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Panasonic 100-400mm reviews by Admiringlight and Lenstip


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We got two new Panasonic 100-400mm lens reviews. Spoiler: Admiringlight likes the lens while Lenstip thinks it’s overpriced.

Admiringlight writes:

In all, though, the complaints are fairly minor and the upside to the lens is outstanding. The compact size, outstanding reach and good optical stabilizer combine to make this truly a handholdable supertelephoto option, something that is rare in the photography world. If you like to shoot birds, wildlife or sports from a distance, this lens should definitely be on your short list.

Lenstip writes:

The physical dimensions are undoubtedly the main asset of this lens. Its range of focal lengths and the fact that in the frame centre it is able to provide photos of a quite sensible quality mean you can take it for long hikes without worrying that you’ll overexert your spine. Add to that very solid workmanship, a very efficient autofocus and good correction of the majority of optical aberrations.

Leica 100-400mm store links: [shopcountry 60373].

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