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Panasonic: “Digital camera business can be profitable. We are selling more 2.5 times more 4K cameras than expected!”


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After a couple of years of troubles it really looks like Panasonic is on the right path to finally make $$$ with the digital camera business. Nikkei interviewed Mr. Takuya Sugita from Panasonic and there are a couple of interesting info:

– The “luxury compact” and  interchangeable lens “mirror-less” market is growing.
– Despite the previous crisis Panasonic decided to continue the digital camera business because they believe to be able to fight in the “new arena” (luxury compact and mirrorless).
– We will continue to evolve on lens and image sensor technology. And we will add technology that can not be realized on a smartphone.
– The sales of the Panasonic 4K cameras is strong. The exact number will not let obvious, but Panasonic says they are selling about 2.5 times more than expected!
– CM1 product planning has begun 1-2 years ago. It has been realized in conjunction with the digital camera and Panasonic Mobile Communication team.

Can’t wait to see their next financial report. Hopefully we will start to see first Black Numbers written on the Digital Camera financial report!

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