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Panasonic adapter patent shows a mirrorless L1 :)


I just found that very exciting new Panasonic patent. The United States Patent Application number is 20110103789 (Click here to read the full patent). The first thing I noticed is that the patent is extremely new. The filling date is 01/10/2011 and the publication date is 05/05/2011. The patent itself talks about a new adapter that adds contrast autofocus function to lenses not designed for Micro Four Thirds. But the real cool thing is that the patent shows a Panasonic L1 (Click here to see it on eBay) styled Micro Four Thirds body! It has a built-in Viewfinder. That’s exactly a camera I would love to see for real!

We are talking about a patent only so maybe Panasonic has no plan to make a mirrorless LC1. But the fact that they used that design and the fact that the patent is very new is reason enough to make us dream a bit!

P.S.: Imagine if the latest two rumors we posted on 43rumors would become true. Olympus designing their owns sensors, and Panasonic having a rangefinder styled mirrorless camera. That would push Micro Four Thirds in a new higher dimension :)

Links to the Panasonic L1 at Amazon (Click here) and eBay (Click here).

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