Panasonic 45-175mm X lens for $209. 45-200mm for $174.


If you need a cheap tele zoom than you may grab these just discounted Panasonic zooms:
The 45-175mm X zoom sells for $209 at Amazon (Click here). Yes, that’s a $90 price drop compared to the already good previous price. It still sells for close $400 in other big US stores ($362 at BH).
The 45-200mm which now sells for $174 at Amazon (Click here). You can also get the zoom lens for less if you buy it along the G5 kit (Click here).

All today new deals can be found at

  • Biggstr

    I paid over $400 when the Panasonic 45-175mm was first released on the (advertised) promise it was a revolutionary “X” lens. It turned out to be a mediocre lens with a troubled image stabilization system. (Leica, where were you when we needed you …?) I’ve shied away Panasonic lenses since that experience until the reviews are out. The second lesson from Panasonic was to wait a year and buy the lens for half the price.

  • Nelson

    Just noticed the shipping within 1~2 months, that is a really long wait.

  • wls

    The 45-175mm X zoom sells for $209 at Amazon ?? where? not at that link.

    • Andrew

      They are backordered now, but if you go to view new and used you should find it. There are also a few warehouse deals under 200.

      Does anyone know how this compares to the 45-150?

    • EEmu

      Amazon is selling for $209, but they’re out of stock so they’re presenting another merchant’s offering. If you click the “more buying choices” you can find Amazon’s offer of $209, but they say they won’t be shipping for another month or two.

      • JoeCM

        Says $362.95 with a 1-2 month wait from Amazon.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Good prices.

    So, where is the new 14-42mm MkII?

    • and why does the G6 come with the older version (in the UK, according to the kit photos)

  • anyone know why the 14-42PZ is not bundled with the new G6 or GF6?

    • JHCCAZ

      Probably to keep the launch price low. It would make great sense to bundle the PZ with the GF6 in particular, but it would raise the price at a time when no discounts are available – thereby creating a focus for complaints (especially on internet forums).

      I’d like to pre-order the G6 myself, but two things are holding me back: 1) Thinking that better bundles will be available this year, 2) Rumors of the GX7 which sounds even better. But I’d probably go for a G6 anyway if I had more choice of bundled lenses.

      Panasonic should consider a pricing structure that gives a standard good discount for (say up to two) lenses purchased along with a body. This would give incentive for early adopters and reduce the penalty of purchasing the latest body while the previous version is heavily discounted. It would also encourage customers to build their lens system while upgrading bodies. Finally, it would simplify the inventory and sales-channel management. All bodies boxed and inventoried consistently as body-only, to be matched with lenses or sold separately as each customer desires.

  • Rinaldo

    I got one sold by amazon for $209 and it will be delivered by wednesday. As soon as I saw the post I ran and it was there. It seems I was lucky :)

  • Tom

    I know there have been some mediocre reviews of the 45-175mm but my personal experience with it is quite the opposite – in fact I’d say it is my favourite lens – great versatility, light and compact; and in my opinion/hands sharper than 14-42, 45-200 or 100-300. (I do own primes too but the longest is only 90mm, and length matters to me!). More speed would always be nice, but for my purposes I’m happy not to have the inevitable extra size & weight. At $209 its a steal!

    • BigBiskrem

      Agree with you Tom. The 45-175mm is even better than the 14-140mm. Very light and narrow. @ $209 it’s the best Q/P ratio.

  • gmill

    I just ordered for the $209 price. IT came back.

  • gmill

    And it’s gone again.

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