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Panasonic G3 and GX1 hack coming soon!

Vitaly Kiselev is doing process on the GX1 and G3 hacking front. You can read more about it at It will add some features like for example full manual mode to video recording. As you may know you can already hack the GF and GH cameras. And I am sure 99% of you think that Vitaly’s work is adding a lot of value to the whole Micro Four Thirs system. It would be nice if he could hack Olympus cameras too but I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon :(

The GF3, G3 and GX1 got some nice discounts (some of them you already know).

The best still remains the GF3 with 14mm pancake for the price of the 14mm pancake only :)  Here at Amazon (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here). The GX1 with 14-42mm X lens for $749 at Amazon (Click here) and the Panasonic G3 for $499 via Samys at Amazon (Click here).

  • MikeS

    A hack for the E-M5 would be amazing. The sensor is great, but the video codec is subpar. Also, adding the ability to use IBIS with legacy lenses would be fantastic.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Panasonic openly, but not officially, encourages hacking, while Olympus do not.

      The next thing Olympus sees, their lenses would be black and lens hoods would be included free! There goes the profit margin… right down the toilet. ;-)

    • MichaelKJ

      Vitaliy has already stated that he has no interest in hacking the E-M5.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Yes it could do wonders for good light and demanding footage but it’s still miles behind the GH2 in low light (as most similar cameras are also).

    Now the IBIS on legacy would be a boon. I just hope Olympus fall into their senses and reactivate it in the next firmware like they did for the E-510. But it’s awkward that this was locked from origin.

  • Ryan

    What do the hacks involve? What does it improve?

    • rubits

      I’m not so sure about what’s involved in the actual hacking of the cameras, but from an end user perspective, you just modify and create a firmware update with settings that you want (or that have been developed by more knowledgeable fellas from the pview community) and install it as you would install a firmware update.

      the effect of the hack is contingent on the parameters you specify, so, for example, if you want to shoot mjpeg video at 2048X1080, or shoot movies at 12,800 iso, you would be able to. Things get into much deeper waters than that though. I recommend reading about it on personal view if you really want to understand what it does.

      Also, the hacks don’t effect picture modes, only video.

      • GH2 User

        The Panasonic hacks let users modify their exsting firmware. It can’t really add new features. A few things it does improve though, bitrate, GOP, remove iso limits, remove 30 minute recording limit in European versions and that’s mostly it.
        The hack unfortunately does not allow the camera to shoot 2k and there’s still a lot of noise if you decide to use the higher ISO’s. It mostly just improves features that are already in the camera.

      • “Also, the hacks don’t effect picture modes, only video.”

        It’s a shame that the hack is about video only.
        If I’m right, it presents only better quality of video (various presets), 30min limit removal, and planned manual video controls… anything else?

  • popo
  • 43shot

    I’m sure people would pay for a EM-5 hack. Please, better video for the EM-5

    • Mr X


  • Andrew

    Will Vitaly be needing to “hack” this year’s cameras from the GF5 and later? I’m assuming his “hacks” are already built in since he works for them now.

    • rubits

      no, he doesn’t that was an april fools joke.

  • Fab

    Not only better video für OM-D E-M5, but please please
    – better BRACKETING (at least +-2 EV difference)
    – TIME LAPSE functionality (including bracketing options)

    and better “My settings” functionality.

    These are soooo basic functions. Simply pathetic a modern 1300,- cam doesn’t come with it IMO… ;-|

    Yours :)

    • Bob B.

      Wider range bracketing wound be nice! …but as it is the camera has much wider bracketing tha say a Canon 5D Mark II. I don’t understand… Why don’t manufacturers give us WIDE range bracketing…and let US decide how much we need. At this point…it has to be so simple to expand it with the included firmware or a firmware update.

  • opp

    I don’t blame vitaly. Mediocre codec, low bit rate, only 30p. Sony, even Pentax try harder than Olympus.

  • Funky

    Are there any news about the availability of the Tokina 300mm mirror lens? I tried to buy it from Amazon Japan, but they refused to ship it to me in Europe.

  • mike

    would a hack allow me to set the ISO or aperture on my G3 during video?

  • rubits

    if the EM5 is hacked, its not going to be Vitaly who does it. He has already said explicitly that he won’t hack the camera many times. So it’ll have to be someone else.

  • uberzone

    Vitality and many others at Personal-View have spent years working on the hacks for Panasonic cameras. Trying to hack the EM5 would be like starting for scratch and would take a massive effort. I agree that it will have to come from another source. It is a shame that there is nobody working on the still side of the hack as there are plenty of improvements that could be made just from the firmware.

  • Ryan

    Where can/ how can you get a system dump from the cameras??? It can’t be that much harder then jacking with the android OS.
    I upped the video bitrate on my phone…not hard at all to do. :)

  • lalala

    Great just what we need…more endless hack tests of videos of bushes and trees on vimeo and youtube.

    Im bored of the whole thing and the unstable results (crashes) when using the hack on my GH2.

    Theres much talk by certain bloggers about the revolution the hack brings yet nothing revolutionary has happened.

    It would help also if these bitrate obsessives shoot something with these patches with actual content.

    That would make a bigger impression.

  • Dacoz

    This sounds great. Will I be able to change the menu language with this hack? Although you can change the language menu on models bought in North America, you can’t in models bought in Japan. I bought mine in Japan, and I have to use a Japanese menu all the time.

    • robert

      I was able to used the hack to change a Japanese only GF2 to English language firmware.

  • adriaantie


    we want better Video. If you want better pictures and video buy a other camera.

  • Bobak

    If you have a FRY’s (US only) near you, they have some great deals on a GF3 ($279.99)w/ 14-42 and G3 ($399.99) w/ 14-42 kit lens. Pick up only.

    Hope this helps some one.

  • The GX1 with 14-42 lens is now $519 at B&H with free shipping…..just got mine…great camera

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