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Panasonic 4K mirrorless camera in development! (says


Nikkei just released some info about the 2014 Panasonic camera strategy:

– Panasonic will launch five new (fixed lens) compact cameras. That’s exactly the half amount of the cameras released in 2013
– These compact cameras will cost around $300 or more. Focus is on high-magnification zoom cameras
– Main focus of the company will be on the mirrorless interchangeable market.
– Panasonic will also launch a device capable of capturing 4K ultra-high-definition video  (it’s now in development).
– Panasonic is working to increase the sales of lenses (also for surveillance cameras)
– Panasonic anticipates a second consecutive year of losses for its digital camera business in fiscal 2013 on the back of weak sales of compact offerings. Global digital camera sales are expected to shrink by over 2 million units this fiscal year to about 4 million.

Mirrorless strategy summary: In short this means Panasonic will now focus on making a breakthrough in the more profitable high-end amateur or pro market. A 2.500 Euro “cheap” GH4 with 4K recording and modular design is the one camera that should allow this. On the other side the focus goes on the supertiny GM mirrorless camera and lens development. Overall it’s going to be a challenging time for all digital camera makers. The economic crisis and the “natural” slow down of the digital camera market are hitting hard on all companies balance.

link found via Photorumors.

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