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Panasonic and Olympus rumors and news roundup.


We had a busy week and plenty of long discussion that shouldn’t get lost now. So here is a roundup if you want to read articles and comments posted this week:

Olympus will announce the E-P5 in June while a new OMD camera may be announced in September (Click here ot read the article).
New Panasonic MFT cameras coming soon (article here).
Panasonic and Olympus interviews. Panasonic wants to go PRO while Olympus will not use hybrid EVF (article here).
GX2 specs (article here).

GH3 got DxOmarked (article here).

Olympus denied their DSLR investment reduction (article here).
Detailed Panasonic Colour Splitter Sensor report (article here).

The Panasonic 12-35mm X lens has an issue on the stabilization system when shooting long exposure pics (article here).
GH3 Intervalometer issue (article here).

  • Bora

    What about E-P5 specs rumors?

  • The E-P5 in June seems to me a v. late introduction, in fact wasting half of the sunny season. Are you so v. sure of your only source?

    OTH one could assume that Panny and Oly don’t want to introduce radically new models one on top of the other, so that now is Panny’s turn.

    The only piece of information I gather from that article is that the top of the camera is flat, and that the lens might be big – so perhaps the rumoured 2.8 zoom. What do you think?

    • I think you are right on all accounts here.

      (and no, that isn’t meant to be cynical)

    • Dave Lively

      A June introduction is probably another example of reality overruling a corporate marketing department.

      While Olympus would probably want to introduce the camera earlier it takes time to design it and start production. At some point the law of diminishing returns applies to adding more people to the design effort and given the recent financial statements of Olympus it is not like they are in a position to throw money at problems. Since Olympus does not make sensors and other components they are at the mercy of their suppliers for many new features. If the EP-5 is going to have an improved sensor or on chip PDAF they have to wait for their vendor to supply the new parts before they can integrate them into the camera.

      If the camera is ready in June it would be crazy to hold off announcing it until the pre-Christmas buying season, it would just give other companies a chance to catch up or surpass them.

    • Miroslav

      “The only piece of information I gather from that article is that the top of the camera is flat, and that the lens might be big”

      The video on shows that the grip of the new camera is larger than on any of the existing Oly m4/3 models.

    • Matthias

      Introducing in June means available in October, November… ;-)

  • Anonymous

    If the E-P5 has the E-M5 sensor, and then 3 months later they release the E-M6 with an improved sensor; well, um, why are they treating us like muppets?

  • judging by Olympus (and others) tweets over the last 2 weeks I think Olympus will announce cameras in April…

  • mahler

    You forget to mention that Olympus reported troublesome financial results for its imaging division. The competition of the mirrorless manufacturer is not doing much better.

    Only the two classic DSLR manufacturers seem to have profitable camera divisions. Especially Olympus has reportedly a large stockpile of unsold cameras, which probably includes a lot it’s PEN cameras as well.

    Mirrorless users often spread the hypothesis that the future of the camera industry is mirrorless system cameras, at least for the enthusiast market. So far, after four years, there isn’t much indication for this.

    Late product announcements this year, a lot of quality and design issues with the m4/3 flagship products (from simple things like breaking eye cups to complex stuff like wrong designed view finders), and delivery problems indicate that the industry isn’t operating well enough. Paired with unclear and insufficient product strategies (PEN-only, Lumix G series strategy), we should not wonder, why things aren’t bright and why the two classic DSLR manufacturers dominate despite of their weak mirrorless entries.

    The financial results of the mirrorless manufacturers, of which the last ones were reported this week, should have been the prime news in the summary here.

    • @mahler

      Olympus imaging financial results were reasonable considering the fast changing and challenging market, they have already said they are pulling out the fast declining point and shoot market except for the tough series unlike nikon who spend a fortune advertising in this category. Panasonic and Sony imaging are doing OK too, all 3 have done far better than the nikon 1 fail, the canon eos M sunk without a trace and the samsung nx and pentax q

      canikon reached their peak 2-3 years ago and now they are stumbling with no or little growth in their DSLR sales (because of lack of improvement in newest models), failed mirrorless offerings and still trying to hang on to point and shoot sales

      As for inventory thats only a problem if you have a slow rate of turning in over (which you don’t know), also you don’t have a break down of Olympus’ inventory and you don’t know on what terms/margin the inventory was produced

      There is plenty of indication that mirrorless have stolen sales from the DSLR market , it’s one of the main reasons DSLR sales growth has stalled.

      Olympus, Sony and Panasonic will all announce new products in Spring ….hardly “late” what about canon and nikon? If you want to talk about quality and design issues with flagship products and delivery problems speak about Nikon.

      Olympus have a very defined product strategies and Pany and Sony are reacting much faster than canikon to hone their product strategies. Canon and nikon are just bringing out the same old, same old….

      Canon=Nokia, Nikon=apple while Sony, Pansonic,Olympus = Samsung, HTC etc ….that’s where you need to make comparisons….

      • mahler

        A loss is a loss, and no profit. That is all that counts. It is even worse for a company that is in financial trouble. m4/3 did not turn the things around for Olympus. The OMD line is much too late, the too long PEN-only strategy was a huge mistake. We can see the results of this now.

        • Fitch,jiu

          @Mahler you are wasting your time trying to get youdidntdidyou to understand even basic logic. It takes about 30 seconds search on Google to come up with concrete data on the fanancial well being or rather lack of well being of Olympus imaging division. The fact is that they lost 16billion yen double the figure the said they would lose as late as November, this resulted in a2.7% fall in share value just a couple of days ago. He is either to stubborn or to stupid to unstandard the numbers.

        • @mahler
          cash flow is more important in business than profit and Olympus have cash flow….

          “m4/3 did not turn the things around for Olympus. The OMD line is much too late, the too long PEN-only strategy was a huge mistake. We can see the results of this now.” you have proof?

          • mahler

            Continued cash flow with a decade of losses can’t be a good thing. If the PENs would be such a huge success, Olympus camera division should be profitable by now. Enough proof?

          • lorenzino

            There are plenty of proofs. It would be more than enough to read the official stats (you can find them e.g. through sansmirror). But just looking at new-in-the-box previous models remaining in the market and being heavily discounted for years gives you the idea that previous models didn’t sold as much as expected. Plus, all pens (esp. epl series) simply look the same, so they are all given the same price (please check site
            The only profitable companies on the market now are Canon and Nikon. Not by a large account, but they are. Camera divisions at Sony, Oly, Pentax and Samsung are quite much collapsing. Well, Sony and Oly are actually doing better than the others here, but they still need a “push” that allows their system to become established and solid systems.
            Can Oly go out from the swamp? Yes. Is it doing better than Nikon and Canon. Oh c’mon :D

            • biggo43

              You dont know that, you dont work for canon or nikon, you hae no idea what kinds of money they make on what. as for sony, theyve been losing money since 2008 as a whole. sonys going down man, get out while you still can. if youre smart.

              • lorenzino

                About Canon and Nikon it is your conjecture, probably based on same wet dreams of world dominion. It could be they are conceiling actual numbers, yes, but otoh it I know for sure that Oly is in deep loss. So, if I were an invester, would I trust better actuall numbers or fanboystic dreams?
                Well, huh…

                • biggo43

                  hey dslr fanboy turned mirrorless fanboy, the top two money making camera companies are canon and nikon, deal with it, and stop deluding yourself over it like a fanboy. Your wishes dont mean squat in the real business world, and the actualu buying public has disagreed wit you with their purchases. what you think should be is irrelevent to what is.

      • stevegd

        the difference is that Nikon reduced their profits forecast , while Olympus imaging doubled their forecast losses. you do understand the difference ?

      • stevegd

        the difference is that Nikon reduced their profits forecast , while Olympus imaging doubled their forecast losses. you do understand the difference ?

        • lorenzino

          Yes, this is what the official statistics say. But for someone it’s better not to know them…

    • @mahler
      re:”Olympus large stockpile”

      Olympus mirrorless camera sales for the year rose 28% during the last quarter of the year, the imaging inventory (stock taking is usually done once a year at financial year end) grew by 22%, so inventory growth could be GOOD or BAD we don’t know the breakdown of the inventory…

      1. it could be higher because they are carrying more high value cameras and lenses eg E-M5’s , toughs and prime lenses to meet demand
      2. maybe they are carrying more point and shoots..unlikely as Olympus said they are sensibly pulling out of this fast declining segment
      3. maybe they are carrying more DSLR’s…unlikely as this could only be the E-5 and 4/3 lenses and they are not being produced in large quantities
      4. also we don’t know the rate of turn on the inventory
      5. also we do not the terms on which the inventory was built eg Epson and Sony might be offering better credit terms than Panasonic were offering for their parts used in Olympus cameras……………….

      …so “Olympus’ inventory of cameras grew, which means they weren’t able to sell the product they already made” is a VERY MISLEADING statement.

      • Anonymous

        Cue Thom Hogan reply.

      • Anonymous

        Olympus camera sales were down 28% from an already losing position this means that the company imaging division continues to lose even more money year after year. there is nothing good about the numbers .Including the massive fraud and cover up the bottom line is that Olympus imaging has been losing money for almost a decade.Even though compact sales are well down it still counts as a huge part of their turnover and simply stopping them altogether would reduce the turn over of the imaging division by well over 50% . For anyone who can read it is obvious that despite the supposed success of mFT it has not been profitable enough ( if at all ) to have any effect on the dreadful performance . You have a double misfortune when it comes to reporting data , firstly you are a blind fanboy who will spout any lie or half truth to support what is a false premise to start with.Secondly you are a fool with no ability to accept facts that do not fit the tune that plays inside your head.

        Olympuses share of the mirror less market even at home in Japan where mFT does better than any where else has gone down. The fact is that despite an ever growing number of mirror less cameras the MILC market has not grown significantly since mid 2011.The data from CIPA showing new cameras shipped in Japan shows that 42% were mirror less ( all formats ) , with 58% being DSLR any differences in the overall sales results are down to fire sale priced old stock from all the mirror less manufacturers . you can pluck numbers out your backside but the facts are hard to question. Maybe you will be lucky and there will be a few equally deluded fanboys her to console yourself, lets put it this way if Olympus imaging was a horse I would not bet a cent on it.

        • @Anonymous (no.2) AKA fgtv
          mobile phone sales were down for 2012, every camera manufacturer reported lower sales for 2012… what gives? these are tough times for everyone…
          “the massive fraud” instigated in the 1990’s is old news.
          “Olympus imaging has been losing money for almost a decade” like Amazon and Facebook did?
          “Even though compact sales are well down it still counts as a huge part of their turnover and simply stopping them altogether would reduce the turn over of the imaging division by well over 50% ” profit is better than turnover >>> “turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is reality” <<<<
          "spout any lie or half truth" where in my previous comment?
          DSLR growth has now stalled worldwide FACT, so 2013+ doesn't look too rosy for DSLRs, face it the future is mirrorless in either 4/3 or "full frame sensors) or smartphones…

          "CIPA showing new cameras shipped in Japan shows that 42% were mirror less ( all formats ) , with 58% being DSLR" ah that 42% is largely stolen from DSLR sales!!!!

          If you want to talk about fire sale stock in the Mirrorless segement talk about the Nikon V1, how's the V2, J2 and S1 doing????? Most Olympus PENs are still in constant production as they mirror Samsung's technique in the mobile phone market.There was ZERO evidence that Olympus were selling 3-4 year old built PENs.

          • mahler

            Producing low margin cameras, like the E-PL1 and let them compete against there own higher margin newer models so that huge stockpiles are generated seems to be a silly strategy. If they really still produce the E-PL1, I am not surprised that Olympus is not doing well.

          • lorenzino

            Do you seriously think Oly is still making epl1, 1s, 2, 2s models???
            Because, you know, they are still being sold brand new in cameras stores in Tokyo, for around 160-180 dollars (= no profit for Oly, but inventory goes down).
            Are we living on the same planet?

            • truer homer 2

              in tokyo in tokyo in tokyo, every japanese camrea sells well in tokyo…different story in the rest of the WHOLE world.

              • lorenzino

                Well, Japan, with its 120 milion or so people dedicated to photography, is Olympus’ main market. Without Tokyo (and almost 40 m. working there and going almost weekly to camera stores) Oly would not exist anymore.
                So, what were we talking about?

                • And without Venice, gondolas would not sell to well. And without snow, skis have a problem. False teeth are not needed by those who have their own. There are millions more selective comparisons.

                • biggo43

                  We are talking about the fact that a few hipsters even in japan cannot save mirrorless over all. if you mirrorless or dslr without a mirror fanbouys want to save your beloved mirrorless cameras, start by agreeing that mirrorless cameras are no more than a marketing gimmick designed to ruip consumers off, and admit that most consumers can see through that scam and have voted to not buy that junk system. all you mirrorless fanboys who were nothing but dslr fanboyd before see nothing but what you think should be. face it, mirrorless cameras are too expensive to be popular, they have missing features, and their benefits do not outweight their costs. at least sony has given its users the mirror in their dslt cameras, what does m43 do?…take away the mirror and give you NO evf and charge dslr prices…yeah, DREAM ON. Fanboys worldwide, get this through to your thick skulls.. PEOPLE PAY MORE FOR MORE, AND PPL PAY LESS FOR LESS, NOT MORE. Jesus,…such delusional dreamers.

      • fgtv,

        Olympus imaging division numbers are dreadful they ( since the huge cover up fraud was found ) have now been losing money year after year for the best part of a decade.The major sellers for Olympus are old fire sale priced stock , the E-M5 doesn’t even feature in the top 60 selling cameras in Japan. CIPA numbers clearly show that of new cameras shipped in 2012 on 42% were mirrorkess ( includes all brands) while 52 % were DSLR. Any difference in sales numbers are down to sales of old stock pre-2012. Indicating that mirrorles sales are almost flat.

        There is no wy even for the most rampant fan to claim a company that has lost money for several years in a row is doing well. I have read some of your posts in the past and I am not sure if you are just a fool who cannot interpret data or are for some unknown reason driven to lie about the sales of mFT. There is no shortage of evidence about the sales of mFT and the fact that the companies who provide the cameras for it are both losing so much money would be a sign to any one that all is not well. Look on the bright side Olympus management are notorious liars so their promise to end the imaging division if it is not making clear profits by 2015 is unlikely to be true.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Actually, if you look at the Olympus online store nearly EVERY M4/3 camera Oly has ever made are currently available for sale, except the EP1 and EP2.

        Meaning they haven’t discontinued them.

        If you look today: EPL2 is $299. EPL1 is $499. EPL3 is $599. Huh? Some strategy.

        So, not only do the first and second generation cameras undercut the current cameras in price, but they add confusion to a line and system that’s struggling for recognition against the big guns: Nikon, Canon and yes, even Sony. Gotta love their strategy. Panasonic is far from perfect, but at least their M4/3 offerings are clearly defined and up-to-date.

        • @Mr. Reeee
          Olympus mirrorless strategy has been most similar to Samsung’s successful mobile phone strategy who currently have 28 android models available plus windows and badu os in similar colours and sounding names (aspiration wise) to Olympus mft.

          Olympus haven’t done the archaic canikon thing of one model in , one model out (each 4 years) like it or lump and inflexible pricing.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Yeah, that makes sense.
            Emulate the fragmented, generic, near-zero-profit Android mess instead of Apple’s simple, clear, elegant and extremely profitable product/business model. Yep, makes a load of sense… more load than sense.

            • Anonymous

              Olympus Fanboys refuse to listen to reason. Olympus is sitting on MILLIONS of dollars of Four Thirds bodies and lenses. They’ve been lying about numbers and profit for years, which should prove that is a FT problem. Why wouldn’t they discontinue their FT stock? Because they have an abundance of it, is why.
              That’s why they lie to you all.. They won’t abandon FT because they can’t afford to. So the lie, lie , lie, hoping you buy into their lenses and bodies. Olympus WILL BE brought out, it all depends in who.
              And when that day comes, you can best believe that FT will have that official Nail in the coffin.

              • lorenzino

                Anonymous, I refuse the idea that an Oly fanboy is what Youdidntknow is. Heck I AM an Olympus (actually: m43) fanboy, more or less potentially (only my wife has an epl3; I am waiting to buy my m43 camera and lenses), but at the same time I am not so stupid to pretend that all Oly weaknesses actually conceal some kind of genius at work.
                The prices provided for old oly cameras are even more dramatic here in Japan. Old Oly models sell for nothing. You cannot make a profit out of a 150 body or 200 dollars body + lens. But Oly is desperately trying to impose the m43 standard on the local market (Japan) where even the weak Nikon 1 and Pentax Q systems are competitive…

                • m4turdswilldie

                  you were a dslr fanboy and now youve become a mirrorless fanboy. Maybe you should be a fanboy of not being a fanboy. It would help you alot.

    • Miroslav

      “Mirrorless users often spread the hypothesis that the future of the camera industry is mirrorless system cameras, at least for the enthusiast market. So far, after four years, there isn’t much indication for this.”

      People accept new technology slowly. Especially if not marketed well (as Apple does for example). Citroen put electronic displays instead of gauges on dashboards of their cars in the 1980s but gave up as it did not sell well.

      Mirrorless cameras hold almost 50% of Japanese interchangeable lens camera market, which is the fastest changing and which all other eventually follow. And DSLR makers did not improve their models to negate the advantages mirrorless cameras have, so they’re obviously cashing in while they can…

      • biggo43

        its not about technology, its about what u get for the price. mirrorless cameras are nothing more than a dslr without the mirror, or a ps camera with a larger sensor and ilc. …that is it. ppl dont want to spend the same amount on some m43 camera as a dslr and get no mirror, nor ovf. screw the small size crap, entry dslrs arent that big and heavy. it alwasy comes down to price and what. technically, they all take the same pics, so whatever fancy mirrorless u have it can be done with any old dslr. you can make the case for this and that, bottomline is they are all digital cameras, and it will alwsy come down to price and features. dslrs give u more than a mirrorless of same price..always. smaller size is not enough justification for most to spend on a 800 dollar m43 with NO evf and smaller sensor. ppl pay more for more, not pay more for less. its all about the cost and what you get, and no m43 propaganda will ever change that…it hasnt no, its never will. the day m43 will succeed is the day they give us a 700 dollar camera with at least apsc, and at least a great evf..period. no camera like that, no sell.

        • Miroslav

          “the day m43 will succeed is the day they give us a 700 dollar camera with at least apsc, and at least a great evf..period. no camera like that, no sell.”

          m4/3 will never go APS-C.

          If you want m4/3 with EVF that can rival entry level DSLRs, buy a G5. If you insist on APS-C sensor wait for the NEX-6 price to come down to 700 USD.

          • biggo43

            than mr miroslav, m4turds will never be sucessful, never. and no, the g5 aint as good as the equivelent dslr. You have the same mentality as m43, tell me to buy something else because the prices of m43 are always going to be a rippoff? I will! lol. the same old hollow bluffs from m43 fail each and ever time. And you wonder why m43 hasnt caught on outside of japan? Your explaination says it all. Most ppl have agreed with me with their non m43

          • biggo43

            I also hope your not in business. ” want a mirrorless camera with a evf like a t4i?, then just buy a t4i or wait for the prices to fall.” If that’s your motto, man, you;re going to be bankrupt faster than you can say mirrorless. You fail to see the one big reason why mirrorless isnt as successful as dslrs worldwide. And I hope mirrorles companies see it the way you do, and send and price their overpriced crap out of business. ” want to get a car with four wheels for less thant 15 grand? Buy a wagoninstead.” LOL. I can tell mirolv, you are not in business.LOL

            • t4mustdiealready

              t4die, t4die, t4die. t4die is garbage. As are most DSLRs apart from a few FF models. In Canon, everything below 5D Mk III is garbage. In Nikon, everything below D600 is garbage. In mirrorless, DSLR tryhards like Lumix Gx and Samsung NXx0 are not any better than t4die. All entry level garbage. Cameras for Walmart wannabes and Best Buy bargain (ripoff) hunters. “Yay, I’ll get t4die/1x00D/D3x00/D5x00/Gx etc. with kit zooms and nifty fifty and I’ll be “all set” “. LOL. For dumb dads and soccer moms. For insecure, mentally unstable parents who take ten billion pictures of their kid(s) in one day. DSLRs sell more because average buyers are sheeple idiots and buy whatever the salesman says is good (“Canon”) or whatever “everybody else has” (“Canon”). “Oh, I must buy t4die because it’s a Canon. It’s the “safe” option. I better not be seen with a “lesser” brand. All the folks at the old folks home have one, I better get the same as them or they won’t invite me for tea and scones anymore.” t4die. Don’t live life without it. It’s the best DSLR ever. Closely followed by 1100D or t4die lite.

              • biggo43

                Any thing that m4turds is garbage kid. Go ask pros what they use. Hey go outside and look at what cameras ppl are using, chances are, it aint what you bought kid. You buy cameras no one wants cause it makes you feel special, like some rebel, but the turth is, you dont know anything about the camera market, youre delusional, and hey, the whole world aint buying inot m4turds, so deal with it. Safe option to buy t41? You bet your ass kid, no one sept you wants to buy a camera from a maker whos going to go bankrupt. You dont know anything about cameras or the market, you just like in your pretentious mirrorless poser world. You were a dslr fanboy and now youre a mirrorless fanboy. You aint fooling no one kid, give it up, m4turds sucks.

                • t4mustdiealready

                  You must be an accountant. Or a government bean counter. Always playing the safe option card. Stick with what you know. Go for the trusted brand. Get what gramps or gran had. Or what everyone else has. Yeah. Because there’s no other options besides your option. Everything else is unreliable and will self-destruct the moment you switch it on. But Canon and its t4die will keep on running even after a nuclear catastrophe. It’s a Canon after all. “Don’t want to buy from a company that’s going to go bankrupt.” I suppose if you live in any Western country at the moment, you better pack up and get out because they’re all just about bankrupt. I still breathe and my cameras still work. The state of a company’s finances affects the goods I own very little. Yeah, because when their share price plummets, my camera stops working. So what if the company goes bankrupt? My next camera will be from another brand. Cameras are not that expensive to rebuy. Dumb sheeple idiots who buy t4die think it’s some high level financial investment portfolio or the answer to their midlife crisis. “Go for t4die because Canon are not going to go bankrupt. Everyone else is going bankrupt so don’t buy from them.” LOL. Great reasoning.

                  And read again what I wrote on DSLRs. I said there were good DSLRs out there, but they are FF models that the companies actually care about making decent and can last several years without being redundant, as opposed to t4die which is just the same dumb sheeple camera over and over again from 2003 with features slowly added in and removed every year, in true Canon bean counting form. “Oh, but it’s the best camera ever. It sells the most. All the accountants and government bean counters are using it. On my lunch break I see everyone with Canons and t4dies. When I catch the train home, I see everyone over the age of 80 with one. It must be the best.” t4die. The unoriginal and definitely not the best.

                  • m4turdswilldie

                    Speaking of sheep, im talking to one now. You dont know business, you live on your hopes and your delusions. You think something will sell because you think so…let me tell you brah, stop taking your thoughts seriously, its a sign of mental illness to come.You are trying way tooo hard to keep your job at olympus. and believe me, olympus doesnt do anything good but abandon its products..oh have you heard of 4urds? LOL . Youre no more a reverse sheep, when ppl cross bridges, you live to swim across, cause by being obviously different, you think it makes you look cool..but it dont, and it aint going to make you any happier to know most ppl do not buy m4turds. oh, dont take my word and what you see on the street for it, go believe in yourself, believe that you are right and everyone is wrong ans a sheep and somehow you purchase of a m4turds products will start some revolutionl. Have you heard of a wrod called DELUSION? It’s there, just look into a mirror , nro. Get it? a mirror for a mirrorless delsuion? how ironic.LOL

              • m4turdswilldie

                Knock knock. Whoes there? T4i. T4i who? T4i still outseliing any m4turds cameras worldwide. LOL

                • t4mustdiealready

                  No suprise that t4die sells so well. The population in western countries is ageing so all the folks at the old folks homes want one. People are getting dumber by the second that’s why you see cameras like t4die everywhere. The same reason you see people drive cars made by GM, Ford and Toyota and eat at Macca D’s and Burger King and shop at Walmart. Just dumb sheeple idiots. The third world countries are starting to get their economies out from the gutter so the up and coming urban middle class buy cameras like t4die thinking its as good as a 1D. “Hey, it’s a Canon, right. Same quality.” LOL. t4die. The best camera because it sells the most. Great reasoning. Just like Macca D’s is the best food because they sell the most.

                  • m4turdswilldie

                    Youre as delsuional as they come. i didnt bother reading your delusionl comments, you should read them , seeing as how you live in a world of delusional. Do you believe in santa clause as well? At lest sony makes dslts with an evf, what the eff does m4turds have for 700 bucks? small sensor, no evf, and you think its sells well, ..dream on fanboy…dream

                  • m4turdswilldie

                    yeah by the way, m4turds sell s so well canikon is going to go banrupt soon….and im the king of england.LOL

                    • Anonytrackball

                      King of England! Now that would be a problem for you! You don’t know where England is.
                      Do you have a throne in Cardiff or in Brum or Glasgow?

                      You can’t possibly be King. Some one else would have to be village idiot in your place and no one else has your so excellent qualifications.

                  • m4turdswilldie

                    Awww..did i hit a nreve with the truth kid? Are you angry cause someone wont believe in the same DELUSIONS you bellieve in? You dslr turned mirrorless fanboys are funny and pathetic at the same time…always believing in your own wishes and dreams. Youre nothing but a mirrorless poser, who was once a dslr poser, i bet some kid in some part of the world can shoot bettter pics on a disposable film camera than you can with your pretentious mirrorless poser crap.

                    • Just a little observation…

                      You are extremely obnoxious, impolite and not actually contributing anything remotely resembling a well made argument.

                      Maybe you should go back to school and learn to communicate your thoughts in a normal way?

                      Nothing wrong with people having an opinion, nothing wrong with people having a different opinion, everything wrong with people acting like a total moron, which you are doing, starting with your nickname, and continuing in full force in everything you post.

                    • m4turdswilldie

                      hey fart, heres my observation…

                      ppl like you are kliars, dreamers and live by your stupidity and hopefully, die by your stupidity. I’ll be the first to laugh, remember that I told you so. you were a dslr fanboy and now you are a mirrorless fanboy..admit it, you aint fooling no one except yourselves. Hey wake up, Momma was wrong to you, you are NOT important to no one, you are NOT right and you should STOP believing what you tell yourself because your views dont mean a thing to the real world. Ppl like youself never learn but this is not a lesson, this is a test of facts, and you failed once again, living in your dream world. It’s igbnorant folks like yourself thats why the world is so effed up, ppl like youbeleive in imaginary things, in cults, in anything, but one thing you ppl cannot do is NOT believe in yourselves. Facts are a disease to you ppl, you live on hope and wishes and delusions. You ppl beleive that a dslr withotu amirror is something must beleive that a car without wheels is something new too. There is a sucker born every minute, look in the mirror, you’ll see another. Not, sorry but the truth always hurts dont it? Well, grow up, be a man and accept it, there aint no sugar coating your stupidity.

              • m4turdswilldie

                For dumb soccor moms and dads…LOL. and youre so smart everyone is still not buying m4turds. LOL. ” look at me, im so smart that m4turds will sell well.” knock knock kid, your brand is fighting for its life eating from the scraps canikon throws off the table. You were a dslr poser and now youre a m4turds poser…how fitting…and predeictable. lol DELUSUIONAL. You must be the same kid as roonbot.

                • t4mustdiealready

                  If I buy a Canikon DSLR, I buy a proper one like 5D Mk III, 6D, D600 and D800/e. Not t4die, the accountants and bean counters dream camera and first choice of dumb dads, soccer moms and folks over the age of 80. You need a camera to sell well to validate your decision. LOL. I suppose after you buy a watch, you go around town to see whether anyone else has the same watch. If no one does, you’re ready to kill yourself. “Oh no, I need others to validate me!” Dumb sheeple mentality.

                  Your beloved t4die, the camera choice of accountants, bean counters and people over the age of 80, has a sensor that gets beaten by a handbag camera with its garbage, tiny m4/3 sensor which you so disparage.



                  Nevertheless, t4die is the best camera in the world. A DSLR with 90% coverage pentamirror and 2009 level sensor, sold with kit lenses that can hardly resolve 10MP, let alone 18MP. It’s still the best anyway. Because everyone else has one and it sells the most and you can print great 6x4s off it. Accountants and bean counters rule.

                  • biggo43

                    accountants bean counters..yada yada..hey newsflash kid, the t41 still sells more than your mirrorless. LOL. Looks like the beancounter and the buying public win again over your hopes and delusions. You were a dslr fanboy and now youre a mirrorless fanboy? LOL. The t41 shoots anything your preciousssss mirrorless can shoot, and it even hs a free ovf. Oh no, you dont like ovf, you like to pay for a evf, LOL. You like to swim across the river when theres a bridge to walk over…makes you feel special right? and the t41 is just entry level. The 1dx will smoke all the mirrorless crap combined. Mirrorless, made for dummies who dont know cameras. I bet my ass youre going to be the first to buy a “wheel-less car” aint ya , kid? LOL

                  • m4turdswilldie

                    bean, its all irrelevant ,kid. The world have disagreed with you by their purchases. Except it kid. Momma was wrong, you are not right and your oppinions dont mean a thing in the real world.

  • duque


    any info yet on whether Olympus will introduce the PEN grip option style on the OM-D like the MCG-2 ?

  • Yun

    GX2 if really with GH3 sensor is a disappointment to me .
    I rather skip this & wait for Pana’s next big thing ( with that revolution sensor )
    The GX2 again if without build in viewfinder means there is another highend rangefinder camera above it on process .
    I pretty sure of it .
    New OMD also on my hunting list should Pana fail to deliver in 2013 .

    • jack sprat

      @Yun: Why is the GH3 sensor a disappointment? DxOMarks says it’s the same as E-M5. Very nice performance. Dynamic range same as Fuji X100.

      New O-MD not until end of year. Panasonic new sensor technology probably a year or more away and we know nothing about the perfomance. What do you have now, old point-and-shoot? You could be making many good memories with a quality camera right now, always waiting and waiting for the next best thing seems foolish, just resell on Amazon or eBay when you are ready to upgrade.

    • Just wait till 2023 for the perfect camera. :-P

      • Mr. Reeee

        Yes, but there are rumors of an even better, more advanced model to be released in 2024.

        It’s more prudent to wait… and complain. Ceaselessly.

        • I think I heard it was 2051. Please check your reference. We don’t want any arguments and false rumours, do we!!!!!!

  • Im just glad that they didn’t release the EM-6 within 6 mths of the EM-5. Oly normally turns out new cams really fast.

  • Yun

    @jack sprat
    I think you are new here .
    Everyone knows here I’m holding a GX1 with best optics . I’m a raw shooter & do you think is it make sense to get a GX2 with a GH3 sensor ? I don’t think any of GX1 owner will do unless you sell your GX1 .
    The improvement is less than a Fstop .
    Make good memories with the available camera ,
    Yes , you are right & I’m doing it now .

    • true homer

      Im not new here yun, and all you do is complain about everything panasonic does and ask for ridiculous things that are either never gonna come (like ibis) or are unrealistic. And oh yeah, the gh3 bad and omd good, despite having the same sensor

      • stan

        Shut up

  • MJr

    I have my bucket of popcorn ready.

    • Bob B.


  • Miroslav

    More of “wait another couple of months” :(. Not that the other manufacturers are doing much more…

    It’ll be interesting to see what new 20 Mpx Sony sensor “with greatly improved Dynamic Range” can do – I suppose the same tech will be in that new OM-D due in September.

    • nobody

      And between the very good Sony RX100 1 inch 20mp sensor and that new DX 20mp sensor, there could very well be a 20mp m4/3 sensor, no? Just saying…

      • Miroslav

        The same 16 Mpx one with effective PDAF on sensor would be enough for me.

        • biggo43

          Not rippping ppl off with t4i prices with no ovf is what they should stop doing. then maybe they will sell more cameras.

    • There is always something new just over the horizon…

    • biggo43

      mirrorless cameras are not anything special. they existed long before, they were called ps cameras..only ps cameras you couldnt change lenses. what can you do with a mirrorless camera ten years later? Nothing, it does the same thing as any other camera, minus the mirror, ad an evf, and somehow its different? LOL

  • Goose

    What zoom range will be Oly f/2.8 lens?

  • Luda

    New “pro-OM-D” will have newer sensor but more importantly, ergonomics will be better suited for pro-use (bigger buttons, “glove-friendly”) and video performance will not be as restricted as it is now (25/50 and 30/6 models with much better codec). Don’t expect miracles from Olympus fast zooms, the might be better than Panasonic but difference will be smaller than some of us (might)hope.

    • Hifinut

      Didn’t all manufacturers recycle their camera sensors for at least 2 to 3 models before using a new sensors? Even Sony camera recycle their sensors NEX5-NEX5n-NEX-5R.
      The most OMD-pro has is the in-sensor PDAF.

      • “Didn’t all manufacturers recycle their camera sensors for at least 2 to 3 models before using a new sensors?”

        E-M5, E-PL5, E-PM2…

        So it has been ‘recycled’ twice already.

        • Hifinut


          That hardly recycling the sensors. look at EP-1,EP-2,EP-3, EPL-1, EPL-2, EPL-3,NEX3, NEX-3C, NEX5, NEX5N, NEX5R, Nikon 5000, 5100, 3000, 3100

          • Hifinut

            G1-G2, GF-1,GF-2, GF-3, GF-5, G3-GX1. Shall I name more?

          • It has been recycled at least twice, which is the ‘standard’ you set in your earlier post.

            That the old 12mp sensor has been recycled a lot more, sure.. but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find people who don’t think they were stuck with that sensor for way too long.

            • AMVR


              I’ve been ¨stuck¨ with the 12MP sensor on my E-PL1 for years patiently waiting for an option to upgrade to at least the EM5 sensor but Oly has yet to make a camera worthy of an upgrade for me (having a bump/bulge on top of the OMD is no different than using my VF-2 IMO, hence why I didn’t make the jump). I agree that sensor cycles should stop at 2 camera cycles but I would be really disappointed?/surprised if Oly releases a Pro OMD with the same sensor as the PM2.

              • mahler

                So, small hump stops you from buying a much better camera? What a silly reason.

                No wonder, why Olympus camera division is not profitable.

                • biggo43

                  hes got a point. hes saying he doesnt like the dslr shape. you can f–ck” with what your consumers want. If they want a camera thats shaoped like a heart, you better well make it for them. You sell what ppl want to buy, you make what ppl want. You dont do like minolta, make what you think ppl want.

          • lorenzino

            In fact the ep1 to ep3 sensor was the main reason m43 standard was not as successful as it could have been.
            Heck, Sony was 24 mp with better dr and iso values, and Oly still had old 12 mp sensor. I mean, c’mon…

            • true homer

              no, when you charge 700 plus for a camera, you better damn well have an ovf or evf. fail all the way around for rippoff olympus.

    • mahler

      What so you expect? The two 2.8 Panasonic Zooms are already excellent.

      • Luda

        I don’t expect anything, just sharing the information. Don’t put words in mouth…
        I never said anything about Panasonic zooms.
        Even if newer cameras share “same” sensor with older model, there is always place for “fine-tuning”. So don’t be surprised if the resolution doesn’t increase but the IQ increases a bit.

  • AMVR

    I would be surprised if the E-P5 shares a new sensor together with the OMD ¨pro¨, my guess is that the E-P5 will have the same sensor as EM5, making it the last model in this sensor cycle, the OMD 6/Pro will mark the beginning of a new sensor cycle until the E-PM3/PL6/P6 come out some months later. But wait! wouldn’t that mean an E-P5 and P6 would be too close together ? indeed, that’s why Oly strategy is so dumb, by delaying the E-P5 for so long until now, they’ve negatively altered the natural product cycle. That means that either the next cycle will repeat this one, in other words, the E-P6 will come out much much later than the PM3/PL6 which is stupid IMO, or, it will come too close to the E-P5, which again, is really dumb.

    Oly will probably save sensor renewals for the OMD line and PEN line will follow later, just as it happened with the E-M5, the problem is where does the EPX models accommodate in this cycle. In that sense it’s plausible the E-P5 will feature a new sensor, but then again, that seems unlikely so shortly after the Em-5 introduction, unless they release the OMD ¨pro¨ with the new sensor at the very same time, at least that way OMD users won’t feel bad and can also upgrade and the E-P5 won’t affect the OMD line.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. They’ve messed up. The flagship PEN is going to be on the tail end of the last generation of sensor.

  • mjp

    all companies are subject to greater economic forces and many EU countries just entered into a recession, officially. so has argentina and other SA countries aren’t far behind. Japan is having economic problems too. Sales off all products are down and will be down further because we are at the beginning of the next corrective/down economic phase.

    personally I’ve considered moving out of m43 but I don’t want to. I know auto stitching is considered cheesy by some but I like it. Sony is pushing the technology of the NEX and Alpha line (although they aren’t without issues and have much further they can go) but what new tech thing has oly introduced lately? “Warm colors off” – whoohoo. FAST AF – I like that one for sure. I’m growing tired of companies intentionally handicapping and withholding features. Oly and pana MUST do everything they can to put any kind of features/tech to drive market share…especially if it is as simple as new firmware.

  • Delayed introductions seem to me like a warning, if the case of the E-5 is anything to go by.

    If demand of cameras is contracting worldwide, there’s little you can do except stick to the few models that are profitable, and delay those which are going to be pricey.

    Some people in forums behave like rich kids in a candy shop, drawing lists of never ending additional features. But it seems that reality is much starker. Those who are not in absolute need of a camera, simply use their iphones.

    it seems to me that even C&N, which should have no cash problems, are delaying their own introductions. This is a v. long downturn, where v. few will afford what are usually labelled ‘luxury items’.

    Despite this, according to the quarterly report, the E-M5 and the E-PL5 sold well, so Oly’s camera division is still in business. But only just.

    • lorenzino

      Sure they are in business. They just have to avoid new mistakes…

      • true homer

        they have to avoid ripping ppl off, that what they have to do.

        • Anonymous

          Nah, they can’t do that, that’s what keeps them in business. Ripping off their blind Fanbase. If they try to be honest, that’ll just put them out of business.

  • Chinese Kodak is going to enter the m4/3 fray soon with cheaper, connected cameras from the start. This will cover the entry level, presumably at low prices.

    Panny has a great video niche. What is Oly going to do? Normally I’d predict they’d find a stills quality niche in mid to high tier.

    That’s the strategy that Fuji has elected from the starti. No huge sales, but no losses predicted either.
    Keep in mind that Fuji is huge, bigger than Panny and Oly combined. They have a great sensor, and are developing quality lenses – so the separation from iPhones if fairly evident. Will they set the next trend in mirrorless?

    • WSG123

      As a m4/3 guy, Fuji has the one system (besides m4/3) that interests me right now. I’m considering dipping my toe in with an x100s instead of buying the 17 f/1.8.

      If Sony comes out with a FF ILC NEX, and I can convince myself that the lens support will come, that would be another.

      All mirrorless systems differentiate themselves from iPhones though, let’s not get carried away here

      • Mirrorless systems are contiguous to iphones. Even the Canon 60D FF has Wi FI and GPS. On the contrary they must improve on connectivity, which O & P are failing to do.

        People who have no specific use for photography, and composition, but only documenting their life are not going to spend for it, if they own an iPhone, so you are not going to sell them cheap cameras, unless they give better results.

        For true photography cameras like the E-M5, the NEX6, or the X-E1 fit the bill, but they are comparatively expensive. So possibly all camera companies face downsizing.

        It is not only that demand is shrinking it’s the quality of demand that is changing, and clearly all camera companies have been caught with their pants down.

        How many users do really need ILS systems, when Oly has been in trouble even in promoting one single additional lens like the 45mm, according to Mr. Terada? This is the harsh reality.

        Of course most gearheads here don’t care, they figure they can change brands at will, but why should a company care about the behaviour of a minority , if there is no brand loyalty left and they must close down?


        • SIGH

          Sometimes, I wonder if you pay attention to what you type, or are you just spewing misinformation.
          -it’s the Canon 6D, not 60d that has Wifi/GPS.
          -the GH3 Also has that option with the ability to use your phone/tablet as a remote as well, SO how is Panasonic failing?

          For a “Pro” camera, don’t you think you would pay a little more for a premium camera? A person that uses a iPhone to take pics will not invest in a camera, unless he gets bit, so making a camera to lure that customer doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

          In the States, the only thing stopping MFT is the proper marketing, it’s non-existent right now, if consumers got away from the mindset of “Bigger is Better”, the Canon/Nikon market share would have a more substantial slice removed. -For instance, if Panasonic has a GF/GX camera, with WiFi/GPS built in, marketed properly by using examples such as Facebook/Instagram and the like, they would move a lot of cameras. As good as an iPhone is at pics, it’s not beating a MFT camera, and it would show in social apps.

    • Anonymous

      If they can focus faster than the cameras they have out now. Too many missed pics.

      Btw, Panasonic as a company dwarfs Fuji. As for their camera division, I see it just as big as Fuji, if not bigger.

  • Miroslav

    With this many trolls in every other post here, CaNikon must be feeling the heat from mirrorless competition :D.

    • I think the trolls were saying that mirrorless in Japan only accounted for 42% of sales and DSLR was still the biggest seller.
      I think If I had 100% and then lost 42% in the time M43 has been out (mirrorless start point), I would be getting very worried. That’s a big move in a short time.

    • m4turdswilldie

      Dreamer. Olympu will be bought out and sony will sell minolta off to another dufus dumb enough to buy it. Pano will go back to making better microwave ovens. Mirrorless cameras? Have you ever heard of ” Wheel-less cars”? Dslrs without the mirror…wow…..such new and innovating technology. There truly is a sucker born every minute…case closed.

      • Miroslav

        Go preach gun control to the NRA, you won’t convert anyone here…

        • m4turdswilldie

          oh no, i wont preach gun control to the nra..what i would say is, go ahead, use guns, arm everyone, kill each other cause you deserve it…dont ry about it when you get shot cause i’ll be the first one to laugh and say, see i told you so..had enough?

          so ill say this to all m43 fanboys..go ahead, keep buying the crap, keep paying more for less…i dar you..i want you to, ill be the first one to laugh when your system get abandoned, and ill laugh when i hear all the whiners complain about m43 this and that. you see, dumb idots deserve what they get. i wont tell an idiot not to car surf, ill say go ahead..make my day. why should i reason with any of you idiots? you dont understand logic anyways, so go ahead, keep paying for crap with missing features..i dare you all..and canon and nikon is STILL making more money then your mirrorless scraps of a market.

          life regulates everyone, even the dummies, and boy, so all you dummies deserve to get ripped off. Convert you folks? HA! You ppl wouldnt know logic if it grew ona tree, fell off and hit you ppl in the head. There is sucker born every minute, remmeber that statement, you ppl live by it, so die by it. LOL

        • m4turdswilldie

          and ppl in the nra, the fanboys here, all are the same, too stupid to live and all deserve to die. why convinve when you can sit by and laugh at all the ppl shooting each other? im not trying to convince..iam MOCKING you fools…there is a difference. Iam sitting here laughing at all the idots who trip over their own feet, it feels great to watch idiots fall over their own stupidity. Let morons do what they do in life, cause them dying over their stupidity is the best kind of entertainment one can get.

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    I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get advice from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Many thanks!

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