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UPDATED (…two times): Panasonic AG-AF100 Brochure leaked!


Hot Rod cameras found the AG-AF100 Brochure. Sadly it seems that Panasonic removed the Brochure so only that image is available now. Reminder: The AG-AF100 is a MicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirds camcorder that should be on market by Q4.

The PDF is now available for download (click here)

EosHD captured some features:
– HD-SDI output and XLR audio jacks,
– AVCHD PH Mode, up to 12 hours recording on two SD card slots (48 hours in HE mode)
– Dynamic Range Stretcher (just Lumix Intelligent Exposure?)
– Gamma Select
– Timecode support

  • DPReview has a mirror of the Brochure here:

  • spanky

    I’m going to say ‘fake’ for that photo of the AG-AF100 camcorder. Does it make sense that Panasonic would advertise one of their own cameras with a CZ Arri-mount lens on it? I have yet to see Panasonic embrace the use of adapted lenses other than their own 4/3 lenses in any of their literature for their Lumix cameras, so it seems a bit far-fetched they would have that with their camcorder. I could be wrong.

  • compositor20

    micro rules… eve with those lens it will be good but a hacked gh1 ot have much difference in image quality agisnt this big camera

    more samples of olympus m.zuiko 14-150mm here and the size and teh optical stabilizer is compared with the 14-140mm panasonic lens

    sorry to post here this is so that you make a post

  • James
  • Mistral75

    The news is official on DPReview and the brochure is online on one of their servers

    • admin


  • DonTom

    DP Review also have a mirror of the pdf on their news section…………clever chappies. Nice to see them jumping on the “rumour mill” for once! Too conservative for their own good sometimes, although I do appreciate that they at least try to follow protocol where possible. This one was fare game though!

  • DPforHire

    I’ve used the Hot Rod PL adapter on the GH1, and a copycat of it. The Hot Rod is amazing, the copycat sucked. There’s not a single company out there that can compete with the quality of the workmanship. It’s no wonder Panasonic chose to put it on the catalogue with an ULTRA PRIME, they are showing the world that this is the F I R S T small camera that’s up to the challenge of doing real high-end professional work. Where do I pre-order??????

  • pidibam

    good. that will push sony to bring something better.
    thanks again.

  • compositor20 also has samples and a good mini review of 14-150mm lens

  • sparedog

    wow, is that lens on an adaptor or does this mean we are getting that lens for m4/3? sweet!

  • radneuerfinder

    The PDF states:

    “maximum AVCHD bit rate” “recording up to 12 hours” “using two 64-GB SDXC Memory Cards”.

    Who could do the math and tell me what is the bitrate? What quality to expect?

  • meretricio

    I wouldn’t say fake on the picture. If you search the videos of the AF100 announcement at NAB you will see they were showing off the mock-up with an Olympus branded lens. They seem to want to highlight the wide availability of other lenses, especially the ability to mount rented professional PL lenses to attract the indy filmmaking crowd. This is a difference from Sony’s similar model in the NEX line which (so far) showcases Sony branded lenses only. As a filmmaker I am very excited for a camera in this price range which can take video as well as a GH1, but with the pro features (ND filters, XLR audio) that make using DSLRs difficult for video production work.

  • Jón

    I think Panasonic wants to get their HD Pro mounted lens system out before the 800 pound gorilla wakes up and introduces their EOS-HD system (or whatever it will be called).
    Panasonic already has HD video ready lenses, I’m not sure if Canon has similar lenses available (yet).

  • BenH

    radneuerfinder: it’s 23.7 Mb (megabits) per second
    i did the math with the help of a conversion website
    maybe it would be twice as high with some hacking…

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