Panasonic G3 is the best Panasonic camera ever made -> says Trustedreviews! (+First SLRmagic 11mm f/1.4 test)

SLR Magic Toy Lens 11mm 1:1.4 on GH2 : the daylight tests from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

This is the very first test of the new SLRmagic 11mm f/1.4 lens. Recorded with the GH2 at 160 ASS (640 ASA in the church). The lens costs $129 and is available for preorder in eBay (Click here).

Trustedreviews (Click here) made a complete Panasonic G3 test and said: “Overall, we remain mightily impressed by the specifications, handling, performance and overall image quality of the G3. Having spent some extended shooting time with it, we’re confident enough to say that it’s Panasonic’s best G-series model yet.” You can see the high-ISO samples on page six (Click here). The camera earns an overall rating of 9/10!

Preorder the G3 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.



  • oh man… i need to save up!!! :)

    • for the G3 or the Toylens? ;-)

  • napalm

    the G3 is the first Panasonic m4/3 that actually made me want to buy one. but I might miss the IBIS, so waiting for Oly’s upcomnig cams first before deciding hehe

  • Ben Bammens

    Give me a G3-like Olympus model with Ibis and I will buy it!

  • SLRMagic 11mm f/1.4

    I’m in for 11/1.4 – will be needed in night clubs.
    Admin, any news on pricing of my next lens, mZD 12mm f/2.0 that is?

    • admin

      I heard it’s…epxensive :(

      • TR

        Could the Olympus 12mm f2 come as a kit with the e-p3 if the e-p3 is in fact ‘pro’?

      • bobw

        What kind of expensive are we talking here, Admin?

        (a) quite expensive;
        (b) makes the Pana 7-14 look like a bargain expensive; or
        (c) off the planet Sigma SD1 expensive?

        • admin

          I really don’t know that yet. But I think it’s close to $1000.

          • Not a big surprise. I figured it would cost something like that. OTOH, the portrait prime should be priced at $700-800 (it will appeal to more users).

          • digi

            No way. The 12mm will be too expensive for kit lens, but good addition to the lineup anyway.
            More excited about the portrait lens, have been waiting for years! Hope it’s f/1.7 or 1.4.

            I hope/think E-P3 will kick G3 in the rear and send it home crying to mommy.

            • E-P3 will probably cost twice as much as the G3.

          • bobw

            Thanks Admin. You have been giving us some great info these last couple of weeks, keep up the good work!

            If the 12/2.0 comes in at that kind of price I’m sure it will be a great lens. But it will be interesting to see whether some other m4/3 manufacturer comes out with a cheaper alternative in the 10-12mm range. Cosina-Voigtlander perhaps? I’m not aware that they’ve given any hints about their post 25/0.95 intentions.

            Like digi, I’m more excited about the second m.Zuiko. Looking forward to more details in due course.

            • digi

              That’s a good point, almost forgot.
              Admin, do you ever get rumors about 3rd party m4/3 lenses? (Cosina, Sigma, Schneider) Interested to know, for example:
              -what’s coming
              -when they’re coming
              -if any of them will AF besides Sigma.
              Don’t want to pile more work on you, happy enough with Oly/Panny rumors. Thanks.

  • TC

    very nice bokeh! pretty good low light performance in the cathedral!

  • Henrik

    QUOTE: Panasonic G3 is the best Panasonic camera ever made
    Did they ever NOT say this about a new product? Most reviewers are undercover clowns.

    • Simon

      Excactly. Shouldn’t be the latest product always be “the best ever made”? If a successor wouldn’t better then what was available before…uh well… ^^

      • 43RC

        Yes the latest should be the best. But some reviewers didn’t say the same about the Panasonic ZS10 compact, so it’s good to know the G3 isn’t a step backwards.
        A small detail: “the G3 is the “best G-series” :)

        • JeremyT

          Yes, I noticed that “best G-series” too. I assume they just mean that it’s better than the G1 and G2, which is honestly not much of a surprise! :)

  • Bu

    This camera seems near perfect for my needs, its just missing image stabilisation. If Olympus come out with one similar they will have my business again.

  • Jevfp

    Better ISO than the previous model is always something they’re offer in many product camera – Its just an Obvious thing to set up a trick for camera user. But dont missed the point,.. we just not pick and upgrade a camera because it s better ISO than the previous m/43 ,.. We need “something to be proud of ” as a micro four third user. I personnaly jealous if i have to compare the file from m/43 againts NEX file . They”re two step ahead in a term of image quality photo (ISO& Dinamic Rqnge). The
    Economi is going down and I can not spend a lot of money for just better ISO. Looks like panasonic and oly just compete eAch other but they lost to Sony -NEX.

    • safaridon

      Jefep – Just what G3 results have you been looking at? All the reviews and previews and pictures I have seen published to date including DPR, Imaging-Resources and the above Trustedreviews show the G3 actual high ISO performance of the new sensor and processor to be better than that from the existing NEXs. Don’t know about the yet to be released future NEXC3 with 16mp sensor but G3 is besting in resolution and detail at ISO 3200 cameras such as D5000, 600D, and K5 using this sensor? To my eyes and laptop screen the G3 was a full stop better. Just because a camera can set a much higher ISO doesn’t mean it is necessarily that much better!

      One recent review linked here recently on 43rumors comparing GF2, NEX5, EPL1, and GF1, the GF2 bested the NEX in everything but dynamic range, while the EPL1 excelled in color and GF1 in white balance and this new sensor is far better than the old 12mp one in most respects. The NEX sensor may have been better previously but not the lenses hence the GF2 producing higher resolution and detail with kit lenses? This Trustedreview noted a noticeable improvement in the G3 dynamic range probably because of low noise characterists.

      Perhaps you are referring only to the raw files where there would be less of a difference between the new sensor and the old? Yes m4/3rds does have something to be proud of in the their latest developments in sensors and processing in my opinion.

  • Aj

    What a horrible lens. The edges have a totally different DOF than in the middle. So when in the middle there are some bokehballs near the edges the picture is sharp to infinity.

  • SLRMagic 11mm f/1.4

    since 50/1.8 is gonna be a pancake, is it labeled MSC for noiseless video – tia.

  • Ummm just noticed that the review said “Panasonic’s best G-series model yet”… which means, better than the G1, G2 and G10… no surprises there. Could mean that they still think the GH-2 (obvious), GH-1, GF-1 and even GF-2 are better… or anything else from Panasonic for that matter.

    That changes the statement significantly, and is much different than “best Panasonic camera ever made”… which I’m sure is some massive, super-expensive professional video camera or something.

    Just saying…

  • IB

    The G3 looks really tempting! This also sets high expectations for the GF and GH3….

    There are advantages and disadvantages with having in body stabilization. You dont really need it in wide focal lengths, and video benefit with having it in the lens. It is a reason both Canon and Nikon has it in the lens. It is a good thing that m43 has one company who implement it in body and one that does not, then you can choose what suits you best.

    I prefer Panasonics approach to this the best.

  • Gabi

    The high ISO images of the G3 look really good. This may be my next camera… But I would also like to wait for the Olympus Pro PEN before making a final decision.

  • Now is the time for Oly to turn out something to rival G3. I have already some Oly (non-stabilized) lenses and for me wouldn’t make sense to switch to Panasonic.

  • Simon

    I really wonder why Panasonic can’t finally include an IR remote and wireless flash control. Even if it’s meant to be a replacement for beginner SLRs these features are BASIC.

  • Paul M

    will they say the same thing about the G5?

    only scores 8/10, so I conclude that the competition has caught up!

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