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Panasonic AG-AF100 available for preorder at BHphoto!


Surprise! The new Panasonic AG-AF100 Micro Four Thirds camccorder is available for preorder at BHphoto (Click here)!!! They sell it for $4,795.00 (Body Only) with the note: “Usually ships in 6-10 weeks“.

  • Chris K.

    Why? Why when you could buy a GH2 and get the exact same optical performance (given that there ARE no optics in a m4/3 camera body) and looks like same sensor as well…Oh I suppose you get a second card slot and a video camera body, but for a $4k premium?

    • Stephen

      But are there any overheating or cliplength issues with using the Gh2 for video on a regular basis?

    • camcorder is always focus unlike m4/3.

    • Jonathan

      Check out EOSHD and other video dedicated forums… the AF-100 is causing a lot of excitement. It is not meant to compete with the GH2, the only thing they share is the m43 mount and sensor size.

    • chris

      well.. it is a camera for people who earn a living with it. and there quite a number of features that professionals are interested in.
      everybody else will be fine with a gh2 (including me)

    • Although the GH2 looks to be a very capable camera especially for video production, the AF100 will include many, many more features required for certain types of professional video production.

      I own a hacked GH1, and I’ve got a GH2 on pre-order. I’ll use both. And I look forward to renting the AF100 on an as-needed basis.

      For a fairly detailed overview of the AF100’s pro video features, watch Barry Green’s video:

      Barry has also put together a list of pro-video oriented features the AF100 will include that most DSLR cams do not:

      Panasonic’s AF100 product manager, Jan Crittendon, describes the AF100 here:

      As impressive as the GH1 & GH2 are, they include a relative minimum set of features required for pro video production. That’s not to say they can’t be used in a pro video production; they often can. But the additional features of the AF100 will offer improved video & audio quality, and be huge time savers for most pro video work. In many cases, some AF100 features will be a requirement for a particular production.

      Different tools for different purposes, with obviously some overlap. It’s all good.

  • If you read the PFD presentation linked earlier, it looks far more advanced than the GH2. For one thing, it has some kind of optical, dynamic GND filter bulit in, for expanded dynamic range by control of highlights. If it works well that could be really cool, and something we should hope comes to stills cameras.

    • Hi John: The AF100’s built-in ND filter feature is one it shares with many pro video cameras.

      There’s a mechanical knob on the front of the camera. By turning the knob, the camera positions any one of 2 or 3 glass ND filters between the rear element of the lens and the camera’s sensor. The knob can also be set to a “clear” (no ND) position.

      Just like with a ND filter in front of the lens, a built-in ND filter is often used when you want a narrow depth of field effect. You can select an appropriate ND filter to reduce exposure, and then you set the lens’ aperture as wide open as possible to narrow the DOF & get proper exposure.

      Having the ND filters built-in is a huge time saver compared to using screw-on or slide-in type filters in front of the lens. That’s why almost all pro video cameras include this feature.

  • Dusty

    Eoshd is a crap of a website

    • George

      i do enjoy EOSHD but its community is mostly gear headed people. They always talk talk talk but you can’t find any good video shootings

    • that site can be useful, especially content wise
      thou the admin often looses his temper if you dont agree with him in the comments, in my book thats a no no

  • vince v

    Having worked in TV news for almost 30 years, I can tell you that the Panasonic AF-100 is going to fill a much needed void in commercial production. This camera will open up a new world for broadcast news due to the unique assortment of lens choices. I have studied all aspects of using smaller camera’s such as the Canon and Panasonic GH1 and GH2 and have concluded the AF-100 will be a better choice. I plan on purchasing one. If you bought all the accessories for a GH1 to bring it up to what the AF-100 already has in it, you would be paying another 2 or 3 thousand dollars to get there. It is logical to go with the AF-100.

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