do you dislike these products? Because that IS the answer you gave.

                  • Matt,

                    Did you choose that you liked all of the new product announcements? If not, why did you dislike the ones that you didn’t choose? If there was one that you didn’t like, how come you have the freedom to not like something, but I don’t.

                    And if you did choose that you liked all of the announcements, surely you don;t expect everyone to vote the same as you, do you?

                    • Matt

                      Once again Fish your logic is flawed. By NOT voting for something is the same whether I don’t vote for it, or you don’t vote for it. Either way that item doesn’t get a vote to add to it’s tally.

                      Let me ask you this; assuming this is a poll to determine which of todays announcements is the most interesting, when nothing comes up as being the most interesting, what do you think that means? Nothing. It means there were more people not interested in any of this then there were people who were. I could have told you that, in fact the number of m43 users alone could have told you that.

                      Here is a really important statistic, of the products that were announced today, there are more people in this world who are not interested in any of them then there are people who are. Wow! We needed a poll to find that out?! Amazing! I was sitting here thinking that EVERYONE was interested in what Panasonic released today.

                      Now can we have a poll that asks, ‘For those who are interested in the products Panasonic released today, which ones do you like?’

              • Matt

                The poll is seriously flawed. And your logic is sound enough. However the question being asked is “Which of the new Panasonic products do you iike?” Not “which are you interested in purchasing” Not “Which ones would you rather than existing models” or “Which will be your next” or anything else. There should not be a ‘Nothing’ option to that question.

                If you are indifferent, which you actually are, because the question wasn’t “which of these were you waiting and hoping to be announced”, you personally hoping for something that wasn’t even rumoured to be being announced does not make you vested in the question of “which of these actual announced products do you like?” because none of these products you were interested in in the first place. So if you are indifferent you shouldn’t be voting, simple. Or do you actually dislike these products?

                There could be an option for ‘Bob’ in the poll and people would vote for it, having a nothing option is about as pointless as having a ‘Bob’ option. For example, take all the m43 bashers who swing by to bag out the format, for some sense of superiority, should we count their ‘nothing’ vote, voted because of course they don’t like anything here. What about the guy who just bought a new camera, he doesn’t want a new camera so he votes nothing, count that? Maybe the idiots who think that the G5 should have been full frame, so they vote nothing? I mean none of these things could possibly be skewing the figures and completely detracting from the original purpose of the poll now could they?

                • Matt,
                  This is getting more and more silly. The poll is not flawed. A poll has to have a “none of the above” option. I don’t know why you keep trying to suggest that the poll was “what are you going to buy”. The poll was, “which of these announcements do you like?” I didn’t “like” any of them. That is actually the correct answer because: a)I got to vote and b)I didn’t like any of the panasonic announcements listed in this poll. If I had voted that I liked the announcement, that would be the wrong answer because…. I didn’t.

                  And the m4/3 bashers? Their votes count too… and they need to count if you are trying to get an idea of what percentage of this blog’s readers liked this announcement. You seem to be trying to decide who is entitled to an opinion and who isn’t. This wasn’t a “panny fanboys sound-off”, it was a poll of all the readers who visit this site. There have been over 1000 votes and those votes say something about how people feel about this announcement. That is important information.

                  If you don’t like the results, you could always elect to shut your eyes and not look at them… which would be about the same as trying to rig the results by only allowing the votes that you agree with.

                  • Matt

                    Ok Fish, you vote at election time I presume? Do you tick the ‘nothing’ option? Wait what’s that? There isn’t a ‘nothing’ option? So if you don’t ‘like’ any of the candidates what do you do?

                    Having a nothing option is basically like having an ‘other’ category, one which you can’t clarify what ‘other’ is. So in reality you have actually got 0.5% voting because they don’t like m43, 2% voting because they don’t like the colour, 5% voting because they have the E-M5 etc etc.

                    • That example proves my point perfectly because during an election, not choosing a name on the ballot IS the “nothing” choice because they can count how many people voted AND how many people choose neither name. That information is captured.

                      The admin doesn’t have physical ballots to count so the ONLY way he can tally the votes that aren’t happy with any of the choices is to offer a “nothing” box in the poll. If Oly released a 14-42mm mIV lens and it got 100 “likes” under your scenario, that just might mean it was a slow day at but 100% of people like it. But if you were able to capture all of the information, you might find that:

                      100 people liked it, 13 people didn’t (still a favorable reception)

                      or you might find that

                      100 people liked it, 6523 didn’t (not a favorable reception).

                    • Matt

                      Wrong again, the Admin can clearly see how many unique IP addresses visted the page compared to the number of votes cast. However this is captured information, but does not skew the results of the actual poll.

    • Sorry I can’t share your enthusiasm, though i am sure its a capable camera, i dont want to be found dead with such thing in my hands.

      • Pedro del Río

        Myself, I would not like to be found dead at all, with or without a camera in my hands.

        • Bing Wang

          Best comment I’ve read on this site in a long time.

      • will

        great metaphor… until some time ago, i thought the only cam for that “event” could be a Leica.. but after they went the luxury road, i am not sure anymore… it remains true: “the last shirt has no no pockets”;-)

    • Vlad

      Rubits, you basically want other people to have the same opinion as you. That is preposterous.
      There are plenty of people who would prefer two dials, IBIS and weather sealing over some video improvements. Also, I certainly do not see how this camera competes with the 3 year old 7D. Maybe you would care to clarify?

      • Matt

        It is possible to like a product and not buy one. It is possible to like features on some new products in a segment that you may not be interested in. It is possible to like some features on a product that your product doesn’t have, but still be overall happy with your existing product and have no reason to want to change. BUT, you still like some aspect of that product. To say that there is NOTHING to like here, is in all honesty just absurd. Which was Rubits point – how can the majority of supposed camera enthusiasts find NOTHING to like about todays releases?

        • Remember the GX1 announcement, how it was all doom and gloom.

          G5 will be exactly like the G3 : a silent success.

        • Matt,

          Is it possible to not like a product even though Matt and rubits like it? That seems to be the real issue here.

          What is absurd is your suggestion that we should vote that we “like” a product announcement because “you still like some aspect of that product”. That would make the poll a colossal waste of time because anytime that there was a poll on anything, we would all have to tick all the boxes because there would always be some aspect of any product that you could find something to like. That would not give an accurate representation of how a product announcement was being received and it would defeat the entire purpose of holding a poll.

          Even if there was 1 person who didn’t like any of these newly announced products, you should show them some respect because it is asking for their own views and opinion, something that isn’t “wrong” just because you don’t share it. But there are so far 490 people who don’t like any of these newly announced products, about half of the voters. Do you think that you could find it in your heart to be a little bit tolerant of the personal views of 50% of the people who voted??

        • Vlad

          As pointed out by Fish, what would be the point of the poll then? The poll also isn’t about “aspects” of the products, but the whole products.
          I think you are too much stuck on the word “like”. I am voting based on my interests and needs.

          • Matt

            I think the point of the poll, much like the many polls that occur on these rumor sites when new products are launched at the same time – is to ascertain WHICH of the new products are most interesting to their readers.

            I mean I prefer my car to to all of these, should I vote ‘nothing’ because I like my car better? It isn’t a comparison for every single individuals needs, it is WHICH of these 4 options is best? Otherwise you will always get a majority saying ‘nothing’ because the majority will not be buying any of these items. This skews the results.

            • No Matt, you are the one who has misread the poll. The admin wasn’t asking which of these products we liked the best or what our order of preference was. Admin was asking of the 6 announcements do you like them each yes or no or do you like none of them.

              The results are not skewed. They are the opposite of skewed. They would have been skewed if you didn’t have the option of “nothing” because it would have given the result that everyone who voted like at least one thing in this announcement. As you can see in the results, that is not true. That is not reality. Why are you advocating a poll that does not reflect reality?

              • Matt

                Listen to yourself – ‘Do you like each of them Yes or No?’ (Tick is Yes, un-ticked is No). Why do you need a separate ‘Nothing’ Yes/No option to that? I mean I could have ticked Yes to all of them, including the Nothing option. Yep that would be super reliable data. If you don’t like on don’t tick it, it’s that simple. ‘Or none’ well the none is implied by the not voting for it.

                • Ha, I just figured out where you are mixed up.

                  Choosing to not tick any box is NOT the same thing as being indifferent or not liking any of the choices. Because if you don’t tick any box, it doesn’t record that you were even there.

                  It would be impossible to measure how many people didn’t like this announcement if you didn’t give them a “nothing” option. That nothing option is the one that tallies the number of people who didn’t like the announcement. That is an important stat too because you are trying to get an idea of how the announcement was received.

                  If you didn’t have a “nothing” box, you would have no way of counting the total number of people who read the poll or the number of people who werent happy with the announcement. Because those people who didn’t tick any of the boxes would never have shown up anywhere and it would have been like they never existed… not an accurate reflection of peoples’ feelings towards the announcement.

                  Hope this finally makes sense to you. Not ticking any box is not the same as a nothing option. If there wasn’t a “nothing” box I could have said to you that there were 1.4 million people who were dissapointed with this announcement and they all choose not to tick any boxes. That’s why you need a way to count everyone who participates.

                  • Matt

                    Going back to the electoral voting, you get your name ticked off when you rock up to the polling both on the day. In this instance this would be like visiting the site, or specific article, capturing the number of unique IPs that visit, which every website I know does. Then the votes are cast, those who do not like any of the options do not choose any options for their vote. So this information is captured (how many potential voters / number of visitors) vs the number of votes cast, but this does not affect the outcome of which product is the best received by those who do vote.

                    • Oh my goodness Matt, you have lost your mind :) Are you suggesting that the Admin remove the “nothing” vote from his poll and then use IP address logging stats to calculate how many people would have voted “nothing” had he not removed it in the first place??

                      If all you want to know is which product is best received by those who liked the products, you can already see that in the stats – its the G5 with (currently) 361 votes. Next is the LX7 with 216 votes, etc, etc. There, you have your information already. But luckily we also have the whole picture that (to date) 633 people did not like any of the announcements. That 50% number tells us that this announcement has generated lackluster excitement on this blog. That might be useful for some readers to see… and this way the admin doesn’t have to do any calculations :)

            • Vlad

              Well, if ti is about “which” product we like the best, then maybe the “nothing” option shouldn’t be there? In any case, this is becoming a bit pointless. I don’t think anyone is hating on the new products, it is just that most visitors here are enthusiasts or above and are just not interested in today’s announcements. Also, these polls are just for fun, imho.
              As to the G5, I think it is a better buy than a Canikon entry level DSLR. Not Pentax or Sony though :)

              • Matt

                Thank you Vlad and that is my point, it is about “which” is most interesting to m43 readers, which is actually something I am interested to know. By having a nothing option completely skews that into a complete mess.

                It’s a pretty damn good value camera. I won’t be buying one though.

                • Matt,
                  Admit it, you are rubits aren’t you? That is the only conceivable reason why you would have addressed me as “ass” when I had been talking to rubits. You also called people “pathetic” and used the word “shame” like rubits.

                  And finally, after I spent my entire night trying to explain the basics of statistics and polling, you decide to add, like rubits, that you don’t intend to get a G5 either. Arrrggghhh. I’m headed to my bedroom to hang myself :) so you won in the end. Talk to you tomorrow rubits/Matt.

                  – Chad

    • BLI

      “Shame”?? For not voting like you think we should? Well, what can I say… I had better vote, then…

  • Matt

    I don’t understand why everyone is sooking that there is no new sensor in this?! Seriously? The G3 has only been out 1 year! How many other systems change sensors every generation? Canon are using what, a 4 year old sensor in their latest 650D? The Sony 16MP has been around for 2 odd years now?

    Get over it. The Gx series is the value series anyway and this is a great update. Better grip, far better video, much better rear screen, better controls, eye sensor and dual screen capability (EVF and LCD), faster AF, likely improved UI. What isn’t to like? Oh wait it isn’t an OMD? Well buy a freakin’ OMD! This is like half the price and 90% as good.

    • +1

      G1’s sensor is still good enough for most of my shots!

    • Napilopez

      But there is a a new sensor! it’s multi-aspect(has a total 18.3 mp).

    • Vlad

      What do I care what Canon does? Of course, I would like a new better performing sensor. We are not in the film era anymore.
      And btw, Sony may be using the 16MP for 2 years, but it is the best out there and they also have the 24MP.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > Canon are using what, a 4 year old sensor in their latest 650D?
      Clean your mouth of that bullshit before opening it.
      Since 450D Canon has done changes to sensor in every step.
      500D increased low ISO DR and added higher sensitivities, after that they’ve increased pixel count in every step.
      Now 650D has change at least in addition of hybrid AF with some phase detection.

      • Matt

        550D, 600D, 650D, 7D all use the same sensor. Get over it.

        Saying those are different, well that is like saying the EP1, EP2, EP3, EPL1, EPL2, EPL3, EPM1, GF1, GF2, GF3, G1, G2 ALLLLLLLLLL used different sensors! Yeah a tiny bit of tweaking. Certainly NOT a different sensor.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          First of all under three years old 7D is entirely different class body and its differentiators to entry level are elsewhere than in sensor.
          Half year younger entry level update 550D (+next half year younger 60D) has little different sensor to 7D according to Canon ( and DxO found indeed different total pixel counts and different characteristics with 550/60D’s sensor sacrificing some lower ISO dynamic range for little more DR at more fashionable ISOs above 1600.

          650D no doubt has more than few differences in design needed for better live view CDAF and phase detection. If adding phase detection was as trivial as you make it sound there are awfully few attempts in that and even Sony hasn’t yet introduced it to replace light wasting SLT mirror.

          Very tiny performance differences (might as well be measuring inaccuracies) from first appearance of Panasonic 12MP sensor in 2008’s Olympus E-30 to PEN3s and G2/GF3 are surely related to manufacturing process changes during its unusually long career.

          G3/GX1 sensor was only actual development from that and improved high ISO performance but low ISO dynamic range dragged stationary behind modern sensors of other makers. (legacy of those analog segments in signal chain?)
          GH1 and GH2 sensors have newer different lineage which improved also low ISO performance from old 12MP sensor. That fewer analog steps in signal chain was mentioned as one of the differences in some Panasonic rep interview year or two ago.

  • Godot

    Curious to see the specs for electronic shutter mode (mentioned in Focus Numérique but detailed specs not available yet). It’s getting late and dpreview is asleep, so… waiting til morning. (As an aside, I’ll bet the DPR folks are peeved about the flood of apparently deliberate leaks and holding out for a few hours in protest.)

    • Miroslav


      I was very happy when I read G5 has electronic shutter, but disappointed it does nothing concerning flash sync speed limit, which stays at 1/160 s :(. Or at least the reviewers haven’t figured it out yet :).

      • Esa Tuunanen

        As for electronic shutter…
        Every consumer camera has and uses electronic shutter for video.
        Otherwise they could run out of mechnical shutter’s life in few hours of video. (though shutter of at least one Olympus compact has achieved million photos)
        Mechanical shutters of normal cameras can’t even operate at necessary frame rates because of fast increasing forces/mechanical stresses. Video cameras use rotary disc shutter which keeps rotating smoothly instead of needing back and forth movement of normal focal plane shutter.

        And while shutter is done electrically that doesn’t automatically mean whole image would be captured at the same instant but instead pixels are exposed row by row at same pace their data is read and transferred out from sensor.
        Which is what keeps flash sync speed limit around and causes rolling shutter effect in video.

        Panasonic reps have told in some interviews that adding global shutter function now would compromise performance by requiring lot more surface area for extra circuitry needed in every single pixel.
        Unless some bigger change happens in manufacturing of sensors it might take quite a few years until it can be done without bigger performance penalty.

        • avds

          I believe it’s actually not an electronic shutter on smaller sensors, simply a fast sensor readout. If it were a shutter, the rolling effect would not occur at all because an actual shutter (be it mechanical or virtual) would prevent the sensor from acquiring more light before the whole frame is read off the sensor. But in this case light acquisition continues as the frame is being read, which causes the rolling effect when the camera is moved.

          As for the new technology I read recently that Sony is beginning to roll out a multiple layer sensor for consumer cameras. Only a small P&S sensor and they didn’t say it will have electronic shutter yet, but the technology is coming to the masses already. In the future it should allow placing a memory buffer on a secondary layer instead of along the photo diodes on the main (and only) layer, which would allow to create a virtual shutter without losing any light capturing surface area.

  • Pei

    E-M5 is a game changer even if I disagree with the design but all the G serious are about repackaging the same things.

    • Matt

      You forget that the G1 WAS a real game changer too. As was the GF1. The E-M5 update will not be. It is just the way these things go, it is like subtle improvements to an already good package.

      Take the iPhone 4S, it was barely different to the iPhone 4, it was panned for being too much the same, but if there had been NO iPhone before it, it would have been a HUGEEEEEEE deal. Same with comparing this minor refresh in the G5 to the completely new segment OMD.

  • ginsbu

    LX7 has an aperture ring. That’s nice.

    B&H has the 40-150mm at $299. Makes me wonder if they are going to discontinue the 45-200mm.

  • Pete

    from imaging resource it says new sensor? really? i’d have thought tweaked….?

    There’s much more to the Panasonic G5 than a jump in model number, though. There’s a new sixteen megapixel image sensor and Venus Engine image processor capable of providing true 60 frames per second Full HD video, not to mention full-resolution burst shooting at six frames per second, if focus is locked from the first frame.

    The G5 retains the electronic viewfinder of its predecessor, but adds back in the adjacent proximity sensor that was dropped in that model, allowing for eye-start autofocus and automatic switching of display types.

  • st3v4nt

    The reason for so many negatives vote over G5 announcement is because Panasonic not adding any killer feature on G5…so the question from Us to Pany is do G3 need any update at all?
    The m4/3 already criticized by releasing too many camera in such a short time rather then releasing new camera perhaps adding new feature through firmware update will be more appreciate by Us m4/3 user.

    Usually people will change their high expectation as the price and needed cool down. Especially if the firmware very hackable. It’s like GX-1 all over again.

  • Phil

    The eye-sensor is a sorely needed upgrade from the G3, as is the much nicer grip.

  • Guest

    Does anyone find out that the total pixels of G5 is 18.31MP?
    Which is the same as GH2!!

  • Rep96st

    So… “Nothing” is leading the poll… Haha!! What a bunch of Haters. You know what they say: “HATERS ‘GON HATE!!”

    But the G5 is the 2nd most voted on in the poll, so I’m good with that…

    • BLI

      “Haters”? I bought an E-M5 2 months ago. I’ve no intention of buying another camera now. I have thus not even seriously looked at the announcement, and have not voted. Implicitly in this, one could say that I have not been struck by anything in particular in the announcement, and that I probably might have voted “nothing”.

      Perhaps I might have liked the LX-7, though — I like the “formula” of it. But I just gave away my XZ-1, and in that process noticed how much better the E-M5 is. So I am not that attracted to the LX7 class of cameras right now. And if I were to buy into that class again, I would consider all of the options (RX100, the LX7, the new Samsung with wi-fi, and the coming XZ-2).

  • Anon

    Isn’t this basically GH2 repackaged in a little smaller body?

    • Guest

      According to LUMIX official website:

      It’s a new sensor, at least not the same as G3/GX1
      (Digital LiveMOS v.s. Analog LiveMOS)

      Maybe it’s an improved GH2 sensor?

      • Mr. Reeee

        No. The GH2 sensor is an 18 megapixel sensor. It’s multi-aspect ratio, meaning that when you switch AR the camera uses the maximum amount of the sensor for whichever AR is chosen.

        It works out something like this.
        1:1 = 14MP
        16:9 = 15MP
        3:2 = 15MP
        4:3 = 16MP

        • Guest

          Mult-aspect ratio is controlled by processor, not the sensor.
          G5 and GH2 has the same number of total pixels: 18.31 MP

          That’s why I think it is a improved GH2 sensor.

          • bart

            The gh1/2 have an oversized sensor that allows different aspect ratio crops that take full advantage of the image circle. That is definitely not a matter of processing only.

  • D

    Whoa! 120fps on the FZ200. Can we please get this on the GH3?

  • animal_264

    This is cool. I didn’t know the G5 would have 1080p60 at 28mbps. NLEs these days can handle 60p, and mixing frame rates isn’t a big chore anymore. New software deals with that internally. I’m not enthralled with the kit lens or the 45-150 which isn’t a Powerzoom like the 45-175 is. VIdeo-wise, I think Panny is competing with itself, as the G5 seems good in that department, but apparently without audio options, e.g., mic input. Perhaps this is a prelude to GH3 offerings.

    The LX7 is tasty with its fast built-in lens and decent focal length, although not officially an M43 product, ditto with FZ200. I’d say Panny has some winners here.

  • dau

    It will be interesting to see how this stacks up against the omd. Omd fans forget pretty quickly that until a few weeks ago we all thought that it very probably shared the same sensor as the g3/gx, and the better image quality was down to olys image processor. We lets see how this camera goes with an improved processor! The sensors only a year old, im sure image quality can be imroved without scrapping it so soon. Btw, id like to hear what all these oly fanboys have to say when the omd-2 comes out with the same sensor. Anyone recall the number of different sensors used in the entire pen range?

    • Matt

      Exactly, the E-M5 was a whole new camera, not an update, which is why it feels more impressive.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > Omd fans forget pretty quickly that until a few weeks ago we all thought that it very probably shared the same sensor as the g3/gx
      I’m no fan of retro but you sure are Panasonic fan and couple months late.
      This April 13th dated review showed strong sign that it was entirely different sensor:
      Also your overhyped G3/GX1 sensor is there with its no better low ISO DR (important for landscapes) than old 12MP sensor Olympus was stuck with.

      Of course we’ll have to see how much of this digital MOS talk is advertising BS but that might mean instead of G3/GX1 sensor it being derived from GH2 which at least offered some improvement in low ISO DR.

  • Rep96st

    Once again, Engadget plugging the words “Sony” and “NEX” in a M4/3 write up…

    Yeah, we get it already… Sony gave Engadget a lot of money and free cameras to name drop on the site. We get it. Which they’d just be honest to the readership.

  • James

    Those of you sooking over this G5 release (Which I think has a number of good upgrades, screen, grip, viewfinder, controls, 60p video, 6fps, metal front panel) seem to have forgotten this is not Panasonic’s flagship camera. Their flagship camera is about to be announced in 1-2 months, the GH3. Do you expect them to put all the GH3 features in the G5? Sorry not going to happen. The G5 is a good camera but most of you need to wait until the GH3 is announced.

    • I agree. I really like the G5. But I also think that including in-camera HDR and panorama modes would have helped to boost G5 sales, especially in this (p/s and bridge/megazoom upgraders) market segment.
      I don’t understand what’s so hard about implementing it, as it mostly a firmware thing (as far as my understanding goes).

      • Miroslav

        HDR is there, just read the press release: “The newly incorporated HDR (High Dynamic Range) allows for several pictures consecutively shot at different exposure levels to be overlaid, producing a single composite picture to eliminate over-exposure or under-exposure.”

  • beautemps

    The G5 is now the “G3” that I would have purchased last year at once (with eye-sensor,hires LCD…).

    But in the meantime Olympus has brought to market so wonderful lenses (45mm, 75mm, 60mm…)that I definitely cannot exist without IBIS.

  • Dave

    Yawwwn…really. Milking off the same G3 sensor.

  • n457

    What’s the difference between analog and digital sensor? To me, it sounds like marketing only.

    • Guest

      Analog output sensor needs on-board ADC,
      Digital output sensor doesn’t need it because it has “on-chip” ADC.

      Because less signal transimitting barrels, digital output sensor has higher operating speed.

      It’s not only for marketing but also for product improvement.

  • henrik

    Me rather disappointed. I mostly shoot landscape and holidays and flowers in good light. I don’t need video, motor-zoom, more fps, ISO 12800, touch-pad function and “art filters” (ahem). There are some nice-to-haves here, like hi-res monitor and electronic horizon (little mentioned in early previews), but that’s not tempting me to dish out money. Glad that the grip got bigger again – the meagre grip on the Oly E-5 makes my fingers cramp. Let’s just hope that the G5’s dynamic range has improved. Compared to the G2, it seems that a lot of switches got lost, presumably replaced by the touch-screen (which is not a good change).
    More than a new camera, Panasonic should present new stabilized prime lenses. Instead, they come up with a lo-fi 45-150 – just the wrong move.
    The real surprise about the G5 is that it still uses the same battery as some older models.

    • Matt

      Definitely agree about the loss of on-body controls since the G3 arrival, I guess that is to further differentiate the Gx models with the GHx models, which other than a different sensors and video capabilities were largely the same styling/control wise.

      Shame though.

  • Mike

    Great new releases from Panasonic:
    LX7 with great KB equiv. DoF + StereoMic + ApertureRing
    FZ200 with fixed aperture
    G5 a GH2 in a smaller and hopefully cheaper Body

    I’m impressed and want all three :-)

  • dau

    According to dpreview it is a new sensor. Wtf?

    • n457

      I don’t get it as well, they say it’s not analog but digital sensor that is improved.

  • brudney

    in very short: not bad, but not good enough.

  • Keith

    A G3.1, another crappy consumer zoom, and a nice-ish LX7 which is no competitor to the rx100.

    Roll on Canon and Olympus announcemets….

  • beautemps

    Read the depreview article: There is a new feature ‘AF-bynose’ for the lefthanded fotoamateurs. Thus if the eyesensor doesnt switch of the LCD fast enough for my big nose, it will be no camera for me.

  • askb

    Never liked the G-series or power-zooms, but had high hopes for LX7. Big disappointment. I know the lens is good, but I wonder why they didn’t use a bigger sensor when their main competitors in the segment of high-end compacts are using it.

  • Steve

    I don’t want a consumer zoom. Nobody wants another damn 45-200 or 150 or whatever. Nobody.

    Give us fast primes, give us high quality zooms. The 12-35 is more what we need. The Oly 75/1.8 is more what we need. Somebody put out a 150/2.8 or 3.2 tele. Quit releasing crappy consumer zooms that are already well covered in the market!!

    I need a replacement for the 50-200 4/3 zoom. There’s nothing like it in m4/3. Fast prime is even better.

  • Seems many of you missed the G5 sensor is nodified over the G3.
    The G5 has several welcome improvements. The actual image quality difference G3 vs EM-5 exists, but isn’t big. With the G5 the IQ difference will be close to nil.
    The G3/5 EVF is not great – here the EM-5 has something better.
    Usability – G5 the winner probably
    Built in IS vs lens IS – which is best? The EM-5 IS is hailed, but insn’t that because the Pen IS was so poor?
    Price: G5 is the clear winner
    Trendy: EM-% is the clear winner not least with that big shiny 75mm mounted. Everybody will notice that! (Not least during street photo)
    I will buy neither of those. Deceided for a D800 and that works extremely well and the IQ is much better than everything m43 ever will produce. As second, lightweight alternative I have the G3 wich still is a great/nice camera. Will buy a Sony RX100 and see if that is enough as second camera or I keep the G3.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Looks like two link posts now go through moderation so check Panasonic’s specification pages for G5 and GH2.
      Sensor pixel counts and image resolutions are identical.
      So it’s either same sensor or closely related considering new design sensors seem to always have at least slightly different pixel counts/image resolutions.

      • I do understand that you are upset that G5 is not GH3, however please just relax, take it easy. It was not suppose to be a replacement of GH2, even though it exceeds it in many aspects.
        GX1 and GF5 cameras have already improved sensor circuitry over GH2 that doesn’t block as much light entering the photosite.
        In new G5 they went further by moving some of the signal processing closer to photosites, decreased the read-noise and increased the quantum efficiency. All of this was done by returning to the similar to GH2 multi-aspect sensor. By throwing more computing power at their sensor+imaging processor, Panasonic appear to have developed totally quiet electronic shutters that are also capable of 1080p video recording, which is good news indeed.

        The first images shows a decent imaging qualities of G5, while ergonomically it is currently the best MFT camera, providing the best balance between the compact size and the extensive features. For me, G5 is a great upgrade to any previously released MFT cameras.

    • Feel free to spend thousands of euros for ultra-expensive lenses! The “damn” 45–200 is enough for most of shooting situations and it has a more than affordable price.

      On the other hand the stellar 75/1.8 could be built around a significantly cheaper body with obviously the same quality (like 45/1.8). But nope, people love to spend almost double amount of money for the so-called professional look.

      Give me a break!

    • bart

      The 5 axis IBIS is most definitely beter then OIS. Any hands-on test will show that, and the reasons for this are not very difficult to understand. 5 axis IBIS can properly compensate for rotation, where OIS can at best compensate for the lateral displacement of the projection that results from rotation.

  • G7: Nice improvements, but Sony just re-defined the “high end compact” segment with the RX100. Sorry Pana, Fuji and Samsung……… Next up is Oly. What will their the ZX-2 be like?

    • Guest

      For marketing or bussiness thinking,
      if Pana/Fuji/Samsung…or other manufactures make 1″ compact camera at this time, they will always be “followers” finally.

      Do you really want these manufactures always follow by Sony?

  • Esa Tuunanen

    Image resolutions and sensor pixel counts are exactly same:

    So wonder which they’re doing.
    Trickling down GH2’s sensor into G5 while having new sensor for GH3 or same new sensor in both.

    Adding multiaspect sensor to G5 is definitely good move to fight againts Olympus.

    • Miroslav

      Marketing. They could have reduced the price of GH2 and produced it for another year along with GH3. Instead, they repackaged it, put in a smaller body and called it G5. But they wouldn’t have all this buzz if it was still called GH2. Clever.

  • Miroslav

    A worthy successor to G3. Multi aspect sensor, HDR, better video, electronic shutter and that rocker on top are highlights for me. But I’m not going to buy it because of lack of IBIS. Not that I was expecting it in G5…

  • Esrhan

    I tried looking but couldn’t find any information, if the G5 includes manual controls in video mode. I dare say that those controls should come first in this age and day before any video capability improvements?

    I’m waiting for the GH3 to be honest though, but I would hate to see Panasonic insist on crippling this new camera by disabling video controls. Heck, I have a hacked GF1 that has those now.

  • Package these improvements into a a GX2 Panasonic and I’ll shut up and take my money.

  • Yun

    So what is next ? GH3 & the VVHC?
    Pana , please speed up the process !
    Can’t wait to see what is M4/3’s respond to NEX fullframe & Fuji’s nex X cameras .

  • Henrik

    I wonder if the XZ-2 uses the same LX7 sensor or is it possible that Oly has chosen a Sony sensor for the XZ-2?

  • Narretz

    From the sound of it, the G5 got some of the digital processing magic that made the GH2 so good. It all looks like Pana is pushing the G series into GH territory, which in turn must make the GH3 a camera that has more to offer than the GH2. Starting with weather-sealing, and hopefully more and more goodies.

  • Anonymous

    The 45-150 is useless at 150mm.

    • Pedro del Río


      • Anonymous

        Because it produces photos that look like they have 3-4 megapixels?

        At 45mm it’s really good, though, and I expect it to be good until 100-120mm.

  • st3v4nt

    Whoa the killer feature of G5 changing AF frame with LCD Screen while looking at EVF….can only achieve by swivel LCD…too bad the G5 screen is still resistive not capacitive. It sure helping changing AF point and composing a lot….this feature alone worth the upgrade.

    • n457

      Capacitive display? Could be a suicide for cameras. So many unintended touches, especially with EVF.

      Resistive gives you an “extra space” between half-pressed shutter and full-pressed shutter!

  • On voting. I voted nothing, even though i did not like admin adding :( there. I think Panasonic has made good choices with these new products but at the same time none of them are equipment that I would like to use in my photography instead of something I already have. That’s why I “don’t like” them. On the other hand my photograhy is just it, a strictly personal thing. Millions of people think differently and have their choice to vote with their wallets as they see best. Looking at this new stuff G5 seems to have novel thinking in its sensor structure, that’s good. LX7 has obviously a great lens, and FZ200 has also a lens which is quite an achievement. The new 45-150 is remarkable for its compactness and still includes OIS. Like I wrote, Panasonic has made good choices and is making sound product segmentation, IMHO.

  • Brian

    Could the silver G5 look any cheaper? Big mistake by Panny.

  • Godot

    Funny how for *years* people have been clamoring for an electronic shutter on a m43 camera, and many newbies have been shocked to learn that the ka-chunk sound of their new camera is a real mechanical sound and not an electronic simulation like their cellphone’s shutter sound.

    The G5 has an electronic shutter — as fas as I can determine at full res, not just in a special low-res mode — and yet it’s “just a minor update” and a big bore.

    The dealbreaker for some is that for some reason it does not work with the flash on. (Don’t know about external flash.) So it is not 100% of the way there for everyone.

    But if it otherwise works properly, i.e. producing identical or better performance and results as the focal-plane shutter system, except silently, this is a huge new feature for many people. Or should be, if we can believe the years of wish-lists posted around the net.

    IMHO, this one thing alone makes it a significant update over the G3. Never mind the quite substantial ergonomic enhancements, possibly new sensor, likely performance enhancements.

    So it doesn’t leapfrog the OM-D in any other respect. Big whoop. Anyone who hoped for or expected that is frankly delusional.

  • Godot

    Regarding the LX7:

    In the past I’ve owned the LX1 and LX3.

    I still have the LX1 but ditched the LX3 when I got a GF1. I just wasn’t using it anymore.

    Even so, I still occasionally miss having an advanced compact, and love the multi-aspect sensors of the LX line, but I still took a big PASS on the LX5.


    In my hand, it immediately felt less usable than the LX3, let alone the beautifully designed GF1. The thumb wheel was notably tiny and stiff and not in my view an improvement over the joystick found on the LX1, LX2 and LX3. There were no other features that really differentiated it sufficiently from either the LX3 or GF1 to make me seriously consider it. A bit more reach than the LX3, and that’s about it.

    The LX5 has only one feature that still makes me think I maybe should grab one: compatibility with the LVF-1 finder. But since that finder is a POS that represents a last-resort accessory for my GF1, that’s not reason enough.

    Now let’s look at what the LX7 represents:

    – brighter lens and a sensor that while marginally smaller, is likely to be significantly better than its predecessor in every other respect
    – built-in ND filter
    – aperture ring
    – likely improved in every major performance category, including frame rates, shutter lag, noise/high ISO, DR, etc.
    – option of mounting a *good* EVF.

    While we shouldn’t overstate the importance of DOF control in a camera this size (it’s still rather modest, all things considered), Panasonic appears to have done all the right things to make the most of it.

    As for the supposedly awesome Sony RX100, I don’t see it as the prescription for all that ails your photos. By the time you zoom to max. tele and your wide-open lens is set at f4.9, you will find that you have NO real advantage over the LX7. And when it comes to wide-angle shooting, the RX100 just doesn’t go as wide as the LX7. Period. No option to mount any kind of finder? Pity.

    A bigger sensor in a tiny camera is certainly nice to have, but it also forces trade-offs that you might not like. I suspect this is what many of the people who took one look at the LX7 and ordered a Sony are going to find soon enough.

    For me, a sensor this size with 2012 tech is very likely to do more than enough. People grousing about the tiny sensor ought to take a step back and look at the big picture IMO.

    I think this is probably going to be a very fine camera and a success in the marketplace.

    And a quick note on the FZ200: this category of camera doesn’t usually interest me, but it’s nice to see a headline feature that looks too good to be true turn out to be true. f2.8 across the entire huge zoom range is going to put this thing at or near the top of its class, assuming the lens is actually up to the job. The fact that it has a 1.3M dot EVF is also appealing. I will bet this one is going to be a hit provided it doesn’t turn out to have any major flaws.

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