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Panasonic financial report 2016: 4K is driving sales up!


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Panasonic published the 2016 financial report and the forecast for 2017. Alld ata can be found here:

The whole company:
OP increased by 33.8 bil. yen y-y to 415.7 bil. yen, net incomeattributable to Panasonic Corporation increased by 13.8 bil. yen y-y to 193.3 bil. yen, where both figures exceeded their forecasts.

AVC Networks results (which also includes the digital camera and lens business):
Sales went up 1% and operating income went up 22%. There is no detailed info about the sole digital camera business.

Forecast for the AVC segment:
Sales are expected to increase with high quality imaging and high value added products mainly in 4Kproducts, such as projectors, digital cameras, broadcasting cameras and surveillance cameras

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