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Panasonic developed a “Lytro-alike” Lightfield system camera. For sale in 2016.


Sankeibiz reports that Panasonic has developed a Lightfield digital system camera. It works just like the well-known [shoplink 54342 ebay]Lytro camera (here on eBay)[/shoplink]. The camera allows you to refocus the image in post production (see the official Panasonic example above). But unlike the Lytro this is actually a system camera! There is no word yet if it has a Micro Four Thirds or another new mount. Let’s hope it’s MFT!
Sankeibiz says Panasonic will commercialize the camera sometimes in 2016.

The advantage of such a camera is that you would never “miss the focus” in any shot as everything on the image or video would be “in focus”. More info about Light field cameras can be read on Wikipedia.

found via Digicameinfo and Dicahub.

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